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04/04/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest and News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all! It’s hard to imagine further consequences of the wider economic crisis gripping the world caused by post-pandemic woes as well as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. People have been suffering greatly across the world and hit both financially by feeling the tight squeeze on their wallets by the growing cost of living and mentally by seeing the atrocities of war in the middle of Europe – something seemingly so distant and forgotten. I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom, but it’s simply impossible to imagine when the situation will finally stabilise and some countries come to realization that it’s impossible to improve people’s lives by continuous violence. The ongoing instability will keep affecting the world’s finances as well and people will be extremely cautious with what they do with their money in the long term. Cryptocurrencies at the moment seem to be one possible answer to some people looking to protect their finances from rampant inflation and the cost of living. And that’s why MNO has decided to shift its main focus of attention to delivering news on what’s new and exciting within BitCoin and other cryptocoins. The latest weekly cryptonews digest will be the main focus of today’s blog article, along with the news from RoboticsOnline, so keep reading on to find out more on that.

Speaking of the HYIP industry itself, it does seem like it’s a thing of the past now, with former glories that might never return. HYIPs will not disappear completely of course, but there is a great need for a future overhaul and further transformation before it gets back on its feet and will at least somehow resemble how it looked in the past. (By the way, please vote in the TalkBack poll whether you believe we will see the return of a good admin anytime soon). MNO will though continue to work in anticipation of further changes and will be grateful if you support me by joining the 2,500 subscribers of my blog articles by submitting your email address here. That way you will ensure you will be among the first to know about the upcoming HYIP industry’s revival. Also, follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter for the most up-to-date notifications about the new programs on the MNO monitor. As for communication, I’m always available for any type of conversation on Telegram @mnoblog. Plus, you can email me directly at or use this online contact form for a speedy response.

As you might know every Monday MNO is has an overview of the latest news from the cryptoworld – the main stories I myself find interesting and wort sharing with you, guys. Today is no exception, so let’s see what happened in the world of BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies over the last week – March, 28 to April, 03, 2022.

There’s a lot of shall we say “big” stories in the news this week, but possibly the one with the potential to impact the lives of most people stems from the EU. Of course, the growing dichotomy of cryptocurrency is on one hand the intention to remain separate from the state and decentralized, free from legislation as it were, but then on the other hand as crypto moves into mainstream popularity how can you possibly avoid governments and lawmakers getting involved from preventing the exploitation of crypto markets as a money laundering tool for criminals?

Given that the very concept of cryptocurrency is still so new, international legislation governing the existence and movement of of this are still somewhat in their infancy compared to regular hard currency. European Union lawmakers on Thursday backed tougher traceability rules for transfers of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in a move the industry said would erode privacy, hinder innovation and expose users to a higher risk of theft. The draft legislation, part of a broader fight against money laundering and financial crime, would require crypto firms to collect and share data on transactions in a business that has so far thrived on its anonymity. The multi-trillion dollar crypto sector is still subject to patchy regulation across the world with different countries having conflicting laws or else practically ignoring the phenomena altogether due to lack of knowledge and experience. Concerns that BitCoin and other currencies could upset financial stability and be used for criminal purposes have accelerated work by policymakers to fix this, it’s just that the people who make the laws governing technology aren’t always from a generation that are so tech savvy themselves.

Under the proposal, first put forward last year by the European Commission, crypto firms such as exchanges would have to obtain, hold, and submit information on those involved in transfers. This information would have to be made available to the competent authorities. That would make it easier to identify and report suspicious transactions, freeze digital assets, and discourage high-risk transactions. This all originates from one of the Green Parties that operate across European borders by the way, not all of whom could be considered as successful when they made it into various coalition governments across the continent (among other things almost bankrupting Ireland and making Germany a virtual client state of Russia, unable to function without their gas). But I’ll come back to The Green Party in a moment. Initial moves were that only transaction of 1,000 euros or more “about $1,100 or so would be subject to scrutiny, but with the sheer scale of the industry being what it is it’s almost impossible to imagine the resources needed to audit all of this. Plus the fact that crypto isn’t even recognized as official legal tender in any of those countries to begin with, you’d have to wonder what laws are being broken by moving virtual tokens with no inherent value by themselves from one place to another. One also has to wonder how such a law would even be enforceable, but given the EU’s penchant for pointless and infinitely expensive bureaucracy I have no doubt that billions of euros will be spent on endless “debating clubs” that turn wealthy lawyers into even wealthier lawyers by sitting around talking about it for years. Meanwhile the rest of us will just get on with things.

