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Hello everyone, and welcome again to the MNO blog where I keep updating you on what’s going on in the HYIP industry for nearly fifteen years already. It’s hard to believe now that MNO has been online for such a long time and I have monitored and told my readers about thousands of quality programs that helped them make money and broaden their horizons of money-making opportunities. Not only has MNO been a guide when it comes to promoting only the best HYIPs, but unlike others I had time to educate my readers on the various pitfalls newbies might fall into and traps sophisticated admins might set up for you to part from your money. Exactly how to better understand the unorthodox laws the HYIP industry has been operating via I have recently posted a series or articles entitled HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets where some tricks have been exposed which might help you on your way to riches. Especially these articles will be helpful to newbies only making their first steps in the unknown and exciting world of online high-yield investment programs, so you must check the content here and educate yourselves if you wish to succeed in this high risk business.

As for the readers that has been with MNO for many years, they clearly see 2022 has been a very quiet year so far when it comes to quality programs run by experienced admins. Although things tend to change quickly in the HYIP industry and we might even soon have something truly exclusively monitored by MNO. I cannot confirm the exact date when it is going to happen yet, but if you wish to be among the first to know about the next big program coming your way please make sure you follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook, or get subscribed to the blog articles which will be then delivered to your email address you can submit on this page. Remember also that I’m always here to answer your questions and suggestions you can forward me directly at my personal email or via this online contact form. Alternatively, you can always reach me on Telegram @mnoblog and also on the MNO ShoutBox where you can also share your thoughts about the monitored programs and ask any other HYIP-related question.

Over the last few years the HYIP industry has taken on a secondary role for many, as their focus of attention was drawn to quickly developing cryptocurrencies industry that literally sucked draws more and more investors into its orbit. It’s hard now to imagine any HYIP that would prefer to work with the traditional USD provider of PerfectMoney (once such providers were the most common payment method in HYIPs) rather than with the major cryptocurrencies, aka BitCoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc. The obvious shift towards the crypto industry caused the current trend of merging of more traditional HYIPs with crypto trading when extreme volatility we can sometimes observe with cryptocurrencies may become another significant factor to make or break any program, let alone to significantly impact its lifecycle. That’s why the appearance of the truly new breed of HYIP admins – those educated not only in how to successful run a traditional program, but rather how to manoeuvre in cryptocurrency trading on a daily basis – has been on the cards for quite some time. Whether the HYIP industry could successfully absorb such newly valuable skills and new breed of admins only time will tell.

MNO on its part will be closely watching the latest developments in the HYIP industry and report about them on the blog. And as the majority of those who have so far voted in the TalkBack poll about the possibility to see the next leader on the market by the end of the year have been optimistic we should hope that such a person would come out pretty soon to be able to claim the crown that has been waiting for its rightful owner for quite some time now.

Meanwhile, as it’s impossible to imagine the HYIP world without cryptocurrencies and the latest trends on BitCoin, Ethereum and other leaders of the market MNO has recently started the Weekly CryptoNews Digest articles. Every Monday I take a look back at the major events that happened in the crypto world over the last week, and present the things that I found most interesting and worth sharing with MNO readers. Let’s not break this tradition today and see what’s been going on from April, 25 to May, 1 in cryptocurrencies – the most talked about events and people that have been involved in them.

The march of progress can sometimes be slow but it’s always inevitable. This is as news emerges that a second independent country looks set to officially endorse BitCoin as legal tender. The Central African Republic in (where else?) Africa joins El Salvador less than a year after the tiny Central American nation became the first ones to do so. It’s interesting but probably not important to note that in both cases neither country has their own currency, with El Salvador abolishing their own one in favor of adopting the US Dollar just over twenty years ago and the Central African Republic being part of a currency union with several other mostly French speaking African nations. Lawmakers in the CAR’s parliament voted unanimously to pass a bill legalizing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, according to a statement from the presidency which claimed the move “places the Central African Republic on the map of the world’s boldest and most visionary countries.” One has to wonder exactly who this benefits however as the country only has 11% internet coverage to begin with. A country so rich in diamonds and gold has its citizens ranked among the poorest in the world while its government is propped up by Russian mercenaries. Predictably those opposed to the BitCoin law include the International Monetary Fund who have flagged their own concerns over risks to financial stability and consumer protection. But again, as I just said with such limited internet coverage it’s difficult to see how most people would even be aware of the situation, never mind actually benefiting from it. That much remains to be seen, though I still find it an interesting development for sure.

