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11/04/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest and News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all! Today is Monday and that means MNO is back with the now regular news digest from the world of crypto. Everything you might need to know about cryptocurrencies and the HYIP industry’s main representatives – from a personal and unbiased point of view I have been expressing since 2007. For nearly fifteen years MNO has been a reliable source of information you can use when dealing with the profitable but high risk world of HYIPs. I have a lot of knowledge in the area which I have expressed openly and without any censorship in the highly acclaimed series of articles showing all the ugly truths from the industry which you can find here and which is called HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets. Once the investment activities are back to normal I plan to revive the series, but for now you can get acquainted with the articles already published.

On another note, you might have difficulties with accessing the MNO monitor this week due to some technical complications arising from the weekend maintenance which will hopefully be resolved very soon. If you wish to support MNO and my work please get your email address added to the 2,500+ list of subscribers who already receive my weekly newsletter by submitting and confirming it here. You may also follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter for more up-to-date notifications on the new programs added to my monitor. I can be contacted directly at, via this online form, or chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog. I will be pleased to hear from you and answer any of the questions you might have.

Enough with the introductions though and let’s see what happened over the last week April, 4 to April, 10 in the regular MNO Weekly CryptoNews Digest.

Perhaps not one of the most famous of the world’s multi-billionaires but definitely one of it’s youngest is Sam Bankman-Fried. Having both parents as law professors at one of the world’s most prestigious universities does you no harm in getting a start in life to be sure, certainly it gives you an edge over peers to say the very least, but credit where its due – you don’t get to be worth an estimated $24 billion dollars on your 30th birthday solely because your parents are teachers in a good school. Sam by the way if you don’t know his name, is the CEO and founder of the cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX. So why is he in the news? It turns out that Sam has decided that he comfortably has way more money than several generations of his family will ever need to live out a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. I guess his thinking is just because I can afford something doesn’t mean I want it. You know, what use is a Ferrari to someone who doesn’t know how to drive? A seat in the back row of the symphony is worth more to someone who loves classical music that a seat in the front row is to someone who hates it. With that in mind, Sam has decided that enough is enough, any conceivable has been covered multiple times over even if he lives to be 100, so he’s giving it all away. Well, 99% of it anyway. He has announced that from this point on, and remember the man only turned 30 years old a month ago, he will continue working but will only keep 1% of his money. The other 99% goes to charity. Among the causes he has deemed worth so far have included Covid pandemic relief operations in developing world countries and climate change initiatives. Doing the sums by the way, giving away 99% of $24 billion dollars still leaves you with enough change to pick up a McDonald’s and get the bus home so no need to worry about Sam’s immediate future I would say!

Looking at a bigger more global economic picture, one of the main strategists in the Bank of America has made a weekly statement to clients that the US economy is heading for recession and that cryptocurrencies could outperform bonds and stocks. Michael Hartnett said the economic picture is deteriorating fast as the Federal Reserve tightens its monetary policy to control inflation. To be honest I don’t think I needed anyone from Bank of America to bring that to my attention, it’s as obvious time as the nose on the end of your face everywhere you look around these days. It is refreshingly honest, perhaps also downright scary to see this level of candor coming from the financial establishment though. There can be little to no doubt left in anyone’s mind from this point onward, have your escape plan ready because tougher times are only getting started.

Another establishment name is Cathie Wood, the CEO of ArkInvest. She points out that cryptocurrency was initially created to sidestep old institutions – and banks may finally be feeling themselves get disrupted. The amount of interest investors are showing in decentralized finance applications, or “DeFi” for short, could threaten the traditional banking world. There’s been a “share shift” when it comes to loans in crypto form. “Banks have a big problem,” Wood said from the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami. “They’re losing talent to crypto, so they’re having to raise wages to attract talent, and they’re losing business to DeFi. Lending and saving – a lot of it is taking place in DeFi right now.” Decentralized finance is an umbrella term for the various financial products and services that are peer-to-peer, built on BlockChain, and eliminate the need for the traditional institutions that have historically provided access to those services. Political institutions are another part of the establishment starting to respond to crypto in a more positive way, Wood said. “What we’re seeing is 180 degrees different today than it was a year ago,” she said. She noted the shift in stance from U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who had previously expressed concern on crypto, averse to its potential environmental problems and risk of illicit activity. Ark was the first public asset manager to gain exposure to Bitcoin in September 2015. Wood said her firm still sees Bitcoin’s price scaling to $1 million by 2030.

Meanwhile on a similar note Wall Street investment bank JPMorgan is convinced that DeFi and BlockChain technology are at the forefront of innovation according to a letter to shareholders from its CEO Jamie Dimon. He wrote that decentralized finance and BlockChain are real, new technologies and that the firm is already using BlockChains to share complex information and move tokenized US dollars with its JPM Coin which was already reported in an earlier MNO crypto news digest some weeks ago.

