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21/11/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest


Hello everyone, and welcome to the MNO blog – the only resource that has been covering the HYIP industry since 2007 with an emphasis on regular updates from the biggest investment projects. Unfortunately, this year we have seen no such projects for the reasons beyond our control, like the ongoing economic crisis caused by post-pandemic woes and the war in Ukraine and the subsequently suffering of huge losses in the cryptocurrency industry that have reached all time new lows lately.

Still, we should not lose hope and it’s very possible that we will see huge growth in the coming years or even months. Both the HYIP industry and the crypto industry have shown some wonders of resilience and unexpected recovery in the past. And since now they are inextricably linked to each other I do believe that an upcoming positive trend in one will inevitably cause the revival of the another.

Regardless of the current climate MNO is here to stay and will continue to inform you of what is going on. So do yourself a favor and make sure you subscribe to the MNO blog newsletter by submitting your email address on this page and follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter. And if you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to add your project to MNO it’s easy to stay in touch – submit this online contact form, email me directly at or chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog

As usual on Mondays I like to give you a detailed overview of all the major events in the cryptocurrency world that happened over the last seven days. This time the subject of today’s Weekly CryptoNews Digest will be the week from November, 14 to November, 20, 2022.

If you were reading last week’s edition of the MNO Crypto News Digest then no doubt you will have seen there was more or less just the one story – the failure of what was formerly the world’s second biggest crypto exchange service FTX. Well, the fallout from that event is now starting to spread far and wide so I suspect it’s going to be dominating the headlines for quite some time to come. And let’s be blunt about it, few if any of the stories surrounding FTX are going to be good ones, although the pursuit made by financial authorities in various jurisdictions can only be welcomed. Not least by the victims, but also by every right thinking person who thinks this kind of “wild west” capitalism has to stop if we are all to make money from the crypto industry.

Let’s get started with this one then. Assets of the collapsed crypto firm have been seized by regulators in The Bahamas as creditors fight to get their money back amid accusations of financial mismanagement. The Securities Commission for the country said they will be taking direct action by directing all FTX digital assets to a government controlled wallet for safekeeping. That sounds great, urgent action is after all needed to protect the interests of FTX clients and creditors, unfortunately one can’t help but feel most of the coffers have been left empty by the quicker thinking fraudsters who ran the company.

This comes amid claims that a large part FTX assets were transferred to a company called Alameda Research, an investment firm owned by, surprise surprise (!) the same person who started FTX to begin with. In case you are interested in his name, it’s Sam Bankman-Fried, which you may as well take note of because you’ll be seeing him on trial and facing a lengthy prison sentence before too long. It seems more that $4 Billion dollars was moved from FTX to Alameda, which is essentially the same thing as you taking cash out of your left pocket and putting it into your right pocket, then claiming you have nothing to do with the money or how it got there.

If, as seems to be what’s on the cards for now, our friend Sam is successfully extradited to the USA then it will be a very long time before he sees daylight again. There’s more to the story than this of course, but I think I’ll leave it at that for the moment. It’s a fast developing news item so I just want to cover the basics and see what develops there next week/month/year and bring you more exact details as they develop.

Crypto brokerage firm Genesis Global Trading has paused withdrawals for its lending business, which has been impacted by the FTX crisis. The company blamed large withdrawals from customers due to the FTX collapse for its liquidity crisis. In a tweet thread on Wednesday (November 16, 2022), Genesis announced that the company has taken the “difficult decision” of halting withdrawals on its lending platform, Genesis Global Capital. According to Genesis, the move came after the brokerage firm noticed “abnormal withdrawal requests”, following the collapse of former crypto exchange giant FTX. The company noted that the massive withdrawals surpassed its current liquidity. As the situation continues, the impact of FTX’s downfall seemed to only affect its lending platform, with Genesis stating that the firm’s “spot and derivatives trading and custody businesses remain fully operational.” Genesis also mentioned that it is exploring solutions, one of which is getting fresh liquidity.

Meanwhile back in El Salvador, you might remember that although being a minor world economy is still an independent nation and UN member, and has adopted BitCoin as official legal tender in the country. El Salvador President Nayib Bukele yesterday announced the country would begin purchasing one bitcoin every day. The president went on to point out the move to dollar-cost-average (DCA) into bitcoin is common in the community, however novel for a nation state. Currently, the country holds a bitcoin treasury of 2,381 BTC, valued at over $39 million. President Bukele has made a habit in the past of making large BTC purchases during times of market volatility and buying “the dip” ie in more mainstream terms I guess this means buying during a time of crisis when prices are low and biding your time until recovery when prices recover. In other words taking advantage of peaks and troughs.

Maybe it’s not entirely bad news for now though, or at least not if you have the patience to wait. Crypto fund Pantera Capital says that the next BitCoin halving event will spark a bull rally beginning in early 2024. Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead and other executives are telling investors that the price of BitCoin is likely to bottom throughout November and pick up steam ahead of the next halving. A Bitcoin halving event is when miners’ block rewards are cut in half and, as a result, the supply is crunched. In the past, BitCoin’s price has rallied before and after the halving events. The next one is expected this spring. According to sources BitCoin has historically bottomed 477 days prior to the halving, climbed leading into it, and then exploded to the upside afterward. The post-halving rallies have averaged 480 days – from the halving to the peak of that next bull cycle. If history were to repeat itself, the price of Bitcoin would trough November 30, 2022. We would then see a rally into early 2024 and then a strong rally after the actual halving. Pantera predicts Bitcoin’s price will soar to $36,000 in the lead-up to the next halving that’s expected to occur in March 2024 and afterward continue its bull run to an all-time high of $149,000. At time of writing, BitCoin is trading hands at floating around $15,900.

I hope you do enjoy the Weekly CryptoNews Digest on MNO as I keep informing you about all the latest developments on the market. If so, then join me again next Monday to find out what is going to happen during this coming week.


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That will be all the news for today, guys. I’m going on vacation to Israel and Greece in a few days time, but will still be able to respond to your emails as usual, within 24 hours. You have a great time as well and take care of yourselves! I hope to see you all again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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