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09/05/2018. Interview with the Admin of UltraFXLimited


Beware! UltraFXLimited has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone, and especially a very happy “Den Pobedy” to everyone celebrating Victory Day in the countries where this is still a popular holiday! I’m going to take a short break from the usual news reporting today (don’t worry, I’ll have plenty to catch up on tomorrow) because I have something completely different. It used to be quite a regular feature on HYIP related websites in general, not just MNO, but in recent times admins have been less interested. I’m talking of course about interviews, where admins get to express their thoughts on the industry and outline to investors what their strategy might be for running a successful program. Why exactly so few of them care for this anymore I really can’t say, but the exception to this is the admin of UltraFXLimited whose program was originally reviewed on MNO here.

Since that review there’s been a few changes made to UltraFXLimited where the admin has tried to make it more competitive and more accessible to a greater number of investors. For instance the minimum cost of joining has come right down, and the payment methods accepted by UltraFXLimited have been expanded. But I better leave it at that myself, after all, I should leave something for the admin to explain himself! Have a read through his answers and see what you think, maybe it will make the program seem more enticing. I hope you find it as interesting as I did:
1) Hello David, please introduce yourself to the MNO readers and tell us what prior experience you had in the HYIP industry before opening UltraFXLimited.

Hello Paul and your readers, I’m very glad to answer your questions for the interview. I’ll try and give intensive info regarding our company and our team. First of all I’d prefer to introduce myself. My name is David Zane, I’m 43 years old, with our team we’ve got nice experience in such space as results you can see UltraFxLimited. And to be honest this is the first time I’m working as a HYIP admin. But I have experience as an investor in “real” markets.

2) How long did it take you from the time you first got the idea of opening UltraFXLimited to the actual realization of the site to the public?

Over four months. As you most likely know our script is a Bitcoin based GoldCoders script. We spent lots of time on testing, UK registration and security checking. I read lots of stories wherever admins got their websites hacked, cash stolen due to a faulty script or mistakes. I’m aware that almost all of these excuses were actuality lies, but still, I kept that in my mind and am determined to keep testing to provide a secure website for users and me.

3) Is there anyone beside you in the team behind UltraFXLimited that maintains the site’s stable work and provides support to customers?

We are two partners, UltraFXLimited second partner name is Maxim Anisimov.

I am engaged in the management and structure issues, whereas Maxim gives most of his time to UltraFXLimited administrative issues and programming. He is monitoring all types of settings in script, and provides support to investors on emails by replying to them fast to solve their issues. I cannot imagine hiring some agents to copy/paste the same thing to each client. My clients, investors, are the foremost necessary individuals in my business and that they need to get what’s best.

4) You launched your program at a time when the HYIP industry is perhaps at its lowest point for quite a long time. Can you say if that was the wise decision? Does it help somehow meep gradual growth in UltraFXLimited easier to manage?

Yes, you are right. I was also thinking about that before launch of UltraFXLimited. My primary task as a admin is to prove that UltraFXLimited and its admins will be trustworthy. I pay huge amounts of time making an attempt to win the trust of people who have lost their trust in HYIPS on Live Chat and other ways, it’s a wonderful chance to trust one another. However I know that it was very difficult in the current market scenario. UltraFXLimited is growing day by day, which is the result of my intention.

5) I know that UltraFXLimited has been incorporated in the UK, but it’s a very easy and completely anonymous thing to do. Can you claim that your company is legit?

We are in UK so the company is incorporated in UK. Basically I have British Nationality and country of residence UK and my partner also live in UK. We have registered UltraFXLimited itself so I can say it’s entirely legit. You can also check here the complete details with files available.

We always welcome to investors/clients who live in UK, they can visit our office any time during business hours (Monday to Friday) BST 10 AM to 6 PM.

6) What are the investment plans offered by UltraFXLimited? Are they sustainable in the long run? What can you say about the popularity of these plans among investors? What proportion is invested in each plan?

At this time UltraFXLimited are offering six investment plans for short-term, medium-term and long-term with fixed interest rates.

