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04/10/2011. Interview with the admin of BaseBucks


  Beware! PaidVerts and MyTrafficValue are both scams and are run by an experienced scammer who stole a lot of money from online investors! Do not invest in PaidVerts and MyTrafficValue scams!

Hi everyone! It’s a pretty busy week for me again on MNO with quite a lot of new programs to get through for you (and of course with more new programs comes more news stories) so I’m going to be posting two updates for you today. Later this evening I’ll have a full news round-up but first I have an interview with the admin of BaseBucks. There’s a bit more going on in this program than I myself am interested in as a monitor including a cycler which as far as I can see didn’t actually do anything with the money I deposited and a secondary website which has yet to be opened.

Other than that what I can tell you that BaseBucks as it is monitored on MNO is a long term HYIP that makes variable payments to your LibertyReserve for an undetermined term until such a time as the payments equal 200% of your initial deposit, which does not get returned. For further information you can see my original review of the program first published here. I have to say though I was a bit alarmed at the admin’s shockingly lax attitude towards site security and DDoS attacks as outlined in the interview below.

1. Hi admin. Please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO blog and tell us a bit about yourself. Tell us about your personal involvement with this site and tell us about your previous experience with online investments.

Note from MNO: This question was returned unanswered.

2. BaseBucks ran in the past right?
a) Why did it fail the last time?
b) What did you do to compensate those who lost?
c)What are you doing differently this time? How do I know this version of BaseBucks isn’t going to be the complete and utter failure that the last one was?

BaseBucks was online for approximately 5months at the end of 2009, beginning of 2010. With 7000+ registered users at its peak.

a) BaseBucks didn’t fail.
We cashed out in full, every single member before closing down to rebuild the website. And amazingly enough, nearly 2years and and astonishing amount of money later, that rebuild is still on-going! Now under the brand of MyTrafficValue (We’ll talk more about that later).

b) Again, nobody lost. We simply liquidated all investments and cashed everybody out, allowing us to shut down, rebuild and re-structure.

c) Differently!
The original BaseBucks was an effort to resell a forex robot via a HYIP. However, it didn’t exactly live up to what it was hyped up to be, and our results were entirely mixed. Over the course of those 5-6months, we did little more than break even.

What BaseBucks did do, whilst going around in circles with the forex software, was stumble upon an ingenious concept and completely new business model: CREATING AND MONETIZING INVESTMENT TRAFFIC VALUE.

The basics of it are that when investors come together (at an investment website), they create a huge value just by being there. Money-News-Online is testament to that. As are YouTube, Facebook and Groupon for wider markets… Taking that idea forward, it then opens up various opportunities to monetize that value (that traffic) via ads, products, services etc… And then with our investment design, we then share those revenues back with users via returns on their investment.

BaseBucks began to explore some of these monetization options, in very basic forms, just adding them onto our existing website, and made some good money doing it. We began adding some simple games, on-site advertising, and so on. And these revenues went on to make quite a contribution to our bottom line, allowing us to cashout every user in a good profit, despite the limited success of the core investment software at the time.

So… Clearly the way forward was to scrap the forex element entirely. And re-design the system exclusively in the direction of traffic monetization. (And we have some incredibly refined systems, features and concepts coming there).

WHY BaseBucks?
MyTrafficValue is the real and underlying investment here. (And that will ready to launch hopefully before the end of this year).

What BaseBucks primarily does (or will do) is re-invest into the up-coming MyTrafficValue. With 65-75% of every investment into BB being allocated for the purpose of re-investing. (With the dividends from that, then returned to BaseBucks investors).

We have already accumulated and set-aside a re-investment fund in excess of $22,000. This is currently sitting dormant, but will be activated the instant MTV launches – and will undoubtedly send our results through the roof!

In addition to that core “re-investment” (currently dormant). BaseBucks also then uses some “crude” versions of the ‘time offset’ devices we have designed for the up-coming MyTrafficValue…
These are “ponzi-esq” systems that pass the buck from one user to another for maximum speed / attractiveness / return on investment. Whilst the core investment is happening in the background, at it’s own pace, to actually clear the ‘debt’ these time-offsets create. But because it’s all happening in the background, and you’re continually passing ownership of the maturing monetization assets and re-investment fund between one another. Each individual investor never has to wait very long.

