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Hello guys. It’s Monday and that means it’s time for another update on the MNO news blog – the leading provider of first-hand information on the hottest investment opportunities the HYIP industry has to offer. My site has been online for nearly 15 years now and has never compromised when it comes to quality of program covered here which is why listing prices on MNO are significantly higher than others. I’d choose quality over quantity anytime, and most readers would certainly agree with my position on that.

Among the current leaders (be it the hourly paying high-ROI CoinConnect on short-term side of the spectrum or the very low-ROI and stable performer RoboticsOnline on another side) we can clearly see that there is a room for more and I hope we will see wider choice of the program soon available on the MNO monitor. In order to be the first to know about upcoming new leaders please make sure you join the 2500+ blog followers by submitting your email address on this page. For instant notifications on new programs appearing on the MNO monitor or their status change please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter. By the way, you contact me on Telegram @mnoblog to chat on any important things or ask any questions or simply join the MNO TalkBack and leave your feedback there. And surely, if you have any any investment issues or would like to advertise on my site please don’t hesitate to submit your query via this online form or email me directly at I strive to respond within a 24 hour time frame, so you won’t be waiting long, I promise.

Among the articles enjoyed by regular readers enjoy reading most is perhaps the series of articles I entitled HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets when I first started nearly a year ago. Since then there’s been seventeen articles released and you can find them here. In this series I try to highlight many of the tricks that sneaky admins have up their sleeves to grab your money and scam you from your hard-earned cash. These things could be well-known to experienced HYIP investors who encounter them on a regular basis and know to watch out for. However, for many newbies less familiar with scam tactics and misleading actions this series might be a revelation – one that will help them save money and not get blatantly scammed. So, I would strongly suggest you pay close attention to this series. Keep reading for more!

You might have heard of an odd phenomena in the HYIP industry – something hardly believable in real life. I’m talking about the point when too many people rush to invest in a program within the first few days of its coming online by the way. Then the admin sees that it’s not possible to continue the program as on the subsequent days there will be almost no new deposits and lots of withdrawals. So he scams leaving all investors who put their trust in his abilities at a loss, angry for putting too much faith in that program. In today’s article let’s see what might be the main reasons for such situations, whether they can be prevented and whether it’s the only admin here to blame for the unfortunate outcome for the early birds that in this case don’t get the worm.

As you might know HYIPs are no more than ponzi-games built on the principle of a pyramid. So in order to pay the earlier investors it’s essential that stable incoming funds flow in on a regular basis. Not only so, but these funds should be higher to cover not only payments for the current investors, but also leave something for the HYIP admin to fill his own pockets with and cover legitimate operating expenses. That axiom goes without saying for the majority of investors and yet the unfortunate situation of fast scams is all too common. What are the main reasons that might cause such a situation with an explosive level of investments right from the start which can negatively affect the program’s future and lead to an untimely scam?

The first and I think main reason why some HYIPs fall victim is insider information about the admin’s personality. You know, many admins used to run various programs for many years under different aliases and yet they are always trying to highlight their successful ones (those with many investors in profit) and conceal the obvious failures (intended or unintended fast scams). And sometimes they try their best to bring up his previous victories via some insiders info and strongly imply that this case it will be the same thing. Many “blinded” investors believe the story might repeat itself and jump in with huge amounts right from the very start later facing huge disappointment. This way the admin wins easily and fools everyone into thinking he is able to bring huge profits if you join right away, while his true intentions would be to simply use his past great achievements (true or false they might be) to scam fast. I have actually dedicated another article of the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets which was previous posted and which you can refer to find more information on the subject here.

Too many ads right from the very launch might also encourage an untimely collapse. That might not be working wonders for a crooked admin as the previously mentioned trick of letting everyone know how good he is/was. However, some dishonest promoters might mislead followers with deliberately bad recommendations where it’s worth investing, usually generously bribed by some unscrupulous admins. Too many expensive ads and listings might at some point lead to a rush of new investors looking to take advantage of offers faster than others and earn a faster buck. That is especially true if the promised return on investment is high enough to hit-n-run or at least try to do so. In many ways such wannabe hit-n-runners will pay a high price and might lose their money if there is too much hype around the program on the date of its launch. After all, in order to recoup all the expensive ads the admin needs to have a lot of experience to level investments up and manage the program properly. However, in 99% of cases it will lead to a scam, and investors should be aware of this possibility.