Meanwhile in other international news, one country passing legislation that will probably be of more practical use and benefit for its citizens than that in the Central African Republic is Panama. Rather than making BitCoin official legal tender, lawmakers there have instead opted to introduce measures to make the central American country more “crypto friendly” as a whole. Members of the National Assembly in Panama approved a bill to regulate the use of crypto. The bill opens the door to private and public use of crypto assets, and will make it possible for people to pay their taxes with cryptocurrencies. It’s been stated in the past that as a nation Panama aims to become a hub of innovation and technology in Latin America, and this latest move certainly bears that out.

One organization that doesn’t seem to share the IMF’s concerns is Fidelity, the US based financial services giant and one of the biggest asset management companies in the world. They manage the retirement and pension plans of more than 20 million people are set to start allowing them to hold as much as 20% of their funds in digital assets. This will start being rolled out later in the year with the computer software company MicroStrategy being the first of their customers to benefit. This makes more sense when you consider that MicroStrategy themselves are believed to hold around 130,000 BTC in its accounts, or around $5 billion dollars worth at the current exchange rates at the time of writing. A spokesperson said in a statement on behalf of the company that Fidelity believes that BlockChain technology and digital assets are going to be a much larger part of financial industry’s future.

Underlining that final point, Goldman Sachs are also leading the push for cryptocurrencies into the mainstream business world. They have reportedly just issued their first ever BitCoin backed loan on Wall Street in a major step forward for institutional cryptocurrency adoption. The global investment bank allowed an individual borrower to use BitCoin as collateral for a cash loan. A Goldman spokesperson highlighted that the deal was particularly interesting because of its structure and 24-hour risk management.

If you’re one of the more than half a billion users of the popular messaging app Telegram then I suppose there’s a good chance that you may have heard of The TON Foundation. If not, then in basic terms it’s a decentralized BlockChain that was set up as a vehicle for TonCoin, the associated cryptocurrency. The TON Foundation was established by members of the BlockCain community who wanted to keep Telegram’s crypto efforts alive after Telegram abandoned it after battling with the SEC. It was announced that they have now added a new crypto payments feature to the messaging app last week. The feature allows users to send TonCoin to other Telegram users without any transaction fees. “With this service, you’ll no longer need to enter long wallet addresses and wait for confirmations,” the Foundation said in a tweet announcing the feature. The feature is similar to the Bitcoin payments function that Elon Musk’s Twitter has been offering through its Tip Jar feature since September last year. It’s anticipated that this function will extend into the consumer-to-business payments sector which will then allow people to easily acquire goods and services by sending TonCoin via the bots in the Telegram app. The TonCoin platform boasts over 52 million transactions so far, with over 486,000 wallets, according to the TON Foundation’s website. The TonCoin token was issued in 2019-20 when the US Securities and Exchange Commission blocked Telegram’s $1.7 billion token issuances for an initial coin offering (ICO).

Finally for this week’s CryptoNews Digest there was an interesting story regarding the use of DogeCoin, or to be more specific, the transmission of the currency from A to B. According to DogeCoin developer Michi Lumin, a DOGE transaction was sent via radio using a protocol called “Radio Doge.” DogeCoin proponents say Radio Doge will enable access to DogeCoin for people outside the reach of the internet, something I must admit to not knowing previously until hearing the news myself. On looking into the further I discovered that DogeCoin is not the first cryptocurrency to be sent using radio. Concepts like mesh networking, amateur radio equipment, and portable antennas have allowed people to push BTC transactions without internet access.

As a side note it may interest you to know that this first DogeCoin sent via radio transmission was sent with help from Elon Musk’s global Starlink satellite network. Himself an occasional though rarely predictable champion of cryptocurrencies, it seems fitting that he would find himself involved in this ground breaking move in some shape or form, if even indirectly. This comes on the astonishing news that Musk successful in his bid to become the outright buyer of Twitter. Well, given his track record perhaps the news itself wasn’t all that surprising, but the $44 billion dollar price tag was certainly astonishing. I just find it worth mentioning again as it seems every time this one individual expresses an opinion, good or bad about anything, expect to see extreme swings in its value. Case in point was the surge in value for BitCoin when he made a public comment on how much he liked it. Quickly followed by another seismic swing in the opposite direction when he later said he wasn’t so sure about it anymore. Honestly, who needs “insider trading” when all you need do is send out a single Tweet to get the market moving in the direction you want it to move for yourself.

