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Hi guys! The news of the day is undoubtedly a huge DDOS-attack on one the most popular sites now – SurfProfitPro. It has been attacked about 24 hours ago and is still offline now. I’m not a techie type of person but this is the info Dave described in his forum post: “I just got word from my hosting service that the site is experiencing a massive DDoS attack. When the downtime started more than 5 hours ago, the attack was at 1.0GBPs and it was increasing rapidly. Currently we are at more than 3.0GBPs which our server cannot handle and it is not receding yet. It used up all our bandwidth allocation already. My hosting contact suggested that we increase the secureport allocation to the maximum if we wanted to contain this (which he said is not 100% sure)… the problem is moving our server to another server with the highest allocation means more downtime and more money to pay for hosting. According to his site, the monthly for this is $5000, which I have to admit we currently do not have due to the payments I just made“.

I don’t care who the attacker was. As a rule it could be some angry and jealous competitors. I have my own suspicions on who it could possibly be but I’m not going to post it here because I don’t have any evidence of it and you know that I never post anything I’m not sure of. As you may notice the attack was timed to one month anniversary of SurfProfitPro and the extortionists-hackers probably intended to get the program down by this term and prove that Dave is not capable of doing his job properly.

Anyway, if you can’t access the site of SurfProfitPro now there’s no need to worry as by Dave’s decision “that all days that we are down WON’T BE paid days as we also depend greatly on incoming purchases. But the dates will be moved to where we left off, so no missed days“. All you need to do now is to support your program (and yes, I stress that SPP is our program) with your patience and let Dave do his job. He’s a perfect administrator and I’m sure he will find the way out of this and all he needs now is your support, remember this!

The question remains: “Should we ride out the attacks OR should we pay the host and move on?” And I think Dave chose the second option and as of now the solution is to do the following: “I just talked to our hosting provider and he might be able to give us a considerable discount on the amount he charges since we have been a long time customer. I believe we might go for that route as there is no knowing when the attacks are going to stop, nor if the current protection can hold it. I just ask for your patience as my provider will move us from our current server to another more powerful server. He didn’t promise that the attacks will be contained immediately (or be contained at all) but he did promise he will do his best. I think our current funds will be able to handle the monthly payments the new server will need“.

To sustain the extra expenses on hosting there will be some changes made as soon as SPP is online again:
1) Lowering the daily ROI to 5% for 28 days (still 140%) or 6% for 23 days (138% total) and
2) Referral commission will be lowered to 3%.

As you know BusinessProfitPro is using the same servers as SurfProfitPro so it’s also offline now. But I’m sure everything will be all right soon and the programs will be back online. Although the question still remains: will the members continue to support SPP with their upgrades after the site gets back and the new changes are implemented? I hope they will. Otherwise we will lose another reliable program we could be profiting from for a very long time. So I encourage you: don’t let it happen and don’t allow the scammers to destroy the most honest and transparent surfing program – SurfProfitPro. Let’s show Dave our support and get SPP back on track really soon. I’ll keep you updated on this topic on my blog but you need to be patient and let Dave do what it requires to do to save the program. I believe we will win together!

Other news for today.

Due to unexpected circumstances that happened because of the DDOS-attack on SurfProfitPro I had to temporarily change the leader of my monitoring rating. From now on it’s MoneyTrip, the site that pays 10% for 13 days on expiry. My first upgrade finally expired today and I already received the first payment to LR and am going to re-upgrade tomorrow. I think after SPP it’s the hottest autosurf now so don’t miss it! The interview with the admin of MoneyTrip can be read here. It’s explaining how the site works in detail.

The admin of Fund4Future disappeared from the forums apparently because his username “umberto” was compromised and somebody claimed that “umberto” was his username that was hacked and stolen from him. This is what he wrote on MMG: “I have an account with MMG since 2004, username umberto. I opened a new one and did a search for my posts. I was surprised to find me posting since Feb. 08 and being an admin of an HYIP. I cannot access my MMG account anymore. Somebody is using my account to promote his scam“. So if the real “umberto” has nothing to do with Fund4Future then the real admin is really in a bad position now. This is what happens when you don’t play by the rules! Apparently MMG usernames are so attractive that hackers are hunting for them to ride in on a good reputation of some unsuspecting person. Anyway the payments haven’t been processed today and there’s no reasonable explanation for it from the admin. So despite STP having been added as the third payment processor already (you can see it if you click “Invest” button) I suppose the game is over. Anyway, I put Fund4Future in a “Waiting” status on my monitoring page and if it doesn’t pay till tomorrow I will mark it as “Not Paying”. For now please exercise caution and don’t deposit there!

It happened so that two good low ROI programs I’m in and received payments from – UltimateHYIP and OG Fund – both now bought “Sticky topics” on MMG forum and will now get more exposure for sure. I received more payments from both programs today and remind you that this week I will probably publish the interview with the admin of OG Fund (read my review here). If you’re curious to read the interview with Chris, the admin of UltimateHYIP please refer to my post here.

Another good low ROI program is Finansert. I received another payment today and just noticed that they created more beautiful banners for the further promotion. That’s what I found on Finansert‘s news section: “As we are always looking to expanding our program’s exposure, we have recently ordered new banners to be designed by a reputable design company. We hope that these banners will not only help us better bring our website to wider audiences but will also help our users to easier attract referrals. All new banners, both GIF animated and Flash animated can be found in members’ area. Users might have also noticed certain changes in our portfolio. We have recently decreased portfolio allocated in monetary market by 5% and moved the freed assets to more volatile, therefore more profitable markets. 10% of active funds are still allocated in monetary market which is required to provide certain stability to daily profits rate as well as to make Finansert investment fund more liquid“. I appreciate this constant communication and updates that Finansert provides its members with. They really indicate that the program is getting more popular with every day. Please click here to read the interview with the admin of Finansert.

Once more I would like you to pay attention to Tramael surfing program that offers you 6% for 20 days with payouts on expiry. I re-upgraded last night and now follow different strategy. Since there are only 3 simultaneously running upgrades allowed I am going to reupgrade every 7 days to get the most of it. I have great confidence in admin Nein and would like to introduce the interview with him which you can find here. There he describes why his site is really different from others and why you should join it.

Yesterday’s Live Share in JRProfit for LR deposits was 7.58% and it’s not that bad considering the huge downtime caused by enormous DDOS-attack it went through several days ago. I received another payment today and actually I’m considering now to make another deposit via SolidTrustPay tomorrow which by the way was also under attack today and was inaccessible for a few hours. The deposits made in JRProfit via STP look better to me and if you’re considering joining this program sometime soon you may findSTP as a better option that LR. To find more about JRProfit please read my interview with the admins here.

Tomorrow finally the interview with the admin of AcmosTrade will be published on my blog. I remind you that this is the program I consider to become the next OpenTrade soon (more info here). I strongly urge you to join it because in my opinion it will be huge and it’s just a matter of time when it happens. Stay tuned and see you tomorrow!

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