It’s been a very very long time since I spent a memorable vacation in San Francisco, several years before I even started MNO actually, so it came as quite distressing news to see just how far the quality of life has plummeted for so many people living within the city limits. I personally no longer know anyone who lives there, they all moved out at the first opportunity which is an awful pity because it used to be such a great city. It seems the CEO of Kraken feels the same way, saying that he has been forced to re-locate his business’ headquarters completely. Kraken as you might be aware are one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world and also provide banking services. It was set up by Jesse Powell in 2011, who, like a shark in the water tasting blood, saw an opportunity to replace MT Gox when news of their security breach became known. From cyber crime to physical crime, Powell has said the near constant assaults and robberies carried out against his staff as they simply come and go from their place of work coupled with the complete ineptitude of city authorities in dealing with it has forced his hand. It’s not in some sketchy neighborhood either, this is in the heard of the downtown business district. Kraken aren’t alone in abandoning their San Francisco headquarters by the way, Coinbase who are one of their main rivals have already made an earlier announcement that they too will be pulling out sometime this year and aim to go “fully remote” for their staff.

Finally for this week’s digest I came across an interesting piece on Cardano, which if you don’t know is a public BlockChain network set up by the co-founder of Ethereum and uses it’s own internal Cardano cryptocurrency. Cardano’s long-running project to give young Ethiopians ownership of their digital identities is moving forward as the first pilot has been completed. Cardano’s team is now training the Ministry of Education on usage and projects that at least 800,000 decentralized identities and digital credentials will be issued for students by the end of the year. Proof as if any were needed that the basics of cryptocurrencies will almost certainly be part of mainstream education for schools before much longer, and I would even guess at a younger and younger age once things get started.

That’s all from the CryptoNews world for today on what I think was most interesting over the last calendar week. Stay tuned for more information next Monday!



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Along with the latest profit report over the last seven days RoboticsOnline posted a few curious stories on the world of robotics and cryptocurrencies which you might be interested to read below:

Profit of the last 12 business days: 4.54%
Wanna start investing and earn some money? Try RoboticsOnline.
According to our statistics, the profit for the last 12 days of the investment period was 4.54%.
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Ledger plans to issue a cryptocurrency card
Crypto Life cardholders will be able to open a credit line secured by their cryptocurrency.
The French company Ledger has announced the launch of debit cards for transactions with cryptocurrencies. Iqbal Gandham, Vice President of Transactions and Payments, spoke about this at the Ledger Open conference in Paris.
The company has already integrated the Rarible NFT marketplace into its Ledger Live app.
The crypto hardware maker also announced partnerships with crypto exchanges Coinbase and FTX. From Q1 next year, Coinbase will integrate Ledger hardware wallets, which will allow users to independently store their crypto assets.
Our website

Vending for crows
Swedish startup Corvid Cleaning has developed a technology to train crows to pick up trash in exchange for food.
The idea is for city birds to pick up cigarette butts and other garbage, put them in special vending machines that give out tasty treats in return.
So far, the guys have trained the crows to pick up bamboo sticks that mimic cigarette butts scattered around the robot and feed them to the machine. Birds have learned to collect garbage in artificial environments, and the team plans to start a pilot project in a real urban environment.
Potentially “clients” of vending machines can be a variety of representatives of the crow family. According to the founders of the company, these are one of the smartest representatives of the animal world.
Our website

Twitter added the ability to send donations to Ethereum
Twitter has added support for Ethereum addresses for its mobile donation service.
The option came a few months after the social network added the ability to send bitcoin donations using the Lighting Network.
Now donations to Ethereum addresses are available to a wide range of users. However, unlike bitcoins, the direct connection of wallets to the Ethereum network is not yet provided. To donate, you must manually copy the wallet address.
In January, Twitter added the ability to put NFT on a profile photo. This feature has become available to subscribers of the Twitter Blue premium service with devices based on the iOS operating system.
Our website

Biomedical startup
A unique startup in the field of biomedicine – SANA. This is a unique robotic sleep mask that in 10 minutes can reduce pain, relieve anxiety, and help you fall asleep.
The developers decided to combine biomedical technologies in this innovation to help more than 100 million Americans addicted to sleeping pills and tranquilizers.
A mask in the form of RoboCop glasses, using neurostimulation with light and sound, works according to a certain algorithm with the areas of the brain responsible for relaxation and sleep. In addition, this device harmonizes the work of both cerebral hemispheres.
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Opera Browser Starts Supporting Emoji-Based Domains
Opera has announced that its browser has become the first product on the market that allows the use of emoji domains: for the first time in history, users will be able to navigate to web resources by entering a combination of emojis in the URL bar, and not just letters and numbers.
The emoji in Opera’s address bar comes from a partnership with Yat, a company that allows you to register multiple emoji domains.
Users can set up their page on the Yat site or enable redirects to another site.
To celebrate the launch of the integration, Yat and Opera announce a virtual “item hunt”. Using the integration of companies, participants will be able to compete for seven FVCK_CRYSTAl NFTs from the legendary artist FVCKRENDER, which are worth 2.89 Ethereum or $8907 at the time of writing.
Our website

That’s just about all I have time for today, guys. Please keep voting in the poll on the MNO TalkBack page where the full results will be posted next week due to the current issues with the monitor. Thanks for reading and as always stay safe in this crazy world! MNO – For Money Lovers!

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