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BEWARE! ProfitsRaise has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! After a quiet enough weekend in the HYIP industry the new week seems to be getting off to a flying start on MNO with a couple of new programs joining my monitor that I’m going to be looking at over the coming few days. The one I want to start with one called ProfitsRaise, a more “traditional” short term program that fans of this type of investment might like to take a second look at while the opportunity is still good. I have to start however by making it clear to everyone that ProfitsRaise is not a new program relative to the plans they offer and have been online about a month now. It should also be said that the build up has been slow up until now so it’s possible that with a little extra promotion there’s still a couple of cycles left in them yet. Of course, anything can happen in this business so always think twice before making a commitment.

Starting with the plans, ProfitsRaise has three of them. They have various minimum deposits you’ll need to join, though none of them are particularly expensive, and all pay you back on expiry of your chosen plan. The first, the cheapest, the fastest, and I’m going to guess the most popular is called The Beginner Plan. It will cost you at least $10 to join and will pay you back on expiry of a 5 calendar day term. The return is 115% and ProfitsRaise are counting your principal as part of that. So that means 15% net profit for yourself. The maximum deposit you can make in this plan is a relatively conservative $500.

A higher risk plan though not really much more expensive to join is The Medium Plan. Here ProfitsRaise are offering you a return of 145% on expiry of a 10 calendar day term. You will need a more substantial but still affordable minimum of $25 to deposit before you can join, and payouts when made will include your principal. So this time it’s a 45% net profit for the investor. The maximum investment taken for this plan is $5,000.

The final investment option with ProfitsRaise is a plan I wouldn’t recommend. I’ll tell you why in just a second, but first let me give you the details. It’s called The Expert Plan and it requires a $50 minimum to join. The plan runs for 15 calendar days and on expiry you should receive a total of 165% interest, principal included. The reason I don’t like this one however (apart from the risk, which is entirely the investor’s concern) is that on a profit by day ratio it’s simply not worth it compared to the previous option. A 65% net profit after 15 days is approximately 4.3% for every day invested. Had you joined the previous plan offering 45% profit after 10 days you’d be looking at 4.5% per day invested. Not much of a difference I know, but that’s not the point. You as the investor should be looking to minimize the risk, not increase it, so why take such a bigger gamble for a reduced return on your money (assuming the plan ever pays off at all that is)? Anyway, if you still decide to go with this one then you might be interested to know that ProfitsRaise‘s maximum allowed deposit is $10,000 this time.

The list of payment processors is fairly standard for this type of program, with AlertPay, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney all in use. Payouts are made manually and will need to be requested from inside the ProfitsRaise members area. Once done the admin requires a maximum of 24 hours to make sure everything is processed fully.

The program is hosted on a dedicated server by DdoSWiz and is running off a licensed ProBizScript. Not quite a household name in the industry just yet but it’s an increasingly popular option with HYIP admins, more so with longer term programs I think but nevertheless it’s a good alternative to GoldCoders and a lot of players will probably recognize it by now. For any further questions or account related issues you can direct them to the ProfitsRaise admin by filling in the online e-mail ticketing form on the support page. In return you should receive a ticket ID number so you can track the question and try to make sure it gets dealt with in a manner that is satisfactory to you.

Some texts seem to be original, while others have been “borrowed” from other HYIP websites. Even though there isn’t a whole lot of them to read, predictably ProfitsRaise give precious little information relating to any sort of business plan there might have been backing the whole thing up anyway. As most of you know by now online investment websites can’t sustain themselves forever so it’s really a question of getting in at the right time before the inevitable end. The tricky part of course is predicting exactly when that end will come, so as always play it safe and only spend sensible and affordable sums of money in this industry and try to keep ProfitsRaise as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.


First of all best wishes to all MNO readers in the US and Canada on their respective holidays. Columbus day in America while the Canadians are celebrating Thanksgiving today. And as usual many HYIPs allegedly involved in trading are taking this day as a holiday and will not be paying interest to investors. For me this excuse is totally pointless as this day is exclusively a North American thing the world economy does not come to a standstill. Especially considering that those HYIPs have never been based in the US where such programs are totally illegal.

