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11/01/2022. Will BitCoin Become Worthless and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everyone, and welcome back to MNO for the first article of 2022. The year has barely started yet and I am already receiving some emails from readers about the next big thing that might be launched soon. We all remember just how successful programs like CryptoCapital and CoinConnect were, and many MNO readers are waiting in anticipation of what 2022 will bring us. By the way, if you haven’t voted yet please name the best program of last year in the poll at the end of the previous blog article posted here. The poll will be closed in a week or so, but both CC programs it appears are in the leading positions at the moment.

The last year was difficult in the HYIP industry with much fewer leaders out there and even less large investors, many of whom are now switching to the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market instead. Therefore, I believe the future of the industry and possibly the highlight of what is to come in the following twelve months will be the further merging of cryptocurrencies and HYIPs and possibly even a total amalgamation of the latter further into the cryptoworld. In order to stay updated on the current trends and find out about the future leaders of the HYIP industry why not follow the more than 2,500 subscribers who already receive the full articles from the MNO blog directly to their email addresses? You can join the smart investor community by submitting and confirming your email address on this page. Plus, for more up-to-date notifications of new programs to be listed on the MNO monitor follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter.

Remember that unlike many other sources I tend to deal only with serious admins with lots of experience and talent. Expensive listing prices are a reflection of the higher expectations and extra trust my readers are ready to put into a program run by industry professionals. If you’re one of them you’re welcome to become a subject of scrutiny and unbiased review of your program’s ability to succeed by adding your program to the MNO monitor. You may do so by contacting me at, use this contact form or just chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog. Of course, all my readers without whom MNO would have been impossible are also welcome to use these communication channels to stay in touch and for any questions or suggestions that might arise.

Although I do like to talk about HYIPs in the articles today I would like to touch on the subject of BitCoin value and whether it may become close to zero at some point, i.e. worthless. That subject was inspired by a question I recently received from one of my readers concerned about the current temporary downtrend we can all see in the cryptoworld where the value of BTC and other major currencies dropped by 20%-30%.

Judging by the recent BitCoin and other cryptocurrency wide ranging price swings some of the HODLers might have a legitimate question at the back of their minds – just how viable is the market appreciation of cryptocurrencies and whether BitCoin can potentially become worthless.

If you ask me, BTC just like any other asset has a fluctuating value (perhaps much more flexible than other traditional assets like gold and silver, for instance) but still the basic market rules apply to cryptocurrencies as well. So, when the demand is rising the price is generally growing, and the opposite – when the demand becomes lower for one reason or another then the price is going down.

If you remember at the dawn of its creation thirteen years ago BitCoin was worth almost nothing, as nobody but single individuals had been using it. However, little by little it has gained more popularity and has eventually got much wider acceptance and therefore rapidly increasing demand from a much bigger audience. The relative rarity of BTC and the hard mining process have contributed to the price growth as well, and resulted in appearance of hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. Of course, not all of them have reached the same widespread acceptance and recognition and some tokens even failed to reach any of the potential their creators designed them to achieve and failed miserably. Only the best have managed not only to survive but also to thrive and increase their valuation. They’ve won their fair market share as reflected in the demand from their holders and potential buyers.

However, over the course of several years there was a lot of speculation as to why BTC has a high value and even now some people are questioning if it can be sustained in the long term and if the price of BTC could ever collapse and reach zero. For instance, just a few weeks ago the deputy governor of the Bank of England said: “Their price can vary quite considerably and [bitcoins] could theoretically or practically drop to zero”. However, if there any justifiable risks that BTC and other cryptocurrencies drop to zero at some point and what is my personal opinion on that subject you should keep reading this article to find out.

I personally am not a believer in the doom and gloom stories when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The cryptoindustry has proved skeptics wrong many times. Those who actually believed BTC and others was nothing but a bubble only serving to fill pockets of pure speculators may well have been deeply disappointed seeing the constantly increasing value. There is a chance that BTC can take more of a market share from gold this year further increasing its value and diversification qualities for tech savvy investors and big corporations alike. According to the Goldman Sachs Group, BTC may soon reach the $100K mark if it keeps gaining momentum and attracting investors from traditional gold markets over the next few months. Compare that statement to the previous one from the Bank of England by the way!

So, the general prognosis for BTC and other major cryptocurrencies is quite favorable and less and less people take the stance that at some point BitCoin becomes worthless. After all, the traditionally trained economists might be true experts in their field, but they have not much of a clue how cryptocurrencies have become so popular and carved a clear niche for themselves on the market. The whole concept is rather new to them and it is not something they have studied in books on a classic economy. The world is changing rapidly with every year, and something that could be unthinkable just a few years ago is now a reality we have to deal with, live with and adjust our behavior to.