Then with the design of the system as a whole, each investment leaves behind a legacy for the benefit of all future investments. Eg. The 65-75% of your investment that is added to our “re-investment fund”, remains long after you are fully repaid…. So this fund is continually growing, meanwhile the investments that formed it, are being paid back their stated returns, and removed from the system. Thereby, as time goes by, and more investments are repaid. There is ever more investment to repay ever less debt = faster!

And this then evens out the in-balance;
The time offsets make it attractive (a key requirement in generating the traffic value we require) but accumulate debt in the process. Meanwhile the system is designed to get ever stronger, to become ever more capable of paying this debt back.

(This is a hugely complex business model… we’ll talk more about it in the forum. It’s already been discussed at length, but when MTV comes, we’ll post some huge articles detailing the intricacies of everything involved here. And we’re also working on a video to really explain it all in a digestible format. It’s very clever though, and absolutely water tight. We’ve stress tested this system under all sorts of scenarios. And every single time it holds up. It is very robust).

Continuing on from the above;
BaseBucks is primarily a “re-investment”. We also have the basic “time-offset” devices (that allow us pay complete ROI even before the re-investment we’re investing into is online!). And finally, BaseBucks is also making very basic movements into monetizating its own traffic. (These are very much in their infancy right now, especially with our traffic being so small right now, but this is a sector we will be developing with time. (And once MTV is online, BB will benefit from some ‘hand-me-down’ code and features undoubtedly!).

3. What are the investment plans being offered by BaseBucks? How much does it cost to join and how do you determine how much gets paid out in interest payments each day?

Minimum Investment = $3.

The investment pays either 118% back before each Tuesday. (If you reach the top of the queue, and “cycle”). Or failing that, you will begin receiving frequent (daily) cash payments until you earn a total of 200% back.

Determining Interest Payments:
Ultimately, these are determined by the sum of our website revenues, the sum of “new investment contributions” and finally the dividends from our “Re-Investment Fund”.

(I post a little Profit&Loss report in the forum each day with each result, detailing the makeup of each days’ result revenues.)

However, at this particular moment in time, whilst we’re waiting for the launch of MTV, and for everything to kick into full gear. We’re operating on a more or less fixed repayment schedule, paying the equivalent of 1% per day. But this is only temporary. As MTV launches I hope to substantially improve upon our current performance.

4. What exactly is a cycler and how does it work? What are the benefits of participating? I made a deposit and the only thing that happened was the money ended up in the investment plan, so what was the point of it all in the first place? Because I could have done that myself if I wanted.

The cycler is our primary “time-offset” device for BaseBucks. With a bit of timing / strategy / good luck on behalf of the investor, they can deposit and be paid their complete return in a matter of minutes, even seconds!

Like any cycler, new investments are added to the bottom. And when your investment reaches the top of the queue, you are instantly repaid 118% of your investment back, as there are funds to do so. (The cycler requires 2 investments, or units of $3 in, for 1 to be fully paid out).

We have one “twist” with our cycler. And that is, if you invest $33 exactly. It will randomly re-organise the cycler queue. So you don’t necessarily have to wait for all of the investments above you to get paid before you get paid. You can invest, then make a second investment of exactly $33, to hopefully re-arrange the queue to your advantage (moving you closer to the top)! For faster repayment. And there’s no limit to the number of times you can “shuffle the queue”. Giving investors an element of strategy to be taken advantage of.

Then, unlike conventional cyclers that slow down and all the last people lose money, ours resets every week (every Tuesday)! And anybody who is pending payment (not cycled during the week). Gets automatically moved to our main Daily Program. Where they will begin receiving frequent cash payments until they earn a total of 200% back.

So you get all the benefits of a cycler (very fast payments!).
With the safety net of our core investment.

(And as stated on our homepage, each investment into the cycler is divided up between instant repayments, contributing to our “re-investment fund”, and also contributing to the immediate “daily results” in our daily plan. So it all links together beautifully!)