Unlike many other monitors and blogs out there I wouldn’t place blame for the untimely scam caused by too many deposits right from the start on investors. An experienced admin should know how to handle an unpredictable cashflow and may stabilize it by introducing investment limits, paying lower ROI on the first stages of a program’s lifecycle, etc. There are plenty of ways to do so and the savvy professional in his field should know how to do everything possible not to scam fast. The conclusion is that in 99% of cases of hype and short lifecycles the responsibility fully falls on the admin who is never a victim and always on the winning side, unlike the investors. In any case, the scamming admin will simply change his name and launch a new project, while his investors will be hit hard and lose a significant portion of investable assets.

Therefore, if you see too many investors jumping in from day one or praising its admin and his magic moneymaking superpowers don’t rush in. Think before you leap and consider the reasons for creating this hype which might be unhealthy for a program in the long term and therefore negatively affect your investments and your chance to earn. Please avoid programs with self appointed insiders promising you the moon and stars and be reasonable with your investment decisions. Only invest in one particular program no more than you can afford to lose if things go sour!

I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s article and I would appreciate if you want to learn more on similar subjects. Just email me with your suggestions for future articles (or let me know on the MNO ShoutBox) and I will try my best to accommodate your requests and share my knowledge. That might be useful in helping you to avoid many possible mistakes and save your money from some admins – admins who don’t want you to know their secrets. More on those to follow in the next instalments of the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series of articles, so stay tuned for that!



I guess no one can deny that CoinConnect is currently the best known and established leader of the HYIP industry. Added to Premium listing on MNO on its first day online exactly five weeks ago CoinConnect (reviewed here) has managed to prove that it’s possible to double your funds in mere weeks when you know that a talented and ambitious admin is at the wheel while you’re in full control of your funds. Yes, it’s exactly up to the individual to choose an investment term during which he can enjoy a stable and consistent 0.15% hourly profit (full or partial principal withdrawal is available after the first 24 hours for a 5% fee at anytime). Yes, it’s exactly up to an individual to choose the cryptocurrency one can use to invest with CoinConnect (twelve popular choices available all with a separate dashboard – BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, DogeCoin, Dash, Tether, Ripple, ZCash, Tron, Stellar and BinanceCoin). And finally, it’s exactly up to you to develop your own personal investment strategy and decide what exactly your profit goals are and the most efficient way to achieve them.

And if we’re talking transparency here then CoinConnect has much to offer as well. Some savvy investors might benefit from the open and fully verifiable via various blockchains Payout Proof tab where they can see all the latest withdrawals. Here it’s important to add that the majority of withdrawals will be available to see in real time, as all requests of up to $100 are usually processed instantly. Manually processed larger withdrawals done by the admin are also visible on the same tab, so you could have a better idea on how much money is going out on a day-to-day basis. And that will be useful for further analysis and evaluation of the term you wish to stay earning with CoinConnect. Although, the long-term MNO readers and investors who previously got into similar programs run by the same admin will know to expect really long-term HYIPs where you may earn quite a good profit further amplified by the currently growing and uptrend cryptomarket overall. CoinConnect (unlike many other HYIPs) do not convert your cryptofunds into USD, so you can be sure your income will be paid in the actual cryptocurrency of your choice.

With CoinConnect not only may you earn decent returns by investing, but you are also invited to participate in the Bounty program with rewards paid to LTC wallets on a weekly basis. It’s now officially in week six, so grab this chance to earn extra funds and at the same time ensure CoinConnect‘s stable growth for many more weeks and hopefully months. Below are all the latest short updates regularly posted on the program’s official Telegram channel which has about 900 followers at the time of writing:

Litecoin has hit a 6-month high!
LTC price soars 20% in the past 24 hours and is now nearing $320
Will LTC bull-run continue?
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Bitcoin price surges as crypto market and ethereum push towards record highs.
The cryptocurrency market is continuing a rapid rally that has taken ether to its highest ever price and saw bitcoin racing towards records.
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At CoinConnect, you can do both!
CoinConnect passionate about open, transparent markets and aim to be a major driving force in taking advantage of crypto volatility.
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For over two years now RoboticsOnline has been a masterclass in program management while paying like clockwork, although at a much lower rate than the vast majority of other HYIPs have to offer. However, there is a certain category of investor that much prefer that approach to the high interest and even higher risk encountered with others.

