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Hi, readers! Do you ever think how important changes are in our lives? Life is going on, the routine sucks and sometimes we feel it’s time for a change. It can be a small change like buying a new thing and replace the older one with a newer one or it can be a big change when you’re going to move to another country for example. The same applies to the world of online investments. Sometimes HYIPs and autosurfs need changes to stay afloat. Sometimes they just do it to attract more new members like in the case with Finansert. Yesterday I came to their website to make another withdrawal and was surprised with the changes of the layout. It was completely different though the basics of the script were still the same. Check it out and if you remember what it was before. Here is how they explained it on their website: “Finansert has recently decided to renew the visual design of Finansert website. The new look of the website should give you even more pleasant experiences while working with us“. In my opinion the previous layout was more official, though this new one is more catchy. Of course we cannot argue about tastes but the one thing I like about Finansert: it continues to develop itself toward a better service. Not to mention that all the payouts are processed within 24 hours and their support is extremely professional and helpful. Yes, I like the new look of Finansert and if you want to find more about this program read the review and the interview with the admin of Finansert on my blog.

Sometimes the changes should be done as soon as possible to avoid the worst consequences of being idle. I mean the DDOS-attack that still continues on AttractiveAds website which is still inaccessible. Finally, Larry started to realize that just watching and waiting will never do his program any good. We all know that those attacks can be persistent and last for weeks. So to order a good hosting service with strong anti-DDOS protection a change should be implemented as soon as possible. Larry offered to establish some small monthly fee of $3-$5 to cope with the unexpected expenses for strengthening the anti-DDOS protection. In my opinion, this will not work because there are some members with small amounts in AttractiveAds that cannot afford this monthly fee. My point of view is to introduce some withdrawal fee to cover the expenses. I think it will be fairer than a monthly fee as it will allow the investors with small amounts to pay less that those with several hundred dollars. Of course the last word will be the admin’s but at least I can see now that Larry is eager to change AttractiveAds for a safer future. This displays real commitment I must say.

SurfProfitPro also needs some urgent change because many members have reported today of their inability to access the member’s area because the touring image doesn’t seem to work correctly. The problem still persists and since Dave and Gotenks are not on the forums today I wonder how much time it will take to fix the issue. Anyway, Sunday is the last day to request your cashout in SurfProfitPro which will be paid on Monday so don’t forget to do it. Although there were some lucky members that requested their cashouts on Saturday and already received them the majority of us will be paid on Monday.

Not every program needs a change though. One of my favorites now is Fund4Future. It seems to be going from strength to strength with every passing day without any action from admin’s part except for processing the speedy payments on time. If you wonder what Fund4Future is all about you can always read the review and the interview with the admin on my blog.

Finally take Jamie, the admin of PSTraffic and PSAdvertising. What can be changed about his programs? Nothing, because they are already well-thought out and aimed to run steadily for the long term. Honest and innovative admin and stable plans – this is the formula of success for PSTraffic and PSAdvertising. These programs are consistently in my top 5 on my monitoring page and I have enormous respect for Jamie for his amazing management capabilities and his instinct or gut-feeling if you like to run a program for very long periods of time. Jamie paid me today in both PSAdvertising and PSTraffic and I have already re-upgraded. With such an admin I should expect nothing but success from his programs (and therefore for my money upgraded) so I can sleep well at night and be sure that tomorrow Jamie’s programs will be stronger than ever. I ‘m not going to tell you in detail why I feel like this because it was already mentioned on my blog. And those of you interested to find out more can read my review of PSTraffic and the strategy I use in it and also the review of PSAdvertising and the strategy I use there. Happy reading and see you tomorrow!

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