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07/03/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest and News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all, and welcome to the MNO blog – the best source of impartial information from the HYIP and cryptocurrency world that has been active since 2007. After almost fifteen years in business MNO has garnered the high acclaim from both the general public and HYIP admins alike for its unbiased views and uncompromising stance on the industry of high-yield online investments. Simply put, if you wish to find an honest opinion on how this HYIP industry works I suggest to pay close attention to the series of articles called HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets where I disclose some of the lesser known tricks you might fall victim to, thus saving you money in the long term. In order to be able to avoid the many pitfalls of the HYIP industry which will be especially helpful to you if you’re only taking the first steps on the way to riches and wish to earn fast easy money by investing please click here and carefully read the articles.

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Let’s get back to the main subject of today’s blog article. A few weeks ago I decided to start posting a weekly cryptonews digest that would give MNO readers an overview of the major events that happened with BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies over the last seven days. Every Monday you have an opportunity to see what major events of the previous week I found worthy of your attention. As cryptocurrencies have become a major part of the HYIP industry it’s important to know about all the latest events not to miss anything important and MNO is here to help you by providing the news everyone involved in the cryptoworld has been talking about over the last few days. Let’s begin our overview to see what happened with cryptocurrencies last week, from February, 28 to March, 6.

The main news story gripping the world over the last couple of weeks has been the ongoing tragedy unfolding in Ukraine as the Russian invasion there continues. While I don’t bring personal politics into my blog, I would only comment that war in general car rarely be described as “necessary” and that in this case in particular the loss of so many lives was utterly pointless and completely avoidable. As far as crypto news goes however, the wide range of economic sanctions now hitting the Russian elite, and fast trickling their way down to hit regular people in the pockets too, led to a fast recovery in the price of BitCoin (which subsequently dropped again sometime later). It’s always the rich who are quickest to act in such circumstances, but in this case the middle classes aren’t far behind in converting their hard paper currency which is losing value fast into BTC. With the ruble collapsing like a drunk man stumbling across the dance floor at a wedding, more and more people are protecting their cash assets by converting them into BTC. Whilst not absolutely impossible for the authorities to track down (as seen with the recent arrest in New York of the two culprits who stole millions of dollars from the exchange provider BitFinex), it is something that could potentially take years. And who knows how many times that cash can be laundered, moved, and re-laundered before anyone even thinks to go looking for it. Call it a good thing or a bad thing as you wish, it’s the same service that’s out there for all of us to use too no matter what your motivation.

Staying with Ukraine, quite a partisan gesture was made this week by the UK based computer scientist Gavin Wood. In case you don’t recognize his name, Mr. Wood was one of the original creators and co-founders of Ethereum and has since launched a new cryptocurrency called PolkaDot which is growing fast in popularity by the way. It has a long way to go to catch up with its older brother Ethereum, but is currently around number 12 in worldwide capitalization stakes. Anyway, Gavin has made a personal donation of $5 million to aid in the Ukrainian governments defense of their nation. This was done on condition they posted an address to accept the PolkaDot blockchain’s native token DOT. Ukraine quickly accepted the offer and posted a PolkaDot wallet address on Twitter with a message that read “the people of Ukraine are grateful for the support and donations from the global crypto community.

Two of the world’s biggest and most popular virtual businesses are now looking to accommodate crypto payments for their clients. Specifically I’m referring here to the online auction and trading giant eBay, and the independent property rental platform AirBnB. In the case of eBay of course the internet marketplace is among the oldest e-commerce platforms, and no doubt to step up against Amazon is looking to become more appealing to a younger audience. The CEO of eBay Jaime Iannone stated publicly that the firm has been looking to integrate crypto payment options for quite some time and an official announcement could be made as early as March 10. It was also revealed that eBay is looking to transition to new payment modes as they are already managing $85 billion of volume on its platform directly. As for AirBnB, their CEO Brian Chesky stated that the company has been thinking about cryptocurrency for quite some time. Chesky said that when he asked users on Twitter what AirBnB should launch, the number one response was to add crypto payments. He is personally supportive of the idea of crypto and considers it a really interesting technology.

Another leading businessman and CEO is Ken Griffin. If you don’t know his name then you might have heard of the company he founded, the investment firm Citadel which is managing a $35 billion hedge fund. It seems Ken has gone full circle on his approach to cryptocurrencies, as it seems so many of the world’s billionaires do when they get the smell of an extra few dollars for themselves which they seem to think they need. In fact, he once hilariously described it as a “Jihadist call” that anyone favor BitCoin over the US national currency. Comedy gold there Ken! He noted that crypto has been “one of the great stories in finance over the course of the last years” and that the current market capitalization of the asset class is almost $2 trillion. As such, Griffin admitted not being “right on this call.” He further predicted that many businesses will open their arms to the cryptocurrency universe in the months to come. Despite still having doubts about the industry, though, Griffin said his company is looking for a way in. Late to the party but better that than never show up at all.

If you’ve been following the crypto news updates on MNO then you will have seen it mentioned more than once how El Salvador became the first nation to allow BitCoin as legal tender. Hardly a surprise that they might be the first ones when you consider they’d already abolished their own national currency in favor of the US Dollar some years ago. It sounds a bit more far fetched that Mexico would be the second country to follow this path, but that’s what some financial observers have been saying this week. And not without reason either, members of the Mexican senate have expressed some interest in the idea, to the extent that a bill might be put before the Mexican congress later this year. When you actually sit down and think about it, it’s preposterous that the country with the tenth largest population on earth (almost 130 million Mexicans) depend 80% on the USA for their exports. A dangerous position to get yourself into for sure. They are highly reliant on the US Dollar, and when hefty trade tariffs were threatened as they occasionally are, it’s easy to see why the country gets nervous. By adopting cryptocurrency as legal tender, Mexico would then immediately have a currency that isn’t influenced by market conditions within their own economy, nor directly from just one other country’s economy. It’s all a bit ambiguous at the moment but something I’ll definitely keep an eye on.

