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21/03/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest and News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everyone! The MNO blog is back with the latest news from the HYIP industry (or what’s left of it lately) and the regular CryptoNews Digest I usually post on Mondays. In today’s post you should expect not only read about that, but we will also talk a bit about a possible new leader entering the HYIP market as we speak. The question will be put to you in the TalkBack section where we will also draw the results of the previous poll.

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So let’s now get to the core of today’s article and see what interesting happened in crypto world over the last week, from March 14 to March 20, 2022.

The only seriously important global news story this week continues to be the shocking actions of the Russian kleptocracy’s (i.e. government) military invasion of Ukraine, and that country’s surprisingly dogged resistance. It’s not just the humanitarian crisis which is of course tragic, it’s also about the more far reaching ramifications which will impact economies around the globe, possibly for years to come depending on how much longer this madness is allowed to continue until the Russian public finally lose patience and say “enough is enough”.

Staying with the relevance of crypto to all of this however, in an interesting offshoot to the whole thing financial donations to support the Ukrainian resistance effort as well as medical/food/evacuation needs have been flooding in from sympathetic people the world over. Not just the traditional cash donations to charity though, an increasing amount now gets sent directly through BitCoin and other crypto outlets. So much so that the Ukrainian government has not legislated for it.

Ukraine has passed a law that creates a legal framework for the cryptocurrency industry in the country. The bill, which was adopted by Ukraine’s parliament last month and signed into law by President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday, will allow foreign and Ukrainian cryptocurrencies exchanges to operate legally, according to the country’s Ministry of Digital Transformation. Banks will be allowed to open accounts for crypto companies. Mind you it’s an extremely difficult thing to physically prevent from happening anyway, I just think it’s a good thing that anyone engaged in such activities no longer has to fear being accused of any wrong doing. Especially now as the Ukrainian economy is taking such a dreadful hammering anything that can inject some cash into this beleaguered country has to be welcomed. Earlier this week, Ukraine’s government launched an official website where people around the world can donate via cryptocurrencies. The money will go towards Ukraine’s military and humanitarian efforts, with some estimates suggesting this official channel alone has raised some $63 million with over $100 million coming through other sources. A drop in the ocean compared to the Russian war machine, but nevertheless a good start and will hopefully be put to good use.

It’s an interesting concept I must admit, as more and more independent countries acknowledge a) the existence of crypto and b) the fact that it’s not going away no matter how much some governments would like it to. Ukraine’s cryptocurrency law comes as countries around the world assess how to regulate the industry, often in diverging ways. El Salvador for example has made Bitcoin a legal currency and sought to make the country a hub for crypto activity. Just recently the city of Lugano in Switzerland has tried to make itself a sort of Pan-European hub for crypto, acting independently of the central Swiss government and establishing its own local crypto coin for local businesses.

China, on the other hand, has looked to wipe out trading and cryptocurrency mining. The only thing that achieved was to divert a potential multi billion dollar industry into Kazakhstan and to a lesser degree the USA. All that money is still out there in circulation, all that happens is that a smaller slice of it now floats around the Chinese economy. This month, U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order calling on federal agencies to take a unified approach to regulation and oversight of digital assets. The executive order is not a piece of legislation to regulate the cryptocurrency industry. In several countries where there is not a specific cryptocurrency regulation like Ukraine, governments have sought to bring exchanges and other digital assets companies under the purview of financial regulators. For example, in the UK, cryptocurrency exchanges must register with the Financial Conduct Authority and are subject to existing rules around money laundering. In comparison, Ukraine’s approach seeks to build a law specifically tailored to the digital asset industry, though as the old expression goes “necessity is the mother of invention” since Ukraine are in somewhat more urgent need of this than China.

