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24/10/2022. New Former Sleeper on MNO and Weekly CryptoNews Digest


Hello everyone! Have you seen a new program called ShuttleRent added to the MNO monitor recently? The program was an unexpected addition to the Basic listing after having been online for two years and eight months out of which it has spent the vast majority of its online life in “sleeper” status. What does that mean? Well, “sleepers” are programs deliberately kept under the radar when professional admins are looking for a slow and steady approach when it comes to their promotion. As a rule, they start their online presence with a website that looks like a stripped-down GC script based program having limited payment processor options and deeply unattractive investment plans that might not be taken seriously by almost any investors. That is actually the reason why such programs can run unnoticed for many many months and even years but all the while still be able to pay their dues. In the case of ShuttleRent it’s also about the daily maximum investment sum allowed to be made while the investment plan itself pays 3% on business days (Monday to Friday) and a reduced 1.25% ROI on weekends, thus making it possible to reach 25.5% profit after a term of 50 calendar days. The new investment plan offered by ShuttleRent just a few weeks ago seems like a more reasonable one and I hope that the payments will be able to continue for a long time without a hitch. By the way, after a few days of testing ShuttleRent I must attest to the fact that the program indeed pays instantly to PerfectMoney, Tether and Tron – so far the three payment processors accepted for a $10 minimum. Fingers crossed, guys, as we really need something stable in the HYIP industry now!

By the way, if you want to be among the first to know about newly added programs to the MNO monitor I would advise to follow me on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, where all announcements are posted in real time. For the full blog articles delivered straight to your mailbox why not join thousands of subscribers already regularly reading MNO as a newsletter. You can easily do so here by submitting and confirming your email address where you wish to get the info sent. And of course, don’t forget about the chance to stay in touch with me via Telegram @mnoblog, submit your query via this contact form, or simply email me at as I always try my best to respond within 24 hours, even now while on holidays.

Speaking of which, I would like to apologize for the delay in posting this article. The thing is I was let down by my carrier and was stuck in Kefalonia for an extra day which I was more than happy to take advantage of to explore more of that beautiful island since it was all paid for by the airline company. I am to blame for having so little time left on my hands to finish the review of SwagBucks and post it on MNO which I hope to do by next week. Moreover, I had to postpone posting the regular Weekly CryptoNews Digest for one day which I hope my loyal readers will forgive me for. I deeply apologize for that, but then what is the use of life if you’re not living it as it happens, if you know what I mean?

Anyway, let’s get back to the main subject of today’s post which is the main and the most important news and events that happened in the cryptoworld over the last calendar week – October, 17 to October, 23, 2022. Especially considering that the HYIP industry has been totally eclipsed by its main rival for quite sometime now and cannot really offer any reliable and big long-term programs any longer.

I have to say it was only a few short years ago that it would have been hard to imagine a company like the US discount retail giant even having such a thing as a Global Chief Technology Officer. And yet here we are in 2022 listening to him discussing the future role that cryptocurrencies will play in the company as he sees it. In what was probably an unfortunate homage to the dystopian classic novel 1984, he explained how crypto will play an increasingly visible part in how customers transact and behave in general. Walmart, so we are led to believe, are at the forefront of making the whole process of consumption as friction free as can be expected within reason. Walmart filed several trademark applications last year covering cryptocurrency, metaverse, and non-fungible token (NFT) products and services. The retail giant entered the metaverse last month with the launch of Walmart Land and Universe of Play on Roblox.

Who says the crypto world is boring? It’s all murder, mayhem, and intrigue in Turkey this week as the government has seized some $40 million dollars in cryptocurrencies and arrested almost four dozen suspects in a nationwide crackdown on illegal gambling across the country in several regions, including the capital Ankara. The Office of the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Smuggling and Organized Crime Investigation Bureau issued an order detaining 46 suspects and confiscated $40 million in cryptocurrency last week according to news reports. The detention and seizure were part of an illegal betting investigation in eight provinces. The suspects allegedly mediated the transfer of illegally obtained funds to the crypto accounts of a criminal organization that includes Halil Falyali and his wife. Betting and casino tycoon Halil Falyali was shot dead in February of this year in an armed assault near his house in Kyrenia, a city on the northern coast of Cyprus. He allegedly led the illegal betting business that is being investigated, while $135 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency was transferred to the cryptocurrency accounts of a group of 11 people, including Falyali and his wife. For the moment only around $40 million worth of those crypto assets, which were detected to be transferred to crypto asset exchanges in the country and abroad, were seized. According to a statement from the Turkish Interior Minister, he acknowledged that the operation originated in Northern Cyprus and that he is fully expecting more to follow. For the record, it was also reported that the particular currencies seized were mainly BitCoin and Tether.