5. Why is LibertyReserve the only payment processor you accept Doesn’t that isolate a huge number of potential investors, particularly those from the US and Canada who don’t particularly like those options?

MyTrafficValue will be accepting every deposit method imaginable.
However, BaseBucks was devised to be quick and simple. Liberty Reserve is more than sufficient for the time being, and is also one of the few payment processors to enable us to perform CASH repayments, every single day!
As there is no members area for BaseBucks, we repay everything automatically and directly to your Liberty Reserve account; there’s no withdrawals to make! Very easy.
However we will likely be adding a members area to BaseBucks in the coming months. And with that there will very likely be additional payment processors.

6. How secure is the website of BaseBucks? Are you on a dedicated server? Who is your host? What kind of anti-DDoS protection do you have?

BaseBucks has a dedicated server. And our code is custom built. With some security redundancies; if you hack the system you can change some numbers on the screen. But you’ll never take any money, as that involves passing my daily oversight!

DDOS protection is un-necessary for BaseBucks. We’ve already had the attacks, and after a few days they got bored and moved on. We just continued business as normal as soon as the site returned. In the event that someone attacks us again, we’ll just go offline for a few days, and re-appear as soon as it’s done. It does not affect our underlying re-investment business.

As BaseBucks grows we’ll likely invest in more sturdy defenses. And MTV will be absolutely secure & protected. But for the moment, a few days of downtime is a non-issue. In the event the website is unavailable you can contact us via our facebook page;

7. Can we see any statistics regarding the site? How many members have joined since the beginning and how many are active at the moment? Are you pleased with the support from the members so far? How important a role do they play in bringing in new members?

Our system is completely transparent:

You can view all New, Active and Complete investments here:
Click on an individual investment to view it’s individual repayments and corresponding batch numbers.

Additionally you can view all our results here;
(Click on each days result to view every single payment + batch number, sent that day. We’re presently paying 550+ LR payments per day. Take a look!)

And for our cycler, you can view a history of each weekly “round” here:

BaseBucks offers a 5% referral program. But it is not necessary for your repayments. New members joining our system does speed things up, especially with regards to the cycler, but our underlying revenues and re-investment fund will get you paid regardless.

8. How can members contact you if they have any questions or support related issues?


9. How have you been promoting the program so far? What advertising strategy have you been using? How are you getting new members to join?

BaseBucks isn’t pursuing much marketing right now. It’s pretty much waiting for MTV to launch first! We are listed at a few monitors to get some payment history under our belt. But beyond that, nothing is required just yet.
This is very early in the business plan. No rush ;)

10. What exactly are you doing with investors money? How are you investing it and how are you generating the profits being made to members?

As stated the core process here is a re-investment. In addition to that we have the time-offsets; our homepage details the breakdown of each new investment;
75% set aside for our re-investment fund. 10% contributes towards the next “daily” result.
5% contributes to the next days’ result. 5% for admin + LR fees.
5% for referrals.

And for cycler deposits;
59% is used to instantly repay those at the top of the queue.
32.5% is set aside for the re-investment fund. (x2 = 65%)
5% contributes towards the next “daily” result.
3.5% for admin + LR fees.

11. Tell us about the development of your other website MyTrafficValue, and particularly how it relates to BaseBucks members. How does it affect my existing investment, if at all?

I’ve already answered much of this question above.

However, MyTrafficValue is coming along nicely. We have just purchased an office in central Malaga; (Avda. Manuel Agustín Heredia 4-1, Malaga, Spain). And have two full time programmers developing that website as we speak.
Next on the list of things to do is to find a full time designer, to present all the ‘functionality’ in an attractive and intuitive form, and later help us with the graphics for our upcoming features and games.

I anticipate at least another 8 weeks for us to approach a launchable state. But i’m confident that we’ll have the initial platform online before Christmas.

And regarding how this affects BaseBucks;
Quite simply, when MTV launches, it will activate the currently dormant $22,000+ re-investment fund we have so far accumulated.
The dividends from that will be added to our basic “time offset” devices, that are currently sustaining a bare minimum rate 1% rate of return. And subsequently send our results through the roof!

