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28/02/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest and News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all, and thanks for stopping by to check out the regular weekly CryptoNews digest each Monday, along with the regular news from the HYIP industry. MNO has been the market leader for nearly fifteen years now, but lately there was very little activity to justify posting more frequently than once per week. Let’s hope the situation will change at some point in the future for the better, but with the current Russo-Ukrainian war raging on the continent it will take weeks (if not months) before the HYIP industry eventually recovers.

Until then though you might still be interested in following MNO on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook and be the first to know about the promising programs that might pop up on the MNO monitor. Plus, if you like the articles covering the basic laws of the HYIP industry and some ugly truths so many others will stay silent about I would suggest to take a close look at the series called HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets which you can find here. That way you can educate yourself and be armed with the necessary knowledge in order to be on the winning side in the game of investing in HYIPs. That thing would be especially relevant to newbies in this business, but even those of you who have been online for a while and know a thing or two about investing might still be interested in joining more than 2,500+ lucky members who have already subscribed to the MNO newsletter by submitting their email address on this page. And if you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve my work you can always contact me via this online form, directly at or chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog

By the way, attentive readers might have noticed already that my programmer has added the so-called CryptoBox where you can check out the latest cryptocurrency exchange rates in USD. These are updated in real time so you can be sure you find the best info. I hope that new feature that can be found on the left-hand sidebar will be helpful for someone to check out the latest rates without leaving MNO.

Staying on the subject of cryptocurrencies and before the main HYIP news section let’s see what happened over the last seven days, last week from February 21 to February 27.

The “elephant in the room” this week as far as crypto news is concerned is of course the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Just to be clear about this, as many regular readers will know I myself am Russian by birth, however I want no association with this act of lunacy and wish only good will and good fortune towards all Ukrainian people. People are not the products of their governments, so I hope this ends soon and ends well for all of us. For the purposes of crypto related news however, things are taking a different stance. BitCoin’s price dropped below $35,000 last Wednesday following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, recovering to $38,000 by Friday and trading at the moment at about $42,000 mark. This took BTC/$US to its lowest since July 2021. Meanwhile, government officials have continued to show an interest in stronger regulation and involvement in digital currencies — including the possibility of creating a government issued digital currency. We can’t really state with any degree of certainty how this will affect exchange rates in the longer term, after all, full scale war in continental Europe isn’t something that’s happened in most people’s lifetimes, if anything it might even increase the value of BTC as more and more people try and move their assets elsewhere. Ethereum rates are more or less in track by the way.

In other news Russia isn’t the only global superpower flexing its muscles this week. Not to be outdone China is also now clamping down on the whole underground currency world, albeit not by sending armies into neighbouring countries just yet. It’s long been reported that the Chinese government wanted to crack down on activity involving cryptocurrency, since after all they haven’t really come up with the means of regulating (i.e. taxing) it, so it’s now been formally covered by the courts there. Last year the People’s Bank of China declared crypto currency transactions to be “illegal fundraising”, something now punishable under the court system with a ten year prison term and a $79,000 maximum fine. Good luck enforcing that China! I suspect your prison officers will soon make up bulk of the country’s population whilst the other billion or so people remain behind bars.

I guess this might sound a bit like the same story getting repeated over and over again here citing different sources, which to be honest is more or less true. It’s just that more shall we say “mainstreamofficial business sources are starting to get more deeply involved with BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies, moving it away from the fringe and closer to the type of thing they’ll probably be teaching in high schools before too long. Right now it’s Deutsche Bank, and you don’t get more “grey suit business man” than that to be blunt, who report “The Future of Cryptocurrencies has found evidence of deep bullishness for the crypto market”. A survey within this said report suggests even in an extremely bearish crypto market in which values were to drop 80%, less than half of investors say they would reduce their investments or exit the market. What does that mean? In simple terms what most of us here have already known for years, which is basically that the crypto and BTC exchange markets are here to stay and aren’t going anywhere. You may lose money occasionally just as you might on let’s say gambling on sports events, but even so 80% of people will continue to play.

One of the things that I don’t like about cryptocurrencies and trading them is that as it as it all gets into the mainstream it’s gets too much under the influence of ever reducing numbers of people. It’s just a personal opinion here, feel free to agree or disagree how ever you see fit. I sometimes worry when one single person, from a global population of 7 billion, says or does something that affects the entire planet. This is why I don’t care much to report such things as I’ve seen it in the past. Namely Elon Musk. Much personal respect to the man, he’s become one of the richest people in history without any obvious outside help, it just makes me extremely uncomfortable when other people (not his personal fault) knock millions of dollars off the value of some services because of a comment he makes on Twitter. I don’t blame him for it personally, but it is kinda dangerous for one man to say “I like BTC” and the value to triple, then the next day the same man says “I don’t like BTC” and the value plummets. Anyway, my point here is that Musk is now expressing his fondness for DogeCoin and his willingness for his business interests to accept DogeCoin as payment. Doubtless this will drive up the price of DogeCoin in the short term, but as soon as Mister Musk gets bored with the currency (or decides it’s a profitable business move to drop it) then the price will drop. It’s up to you guys to determine what you to with your own money, take it or leave it but my personal understanding of markets and capitalism is that one individual should not have so much influence compared to everyone else.

