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18/02/2011. Interview with the admin of EliteAlliance



Hi everyone! Not much news to report today which I suppose isn’t a bad way to round off the working week. What I do have for you though is another exclusive interview, this time with one of the admins of EliteAlliance. And just like another interview published on MNO earlier this week, it’s also quite a lengthy piece so I hope you find it helpful in deciding whether or not it’s a suitable investment for yourself.

Before we begin however I’ll just give you a brief reminder that EliteAlliance, which is a program that can only be joined under the invitation link of an existing member, offers terms of 111% after 7 days, 125% after 14 days, 160% after 1 month, and 260% after 2 months. For further information on the program I suggest you refer back to my original review published here.

1. Hi Leon, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO and tell us please about your own involvement in EliteAlliance.

Hello Paul. Let me first express my sincere appreciation for giving us the opportunity to introduce our project to your readers. My name is Leon Reiter and together with my brother Alex we have founded Elite Group back in 2002.

At the moment I am engaged in the management and organizational issues, while Alex gives most of his time to EliteAlliance administrative issues and programming. By virtue of my obligations to the people who trust me, the EliteAlliance members, I often participate in various conferences and meetings with my foreign partners. I also control the ”InProfit” system (which will be discussed in further detail here) and every investment decision.

2. Can you give us some background information on EliteAlliance? How many others are involved with the program or are you operating alone? How long have you been online?

The Elite Group was formed due to my appointment as a Senior Investment Risk Analyst at one of the big European banks at the beginning of 2001.

In the course of works I had constantly dealt with conceptually new closely held investment projects that become open only for a few people. My responsibilities included risk assessment and further monitoring of such projects, which allowed me and my partners establish a clear and subtle system of risk control for a relatively short period of time. Later that system became a framework for the present “InProfit” analytical system.

We were bound to succeed due to the fact that Alex worked in a well-known Swedish software company, which made specialty out of enterprise-class business intelligence (BI) solutions development in that moment. We started testing the “Kassiopeia” risk control system, which became the prototype of the current “InProfit” analytical system, in the first half of 2002.

So what is the “InProfit” system? The “InProfit” system is a fruit of labor of many talented developers and analysts, the system that allows reducing (and sometimes even completely eliminate) the risks of making wrong investment decisions entailing the loss of assets. Nevertheless, although the modern “InProfit” system is based on its prototype – the “Kassiopeia” system, including its basic architecture and decision-making logic, the new system has been completely redesigned and optimized for actual high technologies and algorithms.

I won’t describe a detailed technology of the whole system in this interview, but still, just to make readers understand me better, I will describe the operation scheme of the system in a few words. I enclose a scheme from “InProfit” system technical documentation.

Technically, the “Kassiopeia” is a high-tech cluster server which is coupled with a powerful database and has a peak capacity of several dozens of TFLOPS.

The “Kassiopeia” system constantly monitors data on markets and exchanges, and if there is no risk, it calculates the justification of transferring data to the next level of the “InProfit” system. The system performs a huge number of operations per second and writes the results into a database to use this data later if some similar situations occur. Did you get the point? The “Kassiopeia” is a constantly SELF-IMPROVING system that ”teaches” itself at any time. Therefore, we have managed to create something similar to Artificial Intelligence, but in relatively dedicated area only.

“InProfit” is a higher-level application that receives data from “Kassiopeia” with the risk suppression at the level of 50% to 77% (!!!). The “InProfit” system uses this data to create a table of the justified investment decisions based on the operator fundamental data entry (the most important world events, political situation, economic situation etc.) and gives its conclusion on the advisability of investment decision. Our analysts and traders take orders out to the market only after receiving that conclusion.

Now, I think it’s enough talking about all that technical data or else this interview should better be placed to the pages of

It should be noted that after every year of “Kassiopeia” self-improvement we have managed to achieve some really stunning results that stagger the imagination…

On an average, the “InProfit” system provides up to 88,174% risk suppression for forex (it was slightly less than 71% if compared to 2004) and up to 96.54% risk suppression for stock market and commodities. This means that when dealing with currency pairs we get 8-9 lucrative orders out of 10 made, and when buying shares we get 9-10 profit decisions out of 10 made. That is why I refused selling the “InProfit” system for 470 thousand Euros in 2008.

That, actually, is a short history of Elite Group establishing. The history of the Private Club and the EliteAlliance is available on, and can be accessed only if you are a club member and have an invitation.

As for those people who are involved in the project besides me and Alex, then there is also a group of Analysts and Traders.

Gurnam, a talented programmer from India, is also a part of our team. This guy never ceases to amaze me each day – he fulfills any of my tasks just in one day term. Sometimes I think there is nothing impossible in programming for him.

There are a few more key people in the Elite Group, but it makes no sense to list everyone. But still, every team member, including staff from our Server-Room Service, contributes one’s own share in the success of our common cause by working hard like for one’s own personal benefit.

3. Would you see the fact that you need an invitation just to browse the EliteAlliance website as a hindrance to getting new members? It’s hardly the most welcoming first impression and casual browsers can’t really get any information at all on you, unless it’s from a second hand source such as MNO.

