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14/03/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest and News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all! Another Monday so that means more news from the MNO blog – the leading expert in the HYIP industry and everything related to this field. As things are still very slow it is best to switch our attention a bit to cryptocurrencies – the topic I’ve been trying to cover most since the start of 2022. Regular readers know that there were almost no big HYIPs launched this year so we have what we have and look forward to brighter days ahead. Meanwhile, every Monday MNO posts a weekly cryptonews digest covering the most interesting stories from the world of BitCoin, other lesser known cryptocurrencies, and all things related to it.

Before getting to the main article let me remind you that if you like MNO you can always follow me on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook to be the first to know about new programs listed on the MNO monitor and their status changes. If you wish to receive the full versions of blog articles directly to your email then join the growing number of email subscribers by submitting your address on this page. And I’m always pleased to answer all your queries you can forward directly to my email address, using this contact form or simply by means of online chat on Telegram @mnoblog. I’m always happy to hear from you and answer all your questions. The only thing I can humbly ask in return is to stay active on the MNO ShoutBox to support the monitored programs after they pay you, share your feelings regarding them and participate in the regular polls you can find on the MNO TalkBack page. By the way, please take a moment to vote in the latest poll on the BTC price volatility due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. So far, I see that the high majority of readers remain positive and hopeful for the future growth of cryptocurrencies this year as they might be considered a safe haven for investors. We will see whether it’s going to happen as much uncertainty lingers and it’s not very clear when it’s all going to be over or when we can judge the full impact of the war on BTC and other related currencies. If you could contribute to the MNO TalkBack poll and say what you believe is going to happen with BTC prices you may do so here. The results of the poll will be drawn next week. Thanks for participating and staying an active member of the MNO community!

Now let’s have a look at the main events from the cryptocurrency world that happened over the last seven days, March 6 to March 13, 2022.

With Russians of every conceivable income level beginning to feel the pinch from some of the harshest and widest ranging economic sanctions in modern history (not even North Korea found itself this restricted) it looks as if the wealthier ones are now flooding the market with BitCoin. With access to cash so tightly limited as more and more of their assets get seized or frozen around the world, Russians are looking to the UAE to convert their crypto into cash without too many questions getting asked. Cryptocurrency firms based in the United Arab Emirates have reportedly been hit with a flood of requests by Russian clients to liquidate billions of dollars worth of digital assets. One crypto firm has received lots of queries in the past 10 days from Swiss brokers asking to liquidate billions of dollars of BitCoin because their clients are afraid Switzerland will freeze their assets, one executive said, adding that none of the requests had been for less than $2 billion. Another request allegedly came through looking to sell 125,000 bitcoin, which if you don’t know is around $6 billion, guys. The client in question is supposedly “going to send it to a company in Australia.” Other Russians are looking to use their crypto to invest in property in the UAE, the report continued. Dubai has for years been a popular destination for Russians, and they’ve been among the top visitors and buyers of real estate there long before the Ukraine invasion began. Switzerland’s financial market supervisor declined to comment on cryptocurrency transaction volumes, however the country’s economic affairs secretariat (SECO) made the statement that crypto assets were subject to the same sanctions and measures Switzerland has imposed on “normal” Russian assets and individuals, so if a person is sanctioned their crypto assets must also be frozen in Switzerland.

Still in Switzerland, according to Credit Suisse which I’m sure most of you will have heard of as an international investment bank and financial services firm, the Russian-Ukrainian war will create a new financial order from which bitcoin is set to benefit. The bank predicts that Western sanctions on Russia are likely to cause a paradigm shift in the way the world organizes money and reserves, concluding that after this war is over, ‘money’ will never be the same again. I admire their optimism but don’t share it. When this war is over Europe might be a smoking pile of radioactive ash where “money” is the most utterly useless possession for survivors. Doomsday scenario perhaps, but even without total pessimism I still just can’t imagine an outcome to this war where both sides don’t suffer.

The European Commission has clarified the EU (of which Switzerland is not a member) position after concerns were raised of a possible loophole in the crypto market that might allow for the dodging of Russian sanctions. EU officials indicated that the existing sanctions do enough to include crypto and played down the risk of oligarchs using crypto to move their money around. Sorry to repeat myself but once again I don’t share their optimism. Though I do acknowledge it’s possible I just don’t think it’s as easy as they want to make it sound. The authorities might be able to trace the money, OK, but by the time they do so it’s already been washed a million more times and spent/put in general circulation.

Staying with the Russian “special operation” in Ukraine (that’s right, in an Orwellian re-writing of language you can only call it “war” if you want to spend the next fifteen years in a Russian prison), BitCoin exchange rates have taken a pounding. Initially prices began to climb quite quickly as many well-off middle class Russians who earned their money through honest means began investing in BitCoin as a means of protecting their savings from inflation and sanctions. The kleptocracy who really control the serious money had been at that for years however, and as reported in the previous news item are hard at work trying to move in the other direction. “The eagle has landed” you might say, and the one thing that’s terrified them for decades, i.e. losing their money, seems imminent. With cryptocurrency assets not immune or protected from international sanctions some oligarchs are flooding the market in a desperate attempt to liquefy their BTC once they have a solid plan to move and hide it somewhere else. Of course other market conditions still come into play as they always do, this was just the single biggest factor. At one point almost $10,000 had been wiped from the value of BitCoin, though at the time of writing that had begun to stabilize and a good chunk of that had been recovered.