BaseBucks is currently at its weakest point. The system is designed to improve with time (as investments are repaid and removed from the system, whilst their re-investment contributions remain)… And the launch of MTV will be the trigger for that ‘progression’.

12. Some links are beginning to circulate on the main investment forums linking you (specifically MyTrafficValue) with a number of short lived scams that were run by one particularly dislikable ponzi admin that stole a lot of money from people. In fact he described MyTrafficValue as “his” website as you can see here So what is the connection?

This link doesn’t appear to show anything?
But over the years, we’ve encountered a few accusations of various bits and bobs, especially pertaining to some of the paid ads that have appeared on our site. But that’s to be expected in this unscrupulous online environment I suppose. With the launch of MTV, I would like to invite investors to come and visit us. I’ve already posted the address of the office above. And with the launch of MTV, you will not only see the most transparent investment in the history of all investments. With every single thing pertaining to your ROI being on full display, with completely open accounting and a more than thorough business model. But additionally, via our office of busy programmers, you’ll be able to see (like a factory) exactly what you’re investing into. And get a preview of some upcoming features we’re working on to add to MyTrafficValue. (The revenues from which form yet another ‘revenue stream’ that ultimately pays your ROI)… And when you come to read the full business model. There is absolutely no doubt that this not only makes sense, but is being done – because you can see every element of it on your screens. It’s all physical and visual! The development of a huge huge website. I don’t anticipate any doubt in investors’ minds of the upcoming legitimacy of MyTrafficValue. It’s nothing like any hyip you’ve ever seen. I am very confident about that.

Note from MNO: Actually the link did show something, however it was “mysteriously” removed after I asked this question. Thankfully one of the more astute MNO readers had the foresight to see this coming and made a record of how the original website appeared. You can download it here:
and see the difference. Personally I’ve long been aware that most admins run multiple websites while rarely if ever admitting to it. However as it’s your money we’re talking about here and nobody else’s it’s up to you to decide what you think of this and act accordingly. This particular ponzi admin threatened me with legal action for hurting his feelings. I’m still waiting to hear from his lawyers, lol! Though it didn’t stop him from scamming his members. Any connection is up to you to decide.

13. And finally what are your plans for the future of BaseBucks? How do you plan to improve it?

BaseBucks itself doesn’t have many plans. It’s a simple “process” that is designed to improve with turnover and time. We will likely add a members area, some additional deposit methods in the coming months. But nothing more than that. It will just keep repeating the same routine over and over again. The cycler has already reset 16x… it works! And will get better as it gets more users, and the re-investment fund comes online to speed up our “Daily” plan. The development and future is with MTV. BaseBucks is designed to be a no-effort cash-cow that will ride MTV’s success.

That’s it for the moment guys. Good luck to the existing members of BaseBucks in earning a profit from it and make sure to check back with MNO in a couple of hours when I’ll have a full round-up of all the day’s main news stories as well as a closer look at one of the newest additions to my monitoring page. To see which one you’ll need to come back later, so see you all then!

  • BigMoney66

    Please do not censor my comment Paul. Here is an update on the facebook page, notice how Richard O’Neil changed his profile picture and replaced it with probably a stock photo. The video you have will show his original photo of him which is genuine. Richard O’Neil is a big scammer, after that scammer took money from JPDAILY, and INVESTPROKER, he promised on his life, guaranteed refunds…..made a couple of miserable results and ran away, letting down both JP-DAILY and INVESTPROKER……Even having the guts to admit how much he owes in refunds but just once again for the 20th time stopped and ran away. AS much as I find the facebook thing very odd to say the least, the attributes of Richard O’Neil are the exact opposite of Jo of Basebucks…… Jo has never let down anybody or scammed anybody with basebucks v1, nor v2…….he appears to be more knowledgeable and polite compared to Richard…….

