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22/08/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest and News from the HYIP Industry


Hello again everyone, and welcome back to MNO – the only online resource regularly providing you with all the latest news from the HYIP industry’s brightest stars since 2007. Yes, it’s been over fifteen years since the MNO blog issued its first publication and with your help and support it will stay here for another fifteen and more. And to help me achieve these goals the only thing required from you is to click here to subscribe to the blog’s entire articles to be regularly sent to your mailbox no later than 24 hours of being published here.

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Now it’s finally time to have a close look on what’s happening in the world of cryptocurrencies over the last calendar week – August, 15 to August, 21 – the thing I usually do every Monday on the MNO blog since the start of the year in the Weekly CryptoNews Digest.

No doubt the biggest news most of the crypto warriors out there will be looking at today is the recent plunge in BitCoin exchange rates. We all know the general trend was downwards throughout this year anyway, but there was at least a positive rally in recent weeks. That proved to be short lived as “business as usual” resumed on Friday when around $12 billion was wiped off the market in sudden plunge. And when I say “sudden”, I mean this literally happened in a matter of minutes making it almost impossible to react even if you knew how to. This latest blow to the ailing cryptocurrency saw 7% removed from its value, falling to a three week low of around $21,000 which canceled out any recent gains.

The sudden drop came within minutes of officials from the US Federal Reserve saying on Friday morning that they would not be making a priority of lessening interest rate rises until at least inflation was back under control. The analysis company CoinGlass said they estimated around $220 million USD worth of crypto positions were liquidated in an hour, with BitCoin accounting for about half that amount. Later that same night things for the crypto lender Hodlnaut (whose ongoing difficulties were already reported on MNO) went from bad to worse as they filed for credit protection, fired a whopping 80% of their employees, and cited having “pending proceedings” with the Singapore police force as the reason.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, it was also a record breaking year for crypto theft. Starting from July 2021 up until July 2022, that particular twelve month calendar period a record £1.6 billion worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen in hacks of services as organized online criminals and nefarious state actors exploited vulnerabilities in decentralized finance. The sums are around 60% higher than for the same period a year ago, according to data from BlockChain platform Chainalysis, and stand in stark contrast to overall criminal activity online, which is down 15%, and online scam revenue, which fell 65%. Hundreds of millions dollars more have already been stolen from digital wallets since the start of August alone. Hackers took some £150 million from crypto project Nomad Bridge at the start of the month, while a further £6?million was taken from 8,000 wallets held with Solana.

Despite all the bad news from the last few days though, the longer term future still seems bright given that there are more participants than ever involved in the crypto market. In fact it seems there’s a record breaking number of wallets that are now in use. The latest market crash has left Bitcoin in shambles, that much we know and can agree on. Dropping from its November all-time high of $69,000 to a two-year low of just $18,000, BitCoin dragged the rest of the market with it deep into the red. However, unlike the rest of the crypto market, BitCoin didn’t see activity on its network subside. The latest data from Glassnode showed that the total number of unique addresses on the BitCoin network reached its all-time high. Over one billion unique addresses currently participate in BitCoin transactions.

Just for the record by the way, the growth rate does seem unique to BTC. Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and network size, is lagging far behind. With 158 million unique addresses participating in an ETH transaction, Ethereum has yet to experience the growth rate seen on the Bitcoin network. Litecoin, which spent the better part of the past decade as the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is close behind Ethereum with 148 million unique addresses. And while the number of unique Litecoin addresses has been growing at a faster rate than the number of addresses on Ethereum. However, both networks have seen some stagnation in 2022. Litecoin’s transaction count and transaction volume has decreased significantly since the beginning of the year. Ethereum has seen a similar decline in activity, recently reaching a one-year low and its number of daily transactions dropping drastically since the beginning of the summer.

Coinbase will briefly pause new Ether and ERC-20 token deposits and withdrawals as a precautionary measure during the Merge, which has a rough target date of mid September. Coinbase outlined what users can expect from the company ahead of the Merge, stating that the downtime is planned and will permit the platform to verify a successful transition from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) on the Ethereum mainnet. It was added that all assets are safe and that no action is required from users. As for staked ETH, the company advises users to be on high alert for scams and warns against sending ETH to anyone in an attempt to “upgrade to ETH2.” Coinbase allows its users to stake their ETH via the company’s Beacon Chain validators, which currently hold 14.7% of all staked ether, according to Dune Analytics. Ether staked with Coinbase will remain listed within a user’s Ethereum wallet on the platform, but will remain locked after the Merge — as it is today — until the Ethereum protocol’s Shanghai upgrade is completed in 2023. Users of different Coinbase products will be impacted differently. Coinbase Wallet users with ETH and ERC-20 balances, as well as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or decentralized finance (DeFi) positions on the Ethereum network, are expected to experience minimal to no impact. Coinbase Prime users, on the other hand, may experience temporary delays in custody withdrawal availability of their ETH and ERC-20 balances. Coinbase Cloud users should expect a routine upgrade with approximately 10 minutes of downtime in advance of the Merge. Additionally, the ability to process new payments will be temporarily paused during the Merge for Coinbase Commerce customers. Other cryptoassets are not expected to be impacted.

Finally for this week, I know this might sound a bit like “deja vu” for some readers as the subject matter was already reported here a couple of weeks ago, but it seems the whole issue of telling bare faced lies that promise account holders that their assets are guaranteed by the government has yet to go away.