You see Paul, we try keeping some kind of privacy. We don’t need any unnecessary interest to such a successful project. We want to be an additional source of income for our honorable members and last it for a very long time. Originally, the Internet is a kind of a dangerous environment. There are conscientious people closely coexisting with unconscientious people here. You won’t be walking around in a rough part of town at night-time, carrying a case full of money and important documents, will you? That is the reason why we try avoiding any extra publicity.

4. What plans are available to investors in EliteAlliance? Explain them in detail to us. What ROIs are on offer. What are the minimum and maximum amounts to invest? What payment options are you accepting at the moment?

At the moment we are still offering four Investment Contracts, which were formed several years ago. And still there is no need to modify the Plans as they are optimized to be extremely effective in terms of time to market.

EliteAlliance offers it’s Members four types of Investment Contracts from short-term to middle-term with fixed rates of return:

1) Weekly Fixed
Duration: 7 calendar days
Rate of Interest: 11%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity

2) BiWeekly Fixed
Duration: 14 calendar days
Rate of Interest: 25%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity

3) Monthly Fixed
Duration: 1 month
Rate of Interest: 60%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity

4) BiMonthly Fixed
Duration: 2 months
Rate of Interest: 160%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity

Here is an example of $100.00 invested in the “Weekly Fixed” plan:
$100.00 x 11% = $11 Profit PLUS $100 Principal = $111 return after 7 Days

Here is an example of $100.00 invested in the “BiWeekly Fixed” plan:
$100.00 x 25% = $25 Profit PLUS $100 Principal = $125 return after 14 Days

Here is an example of $100.00 invested in the “Monthly Fixed” plan:
$100.00 x 60% = $60 Profit PLUS $100 Principal = $160 return after 1 Month

Here is an example of $100.00 invested in the “BiMonthly Fixed” plan:
$100.00 x 160% = $160 Profit PLUS $100 Principal = $260 return after 2 Months

You can purchase our Investment Contracts in any amount between $10 and $25,000. Currently we accept the following payment processors: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Alert Pay and SolidTrust Pay.

5. I know from experience that the longer “on expiry” payment plans run for, the less like regular HYIP players are to trust them. Don’t you agree that you’d get substantially more members (and money) to the 60 day plan if only you made daily payments instead of on expiry ones? Especially as people know they can get similar plans elsewhere, only with daily payments.

I would like to make it clear once and for all that we are not a “HYIP”. We are a serious Business. Let HYIP “players” play HYIP’s (I apologize for the tautology), but business people need to earn money – they have no time for playing “games”. Only time will tell who’s here for the long run. I hope this answers the question.

6. How secure is the website of EliteAlliance? What are you doing to protect it and members’ accounts from hackers? Are you on a dedicated server? Who is your hosting provider? What kind of anti-DDoS protection do you have?

Very secure! All security issues are very important for us, as we feel responsible to our honorable members, so putting their trust at a risk is impermissible. Again, we just can’t disclose any technical details for safety reasons. The only thing I can tell you is that our website is really allocated on the dedicated server and we take all measures to protect the information about our clients and their funds.

7. Can we see any statistics regarding the site? How many members have joined since the beginning and how many are active at the moment? Are you pleased with the support from the members so far? How important a role do they play in bringing in new members?

We can’t provide you with any project statistics for the reason I have already mentioned before, and that reason is the project’s security. Now we have more than 1000 project participators, and about 70% of them are active club members already in profit. A lot of people are trying to give us different kind of support right after the registration, some people are asking to provide them with EliteAlliance banners and some permanent club members were even asking me to approve the support website creation. All these things are being processed now, and I would like to take this opportunity and thank those people whose work helps EliteAlliance and each member individually.

In the reference to the question of new club members attraction, I guess there is no urgent need in new members at the moment, as we don’t expect our new club members to pay old ones, like it goes with HYIP’s, we only rely on ourselves and our real profit, a part of which is used to pay our members.

8. How can members contact you if they have any questions or support related issues?

Members can request support via Support Tickets feature within their members area. They can also use the Contact page on the website if they are inquiring about non-member related issues. We previously provided phone numbers to any individual, but this option is currently available to Active members only. The reason is too many people calling at night from all over the world. I would like to ask anyone who requests support to use the Contact page to submit your request. Please do not forget to include your phone number to request telephone communication.

9. What have been the most common questions and problems you’ve had to deal with so far? Is there anything you wish to say here so that members can avoid having to contact you later?

You know, Paul. The strangest thing is that the most part of Support Requests is referred to Secondary Password loss. That’s why I would like to ask all existent and future EliteAlliance members: “Please, try not to waste your Secondary Password, as this is the ultimate stage of your own funds protection”. Imagine the situation when some violator steals your Primary Password. He can sign-in to your account, but he won’t be able to withdraw your money, and if you recover the Secondary Password on the first demand then any person who has the Primary Password will be able to access your money.