The same goes for cryptocurrencies which theoretically can become worthless at some point in the future, but the technology of decentralization has been out for some time already and people have tasted it and liked it. The point that BTC and others are not backed up by anything but their investors trust doesn’t really mean that they will collapse at some point in time, but rather point to their highly volatile nature.

Having said all that, I do believe that at least within the next few years the cryptocurrency industry will gain further momentum and will play a more important role in society to change our financial lives for the better. El Salvador has adopted BitCoin as a legal tender and the results of that experiment will certainly be watched closely by world economists which will determine their future attitude towards the new crypto phenomena. There will be always disputes surrounding BitCoin but it’s almost impossible to imagine it will become worthless anytime soon. And what do you guys think on the subject? Please keep reading below and participate in the poll I have for you in the MNO TalkBack section where the results of the previous poll will also be analyzed. First though we will continue with the latest news from RoboticsOnline.



RoboticsOnline has finally posted its first newsletters of the year following a period of prolonged silence through the Christmas and New Year festivities and the general lack of activity associated with this time of year. Although in the poll where my readers voted for the best program of 2021 RoboticsOnline came only third with 14% so far (the leaders have been CryptoCapital and CoinConnect both gaining 43% of the votes), when it comes to longevity nothing can really be compared with it. Judge for yourself – RoboticsOnline first came online in 2019 and it’s hard to find any program in the industry that can boast such a similar supreme track record.

If you read my original review of RoboticsOnline posted here, you should know that if you’re looking for fast high profits you should look elsewhere. The overall return offered is about 4% to 5% after a duration of a 12-business day term (the returns are credited on every business day but you can’t withdraw your principal and profit until the expiry date). The overall profit rate can be boosted by enabling automatic reinvestment at the end of each investment cycle, however one should keep in mind that RoboticsOnline actually converts your deposits which can be made only via BitCoin, LiteCoin, or Ethereum into USD and back to cryptocurrency on every payment. That might constitute an issue of actually losing your money if the crypto rate versus USD goes down for over 5% within the 12-business day period. That will not apply though if the rate goes up which will actually add extra to your earnings with RoboticsOnline. Plus, there is always a weekly lottery where an investor can win some extra cash and the $300 deposit bonus for new investors. That bonus is a bit tricky though, as you only get paid about 10% over the duration of two investment cycles which will get you about a $30 balance. That cannot be withdrawn though as both the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount from RoboticsOnline is set to $50 in cryptocurrency equivalent. So just treat this $300 deposit bonus as some sort of demo account which you can replenish with your own funds if you like how RoboticsOnline operates.

Having said that, RoboticsOnline has successfully survived the winter holidays and I believe it stands a great chance to flourish in 2022 as well. Only time will tell for sure, but I do feel optimistic towards the admin’s ability to continue and his professional skills to overcome potential obstacles. The latter has been proved already when RoboticsOnline was dropped by PerfectMoney a few weeks ago to which the admin’s response was to convert members’ accounts into another cryptocurrency of their choice. Hopefully the list of accepted cryptocurrencies will be widened soon, and those who prefer other cryptocurrencies will be able to invest into the program as well.

The last two newsletters from RoboticsOnline posted over the last couple of days on the program’s official Telegram channel were dedicated to the topics of passive income and LiteCoin cryptocurrency which is one of the three the program accepts from its investors (alongside with BitCoin and Ethereum). If you’re interested please read the following updates from the admin below:

Passive income
Have you been dreaming about passive earnings for a long time? With our platform, you can achieve your desired goals. With RoboticsOnline investment plans, investors will forget about waiting for years to make a profit. You get a profit in 12 working days.
Our strategy is simple – we focus on diversifying our investment portfolio towards a future-oriented economy. We are interested in the most promising areas: cryptocurrencies and ICOs.
We say goodbye to conventional investments, which are often calculated over long periods, sometimes even years.
After the investment has been made, the income you received is displayed in your profile, so that you can closely monitor the progress of your investment.
After the 12-day period, all refunds are credited to you and you can freely dispose of your deposit.
Do you want more? Try our autopilot and all your capital, including profits, will be fully reinvested within the next 12 days.
Our website

Litecoin exists in a blockchain format in which participating nodes process transactions and miners ensure the security and verification of each of these transactions.
Litecoin is a global decentralized p2p payment network built on the source code of bitcoin with the same currency.
In October 2011, it was launched by the author of the idea and developer Charlie Lee, who wanted to improve the system of the first cryptocurrency by using a different mining algorithm and reducing the time to confirm transactions. The project code can be modified, copied, and redistributed in a modified form.
Lee revealed in an interview that he took up Litecoin just for fun and did not expect it to be successful. He considers it a little less secure and decentralized compared to Bitcoin, but also interesting due to lower fees, high speed and network bandwidth. Lee believes Bitcoin will be increasingly seen as a store of value, and Litecoin will be used for small payments.
Our website


Finally for today’s post I want to wrap things up with a look at the results of the most recent MNO TalkBack poll. I will as always be adding a new question to replace it with, more on than in a moment. But first since we are now well into January, the last poll concerned the investment activities over Christmas, with the holiday season well and truly behind us for another year I guess it’s a safe assumption that we are unlikely to get any more votes on this one so let’s see the results.

