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01/10/2016. Interview with the Admin of Edelweiss5


Beware! Edelweiss5 has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! I hope the weekend is going well for you so far. As it’s now the first day of October (how time flies!), the nights getting a little bit longer and the temperatures getting a little cooler, it’s fair to say the obvious that the autumn season is well and truly in full swing. And with next Monday marking the start of the first business week of the month, I guess a lot of us will hope for an improvement over what was already a very good month for the programs listed on MNO. At the forefront of the programs we are hoping to see better things from is Edelweiss5. This is an interesting longer term project where the administration team have put a lot of work, time, and expense into developing and expanding the program’s reach. So as I don’t have much news for today, I’m pleased to have this opportunity to give you the following interview with the admin of Edelweiss5 who I hope will be able to explain in a bit more detail what the program is all about and what they hope to achieve.

Before we begin, I’ll just give a brief recap on the basics – you can join Edelweiss5 for a $50 minimum deposit using PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. The term runs for 365 calendar days, which is a full year. During that time you receive an interest payment every day. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) this is a blanket 0.5% for everyone. For business days the rate will also be fixed, but determined by whatever was offered on the day you join. For example, the day I joined Edelweiss5 the rate was 0.98%, so that’s going to be the rate I receive every business day for the coming year. Those joining on another day will be locked in to a different rate, though to be honest the difference is minimal and will only be a few cents one way or another for most investors. Generally the rate fluctuates from around 0.85% to a 1% maximum, so you’re talking less than $0.08¢ at the very most for a $50 deposit. Otherwise Edelweiss5 have also distinguished themselves by providing a series of offices and representatives available for public meetings with investors in numerous locations, something quite unprecedented in the HYIP industry before now. Anyway, let’s first hear what the admin has to say, and if you like it and want more information on the program I suggest you start with the detailed review first published on MNO here:


1) Hi Daniel, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO. What is your role in the day to day running of Edelweiss5? Do you have any other people working on the project?

Hello readers, my name is Daniel, and my work is mostly administrative and management duties over the project. For example I manage the withdrawal of funds from the project and putting them to work in our business investments, also when necessary the funding of existing e-currency wallets, and so on. There is a big enough team of employees working for the Edelweiss5 company, and they are involved in different fields like advertising, providing technical support, call centers, among other things.

2) What are the investment plans offered by Edelweiss5? What are the minimum and maximum amounts allowed to invest? What determines the interest rate you offer from day-to-day?

We have a single investment plan in Edelweiss5 which offers variable returns where the daily interest rate is determined by the level of the required capital for the company at any given moment, i.e. if Edelweiss5 needs more working capital then the company raises the daily interest and vice versa. The minimum investment allowed is $50 and there is no maximum.

3) Do you think some people may have been put off joining by the relatively high minimum requirement compared to most programs in the HYIP industry?

It’s a very low threshold for this type of an investment project. Even in a very unfortunate country such as Ukraine deposits in Edelweiss5 usually amount to about $5,000. on average The company specially created a low threshold for everyone to be able to make a test deposit and confirm for themselves that Edelweiss5 really pays.

4) Do you also think people delay joining if they think they can get a better rate if they try again some other day but then never return?

Our investors are satisfied with the daily interest rate of 1%, and with such a huge inflow of deposits into our program most of them like that the daily rate of interest will not exceed 1%. Moreover, sometimes the company reduce the daily interest rate below 1%, when the flow of deposits into Edelweiss5 is too big.

5) What are the payment processors currently accepted by Edelweiss5? What’s been the most popular with members so far?

At the moment our company accepts payment systems like AdvCash, BitCoin, PerfectMoney, and Payeer. For every country there is different payment system which is the most popular. For instance in Asia it’s BitCoin, in the Ukraine and Turkey it’s AdvCash, etc. We’re also working on the implementation of Qiwi and YandexMoney at this very moment.

6) If Edelweiss5 is, as claimed, a proper and legally licensed business, what’s preventing you from working with more respectable and transparent payment processors such as SolidTrustPay, Payza, Neteller, and so on? Why are you limiting your members to “no questions asked” style anonymous processors?

We are planning to accept SWIFT bank transfers in the future, but at the moment the company only implemented and works with such payment systems which have no issues with supporting automated payments.

7) Explain to readers how Edelweiss5 process payments? Do you have any schedule and frequency you aim for in making payments? Will they always be automatic or are there any circumstances under which this can be suspended and investors need to request them?

The Edelweiss5 company has one big advantage which is automated payouts. These will always be available. While for those who prefer to save and keep money on their balance before making a withdrawal request we have the option of disabling auto-payouts which our members can find in their account area in Edelweiss5. The only exception from this rule will be for SWIFT payments when they become available, as obviously they won’t be able to be processed automatically.