Some better news came from the other side of Cyprus, the official side for want of a better word, on the south of the island. Binance, the world’s leading crypto exchange in terms of daily trading volume, has received regulatory authorization in the Mediterranean country. Its local entity, Binance Cyprus Limited, was granted Class 3 registration as a Crypto Asset Services Provider (CASP), the trading platform announced Thursday. The regulatory approval issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (usually just abbreviated to CYSEC) will allow Binance to offer spot, custodian, staking, and card services, in compliance with the CYSEC’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CTF) requirements. In a press release, the exchange noted that this is another milestone in its regulatory efforts in Europe and follows similar registrations for Binance’s local entities in France, Italy and Spain. Commenting on the development, Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao (who often just goes by the nickname CZ) insisted in a statement that his company has some of the most thorough AML and CTF compliance policies in the industry. Recognition of the efforts we have made to be on the leading edge of compliance that their registration in Cyprus represents is testament to that.

Zhao also was at length to underline that effective regulation that protects users and stimulates innovation is essential to the continued growth of the crypto industry. Binance’s Executive Vice President described the registration as an important step in the platform’s European growth and a sign of commitment to the region, saying that Binance is looking forward to building a strong local team in Cyprus and helping to develop the local crypto ecosystem. As part of its European expansion, last month Binance announced it’s opening an office in Romania. “We want to go global by playing locally in multiple markets,” CZ said during a visit to the capital Bucharest. “I think Eastern Europe is extremely important,” he emphasized.

Good news also for crypto users in Brazil is also on the horizon. Stablecoin issuer Tether will make Tether (USDT) available at 24,000 ATMs in the South American country starting on November 3, the firm said Thursday. Tether will enable the conversion of USDT to Brazilian reals through an agreement with Brazilian crypto services provider SmartPay, which is integrated with TecBan, a local company that owns 24,000 ATMs under the brand name of Banco24Horas. Users will be able to send USDT from any wallet – including exchanges – to an ATM, according to the SmartPay CEO. Beginning in February, the company will allow users to deposit Brazilian reals at ATMs and receive USDT in their wallets. Adding Tether tokens to ATMs across Brazil provides the opportunity to include more people in the financial system is the ultimate goal according to the Tether Chief Technology Officer. This will bring major changes not only to the payments industry but to the entire Brazilian financial ecosystem. Brazilians transacted 1.4 billion USDT in August across almost 80,000 operations, according to Tether. In May, Tether launched its MXNT token pegged to Mexico’s peso as a “testing ground” in Latin America, the firm said at that time, adding that the initiative was intended to pave the way for more fiat-pegged tokens in the region.

Fidelity Digital Assets, a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments, has informed customers that it will start offering Ethereum trading and custody services within the next few days. Investors will be able to buy, sell, and transfer ether, accessing the same operational excellence, robust security, and dedicated client service model provided for Bitcoin investments today, according to a statement made on behalf of the firm. With the Ethereum Merge completed, many investors are looking at Ethereum through a new lens, Fidelity Digital Assets wrote. “Wherever you are in your exploration of Ethereum and ether, its native token and currently the second-largest digital asset by market capitalization, Fidelity Digital Assets has the capabilities to help according to the company’s own description of their services“. Institutional Ethereum capabilities are coming to the Fidelity Digital Assets platform this week, meaning investors will be able to buy, sell, and transfer ether, accessing the same operational client service model provided for BitCoin investments today.

Finally for this week’s CryptoNews Digest I just want to sign off with a quick note about the UK where as many longer term readers may know I’ve been living for the last number of years. Amid the United Kingdom’s political and economic turmoil, Bitcoin’s 30-day price volatility is now almost identical to that of the Great British Pound. This is a notable event considering that BTC was born in 2009, while the British Pound is one of the world’s oldest currencies, having been around for about a thousand years. Looking at things such as Brexit and for that matter the entire circus the country has become in the last few years I can’t really say I’m surprised, just interested to see the matter reported in that manner in the media.

I sincerely hope that you find the information provided in today’s Weekly Crypto News Digest useful and if so please check out another weekly issue next Monday.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 168 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: –
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: ShuttleRent (the first instant payments received).

That’s about all I had to report on the MNO blog today, guys. Thanks for staying with me and here’s for better days to come. Meanwhile I wish you all the best of luck with your investments and talk to you all over again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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