    It is possible that Richard found out his facebook was being circulated and removed the link, even prior to you asking Jo about it as you are NOT the first person to find out, I obviously found out from some sources and by accident ! One thing I have mixed feelings, I do not believe Jo of basebucks is the same admin. RICHARD O’NEIL has always ran ponzi schemes and alleged poker HYIPs, always talked about poker…..Whilst Jo always had logic in his thinking and delivered, and has plans for something that has a proven business model. HOWEVER………..while I do not think Jo is the same admin as JPDAILY……I would be lying if I said I did not find some things strange, and those I have discussed with Jo personally…… I have a strong feeling that Richard may be LINKED to basebucks and MTV in some way, and therefore, Jo may allegedly KNOW Richard or have some sort of dealing, either through funding or what not, can this PROVE any bad intentions with basebucks / MTV ? NO……..It is my opinion that Richard’d alleged involvement may be financial………. Stealing money from members is never right, but if basebucks is truly run by a person with good intentions and that SAME person will run MTV, I guess this is a good thing, and perhaps we should be willing to forget things we think we know and look the other way, because after all you advertize for people who are responsible for running countless HYIPs, scamming and repeating the same process, and you admit it yourself that the HYIP industry is held by a group of people and not new individuals for each HYIP……so giving MTV a chance is the least you can do, whilst still warning and informing people to take the same precautions as they would ANY HYIP, until MTV proves itself on its own. If Richard O’Neil is really involved in financing BB or MTV, and this project really works, and given the business model it will, the least he can do is refund JP-DAILY investors and INVESTPROKRE he let down and abandon without as much as any explanations…..But I have my doubts on that.

    Meanwhile I have declined Jo’s invitation to meet him, I have no interest to travel and meet HYIP admins or true business admins or whatever, even if I WANTED TO I am not disposed to travel for now I have a busy and hectic lifestyle…….and to be honest, what tells me that I am not meeting someone hired and staffed in a virtual office – I have tried reaching out to Jo and giving him ideas on how he can gain trust WITHOUT asking people to travel and meet, by providing his credentials (Proof of ID and company doucments) and allow investors to do their OWN due dilligence and verifications…….Something which he has not directly refused or denied, but he does not appear to show interest in doing so, but to be fair, maybe once MTV launches, he will provide such info. I still believe he has a great business model, I have witnessed it being built for the past 2 years and I am willing to invest some money in it and give it a try……People should try to put their doubts aside and read and listen to his logic, it does make sense….. Richard O’Neil has run quick scams with cheap poorly designed websites, next to Jo who has custom designed sites and logic in his thinking – to me I would not be investing if I had 100% hard evidence that Jo is Richard…… And if Richard is really funding MTV, then perhaps this is probably means his guilty conscience is getting to him and hopefully he will do the right thing.

    You’ve made sizeable money from all those ponzi HYIPs in the past, so nothing to lose by monitoring MTV – your readers invest in blatantly obvious scams all the time, I don’t think they care who is who at this point, but once MTV launches and it is found that people are making good money like they did with BB1 and BB2, people will wonder why you did not list the site and might seriously not be well perceived . Try to apply the same logic, if BB2 scams you will move it to PROBLEM, if MTV stops paying you would move it to PROBLEM as well……. If BB2 and MTV manage to break the 1-2 year psychological barrier of HYIP, then they have gained 100% trust. I have yet to hear of any HYIP lasting longer.

    Do I have FULL trust in this admin ? I’d be lying if I said yes….I DON’T………… But I do trust the business model and given his track record, he has not deceived anybody. I wish I had never found out about this JPDAILY nor invested in it to be honest…… MTV is not going to be a quick scam, and there is a HUGE opportunity to make money. If people have doubts they should join early. A site 2 years + in the making, who’d be DUMB enough to want to run a short lived scam and the 2+ years / custom script is NOT a lie because I and many others witnessed it …..