I must admit I never even knew that such a thing existed, but Ukraine has a government department with a serving minister for “Digital Transformation”. The deputy minister for this department is a man called Alex Bornyakov, and he said in a recent public information release that international well-wishers looking to finance the Ukrainian defense efforts against the Russian invasion have sent $100 million in various cryptocurrencies, mostly BitCoin I assume. Speaking in an online briefing he described how since the national bank is not really operating, crypto is helping to perform fast transfers and get results almost immediately. In the interests of keeping this blog 100% non-political and neutral I’ll just finish on this subject by saying the Russian government are perfectly free to make the same appeal to the international community for anonymous donations to fund their “special operation”. I doubt very much it will be met with the same enthusiasm, but feel free to spend your own money as you see fit.

In somewhat happier news, a rarity these days but I’ll take anything not involving a country’s destruction, US President Joe Biden has issued an executive order on cryptocurrencies. It’s actually been a long awaited development which a lot of observers were anxious about, needlessly so as it turned out. The order aims merely to ensure responsible development of cryptocurrencies marking the first time the US has taken steps toward regulating digital assets. In it President Biden acknowledges the popularity of cryptocurrencies and their potential to disrupt the traditional financial system. The news has largely been greeted with relief by the crypto industry which feared that strict rules would stifle the space. Instead it basically throws up the arms and concedes that crypto is here to stay, you either learn to live with it or else go join the dinosaurs.

That’s all for the week’s cryptonews digest. Stay tuned for more next Monday and check out the latest news from the HYIP industry below.



RoboticsOnline remains the definitive leader of the HYIP market these days. It’s been online for well over two years now and has always been paying its investors well, even after the well publisized issue with the PerfectMoney payment processor that happened a few months ago. RoboticsOnline has managed to recover after that unfortunate event by converting members’ deposits into the remaining three cryptocurrencies it continues working with now – BitCoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. If you haven’t read my detailed review of RoboticsOnline posted here let me remind you that the program actually deals with USD as its main currency and converts crypto deposits into USD and back to crypto at the exchange rate at the time of conversion. As RoboticsOnline pays a low return on investment – the last 12-business day term brings it to 4.6% – you should really think carefully about how to plan your investment strategy. It should really depend on the BTC, ETH and LTC exchange rate which can be very volatile, so it’s theoretically possible to get less crypto funds if over the investment term the value of cryptocurrencies goes down. Then under the conversion rate on the day of the withdrawal request you will receive less BTC, LTC or ETH funds than you initially invested (that is given the USD value of crypto decreases by over 5%). The solution to that would be to activate the auto-reinvesting feature within your account by using the so-called “autopilot” feature. In any case, perhaps exactly by keeping the interest rates super low RoboticsOnline has been online for so long and survived practically all of its rivals. Whether further expansion is on the cards only the admin will know, but we can only assume that it would be stupid to keep the program fully operational for so long just to scam at a time when the HYIP industry is literally out of order, as they say.

Being such a strong leader RoboticsOnline obviously has some downsides, like becoming the target of frequent DDoS-attacks from unscrupulous competitors. I know that from my own experience when MNO was much bigger than it is now and hosted a slew of top-notch programs during the golden age of the HYIP industry. So I was not surprised when earlier today I discovered that the site of RoboticsOnline was unresponsive and not loading for several hours. It was clearly a DDoS-attack and the admin later privately confirmed this to be the case. Anyway, it looks to have been mitigated by now as at the time of writing the RoboticsOnline website is working as usual. The admin of RoboticsOnline Kevin has posted about the DDoS-attack just as I’m writing this and the official update is available on their Telegram channel along with other less urgent news from the world of robotics, investments and RoboticsOnline. I will let you read the most recent update on the attack first followed by others posted over the last seven days:

On the weekend, some users were not able to reach our website. This is because of a DDoS-attack, which is still ongoing.
Most users are able to reach our website right now, but sometimes and for some users it’s not available.
As always, we are already working on the issue! We apologize for the delayed response right here via Telegram as well as on the open email requests.
We already hired new people, but we need a last few things so they can start working with our existing team!
Best regards, Kevin Ross”.

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There are several ways to identify a whale in the market. The main one is tracking the movement of transactions between wallets.
Large orders in the order book can also indicate the presence of whales. During the bidding process, an application with a large number of coins appears and when a certain price is reached, the application is canceled. So the whales move the price of the coin to the range they need, which is a good signal for other participants.
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Brain cheats from Elon Musk
San Francisco-based Neuralink implants electrodes into the monkeys’ brains to treat paralysis and neurological disorders in humans.
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According to the reports, the animals are administered 40 medications including opiates such as fentanyl, ketamine, tranquillizers, anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics, and pentobarbital to kill them.
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Robot massage therapist
Consumers got their first look at the fascinating massage therapy technology at Massage Robotics
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Voice commands can be used to control the robot arms, which will move to the left or right or increase pressure based on what’s requested, according to Massage Robotics.
As part of this strategy, the company is using AI and Machine Learning to find out what humans like, according to the firm.
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That’s all for today, guys. Thanks for reading and I hope to talk to you all again next week when I have more news to report. Stay safe and best of luck with your investments, be it in cryptocurrencies, HYIPs, or both! See you soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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