On a more secure footing is the status of crypto in the beautiful Swiss city of Lugano. BitCoin and Tether will soon become “de facto legal tender” in the area as the city partners with Tether to become the “Bitcoin Capital of Europe”. Tether’s Chief Technology Officer is Paolo Ardoino and he made the statement during an event hosted with Lugano city officials on Thursday. In addition to BTC and Tether, the local payment token called the Luga (LVGA) will also be accepted by businesses and the public sector in the city. Both USDT and LVGA will be used on the Polygon (MATIC) bBlockChain, while the Lightning Network is expected to play a key role in bitcoin adoption, the CTO added. Among the new crypto focused initiatives announced during the event was also the establishment of a new physical office facility for more than 25 companies in the bitcoin and BlockChain space. Interesting times ahead and some good opportunities there to be taken by anyone enterprising enough.

Thanks for reading the latest weekly cryptonews digest and tune in next Monday to find out on all the major events about to happen this week. Now let’s get back to the regular news from the HYIP industry leader RoboticsOnline and afterwards I’ll have poll to vote in on the MNO TalkBack page. So, keep reading for more!



Do you know that by joining RoboticsOnline (reviewed here) you can get a $300 deposit bonus that would work for two investment cycles and will allow you to make about 10% of the profit you might keep at the end of five week-term? Well, it’s kind of true, but keep in mind that your profit will be less than $30 and in order to withdraw you must accumulate at least $50. That means that only by investing your own money will you be able to grab some extra profits. Still, for many of new members of RoboticsOnline that offer might be too good to refuse, especially considering that the extra income may be earned by participation in weekly held lottery where you can win a cash prize where one lottery ticket requires a $25 active investment only (thus the $50 investment minimum will give you two lottery tickets and doubles your chance to win extra cash).

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You might remember that I have not replaced the question for the MNO TalkBack for a while. It was due to the slower than usual activities in the HYIP industry and my busy schedule connected to personal matters. Now I’ve made a decision to revive the regular polls and the first question for the month of March will be connected to the widely discussed war in Ukraine – a war that has made a more profound impact on the world economy than even the Covid pandemic did. I do not want to take sides in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict but Putin couldn’t possibly choose a more damaging time to start it than right as the world just started to make a recovery from the two-year pandemic. The world economy being already hurt enough over the last years of near total lockdowns are now facing an even worse crisis that could literally destroy people’s lives across the globe, whether they feel themselves close to one side of the war or another, or feel totally indifferent. Everyone will be affected and suffer some losses due to the war and the uncertainty has already embraced world markets. The cryptocurrency market is no exception as it is firmly intertwined with global economy. Many consider cryptocurrencies as a safe asset during economic crises like we are all experiencing today while others try their best to withdraw everything fearing the rising costs of living for their families and what comes ahead. At the start of last business week BTC has risen back to $44K while at the end of it slid back to $38K where it’s being traded at the time of writing. However, we can only guess what implications the war between Russia and Ukraine can have on global markets as a whole and cryptocurrencies as small but important part of them.

So, the next question I would like to ask you on the MNO TalkBack will be as follows:

How do you think the Russo-Ukrainian War will affect cryptocurrency markets in the long term?

And the possible answers that may reflect your way of thinking are:

– It will go up as Bitcoin will become a safe haven for some investors
– It will stall as the global uncertainty will impede its future growth
– It will go down as many investors will get rid of risky assets

I would like to clarify that I would like to hear from you an educated guess of how the cryptocurrency market might behave in the long-term, i.e. within the next few months. A major event like the next big war in Europe will clearly have some impact on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and I hope we will see your stance on the issue in a couple of weeks when the final results of the MNO TalkBack poll will be drawn. Hopefully by that time there will be more certainty on the matter and the conflict will be over, or at least frozen for the time being without the destruction of an innocent population which is taking place now. Let’s all hope for the best outcome for all victims of war!

To finish today’s news I would like to look back at the previous question I asked a few weeks ago touching on the subject of anonymity while using cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. I asked you the following – Would you be willing to submit your ID and other personal information to verify your account on cryptocurrency exchanges?

You might be aware that it’s important for many exchangers to make sure that the KYC (know your customer) policy is maintained to share it then with respective government agencies. However, here we have a clear contradiction with the main goal of any cryptocurrency investment – anonymity. So, it’s no wonder to see that 50% of my readers have voted for “I would not verify my real identity under any circumstances” and another 50% have chosen the answer “I would only verify it if the provider is well-known and trusted”. That clearly shows a lack of desire to disclose personal information and share it with unknown entities, even if they provide a valuable service in handling cryptoassets. This point is proven by no votes for the third voting option that said “I’ve no problem in revealing who I am for government agencies”. The HYIP industry likes anonymity as well so hopefully readers will find the safest balance between having the required level of service they demand from their exchanger and the amount of personal information they’re willing to share with “big brother”.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 168 hours:
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From MNO Basic list: HanzaFinance (the first instant payments received).

That’s all the news I have to report for you today, guys. Please remember to click here and vote in the latest poll on the consequences the cryptoindustry might suffer as a result of the ongoing Ukrainian conflict. I thank you for your ongoing support of my efforts and wish you the best of luck with your online investments. Stay safe and sound and talk to you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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