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06/12/07. Interview with the admin of Tramael


Hi, guys! You all probably remember that one of the biggest autosurfs in 2007 was Tramael. Its admin Nein made an incredible achievement of running a program which lasted for nearly a year. It gradually became extremely popular and therefore it was a shock for many when he announced that round 1 was over and there would be no refunds. The program restarted two months ago and is now on its round 2. I think that Tramael-2 has the potential to outlast its predecessor that’s why I joined it recently. But it’s always better to hear from admin himself than to make any assumptions. So I questioned Nein and as a result made this interview you can read below. He is going to tell you about the current situation and the future plans. Everything you wanted to know about Tramael but were afraid to ask. So sit back and enjoy!

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers.

Hello to all of you, my name is Nein Vodello. My site is: Tramael. URL of my sites forum (Tramael Community) is: Forum.

2. Please briefly outline the history of your program in round one for my

Tramael started at AD 15th October 2006. At Tramael’s beginnings, there was NO hosting at all. It was developed after a New Year. A little later I’ve added an official forum too. Then X-zine came too. Great for morning coffee. Constant server upgrades and PHP and MySQL versions… Constant script development… And so on…

3. Why did you decide to start round two? And what makes it different from round one? Are you satisfied with current members support?

Tramael restarted at AD 1st October 2007. It wasn’t my intention to restart at first, but not even few hours passed away from official announcement and good part of membership started to require a relaunch. I’ve agreed, but, of course, I couldn’t just push a start button, leaving all same, as before. Therefore, I’ve set down and started to code a brand new Adaptive Spend -> ADS. This feature is unseen in AS arena and this is how it works and how you can try it:
Go to your user panel and try to buy i.e: $10 000 worth of Surf Pack. It will tell you that you can’t, as current limit is “$some amount”. Now purchase for a $200 for example. Now again go to your user panel and try to buy i.e: $10 000 worth of Surf Pack, AGAIN. And voila! Now AFTER, your purchase, “$some amount” is completely different. Each spend is influencing (changing) max spend border!
Have a fun with it!

4. Tramael offers quite conservative ROI: only 120% after 20 days. So the question is: what attracts investors and advertisers despite of this conservative return?

I don’t consider it as a conservative ROI. I consider it as a great balance, between earning and stability. In Tramael’s case, unbeatable stability is what members value most.

5. Your site has a unique layout and features. Can you tell our readers about some of them?

Well, main features have been already mentioned. But I would just like to add to it, Tramael’s excellent X-zine! New and refreshed articles EACH 1 hour. Please read them. No strings attached. ;)

6. With such a high level of DDOS protection your site has did Tramael suffer from attackers or hackers in any way?

Nope! Never! And I am very proud of that. 11 and a half months of unbeatable stability in AS industry.

7. In another interview you admitted that Tramael was not a ponzi site and had additional income streams (from hosting, advertising, etc.). But in the late September some stated that it was a ponzi site, at least partially. Do you agree with that statement and do you really have additional income to sustain payouts?

Yes, I really have additional income to sustain payouts. Is there a better way, then to try and purchase Tramael’s dedicated DDoS protected hosting right away? Those that buy our hosting solution, will want to get attention. Well, is there anything better then putting it in a Tramael rotation so it could start get hits ASAP. Simple business logic makes money here.

8. What are your plans for the near future? I heard that you’re going to add LibertyReserve as another payment processor. Will you do it considering recent issues with e-gold blocking many people’s accounts without a reason?

Oh Yes! Soon, I will drop e-gold, as anyone is able to shutdown account with just a one email to theirs abuse. I am sick and tired of changing my e-gold account number. 3 times a day, for a last 1 month and also changing e-gold account numbers of my membership as they are getting blocked account randomly. They are doing that only to show to US govs, how serious are they! They can do that but not over my back.
PS: Do you remember other admins proving theirs program closure, due to blocked accounts? As you can see, it doesn’t affect me. It is just annoying, so for a future reference, don’t take that as a valid argument from anyone… So decision is as follows: E-gold will be dropped and replaced with a Liberty Reserve in a matter of days!

9. What would you say to my readers to make them join your site? What differs Tramael from other higher paying sites?

All I’ve mentioned up to now. Tramael’s uniqueness and charisma, will completely overwhelm and seduce you!
P.S: We are not putting imposed time frame in which free members must upgrade or will get deleted (like other sites). Stay free member forever if you like. We value your surfing at Tramael very much, so free members watching ads in rotation are more than welcome.

10. What do you think about my blog in general? Can you give me some
suggestions to improve my site?

I’ve never heard for your blog until you’ve contacted me. I like itss layout. Try to make it as unique as possible, in a sea of the “same”. This worked for Tramael, too. Try to find a site that uses Tramael’s script and I’ll give you $5000.00 USD ASAP! It can’t be more fair, than that! Don’t you agree? ;)
Regards, Nein Vodello (9V)

As for me, I have already made my choice and will stay with Tramael. And you, guys?

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