That’s all for today’s Weekly CryptoNews Digest. Join MNO next Monday for more information on what’s going on in the cryptocurrency world this week. Meanwhile, let’s see what the latest news from the HYIP industry last week brought us.



RoboticsOnline (reviewed here) never fails to disappoint when it comes to providing stable income to its investors. The program can boast nearly three years of uninterrupted work now – something that so many others failed to achieve. Of course, one can argue that it has been mainly achieved by the extremely low variable returns that can achieve about 5% after the fixed period of 12 business days. However, the lower returns are vastly compensated by the stability of RoboticsOnline‘s performance over the long period of time during which everyone could benefit from investing at least $50 worth of BitCoin, LiteCoin or Ethereum funds. If you activate the automatic reinvestment you can double your funds with RoboticsOnline in less than a year time. That means that everyone who took advantage of the offer and kept investing into RoboticsOnline for the last couple of years took great profits. Just remember that your cryptocurrency funds are automatically converted into the internal USD currency, so take into account the exchange rates once your investment term expires, which in some cases means you might benefit from further reinvestment rather than withdrawing all your funds under the unfavorable conditions. Besides, every $25 gives you a lottery ticket where you can win cash prizes by guessing the lucky numbers, so might worth looking into that option offered by RoboticsOnline as well to supplement your income.

RoboticsOnline has been quite active on its official Telegram channel lately where the admin posts some news from cryptocurrencies as well as updates related to the program itself. For instance, over the last seven days the profit of 4.52% was announced to be credited to members’ accounts over the previous investment cycle. You can read about that in the reports posted over the last seven days on the RoboticsOnline channel which I report for your convenience below:

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Eco mining on Tesla batteries
Tesla is aiming to open a new section of the business related to cryptocurrencies. As usual, Elon Musk talked about that on his twitter account. The idea came out pretty quick after the debut of the new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.
Elon Musk have strong partners in the face of Block and Blockstream companies. They already have a plan on how to power the Gigafactory system in order to mine Bitcoin in enormous amounts. It will also make the first cryptocurrency much cleaner.
Good amount of sunlight and high wind speed create a good base for eco mining in Texas. But how will it influence the fate of regular miners, who do not have such big powers to mine Bitcoin?

Grammarly Spell Checker
To make the working and education process much easier for internet users, it is important to know how spell english words correctly. Thanks to the advanced AI and years of activity, Grammarly Spell Checker is able to help literally anyone.
Grammarly Spell Checker includes a free version for all internet users. If the free version is not enough, a small payment will be required to get access to the full version.
Grammarly Spell Checker is an award winning software. It is acknowledged by many popular companies around the globe.

How do charitable crypto funds work?
Cryptocurrencies have successfully changed the way charitable funds work. While in the past it was really hard to send money in other parts of the world, thanks to crypto, there are no more borders.
First crypto funds started to work in 2014 year. They started as an experiment, but quickly became a standard for smaller countries that had problems with such banking services, like SWIFT.
The most inspiring thing about crypto funds – they allowed much younger audience to make donations fast and anonymous. This is exactly what people in the age of 18-35 were looking for.

Inspiration helps fleets move to electric vehicles
Inspiration helps fleets move to electric vehicles. Thanks to clean energy infrastructure, this company has offered a great solution for fleet operators.
The company is trying to be the world class partner for fleet operators, which is why it has secured an initial 200$ million in capital commitment.
A shift toward electric vehicles has become a global trend. More and more companies acknowledge the power of clean energy.

Texas Man Jailed for Laundering $1.4 Million in Cryptocurrency
Stories about people who use cryptocurrencies for money laundering never get old. This time, a man named Deependra Bhusal has been put to 46 months in federal prison for laundering more than 1.4 million USD in crypto.
According to the official report, Texas man has been laundering money for years. All of his transactions were structured in amounts under 10000 USD.
It looks like Deependra Bhusal had “business” partners – Lois Boyd, 75, and Manik Mehtani, 33. All of them have been using crypto for organized crimes.

That will be everything I was about to report today on the MNO blog, guys. Thanks for staying with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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