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24/05/2017. Interview with the Admin of FexFund


Beware! FexFund has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Not much news to report this Wednesday which is just as well for me. “All roads lead to Rhodes” to paraphrase the famous old expression, as I’m spending the next week starting today exploring this historical Greek isle. I’ll still be keeping MNO as the most up-to-date monitor in the HYIP industry, so you can always depend on accurate information here. Anyway, what I do have for you today is an interesting interview with George, the admin of FexFund. Despite first coming online at the end of April when the HYIP industry was (and continues to be) in a slump, FexFund has somehow managed to work its way into the portfolios of a growing number of investors and has become surprisingly popular. Surprising in the sense that it goes against current industry trends I mean, not surprising at all because FexFund has been an excellent performer. Before we hear from George and perhaps the best explanation of the meaning of the name “FexFund” you could possibly hope for (keep reading for that!) I’ll just remind you that this is a short to medium term program offering terms of 109% after 7 days, 6% for 20 days, and 5% for 30 days with investments opening at $10 and instant payouts to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin. If you like what George has to say and would like more information on the program, FexFund was first reviewed on MNO here:
1) Hello George, please introduce yourself to the MNO readers and tell us what prior experience you had in the HYIP industry before opening FexFund.

Hi Paul and all the readers. I’m George Soleos, still 32 years old (but that will change soon). I’m hard working person (yes, I know how does that sound) and to be honest this is the first time I’m working as a HYIP admin. But I have an experience as an investor in “real” markets.

2) How long did it take you from the time you first got the idea of opening FexFund to the actual realisation of the site to the public?

Over six months. As you probably know our script is entirely custom made. We spent a lot of time on testing the script as writing it was the “easy” part. I read a lot of stories where admins got their websites hacked, money stolen because of the faulty script. I’m aware that most of those excuses were the true lie, but still, I kept that in my mind and decided to make a fully secure script for users and me.

3) Is there anyone beside you in the team behind FexFund that maintains the site’s stable work and provides support to customers?

Yes, my developer is always working on the site and getting my crazy ideas live. Also, he is monitoring servers, DDoS protection and looks after all the background. About customer service, I’m doing that on my own. It’s time taking, but I cannot imagine hiring some agents to copy paste the same formulas to every customer. My clients, investors, are the most important people in my business and they deserve to get what’s best.

4) You launched your program at a time when the HYIP industry is perhaps on its lowest point this year. Can you say if that was the wise decision? Does it help somehow with the continuous growth FexFund is maintaining?

I was acutely aware of that. One of my primary tasks as an admin is to prove that a HYIP site and admin can be trusted. I spend enormous amounts of time trying to convince people that it’s an excellent opportunity to trust each other, but I know how hard it is in the current market situation. FexFund is growing day by day, there was no “boom”, and that was my intention.

5) What does the name FexFund stand for? I know that it’s incorporated in the UK, but it’s a very easy and completely anonymous thing to do. Can you claim that your company is legit?

You can make a guess if it’s shortcut of Forex or F*** Excellent or whatever suits you : ) The company is incorporated in the UK because we are in the UK, as simple as it is. Also for tax performance, England is very friendly for businesses. The company is opened in my name, so I can say it’s entirely legit.

6) What are the investment plans offered by FexFund? Are they sustainable in the long run? What can you say about the popularity of these plans among investors? What proportion is invested in each plan?

We had a big brainstorming session when it came to making plans on the site. In the original version there were four plans but we’ve decided that in the current market we stick with short term plans. They are very sustainable as they guarantee profit for our investors and safe margins for the company to keep things going. I’d say the Investor plan is the most popular, then Medium with the Starter at the very end. We are planning to make a pool about extending an offer with another plan but time will tell.

7) What payment processors does FexFund accept and do you have plans for expanding the list in the near future? Do withdrawals processed instantly all the time?

The most popular one, Advcash, Bitcoin, Payeer and Perfect Money. We were asked to work with Nixmoney and ePay but as long as we don’t get some proper amount of requests from the investors, then we just keep it like that. All our withdrawals are done instantly.

