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22/12/2021. Merry Christmas from MNO and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everyone! Welcome back to MNO – home of quality investment programs run by ambitious admins with sizeable advertising budgets since 2007. It’s been nearly fifteen years since MNO first came online and I’m proud of what has been accomplished in the meantime. Thousands of programs of every description have been listed on MNO over time and I’m pretty sure we will see more quality projects coming our way in 2022. In order not to miss anything important the New Year will bring us please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe for regular blog posts to be delivered to your email address you can submit on this page. Even during the holiday season I remain active so you’re welcome to contact me directly at, via this contact form or chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog if you have any questions or suggestions.

While Christmas is just around the corner and “tis’ the season to be jolly”, isn’t it? The festive spirit this year however was dampened the arrival of the Omicron variant of the Covid virus and as a result of government restrictions that have been imposed in many countries across the world holiday plans for some of us have been curtailed once again. But while some people’s plans have been disrupted, overall the holiday spirit of the festive season is still in the air and spreading faster than Covid. And being humans we all hope and pray that this year we could properly celebrate with our friends and family but the main concern lingers on how to simply survive and carry on through these uncertain times. I do hope that we eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel and a revived interest in online investing that has been far short of how it used to be just a few years ago.

Looking back at the year 2021 in general, the situation has never been worse in the HYIP industry being still largely affected by the ongoing pandemic crisis and the slowly shifting attention of HYIP investors towards the generally more lucrative and lower risk cryptocurrencies. There were still a few contenders for the best program of the year award traditionally decided by MNO readers at the end of each calendar year so I will probably let you decide on this year’s winners by giving you the list of contenders in the next blog post.

By the way, I’m sorry that I post quite irregularly these days, but I was myself not feeling well over the last week or so and getting the third (booster) Covid jab yesterday didn’t help either. I do hope to resume more regular updates on my blog in 2022 when things will hopefully get back to normal. For instance, I’m planning to write more useful content and update the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series of articles started earlier this year and which previous instalments can be found here. Of course, we should expect the new industry leaders coming to be listed on the MNO monitor, so keep an eye on that not to miss anything important. In today’s post I’ll simply concentrate on the latest updates from RoboticsOnline and of course I want to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas ahead!


As always there’s never a shortage of going-on with RoboticsOnline. Unfortunately it’s not entirely good news, though to be fair this wasn’t entirely unexpected since the main point has been known by the investing public for some time. As you may remember, already reported in the last MNO blog was the news that the PerfectMoney payment processor is now looking to make a clean break with the entire online HYIP industry. An industry which made some extremely wealthy men out of the PM directors I might add, who after 14 years of serving it either have one eye on retirement or at least one eye on not following the former owners of LibertyReserve and Payza into lengthy prison sentences.

Anyway, for whatever reason this is the situation we find ourselves in. Not ideal but to his credit at least it’s a problem the admin of RoboticsOnline is making a perfectly reasonable effort to find a solution to. He has issued a statement which you can read below again explaining what’s been going on, except that he now offers to transfer any outstanding PM payments over to another currency of the investors choice. So if you joined RoboticsOnline using PerfectMoney, you’ll now have to tell them whether you want your payments forwarded to a BitCoin, Ethereum, or LiteCoin wallet. Maybe not exactly what you signed up for but under the circumstances it’s not the admin’s fault and I really think it’s the best thing he can possibly do for you. Read the original message on that below:

The payment provider Perfect Money has decided to cancel all partnerships with financial projects. Unfortunately, we are one of these.
All users are not able to make new deposits. If you made a withdrawal, the funds will not arrive to your Perfect Money account. After you made a withdrawal, or you have an active Perfect Money balance, please contact us via and tell us which currency you would receive instead of Perfect Money.
We can convert your balance to Bitcoin, Ether or Litecoin.
We apologize for the current situation and are already thinking about implementing another payment method in the future.
Best wishes, Kevin Ross”.

The thing is that PM was only a very recent addition to RoboticsOnline in the first place so it’s hard to see it having too deep of a financial impact of the program’s cash reserves. My worry is that if any monitors were getting PM payments they might see things differently, not to mention people who go to online forums to panic. That’s why I think that, especially now at this holiday season gets underway, it might be safer for readers to just sit back and observe developments for now and re-assess the longer term prospects for the program again in the New Year.

Looking at other news from RoboticsOnline I can understand the temptation to ignore this advice is going to be good since one news item contains the offer of free deposits. “What’s not to like about that” you may well ask? The “trick” is that because of a combination of high minimum withdrawal amounts plus associated fees, you would still have to put your own money into the program in order to get anything back out again. Perhaps investors would see this a bit more clearly if there was a demo account, because it’s not the attractive offer the admin would like it to appear.