8) What script is your program running off and what influenced your decision in choosing this particular script?

Our script is unique, custom-made, and developed specially for the Edelweiss5 company.

9) What type of security does Edelweiss5 have in place to prevent malicious attacks that can be launched by your competitors at any time? Who is your hosting provider and what kind of protection do you have from DDoS attacks?

We cannot disclose this information due to security concerns. However I can proudly state that our protection is one of the most powerful available which already proved to be very efficient right from the very start of our project and successfully sustained more that one DDoS attack.

10) What is the best way to contact you personally if members have any problems that need your attention or just any general enquiries investors have before joining? Can you also tell us about Live Chat support, such as what languages it’s available in and what are the working hours?

Another main advantage of our company is its client support which is online for your service from 8.00am in the morning to 10.00pm at night. We have a fully functioning call centre which is available in German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Turkish, and many other languages.

11) Readers would also like to hear about the physical offices you are operating from. Where are they located, who works in them, and what goes on there on a day-to-day basis? What happens if a member of the general public walks in off the street without an appointment asking for information?

Everyone who wishes is welcome to visit our company’s offices where they will be met, consulted, and informed about Edelweiss5, etc. There are fully qualified managers for our company working in each office. Also, in our central offices of every country there is an opportunity to meet and talk with an official representative of Edelweiss5.

12) In the review that I was also skeptical about the written contracts you provide investors on demand. Since it isn’t necessary to sign one before investing or in order to be paid, what’s the point? Especially as experienced HYIP players will be very hostile towards anyone asking them for personal info, ID documents, passport scans, etc, and may even be put off joining. How do you justify this?

We are not a HYIP, but a real investment project which is backed by real business ventures. And the written contract is not a compulsory condition, and those who do not wish to upload their documents are not required to do so.

13) Can you share any stats from Edelweiss5‘s time online with us? How many deposits do you have and do they consistently exceed withdrawals? How was the growth so far and members general feedback?

All the stats for deposits, withdrawals, and the amount of investors is presented for public viewing on the Edelweiss5 website.

14) Tell us more about the advertising strategy of Edelweiss5. Did you start out so deliberately low key before expanding? How big a role have existing members played in attracting new investors?

The Edelweiss5 company consciously began the gradual development and the main advertising campaign is concentrated offline. We are opening offices, advertising on radio and television, also bill boards, etc. For the first stage of development we have chosen countries like Germany and Ukraine. At the moment the company also entered the Russian market where offices are also being established, and and also planned for some Asian countries. Soon enough a powerful expansion of Edelweiss5 will begin. And we should not forget Kazakhstan either, where people are very positively taken by Edelweiss5.

15) What plans for the future do you have for Edelweiss5? How do you see your program developing in the coming weeks and months from now?

In the near future we are planning to open offices in China, Kazakhstan, and Hungary. Also already this week we’re opening new offices in the Ukraine and Russia. Actually we have such big plans that we are looking up to two years in advance. And we are surely following these plans very closely!

16) Finally I would just like to give you an opportunity to say anything else you like that you think wasn’t covered in this interview that you think readers should know. Also please feel free to comment on the MNO review of Edelweiss5. If there is anything there you feel unfair, mistaken, or in any way need of clarification then let us know.

We are not a HYIP, but an investment project based on real business activities. We are deliberately targeting investment funds from people online so we could present and develop this type of investment, because we see a great potential in it for the future. We collect internet funds which we then invest into ecological business and, if necessary, we fill the balances in the e-currencies for payments to our online investors. We have been successful in this online market for over four months and our way into this market segment is only getting started. You will be pleasantly surprised at the future development of the Edelweiss5 and the direction we will be taking.

That’s where I’m going to leave it for today, guys. Just to say thanks a lot to Daniel for taking the time and effort to answer my questions. I hope you all found it an interesting read, both for existing members of Edelweiss5 in giving you some idea about what the people running it are trying to achieve in the industry, and for anyone else who hasn’t yet joined in helping you decide whether the program will make a good addition to your portfolios or not.

Most likely I’ll take tomorrow off, since I’m still on vacation and it is Sunday, but if anything really important happens don’t worry, my monitor is always updated a minimum of once every 24 hours (sometimes more) and I’ll let you know on the MNO ShoutBox. Otherwise I’ll see you all again with the next scheduled update on MNO on Monday next which will be another of the regular weekly summaries of the ongoing expansion and development of LaraWithMe, plus any other news stories you need to know about. By the way, speaking of LaraWithMe please remember to cast your vote in the MNO TalkBack opinion poll here on their promotional campaigns offering very generous rewards for investors prepared to work for it. So, bye for now everyone and see you all on Monday!

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