Anyway, two programs not paying today are ReProFinance (reviewed here) and SafeDepositary (reviewed here). Both programs recently issued statements explaining this to their members and I would like you to see these excuses. Here is the one from ReProFinance the admin of which was interviewed on MNO here:
The Columbus day 2011
In 2011 the Columbus day falls on Monday, Octoer 10. Due to non-trading day all U.S. markets are close. and no interest will be credited to ReProFinance investors’ accounts today.
And here is the one from SafeDepositary:
Columbus day. No interest.
Dear clients! SafeDepositary informs about non-trading days on Monday because of Columbus Day. Thank you for doing business with us!
By the way, today I received a complaint from one MNO reader who told me that his account with SafeDepositary was suspended because of another person claiming to be in possession of the account and he was required to send all the necessary information in order to verify his identity including notarized copies of some sensitive documents via regular mail. To tell you the truth, I do not believe in such accidents and usually see them as an inability to pay investors while creating all types of stories in order to stall. I saw the demands with my own eyes and I would never recommend sending such documents to HYIP admins. They can be used for illegal activities which the investor will really regret later. But seeing this attitude to a client who never changed any passwords or did anything against the rules in his account I wonder if the program has some cashflow issues at the moment. I can’t prove that’s the case as the account is suspended, but I suggested him to raise this issue on the main investment forums in SafeDepositary‘s threads which I hope he will do really soon. I will let you know if I find out more details but honestly I don’t like it one bit.

Please note that CosmosInvest has stopped paying, so I would not advise to make any investments there. I appreciate that the admin was kind enough to reply to me and explain the situation which very few of HYIP admins do. I don’t think he’s lying to me either as he could just go away and not bother giving any explanation. However, such stories about LR account hacking (this is allegedly what happened to CosmosInvest, forcing the closure) are not so rare and happen in HYIP industry frequently. One thing is for sure this could really happen and I would like to give you the explanation provided to me by Joe (the admin) and let you be the judge:
Dear Paul,
Because I respect you, and I appreciate what you are doing for this industry, i would like to tell you the truth, and i will understand if you don’t believe me:
 When I started CosmosInvest, my plan was to run it for long time, even after Christmas holidays, that is why i didn’t behave like other admins of daily plans programs who advertise their program in 100 monitors, and i was going in advertising slowly to keep the things controllable. But the unexpected thing happened in the morning of last Friday when i woke up and found that my LR account hacked and all amounts available stolen by somebody, and this is his LR reg. name and batch of the transaction.
10/07/2011 04:53 72762982 U7759853 (Casey Larsen)
I was really chocked as i was pretty sure that security measurements taken in my program could protect me from these issues, but i was completely wrong, and i still don’t know how it happened; if you have an idea please tell me to avoid these issues if i ever think about a new project.
Even-though, i planned to continue,so i stopped instant withdrawals (you may have noticed) and I invested some more money in the program trying to bring the things back to normal, but another constraint appears is the bad reputation of short plans programs, so after one month online, very few people will trust you and will be ready to invest with you. We remained paying our investors till yesterday, but we couldn’t proceed further as no new investments coming, and only withdrawals are there. We saw that we cannot proceed further, and we are officially announcing that to you.
We are really sorry and we really apologize from investors who lost money with us, but be sure that we are the first looser in this project, and if our investors lost in hundreds, we lost in thousands, and this was surely not our plan.
I know this is hard to believe, and I know that at the end of the day we “scam”, but believe me i am only telling you this by appreciation to your efforts to make this industry a better business for everybody.
Sorry again….
Regards. Joe”.

Let’s get back to paying programs now, starting with the regular weekly update from FelminaAlliance (reviewed here). The program continues payments to the only plan of 1%-1.6% for 180 business days with principal returned on expiry and has been processing payouts to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney for over three months. There was no new features implemented in FelminaAlliance and mentioned by the admin this week. Instead, he again promised that certificates issued automatically on making a deposit would be available soon as it’s going to be incorporated in the script and invited everyone to visit FelminaAlliance‘s newly created Facebook page. Also it was mentioned that apart from the payment processors, you can invest via direct Bank wire if you wish. Full instructions on how to do so were given once again. Here is the latest newsletter from FelminaAlliance:
[FelminaAlliance] Weekly Newsletter
In this week’s newsletter we would like to cover the issues, updates and problems we were working on at the moment.
The global financial markets remained pretty volatile last week, but as always the accidental losses we have incurred were offset by the gains we have achieved liquidating several highly profitable positions. All in all, our trading positions remain very strong even in the face of highly volatile market trends.
Certificates of deposits confirming the amounts you have invested with us will shortly be available through your FelminaAlliance accounts upon request. We are finalizing integration of this option into the account area. We will do our best to start issuing certificates of deposits by the end of the week.
Make sure to visit and like our official Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Felminacom. This way we’ll keep you informed about the latest news, updates, links, tips and everything else related to FelminaAlliance.
Last but not least, we would like to remind of the fact that you can now send your deposits directly to us using bank wire transfer. You don’t need to incur extra fees and go through exchangers any more.
Below are step-by-step instructions on how you can do that:
– Log into your FelminaAlliance account.
– Go to ‘Deposits’ page.
– Choose bank wire as a deposit method.
– Enter the amount ($1,000 minimum for bank wires).
– Click ‘Proceed’ button.
– On the next page you will see the request form, enter your bank account number and the name of your bank, make sure your full name and email address in the form are correct and click ‘Send’ button.
– We will send detailed instructions for making a bank wire transfer within a few hours.
More news and updates are coming shortly, so make sure you stay tuned.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.
Best Regards, Marketing Department, FelminaAlliance Inc.”