If you haven’t heard anything about RoboticsOnline yet and haven’t read my detailed review of the program posted here let me remind you that by investing at least $50 you are entitled to receive a variable return over a period of 12 business days (Monday to Friday). Once expired your final ROI should be around 4% on your investment which can be done via either PerfectMoney or such popular cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, LiteCoin or Ethereum. I agree – it’s not much compared to others, but you can easily rectify that by turning on an automatic reinvestment mode which will get you an additional bonus on top of the offered rate of interest. It was also established that higher investors will also get bonuses which were not available in RoboticsOnline before. Yet, the investment plan remains the same and perhaps it’s for the better of the program that has been steadily developing over many months. The latest changes involved tweaking the member’s layout design to make it more convenient to use and accommodate some cosmetic changes that were supposed to take on board all the members’ suggestions received over the first two years online.

While being largely a silent performer before over the last few weeks RoboticsOnline has become more active by posting regular updates on its official Telegram channel. Not all of them are connected directly to RoboticsOnline itself, as some are dedicated to the latest developments from the popular world of cryptocurrencies. Over the last week there were four updates dedicated to RoboticsOnline itself and all of which are reposted below for your information (take special note of a temporary issue with deposits posted at the very end as it’s being fixed at the time of writing):

Our history
RoboticsOnline was created to take the investment process to a whole new level. We have set ourselves the goal of making investing affordable for everyone.
Since 2019, investors from all over the world can use our global platform to invest in the most promising business areas.
A feature of our project is that you do not need to have a large store of knowledge or experience to start investing. With our ready-made investment strategies, you can invest easily and fulfill your financial dreams faster.
RoboticsOnline is the investment of the future. Our founder and CEO Michael Stark believe that the people behind RoboticsOnline networks are as important as the platform itself.
Our team is made up of seven dedicated and motivated people who believe in the latest technology and work together in their daily work to contribute to the digitalization of the new world.
We are constantly moving forward and adding like-minded people to our community.
Our website

We are interested in your earnings
The RoboticsOnline team works to ensure that your investments can bring you real profits. We believe that our main goal should be to provide a good environment for your investment.
We’ve also made sure you don’t feel uncomfortable with commissions. Cryptocurrency fees are used as network fees known as transaction fees. RoboticsOnline does not charge any of these fees.
Our earnings are formed by holding a percentage of the company’s profits, which we received from investments with investors’ money. We only get a share when you earn – we win when you win!
All returns posted on our website and in the user area are sent to you individually. With our ready-made investment strategies, you can invest easily and fulfill your financial dreams faster.
At RoboticsOnline we are looking for an individual approach to each user and try to make your investment experience as successful as possible.
Our website

Speed and convenience
There are many advantages to using Robotics.Online, thanks to which you can achieve the desired result quickly and easily.
We allow you to start investing in our plans for as little as $ 50. And you don’t have to pay any commissions when making a deposit or maintaining an account.
In addition to the fact that our investment plans are only 12 days, you can also double your profit. Invest for the long term and turn on autopilot. At the end of the term, your capital, including profits, will be fully reinvested, so you can get a double benefit.
Our company was created with one main goal – to bring profit to our users. To do this, we work in a variety of market conditions.
Profiting from your investments is much easier than you might think. By investing with us, you keep stocks in your portfolio and get profits.
Become a long-term investor with Robotics Online and you will see how the right decision is.
The investment of the future is already here.
Our website

Updates every 24 hours
You probably already know that the unique advantage of our investment platform is that all investment plans have a term of only 12 working days.
Every 24 hours after the investment has been made, the income you received is displayed. We provide you with a full report on the status of your investment so that you can closely monitor the progress of your investment.
Thanks to our investment offer, you will receive a refund within 12 working days. The first return on your investment will be calculated and pre-fixed within 24 hours of your investment.
We would like to warn you that due to the need for manual verification, investments made over the weekend are processed as follows – the invested amounts on Saturday will be activated after 48 hours. Thus, the first settlement takes place on Tuesday.
Amounts deposited on Sunday are activated after 24 hours. Thus, the first settlement takes place on Tuesday.
Are you ready to become a successful investor?
Our website

Some people may experience a bug for all cryptocurrency deposits. We are receiving the funds, but they are not properly added to the account. We are aware of that and are working on that issue.


Lastly on today’s news list I just want to wrap up the most recent opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page and replace it with another topical question that readers can have a think about.