Plan 1:
2.2% Daily For 14 Days
Minimum BTC 0.001
Maximum BTC 0.200
Principal will Return
30.8% Total ROI

Plan 2:
2.4% Daily For 30 Days
Minimum BTC 0.100
Maximum BTC 1.0000
Principal will Return
172% Total ROI

Plan 3:
2.6% Daily For 50 Days
Minimum BTC 0.500
Maximum BTC 5.0000
Principal will Return
230% Total ROI

Plan 4:
2.9% Daily For 60 Days
Minimum BTC 1.000
Maximum BTC 50.000
Principal will Return
274% Total ROI

Plan 5:
145% After 14 Days
Minimum BTC 0.003
Maximum BTC 0.300
Principal will included
145% Total ROI

Plan 6:
500% After 60 Days
Minimum BTC 2.000
Maximum BTC 20.000
Principal will Included
500% Total ROI

Yes our plans are suitable for the longer term. Investors favourite plans are Plan 2 and Plan 5.

We have around 40% of deposits in Plan 2, 20% in Plan 5, and a big part of the remaining 30% is mostly in Plan 1. Smaller amounts are in the other plans.

7) What payment processors does UltraFXLimited accept and do you have plans for expanding the list in the near future? Are withdrawals processed instantly all the time?

We accept different payment processors. The most popular is Bitcoin, as well as Advcash, Payeer and Perfect money. We have plan to add more cryptocurrencies (ETH, BCC, RIPPLE) as payment processors within 3 to 5 weeks. About manual withdrawals asked to our investors, our withdrawals system is manual but we process withdrawals very fast within one to two hours. We are planing to start instant withdrawals within a few days.

8) Is UltraFXLimited running off a custom-made script or a commercially available one? How do you evaluate its security and main features and what determined your choice of script for the program?

UltraFXLimited is running off a licensed GoldCoders script which is well known by almost every investor. Anyone can use this script by getting a licence from GC. The reason we choose a GC script is because it is easy to use and understand for each investor even if they are new. GoldCoders provide the best security and fast support compared to other all licensed scripts. GC encrypt the user passwords and no one can decrypt user password even hosting providers. Instead of these GC have many other features too which we cannot explain in full here.

9) Who is your hosting provider and how secure is the website of UltraFXLimited overall? What measures have you implemented to make sure that the site is hacker-proof and sufficiently protected against possible attacks?

We are using the well liked DDoSGuard as a hosting provider. DDOSGuard are keeping UltraFXLimited on a dedicated server with their full support and protection from all types of attacks. For provide some extra security to investors from hackers UltraFXLimited additionally uses an Extended Validation SSL certificate from Comodo to provide safer browsing and safer transactions. All attacks we already had didn’t hurt us in any respect as they were appropriated by DDoSGuard. You can’t imagine what percentage of emails daily we have gotten daily regarding the attacks but DDoSGuard and Maxim together are handling them.

10) When will the first investors of UltraFXLimited be in profit and first investment cycle complete? How do you see the program progressing after that, for example in keeping a steady trail of new investors and making sure most of the older ones keep re-investing?

Our first investors will be in profit after our first cycle completion. Our first cycle will be complete in the next ten days. Some investors are already in profits without investing anything as they are earning from our affiliate program and getting 7% referral commission. About investor profits I don’t do estimations. I stick with my set up, finance companies and investors cash sensible and typically risky, however up to now getting a smart profit to cover all the income is secure on UltraFXLimited.

11) What is your advertising strategy and how do you make sure that potential investors are made aware of UltraFXLimited‘s investment offers?

I can’t tell about our advertisement strategies because it will also help our competitors and give them tips. We have some future predictions too for UltraFXLimited.

When we will reach the maximum limit of investments and the wide-reaching promotion, we’ll shut registration and cancel the registration for new investors. Just permanent and trustworthy members can stay as our members and we can work 100% behind closed doors only for their welfare.

12) Can you please tell us more about the representative program for UltraFXLimited? What are the requirements for participants and why are the main benefits to representing your company?

We are providing a five Level representative program. If a member invites his friends or family members to join UltraFXLimited platform then he will get 7% affiliate commission but if a representative invites his friends or family members and when they will invest he will earn 11% affiliate commission. So in this case a representative can earn up to 4% extra from our representative program. We provide commission to a second, third, fourth and fifth level as follow 3%-2%-1%-1%. When the invited member will invite any other person then again the representative will get 3% and so on as follows.