    To conclude with the facebook thing – one would have to wonder WHY the bloody hell would someone update an abandoned facebook that dates from years back, years before even BB1, that has no followers, with a site that has not even launched. Also noting that Jo was a members of JPDAILY…..SO……..not playing the devil’s advocate (oh that’s a great pun there !!!) but Richard also KNEW I was a member of basebucks, and what tells you that he didn’t read basebucks forums and became aware of MTV, and set this whole thing up to get back at me for hurting his shallow little ego……….. ???????? BUT………..there are other WEIRD MYSTERIES too……..Jo making a comment on JP-DAILY forum stating “better …. the devil you know……” Is that a confession that he knew the devil (Richard’s e-mail was devilscook…….. You might be wondering what the “cook” part comes into play ? I’ll let your readers do their own research……amazing coincidences – I have also received other material more incriminating than the facebook page, that I decided to hold onto, but the people who have sent me this threaten to release the info eventually at the right time……..

    I have a hard time even grasping that Jo would be involved in any scamming, but one thing for sure, I do think he is hiding something and avoiding questions. BUT….. maybe he has to….However, his ideas for MTV are amazing – they worked for facebook, they worked for google, for youtube, groupon, etc. it’s all about monetizing web traffic, so there is no hype or BS, it’s proven………..Mark Cuban turned a $25 idea into billions of $…… It all comes down now to “Jo”‘s intentions…. If he deceives us all, then he has thrown 2+ years down the toilet and would be an IDIOT.

    He is personally accusing you and myself of putting our heads in the sand and ignoring his request to meet him. He claims that if we decided to meet him at his alleged office, that ALL doubts would be cleared instantly.

    Sorry but I am not traveling. My doubts will be cleared when he sends his credentials, some proof of ID, company documents registry and dates, where I will personally validate and check the info with some contacts I have in that country as a matter of fact and across the whole world. A passport ID and company documents with dates will suffice. I would then verify the validity of such documents and would quickly determine if we are dealing with a virtual office and an alleged con artist, or someone genuine. THIS is what is going to instantly remove doubts.

    Just to let your readers know that I intend to invest $1k+ in this program as I am an original investor in BB1 and witnessed people being refunded, I joined too late to make any profits…….then I doubled my money on BB2…….So if your readers invest in such blatnat scams that promise 500% in a week or 8000% in 1 month type of scams, then I would question their sanity and judgement if they did not invest in MTV……….


  • Bigmoney66

    Paul, please remove my comment above – As of now I no longer support basebucks nor MyTrafficValue. I’ve been fooled by a very clever person for the last 2 years, I was blinded by bad judgement and should have relied on my initial instincts.

    He diverts attention by asking people to visit him in an office, it means nothing to meet someone,when they are secretly leading another life and running other sites.

    I tried reaching to “Jo”, asking for proof of credentials, photocopy of passport, ANYTHING that can prove who he is, always keeps avoiding the issue. I have sent him countless e-mails confronting him about stuff I know, never returned any e-mails despite always promising he would get to my e-mails……… He tries to then LIE about the facebook profile claiming he was set up etc -this makes no sense at all and is absurd. Why did he modify the facebook profile soon after being confronted ??? If he’s not the same person then he must be connected to someone that he has warned immediately. The facebook page in question was changed several times.

    He keeps diverting attention by talking about MTV and its business etc…I think people have a right to know WHO is behind MTV, and how it is being funded, with what money and who’s money. I came into some new information finally putting a close to all this mystery. The alleged MTV funder is involved with running another site / hosting another site by the name of investproker. This is PUBLIC information available through, by querying and clicking on server stats, a function that is not available on most whois services, so our friend there probably did not expect someone smart enough to dig deep – low and behold a “Carlos Garcia Garcia” from Spain is listed next to IP location under server stats for site There is your hard evidence ! He cannot lie any longer and deny any longer the proof is there all along. He will try to lie about it and say he was not aware but clearly he has been covering up something and hiding something ever since the facebook incident. Why the hell would he be talking about a legit business model for 2 years, and yet this “Carlos” guy he kept refering to, that allegedly investing $300k (his words) to fund the building of MTV is involved with a poker HYIP site that has scammed members several times, and yet on that site he uses the name “Rich”. Who is this Carlos guy ? Whether he is the one running the site or hosting it, makes no difference, there is clear motive here and proof that basebucks / MTV / InvestProker is part of a network or a team and this gives a lot doubts as to how MTV is being funded, people can draw their own conclusions.