On the other side of the Atlantic ocean in the USA the Securities and Exchange Commission said companies listed in the U.S. acting as crypto custodians need to account for those assets as liabilities and disclose the associated risks to investors. In its guidance, the SEC said that the custody of digital assets on behalf of others includes technological risks, involved in both safeguarding assets and rapidly-changing nature of the market, and legal risks, due to the questions around how these things would be treated in a court arrangement. In addition, there are regulatory risks, given the lack of regulatory requirements for holding crypto products.

While on the subject of all things green, the co-founder and executive chairman of the Ripple currency Chris Larsen, has launched a new campaign in conjunction with Greenpeace and other environmental activist groups aimed at changing BitCoin to a more environmentally friendly model. The “change the code, not the climate” campaign aims to pressure key industry leaders, Bitcoin miners and influencers like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey into moving over to a new consensus model. As has already been well established, the resources put into mining BTC were astronomical to begin with, and now rising global energy prices are simply confounding the problem Greenpeace cites concerns that the energy required to mine Bitcoin comes mostly from fossil fuels, and that miners are using coal waste and associated natural gas as ways to fuel their operations since those are the countries where most mining takes place. Greenpeace accepted Bitcoin donations for seven years between 2014 and May 2021 before announcing it was halting them due to environmental concerns. Around the same time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stopped accepting Bitcoin payments for Tesla vehicles. Ethereum, which currently relies on the same proof-of-work mechanism as Bitcoin, is in the final stages of a lengthy and complicated process of a new proof-of-stake mechanism. Greenpeace says that proof-of-stake is much less environmentally harmful due to its lower energy consumption.

Seemingly not a country that does things in half measures, small doses, or being noted for subtlety, in Turkey the executives of a crypto exchange service provider called Thodex are facing “thousands of years” in jail sentences. A Turkish prosecutor is seeking sentences of over 40,000 years in total for 21 defendants. The company halted trading and its CEO disappeared this time last year after making away with over $2 billion. Turkish police teams travelled to four different countries as part of the manhunt and made over sixty arrests in their investigation. The CEO himself however remains on the run with his whereabouts still unknown. With that kind of finance available to you I guess it’s not that hard to disappear with a new identity, but on the other hand it’s also an extremely difficult amount of money to hide and make to look legitimate. “I found it in the back of a taxi” isn’t going to cut it in this case, so hopefully he will be found before too long and the rightful owners re-united with their money.

Wall Street banking giants Goldman Sachs seems to be all in now when it comes to Bitcoin and Ethereum with plans to offer its high-net worth clients access to the digital coins through a third-party issuance from Galaxy Digital. The bigger picture for me is that since Goldman Sachs is practically a household name the world over, even if you don’t actually bank with them as I’m sure most regular working folk don’t, is that the very endorsement of BitCoin and Ethereum GS could easily increase confidence in other major financial institutions to start offering the clients a similar path into the world of crypto. Back in June of last year Goldman partnered with Galaxy Digital to launch and manage Goldman’s Bitcoin futures offering. Even though Goldman was not linked to Galaxy’s ETH fund when it launched with assets totalling more than $50 million, it will get an undisclosed finder’s fee for accounts sent to Galaxy. It sounds to me like a win/win situation for all involved so is probably only a matter of time before this starts to trickle down to regular main street commercial banks used by that vast majority known as “the rest of us” so the smaller fry can get a taste.