8) Who is your hosting provider and how secure is the website of FexFund overall? What measures have you implemented to make sure that the site is hacker-proof and sufficiently protected against possible attacks?

I cannot tell you who is my hosting provider. We are working behind Incapsula so your IP is not known to the public. All attacks we already had didn’t hurt us at all as they were taken over by Incapsula. You cannot imagine how many emails daily we are getting about the attacks and how sophisticated they are.

9) Now that the first investors of FexFund are already in profits and first investment cycle are complete how do you estimate the program’s way forward?

I don’t do estimations. I stick to my plan, investing company’s and investor’s money smart and sometimes risky but so far getting good profit to cover all the income promised on the site.

10) What is your advertising strategy and how do you make sure that potential investors are made aware of FexFund‘s investment offers?

Cannot tell too much about that to not to give any tips for the competitors :) But I constantly try to increase awareness of FexFund.

11) Can you please tell us more about the representative program for FexFund? What are the requirements for participants and why are the main benefits to representing your company?

The only requirement is to have 5 active direct referrals, and that’s still not hard to get. Key benefits are:

– 10% commission from affiliates.
– Possibility to get free referrals; we will be doing draws of upline for all users who sign up with no referrals.
– Representatives are listed on the main page, along with their contact data and sign up the link, so users visiting our Representative page can pick you as their upline.
– Direct, quick communication with administration.

12) I see your site is available in different languages. What are those and do they help attracting an international audience to FexFund? Are they professionally translated versions and do you have plans to further expand the list?

We operate in English, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Polish and Russian languages. All were done by professional translation teams (native speakers). For now, we don’t have a plan to extend the list as we didn’t get any requests to do so. I think most of the members are OK with the English language, but it’s always nice to use the site in your native language.

13) Suppose I have some unanswered questions or doubts regarding FexFund. What is the best point of contact you suggest to use for the current and potential investors of your program? What are the typical issues your support team need to handle on a day-to-day basis?

Any way we have on the site, maybe beside Facebook as I’m not a FB person. I’m on Telegram chat, live chat, on support. The quickest ways are Telegram and LC. The common issues are mostly Bitcoin related, not sending enough funds or users doing recalculation from USD – those are causing troubles but all of them are managed quick and in a professional way.

14) How do you find the progress FexFund has made during the first weeks online? What are your plans for further development in the near future?

I’m happy with our current progress. It’s not too big and not too small; it’s quite steady as well. We already added few more options to the site. Today I was testing two new features – communication with your referrals (or upline) on the site and the best promoter contest so stay tuned for those!

15) With lots of competition in the HYIP industry it’s hard to stay ahead of the crowd. So in your opinion, in what way do you think FexFund is different from others and what can it offer to investors that others can’t?

First of all much different script which proves the effort which we put into that site. It’s not yet another $150 script site done in one week.

Also, I can say that we are getting a lot of compliments about the support, it’s quality and speed of getting all problems solved. And the look is something I haven’t seen for a while : )

16) What would be your advice to MNO readers and those who read the interview. How is it possible to become a successful investor in the HYIP industry?

Be smart when investing. Choose the sites which are done by professionals and not done in few days. Do the research before investing, talk to the admin, check the support and don’t be afraid asking any questions.

17) Thanks a lot for your time and for answering the questions. If you have anything else to say that was not asked here please do so, and feel free also to comment on the review of FexFund that was published on MNO.

Thanks, Paul. I think you’ve covered everything I had to say. I can only add that you should get used to FexFund and me as I’m going to stay here “for a while”.

Fingers crossed then that’s an accurate and not just another idle boast. Thanks a lot to George for taking the time and effort to answer my questions and I hope you guys all think it was interesting to read. Best of luck to George and all the current and future investors of FexFund, I hope the program finds continued success for everyone involved. I’ll leave it at that for today guys, but remember I’ll be back tomorrow with all the latest news from the HYIP industry that’s worth hearing about. Thanks as always for reading, but remember there are other ways to stay up-to-date with MNO. You can subscribe to have all the daily news updates delivered directly to your e-mail address via the subscription form here, and also follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter. Meanwhile please also remember to vote in the current opinion poll running on the MNO TalkBack page here, and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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