Another example, as if one were needed, of the distance that remains between online and offline business activities this week was the court case against two entrepreneurs. Now, to be fair in my own personal opinion these guys weren’t guilty of anything more than simply not being aware of the law. In the eyes of the law on the other hand, that’s a totally different matter. Executives, Arthur Hayes and Benjamin Delo admitted they were guilty to flouting the Bank Secrecy Act’s anti-money-laundering provisions U.S Department of Justice has revealed the Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange was “in effect a money-laundering platform” due to its wilful failure to implement AML and KYC programs. The two guys could face up to five years in prison without them ever being aware they were breaking the law in the first place. That’s absolutely zero defence but I hope the judge looks kindly on them in this case.

I hope you have enjoyed the weekly cryptonews digest and continue to check it out next Monday as well. Now let’s see what happened with RoboticsOnline – currently the only program officially monitored by MNO.



RoboticsOnline (reviewed here) keeps up the good work by paying everyone on the only investment plan it offers while having been online for over two and a half years. It’s indeed a remarkable achievement in itself, especially considering the current slowdown and wider crisis in the HYIP industry. RoboticsOnline pays a variable daily interest which will eventually get you profit at about 4.5% on average after the 12-business day investment term. Note that the program accepts BTC, ETH and LTC funds in USD starting from $50 and withdrawals are then allowed to be made back to BTC, LTC and ETH with the same $50 withdrawal minimum paid exactly after 24 hours since the time the request was made. Note then that you may as well lose money as gain it with RoboticsOnline due to high volatility of cryptocurrencies. In order to make profits though it’s easy to follow changes in cryptocurrencies’ rates and activate the so-called “Autopilot” option if you think it would be better to keep your deposit for another term instead of making a withdrawal. RoboticsOnline promises a type of bonus if you activate automatic reinvestment, so you might eventually get the profit you think you deserve. Many regular members have already taken advantage of the longevity RoboticsOnline has been staying with us, and hopefully the future holds only good things for all the program’s investors. After all, if your program manages to last for two and a half years without a glitch I have no idea why it can’t go long for much longer, considering the proposed profits are much lower in RoboticsOnline compared to its counterparts.

Over the last week or so RoboticsOnline has been active as well and posted updates on almost a daily basis. The subjects include the world of cryptocurrencies, robotics industry, and even the BTC and ETH accounts for donations for Ukrainian army which should be strongly supported by all the freedom seeking community of cryptoenthusiasts and opponents by Russian president and invader Vlad Dracula, i.e. Putin. Anyway, there are many interesting things to read below, so I’ll leave you to it and find everything out for yourself:

10 rules of a trader. Part one
Free money appeared and you decided to invest it? Before you take an important step, it is worth studying the main rules of investing.
-If you take risks, then be aware of everything. Assess the risk. Before preparing money for investments, correlate the opportunity to earn and the risks of losing funds.
-Only invest in what you understand. When someone offers you to invest in something, learn the topic.
-Never invest the last.
-Do not invest other people’s funds.
-If someone promises you an income from investing 300% per day – do not believe in any way.
To be continued.
Try investing with RoboticsOnline and you will avoid all the problems.
Our website

Bill in the United States on tax exemption from cryptocurrencies
The bill “Fair Taxation of Cryptocurrencies” was resubmitted to the House of Representatives of the US Congress.
The initiative provides for exemption from capital gains tax when the profit from the use of digital assets does not exceed $200.
The bill was sponsored by Arizona Republican David Schweikert and Washington Democrat Susan Delben. The co-chairs of the Blockchain Panel Darren Soto and Tom Emmer also participated in the work.
The approval of the document will allow Americans to use their digital wallet as easily as cash.
Our website

World’s largest four-legged robot
Chinese engineers have developed an electric yak. It is the largest four-legged bionic robot in the world. It can run at speeds up to ten kilometers per hour and carry up to 160 kilograms.
Its potential missions include equipment transportation and reconnaissance in hard-to-reach and dangerous areas.
Four-legged robots gained popularity in the 2000s when the US military became interested in them. They thought that such vehicles would be able to carry equipment and ammunition over difficult terrain – for example, in the mountains.
Demand for commercial four-legged animals is still limited. This is partly due to the price – Boston Dynamics robotic dog costs 75 thousand dollars. Recently, less expensive options have begun to appear. For example, CyberDog from Xiaomi for 1.5 thousand dollars.
Our website

Help Ukrainian Army In Crypto!
Due to the current tensions between Russia and Ukraine, we at RoboticsOnline would like to use our platform to share some information from the Ukrainian government.
At RoboticsOnline we condemn war in any form. The current situation is unacceptable for all citizens.
We at RoboticsOnline have built close ties with many partners from Ukraine over time — we hope you, your families and your country get through this time well.
For donations with cryptocurrencies, the Ukrainian government has published their wallets, which are shared via the official Twitter channels by the government and Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.
The Bitcoin, Ethereum and and Tether (USDTtrc20) wallets are:
BTC – 357a3So9CbsNfBBgFYACGvxxS6tMaDoa1P
ETH – 0x165CD37b4C644C2921454429E7F9358d18A45e14
USDT (trc20) – TEFccmfQ38cZS1DTZVhsxKVDckA8Y6VfCy
Verify the addresses:

That’s about all for today, guys. Thanks a lot for reading MNO and I hope to talk to you again in a few days from now. Stay safe and sound with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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