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25/02/08. Interview with the admins of JRProfit


Hi, guys! Today I would like to introduce you to another program that will be a bit different from the ones I have joined before. It’s called JRProfit and is a profit-share type of HYIP with controllable growth. Many of you may stop reading here and say something like “we saw it all before, profit-share site cannot be good” etc. Yes, I agree that profit-share sites are very risky and unpredictable and even Dave decided that his profit-share model for BusinessProfitPro had failed because of a lack of members’ support. But the case with JRProfit is quite unique. Here we deal with the admins that have some good experience and reputation in running successful cycler/doubler programs for a long time so in my opinion they know how to run a successful program not by hearsay. I’m sure that they have some plan in mind about how to make JRProfit a long-lasting and stable program. I think with the plan they have (130% total return on every deposit and from 0% to 20% daily) it can be achievable. Considering all their prior experience I decided to give JRProfit a try and made my first deposit yesterday. And what do you think? I already got my first 20% and am going to redeposit today as I already see on their site that tomorrow’s Live Share will be 20% again. Really, with this profit-share type of sites all you can do is to jump in faster and then just watch your deposits grow. And considering the admins are experienced and reliable I wouldn’t give it a second thought. Without further ado below is the interview with the admins of JRProfit. Enjoy your reading!

1. Hi! Please introduce yourself to my readers. Do you have any previous experience in running an HYIP or other sites? What other sites do you own?

Hi Paul! We are known by MMG members as Jodikaye and Raz, mostly in the doublers/cyclers section. We haven’t had experience in running HYIP sites but we have a lot of experience running doubler/cycler sites, so there is not too much difference… the secret is to make fast/on time payments and members will be happy and will give you their support and trust. We own JRdoubler and JRptc. JRdoubler is already more than 200 days online and brought a few improvements to standard doublers. JRptc is also 6 months old and was created in order for us to have a fast advertising medium at hand.

2. How did you come up with an idea of creating your own HYI program? Why did you choose profit-share type of program?

Both of us have been investing online for a few years and all programs disappear usually after a short time from opening and most of them without any sign (at least most of them). We wanted a transparent program were all members can invest without fear of disappearing without any reason, just because the admin wanted to scam them. We choose a profit-share based program because it’s more sustainable than a fixed high % one and returns are usually faster compared to a low % one.

3. Please tell us in detail how JRProfit works. What are the minimum and the maximum amount to deposit? What payment processors do you accept? And how does the profit share system actually work?

Currently the minimum amount to deposit is $10 and maximum is $1000. We allow only 5 active upgrades in the same time with a maximum of $200 for each upgrade, but this will be increased in time (more details at site’s growth, question 8). We accept only LibertyReserve and SolidTrustPay and only those 2 processors will ever be used. How it works is really simple… 80% from all deposits are shared between all depositors, but a maximum of 20% daily. The difference is rolled-over to the next day, so the total that is shared between members is: what remained from the day before plus 80% from today’s deposits (of course maximum 20%). And because the processors are handled separately this is happening for each processor.

4. Do you have some features that will be able to prevent “hit-n-runners” from damaging JRProfit?

We do not have any special features to prevent hit-n-runners (HAR’s), except the obligation to have at least 1 active deposit in order to be paid. This could be increased to 2 active deposits for bigger payments when the site grows. We are sure that when all members will realize how the program works and that they can really make some nice profits they will not feel the need not to support it.

5. Why are the deposits made via LR and the deposits made via STP handled separately? If for example LR funds are ok but STP funds are slowed down what will you do?

We consider the fact that LR and STP deposits are handled separately to be something great. As everyone saw in all programs when one of the processors is unavailable the entire site is affected. This will not happen here. If for example LR will be down for a few days only LR deposits will be affected and all members will be able to deposit, earn a normal % and cashout with STP. This is like having 2 programs with one processor each.

6. Do you have some protection features that will keep members’ info safe? What kind of script do you use for your site?

Yes, member’s info is encrypted in the database and as increased security processor details can not be changed without contacting admin. The script is written by a trusted programmer, “neversay”.

7. From the description on your site I understand that JRProfit is just a game and has no sources of income for the investors. Is it true or there will be some additional income that will help you sustain the payouts in the long run?

Yes, it’s basically a game but not just a game. All income from advertising will be kept and used to increase the daily share if needed. Remember that we are also running 2 more sites so it’s easier to generate additional income in order to help the site. We are also making various investments in order to generate more income to make all our sites more sustainable.

8. How long do you plan to stay online? Do you plan to expand your program further? How do you intend to control JRProfit‘s growth to allow the program to run stable for a long time?

We intend to stay online as long as we have support from our members and maybe even longer. We made a plan to control the growth of the program and also to prevent it from growing very fast. Right now we allow only 5 active upgrades in the same time with a maximum of $200 for every upgrade. In the next 5 weeks, every Friday the number of allowed active upgrades will be increased by 1 so this will result in a maximum of 10 active upgrades. After that we will start to increase the maximum allowed value of each upgrade with $50 weekly up to a maximum of $500. So in 11-12 weeks we will stop to 10 active upgrades with a $500 value each ($5000 total).

9. What differentiates JRProfit from similar sites? There were many attempts to run profit-share sites in the past and almost all of them failed. What makes you think your program will be different and successful?

The biggest difference is that deposits are handled separately for each processor. Most of profit-share based programs receive big deposits in the first 1-2 days and give the money away quick. With our growing control plan and roll-over amounts from the previous day we will be able to maintain a high % for a longer time. And finally is not successful only because of who is running it, the life of a program depends on all members support.

10. What is your opinion about my blog and what would you like to say to all the investors that are reading this interview right now?

We both are regular readers of your blog and we appreciate all your reviews and information.
To all investors:
– Join JRProfit and you will not be sorry.
– Still have doubts? Watch it for a few days and join when you feel ready for earnings

I have a good feeling about JRProfit and wish every success to the admins. Really, with members’ support they can achieve what they want: to get a profitable and sustainable program that can be run for a long time.

News of the day! You might have heard that Larry had to close AttractiveAds – the program that has been paying for more than six months. Tomorrow I’m going to make a detailed analysis of what has happened with AttractiveAds in my opinion and why Larry couldn’t continue like this. So stay tuned. See you tomorrow, guys!

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