FTX, another popular exchange, received a cease-and-desist warning on Friday from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, telling the company to stop “misleading” consumers about the insurance status of their funds. The FDIC, which is basically the US institution that protects consumers and their savings in the event of a commercial bank going out of business, issued letters to five crypto companies, including FTX US.

Unlike deposits held at U.S. banks, cryptocurrencies stored with brokerages are not protected by the government. “Based upon evidence collected by the FDIC, each of these companies made false representations —including on their websites and social media accounts — stating or suggesting that certain crypto related products are FDIC-insured or that stocks held in brokerage accounts are FDIC-insured,” the regulator said in a press release. In addition to FTX US, the FDIC notified,, and The FDIC said the companies must take immediate corrective action to address these false or misleading statements. The agency said knowingly misrepresenting or implying that an uninsured product is FDIC-insured is prohibited by the Federal Deposit Insurance Act. The president of FTX.US later made what I can only describe as a ham-fisted attempt to talk his way out of trouble by claiming he only meant to say the holding banks were insured and not create the impression that FTX individual accounts were. Proof as if any were needed, it really still is the wild west out there in the online crypto industry sometimes!

That’s all I wanted to tell you in today’s Weekly CryptoNews Digest. If you enjoyed what you just read please come back next Monday for another issue. And now let’s see what’s been going on in the HYIP industry.



Today is exactly two weeks since the admin of RoboticsOnline suddenly announced the extension of both the current and future investment terms from 12 to 36 business days. That means simply that potential investors prepared to put their hard earned money in RoboticsOnline will become more cautious from putting more money into the program that currently pays only referral commissions with proper payouts on investment plans are supposedly to resume only in a few weeks time. Given RoboticsOnline‘s extensively long online presence (it has been paying well for about three years now) I’ve made an exception from my traditional practice and kept the program on Paying status on the MNO monitor for the time being. However, if you’re not tied up with the investments already running in your RoboticsOnline account (whether you invested via BTC, ETH, LTC, or TRC) it will probably be wiser to take a wait-and-see approach. If we’re lucky RoboticsOnline will resume payments for profits on then current plans in about three weeks time, if not, well, then we will call it a day for the program. In any case, RoboticsOnline has been a very good performer, so we can only hope it will pull through and will eventually emerge as a winner with new more sustainable investment offer.

I remind you that if you read my original review of RoboticsOnline posted here then you should know that the investment plan has been changed. The variable daily rates have been reduced as well to about 0.35% on average which will hopefully see your investments make you about 12% profit on expiry of the 36-business day term. That is not much by any HYIP standards, but if RoboticsOnline manages to pull through and resume payouts in three weeks time I don’t see any reason why it can’t go on as before.

For now we are all waiting for the outcome of this freeze in RoboticsOnline and watch how events develop together with MNO which will be the first to report when things are back to normal. So stay tuned for that, guys, and read the latest news posted on the official Telegram channel run by RoboticsOnline over the last seven days (it is from the world of crypto and robotics as well):

Gucci Becomes First Major Brand…
Gucci has expanded its Web3 initiatives by allowing crypto enthusiasts to pay for its products in its stores using ApeCoin, in addition to the 12 other digital currencies it already accepts.
The decision, made public on Monday, could provide the ApeCoin initiative with enormous exposure among the general public and increase the utility of the cryptocurrency.

Polkadot “cup And Handle” Setup Sees…
Following Polkadot’s introduction of a blockchain tool for intercommunication, DOT may experience a spike in demand.
A traditional bullish pattern is taking shape on Polkadot’s (DOT) daily chart, suggesting it will continue its current price recovery.
In late July, the Web3 Foundation, which manages awards on Polkadot, authorized 415 projects, ranging from user interface development and smart contracts to development tooling and wallets. Thus, guaranteeing rising demands for DOT.

A “nano-Robot” Built Entirely From DNA…
Researchers have developed extremely cutting-edge “nano-robot” that might make it possible to investigate mechanical forces at microscopic scales more closely, which are essential for many biological and pathological processes.

Post The June Crash, BTC Wholecoiners…
The dramatic decline in the value of the cryptocurrency in May and June seems to have co-occurred with a rise in wallet addresses holding multiple Bitcoins.
Since the middle of July, the price of bitcoin has been going upward, but experts disagree as to whether the cryptocurrency has reached its bottom or if there are still further declines to come.

Has Polygon Really Gained 83%…
With a rise of an incredible 83% in just 30 days, Polygon (MATIC) had a great July. The layer-2 scaling smart contract platform aspires to be a vital component of the Web 3 infrastructure.
Meanwhile, investors doubt the recovery’s sustainability, given the weak deposits and data on active addresses.

This Is On Me” – Robinhood CEO To Lay Off 23%…
Online trading company Robinhood will let go of nearly a quarter of its workforce, blaming a general crypto market meltdown and the macroeconomic environment’s continuous worsening.
On the same day, the company released a mediocre Q2 financial results, and the New York State Department of Financial Services announced a $30 million fine for the company’s crypto branch due to alleged Anti-Money Laundering, cybersecurity, and consumer protection violations, co-founder and CEO Vlad Tenev broke the bad news in a blog post.


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That’s all I have to report today, guys. Thanks for reading and I hope to talk to you all next Monday for all the latest news from cryptocurrencies as well as the biggest HYIPs you need to know about. Stay tuned with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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