Overall though, it appears that RoboticsOnline (first reviewed here) are doing well. Payments are still being processed on time and members are enjoying their profits on the extra-low ROI plans paying a variable (around 0.3%-0.4%) daily interest rate credited over a 12 business day term. Of course, such small returns might not be appealing to every investor, and to overcome this they are welcome to activate the autopilot (meaning deposits are automatically renewed for another term and an investment bonus will apply as a loyalty reward). Besides, with their weekly lottery you have a chance to win a cash prize by guessing the lucky numbers that are slowly revealed over the week. The rest of the most recent news stories from RoboticsOnline can all be read below:

Some members in our Telegram group are currently being contacted by alleged RoboticsOnline employees and asked for payments. This is a scam, we will never ask you to make payments outside of our website.

Free deposits
Imagine that you are allowed to access a platform through which you can easily increase your capital. And most importantly, it’s all free. Sounds too good to be true?
With RoboticsOnline – registration, depositing money, maintaining an account, helping a professional investor – everything is free. Dreams are becoming reality here.
Cryptocurrency fees are used as network fees known as transaction fees. The fees for other payment methods are used by the payment provider. RoboticsOnline does not withhold these fees.
We make money by keeping a percentage of the company’s profits that we received from investments with investors’ money. We only get a money when you come back – we win when you win!
It’s easy to start using RoboticsOnline – you just need a desire to make good money. Our platform will do the rest.
Our website”.

Who do we accept?
Anyone can start investing in RoboticsOnline. All you need to do is choose an investment plan. You can get started for as little as $ 50.
Our platform is designed in such a way that you do not need to pay any commissions when making a deposit or maintaining an account. You receive your profit in proportion to the profit of our company.
A feature of our platform is that all investment plans have a period of only 12 working days. At the end of the term, all refunds are credited to you, and you can freely dispose of your funds.
RoboticsOnline is targeting on users, so you do not need special knowledge to invest. You just need a great desire to start and leave the rest to us.
With RoboticsOnline everyone can become a real investor and successfully invest their money. Try a platform that takes investing to a whole new level. We are the future, become a part of it. Try the RoboticsOnline platform and make your dreams come true.
Our website”.

The choice of the category is yours
The RoboticsOnline team is focused on modernizing the world of investments. We want to create a tool that will be convenient for different people because we believe that the best way to ensure a good future is to invest in different areas of the future-oriented economy.
That is why we are working to ensure private investors can use our investment platform to invest in the most promising industries.
With RoboticsOnline, you can easily invest even without prior knowledge and make your financial dreams come true. It is easier than it sounds and will not take much effort or time from you.
RoboticsOnline says goodbye to traditional investments and starts a new era of investments. While conventional investments are often designed for long periods, sometimes even years, all RoboticsOnline investments have a term of only 12 business days.
Make the right choice to get the future of your dreams.
Our website”.

We know the future of the economy
Our team focuses on investing in the most profitable and promising areas. We form an investment portfolio investing in various areas of a future-oriented economy.
Among the interesting RoboticsOnline projects are events for automating the work of robotics, startups, cryptocurrencies and ICOs.
We have created all the necessary tools to guarantee you excellent profits in a short time. With our platform, you can easily deposit and withdraw your funds. Our main feature is 12 days investment plans. This means that you can make good profits in the shortest possible time.
Try autopilot – another cool feature of RoboticsOnline. You can enable this feature and get double income.
With autopilot, users receive an additional bonus for each completed period. Because we value everyone as a long-term investor. Sit back and let your money grow exponentially.
Become a member of RoboticsOnline and you will not regret
Our website”.

Increasing our transparency together
Do you want to become a real investor? Try RoboticsOnline. This is a great solution for those who want to get the most out of their investment. With our platform, you can get the maximum profit in the shortest possible time.
Our platform is unique because the term of all investments is only 12 business days. Ordinary investments are calculated for long periods, sometimes even for years, and therefore cannot bring profit in a short time.
Think it can’t bring good profit? According to our statistics, the profit for the last 12-day investment period was 4.43%.
It’s simple – after the 12-day period, all refunds are credited to you, and you can freely dispose of your assets.
RoboticsOnline team is confident that investing should be transparent and accessible to everyone. We are open to any user who wants to change their lives for the better using our platform.
Join us on our website”.

As RoboticsOnline is currently the only program featured on the MNO monitor and I haven’t received any payments from them over the last two weeks I am going to skip the usual “Get Paid” report for today. I don’t believe that there is a particularly high appetite for investing as three quarters of readers (according to preliminary results of the MNO TalkBack poll you may still vote in here) are trying to avoid Black December and invest only in exceptional cases. Judging by the current unpredictability of our lives it’s hard to tell when we will actually see the next industry giant emerging on the horizon, but make sure you stay with MNO as when this happens you will be the first to know. Anyway, I hope to talk to you again before the year changes to 2022, so stay tuned for more information from the HYIP industry and thanks for reading MNO – For Money Lovers!

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