Just to remind you, the exact question put to readers was: Will you invest in the HYIP industry during the Christmas and New Year holidays?

The thing here is that investing around the time leading up to and during the Christmas and New Year holidays has always been a contentious issue in the industry. A lot of experienced industry players will dismiss it completely, though this does nothing to change the fact that for a lot of people it will always be the time of year when they have the most need. Unfortunately this means it’s also the time of year when unscrupulous scammers find it easiest to take advantage and “feather their own nests” so to speak.

Most MNO readers seem to fairly well tuned into the situation however as results were very clear cut. A clear and decisive 75% majority of you voted in support of the statement “Rarely, I only invest in December if I think the program is exceptional”. A sizeable number of you, though at 25% still a far distant second place take a more freewheeling approach by voting “No change, I pick and choose the programs I like based on merit alone”. I guess there is some truth in that statement too, since just because it’s a bit more difficult to spot good opportunities and make money doesn’t actually make it impossible to do so. But caution is always strongly advised. And lastly, just for the record and keeping things transparent, there was a third option you could have voted for. This one stated “More often, it’s an easy way to make money at a time when I need it most” however it was taken up by zero readers so I’m pleased to say the lessons of “Black December” from previous years have been well studied and learned well.

And so now time to move on to the next question in a brand new MNO TalkBack reader’s poll. Sticking broadly with the theme of today’s lead article, I’d like to hear readers opinions on what direction they see cryptocurrency going in this year. Quite a wide subject matter there I know, so specifically I think maybe we should just focus on BitCoin here. After all, it is the original and still the market leader by some distance.

Anyway, it’s been the subject of much speculation in the mainstream media recently, particularly in relation to the fallout from the Covid epidemic. It seems that on a worldwide level, global inflation is going to be a big headline for 2022. However in some jurisdictions where rampant inflation has become almost a way of life in recent years (e.g.Venezuela) some people have long viewed the likes of BitCoin as a way of protecting their savings from being eaten away like this. Now it looks like people in what were once traditionally more stable countries are starting to consider this as well, much to the annoyance it must be said of the commercial banks who have a vested financial interest in you keeping your money with them regardless of what it’s going to cost you personally. I myself have never felt like I owe these people any favors and will continue to do what I feel serves my own financial interests best, something I urge all of you to do too. Keeping in mind of course that what’s good for me isn’t necessarily whats good for you, we all need to assess our own individual needs and circumstances.

Being completely honest with you here, I’ve no idea whether crypto and BitCoin in particular will crash, double, or stay where it is throughout 2022. No one does. In economic terms cryptocurrency is definitely “something”, but at this stage it’s patently not money. It’s clearly a valuable asset, yes, but definitely not money. What I’m curious about here and now though is that with public interest/enthusiasm for crypto at an all time high, and negative press raining down on it from the old world financial elite afraid of what they can’t control, what do you guys think happens next? Is a finger wagging lecture from the old men in gray suits enough to scare you away from BitCoin? Or are people ready to dump the old institutions en masse and embrace the new reality?

My question for the next MNO TalkBack poll therefore is this:

How do you see the value of BitCoin developing during 2022?

Potential answers, which can be voted on here, can be selected from the following, keeping in mind that if you don’t see your own exact reply here you should just pick the one that comes closest:

– I think the value of BitCoin could probably skyrocket this year
– Just the usual up and down cycle, on average it will stay the same
– The bubble will burst again and cause the value of BTC to collapse

That’s where we’ll leave the subject for today, guys. As always thanks for reading and thanks a lot in advance for voting in the poll. Everyone’s opinion is equally valued. Remember that the voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here and will remain open for at least another week, ample time to allow anyone who wants to vote to be able to do so. All votes remain anonymous, confidential, and untraceable though you are of course more than welcome to discuss the subject with your fellow readers on the MNO ShoutBox. Feel free to leave a comment on this or any other issue in the industry you feel like discussing.

That’s about all I have to tell you in this news post everyone. I hope you enjoyed your holidays and are looking forward to what 2022 is going to deliver to us. I’ll be looking forward to talking to you again soon. Stay tuned and thanks for reading MNO – For Money Lovers!

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