Moving away from Ukraine until next week at least, a number of different financial websites have been covering the opinions of various successful business and tech entrepreneurs as to where the value of BitCoin may be going in the short to mid term. Now, when it comes to a largely unregulated business based largely on speculation, i.e. gambling, it’s hard to define one person as an “expert” in crypto compared to just about anyone else simply because his offline business is doing well. For example, you need never have even seen a football match in your life to know Germany, Brazil, and Italy will challenge for the next World Cup, right?

Having said that, it does seem that a lot of big private names in the global economy share the belief that crypto is only going in one direction – up! Arguably the most famous household name among these popular billionaires is Steve Wozniak, the less popular joint creator of Apple. Without giving any scientific reasoning behind it, Steve simply states that he has a gut feeling BitCoin is heading for $100,000 based on the undeniable fact that crypto in general has massive public interest and will not be going away. No “facts” there as such but it’s nigh on impossible to argue with a man who’s been right about just about everything in the tech world going back to the mid 1970’s.

According to the international business media platform Bloomberg many lesser known public figures but still highly respected experts in their own fields share this view. One of Bloomberg’s own main analysts has determined there’s no reason why BitCoin can’t continue to outperform both gold and the stock market as it has been doing in the recent past. The CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners, an investment portfolio group focusing primarily on the crypto market is a lot more enthusiastic, expecting BTC to continue floating between $30,000 to $50,000 for the remainder of this year but ultimately hitting $500,000 within the next five years. And if that’s not enough for you, the former CEO of derivatives exchange BitMEX warned investors that should Bitcoin take a more important role as store of value (which at the moment we can clearly see happening), the price of BTC would ultimately soar to over a million dollars. Again no timeline is given, so in terms of a so-called “expert opinion” this is no better or worse a purely speculative guess than you can overhear in any supermarket queue or from teenagers waiting for a bus.

Speaking of popular “celebrity billionaires”, Elon Musk is back to supporting crypto full time by insisting he’ll be holding on to his current portfolio with no intention of selling. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO, says that his companies are seeing significant inflation pressure on raw materials and logistics, something that can be said about most businesses these days. Despite the current economic climate, he is urging people to recognize the value in successful companies that produce goods and services. Musk confirmed his cryptocurrency holdings, saying “I still own and won’t sell my BitCoin, Ehereum or Doge.” Take it with a pinch of salt though, Elon Musk rarely says or does anything that doesn’t benefit, well, Elon Musk. It’s hard to blame him directly for this, I mean it’s not his fault if others willfully allow him to influence them so dramatically, but it has to be said that he’s both added and decimated the value of cryptocurrencies in the past by simply posting a short message on Twitter saying he wants to buy or sell more of something, often done on what looks like a whim.

And finally for this week it’s been reported that Do Kwon, the founder of the top ten crypto Terra, has outlined plans to accumulate $10 billion worth of BitCoin to add to the project’s StableCoin reserves. Terra is a decentralized BlockChain platform that specializes in StableCoin issuance, and while not popular in the HYIP industry is often considered as a rival to the more widely used Ethereum. Kwon said the Bitcoin reserves will open a new monetary era of the BitCoin standard, though naturaly anything that moves that amount of currency is going to have an impact.

That’s all for this latest Weekly CryptoNews Digest, I hope you enjoyed it guys! The next issue will be posted next Monday, so stay tuned for that!