So, one of the most recent developments in the HYIP industry has, in the light of the ongoing dominance of crytocurrencies, the introduction of so-called “smart contracts” as a way of operating your program. Just to give you a quick flashback as it were, you can read a brief introduction to smart contracts and more specifically how they relate to the HYIP industry in this article from the MNO blog recently. In a nutshell they seek to remove a certain “human element” from HYIPs and let the chips fall where they may, as the expression goes. You can still lose money of course, and inevitably somebody always does, it just reduces the odds of a deliberate scam or act of dishonesty by the admin and allows the program to rise and fall based purely on its own financial merits. So basically the program folds when it runs out of money as opposed to the admin giving in to temptation and running off when his head gets turned by the first few dollars. Cold comfort to those who eventually do lose money to know what the reason was, though some folks might find it easier to think they lost out to purely market forces rather than a deliberate scam. Maybe!

The question asked of MNO readers about this was how they felt about it all, or to put it exactly: Do you prefer programs running on smart contracts over traditional HYIPs?

A minority, albeit a very strong minority, are quite taken by the idea. 33% of you voted “Yes, as the risk of getting scammed is significantly lower”. The rest of you still need some convincing, seeing the benefits but still feeling more comfortable with at least some human involvement managing the funds. The remaining 67% of you voted for the option “Not sure, I like when the admin has some level of control”. Just for the record by the way and to keep everything transparent, there was a third option available but it received no votes. This was for “No, I prefer when a program is fully managed by a person” which I suppose tells its own story about the average HYIP investor’s level of trust in the average HYIP admin!

Let’s move on now to the next topic, something discussed in the article above but to be honest it’s genuinely a subject that gets brought up quite a lot. Basically what is a “safe” amount of money to invest in an online were such a figure to even exist in the first place, highly debatable when all we are really doing here is talking about gambling. At the heart of the matter really is strategy, and how people expect to achieve their goals. You see the soundest advice is to never invest more than you can comfortably afford to lose and earn back easily from other income streams such as your salary from your regular job. The problem for a lot of people is that they don’t earn a lot of money on small deposits, they don’t have the patience to play the long game, and simply take the route of spending big to earn big.

It’s only human nature of course, but at what point do we encounter such a thing as too much money? For example, I’ll often get asked by readers if it’s safe to invest $2,000 in “Program X”. For the record, if you need to ask that question then the answer is generally “no”, but that’s another matter. The situation can arise you see where one single investor sinks in $2,000 but all the others just play it safe with minimum $10 and $20 spends if they’re only looking to play the industry simply for the fun of it. You don’t have to be an economist to see what happens next, which is the admin doesn’t have the cash to service your investment, or at least not to the point of profit anyway. What happens then? Either the admin scams you in order to pay the other investors, figuring they probably won’t have much sympathy for you on public forums since their only priority is their own money, or else he just pulls the plug on the whole thing and moves on to some other project.

At the end of the day any professional admin is only in the game for as long as he makes more money than he needs to pay, in other words new deposits are bigger than old debts. You see then that if everyone is depositing $2,000 then there’s less of a cash flow problem, but if you’re the only one and everyone else is spending $10 then sorry, but the money simply isn’t there to pay you. It may or may not have been the admin’s intention to scam just yet, it’s a moot point when you’re the one on the losing end. Easy enough to get discouraged with the entire HYIP industry after putting all your eggs in one basket as they say, though one can’t help wondering had you kept your deposit more in line with program/industry averages things may have gone differently.

The question I have for readers on the MNO TalkBack page’s opinion poll then is the following:

Will too many large deposits right from the start inevitably lead to a fast scam?

Possible answers can be taken from the following, please pick the one that comes closest to matching your own personal view:

– Yes, it’s impossible to be sustainable as too much funds right away leads to a bubble
– Not necessarily, experienced admins can plan thoroughly and budget accordingly
– No, this has no effect on the program’s longevity as it all goes in to the same pool

As always thanks a lot in advance to everyone who participates. Voting takes literally a second and remains completely anonymous, confidential, and untraceable at all times. The voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here and will stay open for at least another week to ten days or so, long enough for anyone who wants to vote to have plenty of time to do so.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 168 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: CoinConnect.
From MNO Standard list: RoboticsOnline.
From MNO Basic list: BNBYields.

That’s about everything I have time to talk to you about in today’s post. Thanks a lot for reading, guys. Have a successful and profitable business week ahead and see you all again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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