    But given the latest very compelling evidence I strongly urge investors not to trust or believe this person Jo from basebucks, he is a VERY smooth talker and is very clever at convincing you he is innocent when he is not. He will divert attention by talking about his business and his office, but he cannot deny hard FACTS.

    I urge investors not to invest a penny with basebucks or MTV, regardless of whether the site pays or makes millions. DO NOT support a liar who’s been lying and covering up things, lying his involvement with Richard O’Neil / Carlos / Invest Proker etc……..denying allegations when there is slap in your face proof, not only one but two hard pieces of evidence, one of which he attempted to erase and failed, even went as far as getting it removed from one of the hosts……… Now he will probably do the same and warn this “Carlos”guy who will probably mask or change alias, but a video is already made, so then this will become TWO attempts of tampering with evidence.

    There is no denying!

    Ask yourselves fellow investors, basebucks v2 has been running for 7+ months……it’s funny, there is barely any deposits if any, HOW in God’s name can he still be paying more money than what is coming in ? I will let y ou figure things out……..JP-DAILY…..INVESTPROKER……popping up from time to time and he is always the first to mysteriously advertize for him….knowing very well that not a single person in their right mind would advertize on such a horrible website with no traffic ranking whatsoever, so you can see right away he knows the individual behind JPD and IP and put the banner up…….I think this is a good clue as to how he is getting money, in my opinion. I will let you be the judge.

    The guy will defend himself by saying he is paying everyone and never missed a payment, but ask yourself, do you trust a guy who is connected directly or indirectly with InvestProker and JP-DAILY, sites that have scammed people……In my books, NO, this guy needs to be exposed. Regardless of whether MTV is a good business model, his covering up, lying and denying proves he is up to something or covering up something, people should NOT support this.

    I wil host a blog / website soon and expose this on every forum I come across. We are no longer talking about allegations here but public information and hard facts. Let’s keep aside any form of allegations or accusations, I think people deserve to be INFORMED and watch the evidence, with reproduction steps to see it for themselves and let each individual draw their conclusion, personally I do not recommend anybody deal with this individual. He keeps insulting me, bashing me and calling me a HYIP scam investor, little does he know that I am smart and can read people very well…..for the last 2 years I’ve lived on doubts and he always managed to fool me. I should have relied on my initial instincts, only back then I did not have any proof.

    I tried warning people about JP-DAILY, nobody listened to me, when JP-DAILY scammed and investproker scammed, people wrote to me and said they should have listened to me.

    Basebucks has become a low quality program, payouts are significantly lowered, it is a sinking ship. Always keeps touting MTV, but he has kept promising MTV for the last 2 years with always excuses and delays. I do not think BB2 should even be monitored, and it certainly does not deserve premium status anymore.

    My involvement and support for this admin has caused me lots of stress, and prejudice. I have lost hundreds of $ in currency conversion and exchanger fees, not to mention the $500 balance that this mysterious “Richard” stole from me, and the money I am losing now moving back my money to my bank…….Over $400 in fees and conversions lost, chasing a dream that turns into a nightmare.

    He offered me to fly me to this mysterious office in Malaga, it means NOTHING now at that time he didn’t know that I knew about the server run by Carlos Garcia Garcia (InvestProker). What’s the use meeting people who run secrets behind the scenes, why the bloody hell should I give these people my fucking money.

    You asked him in your interview “tell us about yourself / who you are”, and he skipped that question…….lol. When you asked him about the facebook he said he doesn’t see anything, he didn’t know you had a video……. I’ve wasted 2 fucking years of my life and $400, chasing a dream and supporting this person only to find the hard facts. I am very disappointed, angry and disgusted. I must admit though, he is resourceful, a very good talker and he had me for 2 years, all it took me was to join JP-DAILY, get scammed and dig information. I must admit I found this out by accident, the facebook thing wasn’t my doing, this information and screenshot was posted by other people on forums. So the BIGGEST mistake “Jo” did was advertize JP-DAILY and INVESTPROKER. He could have easily flown under the radar lol……. Even the best of alleged con artists slip occasionally……….I am very good at catching someone in a lie……..thank God I found out about this before I lose more money and before I commit to thousands of $ only to be scammed later on.