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Samsung shipped millions of smartphones with a dangerous vulnerability
Samsung’s native apps were found to be vulnerable to over a dozen vulnerabilities, allowing hackers to spy on users.
In a recent report, a security flaw was found in several Samsung Galaxy models, including the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S21.
A vulnerability could have permitted a hacker to collect data from notifications, including chat descriptions from WhatsApp or Telegram, as well as alerts from Google Docs and Gmail.
The March 2021 security update addressed most of the flaws, while subsequent updates in April and June 2021 addressed the remaining flaws. A user should not be affected if their phone is updated to the latest available security patch.
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China has developed the world’s largest four-legged robot
To assist the military on logistics and reconnaissance missions, China introduced what it claims is the world’s largest electrically-powered quadruped robot.
The large, quadruped robot is said to be the heaviest and largest of its kind, but it is still capable of running, jumping, turning, and walking diagonally.
There are several potential military uses, including all-weather operations in high-risk conflict zones, remote border areas, and complex environments too challenging for soldiers.
The drones were maneuvered as they deployed, hovered, and manoeuvred simultaneously.
It can carry up to 160 kilograms, and despite its large size, it can run at up to 10 kilometers an hour
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China sets jail terms for raising funds in cryptocurrencies
As part of its crackdown on crypto, China announced that those found guilty of raising funds through token sales could face jail time.
Now that China has passed this new law, criminals will officially be sentenced by its courts.
Depending on the amount raised, jail terms can range from less than three years to more than ten years.
Because of China’s crackdown on cryptos, the US has leapfrogged China as the world’s leading bitcoin mining market.
The Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index reports that the US hash rate or computing power for Bitcoin is now more than 35%.
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It’s high time now to get back to the last question I posted a couple of weeks ago on the MNO TalkBack page and replace it with another poll.

Unless you’ve been stranded on Mars for the last month you must have heard of the ongoing invasion carried out by Russia on its neighbour Ukraine. The war has already caused severe disruption to both military and civilian infrastructure of Ukraine and interrupted the Russian economic development by hitting it with the strongest possible sanctions the world has seen. That conflict alone has already jeopardized the highly anticipated world economic recovery so widely hoped for as the Covid pandemic wanes and made millions of people into refugees unable to return to their homes. As MNO is apolitical I cannot and won’t be giving my personal take on the conflict, however it would just make sense to try to make predictions on how the conflict would affect the cryptocurrency market and people’s intentions to buy or sell larger quantities of BTC and others.

Having said that, the previous question posted on the MNO TalkBack asked “How do you think the Russo-Ukrainian War will affect cryptocurrency markets in the long term?” The final results of the poll were no real surprise as the vast majority of 83% of readers who participated are sure “It will go up as Bitcoin will become a safe haven for some investors”. The remaining 17% think the opposite claiming “It will go down as many investors will get rid of risky assets”. For the record there was no votes for the middle option starting “It will stall as the global uncertainty will impede its future growth”. Therefore we must conclude that most people do believe BTC and other major cryptocurrencies will keep growing this year, even amid fears of a much wider conflict between Russia and the West. The only was to see if that assumption is correct would be wait and see how the situation unravels and what prices we will see on crypto market over the next few months. MNO will certainly be keeping a close eye on the ongoing situation surrounding Ukraine.

Now for the next question which you can vote on in the MNO TalkBack page over the next couple of weeks. As you may be aware already, 2022 has actually seen the overall situation in the HYIP industry even worse than it was back in 2021. There are almost no decent looking programs left at the moment with even most talented admins (there’s only a few left anyway) struggle to attract any attention from wider audiences. Now, we know the thing that the decline in the HYIP industry has been observed for quite a few years but this year has been by far the worst in my memory. Has the industry reached its bottom or the collapse is something that cannot be recovered from soon is the subject of wide speculation and the question I would to put to readers today. The question for your thoughts on the MNO TalkBack page for the next couple of weeks is this:

Do you believe that we will see another leader on the HYIP market later this year?

And the possible answers are:

– Yes, I’m optimistic that good admins will return to bring new leaders
– It will happen but not this year due to uncertainties in the world right now
– No, it’s impossible to return to the good old times we had a few years ago

I would really like to hear your opinion on that and would be grateful if you submit your vote here. It will take only a few moments of your time after all! Thanks in advance for your participation. It will be really interesting to see the mood and anticipation of the current HYIP investors and whether they are optimistic, pessimistic or somewhere in the middle.

That’s all I have to report today, guys. Thanks for reading and talk to you again in a few days time on the MNO blog – For Money Lovers!

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