Lastly for this week, not exactly a big news story but still, something I myself found interesting if only as a statistic when I came across it. I know that MNO readers come from all across the globe, though with the US being the world’s biggest economy and (arguably in some cases) the wealthiest nation on Earth, this might be interesting to everyone. According to the news and broadcasting giant NBC, a recent news poll conducted by them suggests that a mammoth one in five adults has invested in, traded or used cryptocurrency. 21% of the 1,000 Americans polled said they have at least once used or invested in crypto and men between the ages of 18 and 49 were the most likely to have invested in crypto. Don’t get me wrong, so called “opinion” polls are remarkably easy to manipulate. If you have an agenda all you need to do is identify the correct target audience to ask your question to. If you want a poll to say “90% of Americans vote Republican” then simply go down to Wall Street and ask your question there. If you want it to say “90% of people think Barcelona is the greatest football team in history” then set yourself up outside the Nou Camp stadium. But honestly I don’t really see NBC having any ulterior motive to inflating the figures, and given that crypto life in general has moved into the mainstream and is here to stay, then yes, there probably is a high percentage of middle Americans who have at least dabbled. And why not? They’re probably going to be teaching crypto as a subject in High Schools pretty soon, perhaps even junior and elementary schools not much longer after that. Even minimum wage and entry level employment positions require an ever increasing degree of computer dexterity and fluency these days, which may surprise the generation of your parents and grandparents, so I’d say knowledge of crypto is something that will become as important a job skill as the ability to type, drive, or update an operating system before too long.

That’s it for the latest weekly cryptonews digest on MNO. Tune in next Monday for more and stay with MNO – For Money Lovers!



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Uber plans to accept payment in cryptocurrencies when they become available
The world-famous taxi service Uber plans to expand the variety of payment methods for services through various types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. The only problem that the company sees is the high energy consumption of mining.
Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says the company will definitely start accepting cryptocurrency in the future.
The company’s management sees that Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies represent a very valuable store of value.
This is not the first time Uber has shown interest in cryptocurrencies. In 2021, Khosrowshahi has already stated that his company is going to consider cryptocurrency or bitcoin in terms of a means for transactions.
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Bezos wants to mine asteroids
The aerospace company, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, plans to acquire Honeybee Robotics.
The main focus of Honeybee Robotics remains the design and development of innovative solutions for spacecraft control and planetary exploration.
In 1986, Honeybee signed its first contract with NASA. Since then, the company has introduced critical technologies for exploration platforms, including three missions to Mars.
In 2019, Honeybee Robotics designed and manufactured custom, highly reliable, and compact motors for the space, aerospace, and wellbore industries.
Maybe the era of space exploration has already begun?
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$100 million to break the blockchain in Vietnam
Digital Asset Platform AEX has allocated $100 million to develop the blockchain industry in Vietnam. This is due to the growing interest of residents in cryptocurrencies.
The AEX platform plans to offer crypto-financial derivatives in Vietnam, open an office, and support the blockchain ecosystem of the Distributed Ledger System.
The foundation for the country’s cryptocurrencies will be laid with a $100 million fund.
AEX Chief Brand Officer Shergina Asya said that Southeast Asia is critical for the company’s further global expansion, with Vietnam a key country in the region.
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Kazakh authorities shut down 13 illegal mining farms
The authorities of Kazakhstan have identified and stopped the activities of 13 illegal mining farms.
The total power of electricity consumed by them amounted to 202 MW.
During a search in Almaty, more than 700 pieces of mining equipment were found and seized. In Nur-Sultan, authorities have identified 159 bitcoin miners.
The President of Kazakhstan instructed to identify all mining farms and increase the tax on the extraction of cryptocurrencies.
The authorities have created an interdepartmental group, led by the Tax Committee, to fight illegal miners.
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Bank of America predicts the growth of the crypto market to $30 trillion
Bank of America experts that the regulation of the cryptocurrency market will increase confidence and its capitalization to a record high.
Alkesh Shah, a cryptocurrency expert at Bank of America, clarified that cryptocurrencies are not moving in the direction that the creator predicted. The analyst added that regulation has made the crypto industry less decentralized and less secure.
Many experts believe that the cryptocurrency market requires regulation to increase public confidence. Back in 2018, the head of VTB said that the cryptocurrency market needs strict regulation.
In 2022, Bloomberg senior commodities strategist Mike McGlone opined that the U.S. would begin mass adoption of cryptocurrencies this year with the necessary regulation and subsequent market growth.
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That’s all I wanted to report tonight, guys. Stay safe and sound and remember that spring is in the air and new beginnings are coming. Talk to you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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