    Investors beware apply strong caution.

  • Kjell Johansson

    Old comment but if any read this you must know the truth by a real investor that knows and dont hide behind a fake username

    You should not trust BigMoney66 because he is a big mouth of lies and hides behind a fake username

    i have been in this company since the start and have not had any problems at all

    a company has the right to change ways to survive, those that are not real they have vanished with the money when MTV is still here getting stronger for every day, because you do not get your money doubled in one day you post stupid comments all over the internet

    MTV is not get rich fast scheme as most of the sites on MNO are

    Kjell (rtrplay)

  • Greg Cross

    Actually he is not the first person or the last to make such claims. There have been many sources online once exposing this. Many people have their judgements clouded, including yours because you are making money from a site. The issue is that the admin has lied and not been fully transparent as he claims. No lies, I too have seen the evidence, including Paul of MNO, but mysteriously the evidence was removed from the hosts shortly after Jo was confronted about it.

    Server logs with IPs and info that were identical for both investproker and mytrafficvalue and other glitches/oversight from the scammer, giving himself away. Server logs, ISP logs, IPs, other info and the facebook page richyinvest, which was also removed when Jo was asked about it, as you could read from the above interview.

    You and other investments only judge based on the success of the site, but you are not aware of the things he’s done and the scams this individual ran before your beloved site……Either alone or as a team !

    He can remove files from hosting and facebook, but there is something called a backlog, iweb, facebook and any server he has touched have back logs could easily be brought up should if need be.

    There is evidence behind every claim, you are just dealing with a narcissistic person !

    Many people already know the truth about him but still are members of MTV/PV they don’t care.. Some people do care. You can see many posts on the moneymakergroup, talkgold and other sites. Some of his big investors left him. He has lied and avoided a lot of questions, each site he has run to the ground with the same tactics.

    Many places where the EVIDENCE was posted he has gotten deleted / removed. Luckily these are still saved.

    You are ill informed – before accusing others of being liars and big mouths perhaps you should do some digging of your own and see the evidence right at the source.

    There is a place online where you can get backlogs of past site owners and domain/server info for a fee. He can run and hide and deny all he wants, be he can’t deny facts.

    All the scams he ran/was involved in were advertised on basebucks and MTV and usually advertised there FIRST before any place else.. One site named investproker (which was linked to JPDAILY) upon seeking server stats and server info, you could clearly see Carlos Garcia Garcia, and the SAME address, and same information as mytrafficvalue……… also linked mytrafficvalue……..Richyinvest = Richard O’Neil, guy behind all these scams. He can DELETE facebook profiles and DELETE servers but he should know that the information is still available and can be used, he should keep that in mind.

  • PorkPie

    Would you consider reviewing MyTrafficValue? It’s still paying. In the event that it collapses, it undergoes a debt swap thus reviving MyTrafficValue.

  • mnoblog

    Hello PorkPie. Sorry, I have no idea what MyTrafficValue is as that program has never been monitored on MNO.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Best regards. Paul – MNO Admin

  • GostDK

    You have just mentioned the program in the text above ;)

  • mnoblog

    Just wanted to confirm that MyTrafficValue is a scam and investments in that program are not recommended.

  • Jordi W. Hoock Castro

    “Hello PorkPie. Sorry, I have no idea what MyTrafficValue is as that program has never been monitored on MNO. Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Best regards. Paul – MNO Admin”

    No idea what mytrafficvalue is but saying its scam, nice nice man…

  • Hello Jordi. I know exactly who is behind MyTrafficValue and I know that he’s running a scam and paying selectively. So do not judge me if I tell my readers to stay as far as possible away from that scam.
    Best regards. Paul

  • César

    And how you know that?? I bet you`re not a member since it has been paying till today!

  • mnoblog

    @Cesar. I am aware that his new programs have been paying selectively for a while, so I cannot recommend investing in his scams and have to warn my readers against doing so.
    Best regards. Paul

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