Therefore, additional measures of verification, such as Security Question etc., will be taken in order to avoid such problems in the future.

10. How have you been promoting the program up until now? What advertising strategy have you been using? How are you getting new members to join?

Frankly speaking, we were not trying to advertise ourselves, as many people find us on the recommendations with a view to joining the EliteAlliance. Therefore, we have no advertising strategy as we are a “private” club.

Now I can even make a little prediction for the future…

Taking into account the inflow of investments and the wide-reaching publicity, we will close registration and cancel the registration option. Only permanent and trusted members will remain as our club members and we will work 100% behind the closed doors just for their welfare.

11. I said in my review of EliteAlliance that I don’t believe you give any sort of in-depth explanation of what exactly you are doing with investors money? How are you investing it and how are you generating the profits being made to members?

Now we certainly get the main part of our profit from the “InProfit” system. We have invested a big sum of money in a large European pharmaceutical concern, but these investments are more like our constant support for future, and without doubt, the “Kassiopeia” is and has always been our bread and butter. And now, when we have the highest figures due to the “InProfit” system, we also have many serious proposals for investment in the project further development. That’s why I look ahead that in the nearest future the “InProfit” will likely be able to replace all our available sources of income, however, there’s no doubt that the diversification is required for stability and prosperity of the project in the future as well. You must admit keeping all your eggs in one basket is not a very good idea.

As for now, about 80% of the profit from short-term investment on Forex and commodities markets is spent for the payment of dividends and obligations to the club members and financial institutions, despite of the fact that the profit is stable and the fact it increases constantly every year. The rest of the money is spent for the “Kassiopeia-InProfit” project and further investments in the welfare of Elite Group.

12. Can you offer any proof of those activities that investors can verify, if they wish, before actually joining?

A clean hand wants no washing. That’s why the main guarantee is a well-timed payment of our investors’ dividends. After all, we really exist since 2002. Besides, we provide copies of our registration documents and give you the opportunity to check their legitimacy in the database of registrar of companies. You know when everything is Ok, you will see very little information about the payments and work, but if we’d work unconscionably then, after 8 years of Elite Group existence, the Internet would replete with posts about our unconscionable work. Sometimes, in extraordinary circumstances, or when dealing with large co-investment funds, we certainly can provide sufficiently reliable bank guarantees.

13. If you have been able to generate such enormous profits for millionaire clients for so many years, why do you now need other people’s money to do it? Especially the (in comparison) almost tiny amounts afforded by 99% of online HYIP investors. Also, how did you manage to do it for as long as you claim without a functioning website and without any traceable record of your existence?

I always try to avoid words like HYIP, because HYIP’s are nothing more than pyramid investment schemes. We work honestly and we love what we do. As I have already mentioned, we have the highest economic figures in the “InProfit” system, and we have a huge number of serious proposals for investment in further development of the project. We don’t want to sell such a jewel as the “InProfit” system, as in the case of attracting some large borrowings, we will have to hand over an entire project or its part to third parties. At this point, I personally and my partners in Elite Group consider this impractical. Why sell the goose laying golden eggs? That’s why, at the moment, we are partially open to new members, but soon EliteAlliance will become an absolutely private club.

Finally, the “Kassiopeia” system is constantly improving and according to our calculations in the next 4 and a half year the Risk Suppression Factor when making the investment decision will be more than 90% at all markets. Initially, our gains were not so high and we only got nearly 150% per annum. This means that the project cost itself will raise much and those members who will be with us by that moment can count on a life-long share in the company. Now, I’m kinda anticipating a bit, but still, these things are real and most of those I’ve already spoken of are a part of our business plan.

14. Are there any plans to further develop EliteAlliance in the near future? Are there any changes or improvements lined up? How are you going to keep the program competitive in such a dynamic and fast paced industry?

Yes, we have such plans, however, we will exert maximum efforts for the internal project development, because, as I’ve already said, we won’t be in public and any extra publicity will only disturb us soon. Talking about visible innovations, we plan our private forum to become available to new members, but only if our permanent and new members will approve this step.

Paul, what industry do you mean? If you are talking of Private Investment Club industry, then I can hardly imagine this rather closed environment as an “industry”. If I understood you well, we don’t need any wide reaching advertising campaign as we initially will have no competitors.

15. And finally is there anything else you wish to say not covered in this interview? If you had just one more thing to say to the unconvinced about the merits of putting their money into your program, what would that be?

Foremost, I would like to personally thank you, Paul. Your blog is really a valuable information resource and the way you deliver the information is also worthy of respect.

Appealing to readers, I would like to say the following:

Do you remember the old parable about the foolish man who built his house upon the sand and the wise man who build his house upon the rock? Looking for ways to make really quick money can get you in trouble. Consider EliteAlliance as a chance for a wealthier future – get onboard today!

Thanks a lot to Leon for that and especially for taking the time to give more detailed and interesting answers. And as always best of luck to all those participating in this quite unique program. That’s about all for today guys except to say that I’ll be back as usual tomorrow with all the most important updates from the industry so have a great weekend and see you all then!

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