We have only one requirement to join our representative program:
Member should need to have at least 0.10 BTC or a $1000 active deposit.

Representatives are listed on the main page, together with their contact information and affiliate link, therefore users visiting our Representative page can choose them as their upline.

13) I see your site has a number of social media platforms. How important are these in a) attracting new investors, and b) providing customer support and information?

Social media platforms are very important in these days in every aspect. We can update easily to our investors about any issue in social media platforms. Also it can attract many new investors. We can also provide them support easily as they didn’t need to come at our website for chat with us, they can chat with us by using they social media platforms on our FB page. We can also provide them all types of information easily without any delay.

14) Suppose I have some unanswered questions or doubts regarding UltraFXLimited. What is the best point of contact you suggest to use for the current and potential investors of your program?

What are the typical issues a support team needs to handle on a day-to-day basis?
Any time when our members have doubts or questions they can contact us. We are on Telegram chat, live chat, Facebook, Twitter and on support. The fastest ways are Facebook and Live Chat. The common problems are mostly Bitcoin related, investors not sending enough/exact funds or users making wrong calculations from USD. Such members are facing problems however all of them can contact us and we will help them fast.

15) How do you find the progress UltraFXLimited has made during the first weeks online? What are your plans for further development in the near future?

We have made very good progress, more than our expectations in our first week. I’m proud of our current status. It’s not too big and not too small, it’s quite steady like that. We already added fa ew additional options to the website. These days I am testing 3 new features – Bounty Program, communication together with your referrals on the website and also a best promoter contest so stay tuned for those!

16) Competition in the HYIP industry makes it hard to stay ahead of the crowd. So in your opinion, in what way do you think UltraFXLimited is different from others and what can it offer to investors that others can’t?

First of all we have a different script as compare to many other HYIPS, that proves our hardworking that we put into UltraFXLimited website. Also, I will say that we have gotten lots of compliments regarding the support, it’s quality and speed in getting all issues resolved. We are providing daily new and positive updates to our investors, providing them more opportunities for earning extra money. Our upcoming three new features (Bounty Program, communication together with your referrals and best promoter contest) are the proof of our hardworking and offers for investors.

17) What would be your more general advice to MNO readers and those who read the interview. How is it possible to become a successful investor in the HYIP industry?

If investors are new then they should be smart and take advice from you or from other good monitors before investing. Choose the sites that are done by professionals. Do the analysis and deep research before investing, discuss with the website admin, check the support and reviews and don’t be afraid of asking any questions.

18) Thanks a lot for your time and for answering the questions. If you have anything else to say that was not asked here please do so, and feel free also to comment on the review of UltraFXLimited that was published on MNO. If there was anything you felt unfair or mistaken please address it here.

Thanks, Paul. I think you’ve covered everything I had to mention, I can only say that investors you should join UltraFXLimited because we are going to stay for a long time. We will work as long as possible. If due to any reason we face loss then we will refund the money to investors and stop attracting new investments until the problem is solved. Also remember that Website design never has value. I have noticed in my life as an investor that websites which have good design work for a short time period while regular design websites can have longer life.

Thanks a lot to David for his extensive answers to my questions which made the interview a truly interesting read. I sincerely hope it helps UltraFXLimited reach a wider audience who appreciate the admin’s ability to explain things in his own words and will make it a stronger and longer lasting program for the benefit of all current and potential investors.

Posting the long-anticipated interview on the MNO blog doesn’t mean that I don’t have any other news to report. Quite on the contrary – despite the limited number of programs at the moment there are some updates I’ll be covering tomorrow. So stay tuned to MNO and follow me on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter not to miss anything important and always be on the money when it comes to choosing top notch high budget HYIPs. Don’t forget that you can contact me via this page, directly at, or chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. I’m always pleased to answer all your questions and welcome advertising requests. Members’ participation has always been a cornerstone of MNO and I encourage you to help me analyse the subject of the very popular concept of paying once on expiry investment plans in the HYIP industry. The poll can be found on the MNO TalkBack page and the results will be drawn in a few days time, so thanks in advance for your active contribution. So keep earning with MNO and I hope to talk to you again tomorrow. Stay with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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