The admin of BaseBucks Jo (interviewed here) never gave the link to the interview he gave to MNO, possibly due being exposed as the admin of JPDaily at the same time. Well, he denies all connections but after his erasing the Facebook link which was recorded properly by one of my readers and put by me on DepositFiles (click here to download the file) I think it would be stupid to deny the obvious. Anyway, it looks like Jo really believes that somebody will trust his new venture and is looking forward to launching it before Christmas. Since I have monitoring obligations for the members of BaseBucks (reviewed here) which is still paying, I myself am strongly opposed to having MyTrafficValue listed on MNO. And so I promise you that the program won’t be listed on my blog unless the admin provides me with counter-proof that he was not behind JPDaily and he’s not the same person who blamed me in spreading lies while all I did was protect the interests of investors and opposed selective payouts. Anyway, I believe the newsletter send to BaseBucks members today will be of interest to those who still believe in fairy-tales. I myself am not fooled, sorry! Here is the newsletter I was talking about:
BaseBucks – October 10th
Todays payments are complete!
2.00% Global Result
+ 3 Fast Track Payments
We have now completed 238 investments their full 200% return using our Fast Track System; View them all here: http://basebucks.net/log/closed
The cycler will be resetting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4pm GMT (New Time!)
I have changed the time to 1hour earlier than before to allow me to update this while im still at the office. Then I won’t be late! And also i’ll be online to process the instant 118% repayments for a full hour+ after resetting.
The upcoming MyTrafficValue is progressing nicely! We’ve just begun our second week working full time out of the office, with our two full time programmers Ian and Adrian.
I have also reached out to two separate monitors requesting face to face interviews and a tour of our office in the week prior to MTV launching. As i’d like to immediately demonstrate the physical nature of this business.
And when you see our office and staff (essentially a “code factory”) – you can see without a doubt exactly what you’re investing into.
And I’ve posted numerous updates in the forum last week concerning this unbelievable public system of accounting i’ve been working on.
Take a look at that, as it’s incredibly detailed! You’ll be able to see the source of every cent of revenue the website makes, and subsequently, see EXACTLY where every dime of your daily results comes from.
Features Summary Page: http://basebucks.net/MTV-Features-Summary-Page.txt
This will list all of the “monetization features” that your investments fund. Along with a summary of their revenues. 100% of which are used to repay investors.
Shareholders meanwhile earn a commission per unit of investment purchased (turnover)
Feature Profile Pages: http://basebucks.net/mtv-lr-feature-page.txt
You can then click on each of the features listed on the summary page, to
view an incredibly detailed breakdown of that features earnings history.
This example is for the Cashier section regarding Liberty Reserve.
Results Page: http://basebucks.net/MTV-Results-Page.txt
And this is an approximation of what the results page will look like. As you can see, you can expand each “Result Card” to view a Profit&Loss; summary of everything that contributes to each result. (Clicking on each one, will take you to its individual feature profile).
But as you can see, the system is absolutely transparent! Every investment you make builds monetization features that you can see (use!). And every cent of revenue from each of those features is calculated and published in real time.
This is also designed that the admins make money the exact same way as the users (via investing and/or owning “user-shares”). And subsequently, we can publish everything! This is not a closed-door company. But an open-source machine!
And we are on course to launch before Christmas! So not too long now.
Very exciting.
$14.12 – Advertising Revenues
$0.00 – Re-Investment Dividends
$21.60 – 10% Contribution from direct “Daily Investments”
$18.03 – 5% Contribution from yesterdays’ “Daily Investments”
$9.15 – 5% Contribution from 61 Cycler Units Purchased Today
$802.30 – Buffer Fund
$576.80 – Daily Global Result
$288.40 – Fast Track Payments
View All Active Investments: http://basebucks.net/log
View All Payouts With This Result: http://basebucks.net/payouts/99
(Payments are sent directly to your Liberty Reserve Account!)
* Todays payments are in complete!
* There were 3 fast track payments today!
* Earn 118% as soon as you reach the top of the queue:
(Or be automatically upgraded to our regular 200% daily program each
Current Re-Investment Fund: $23,745.65 (+221.47$ today)
Jo, BaseBucks
 ps. $10.80 rolls over for tomorrows result from the “Direct Daily Investments Today“.

The administration of SolidTrustPay reported on their official blog that their offer of a free $1 to all new members was abused and that they got a lot of new members from specific countries who created multiple accounts which is not allowed. The response was immediate and in order to only reward legitimate members SolidTrustPay decided to pay in manual mode but will still offer the bonus to all legitimate members who create new accounts in STP during October. Here is the latest update from STP on that:
Bonus Buck Abused!
Due to the massive amount of accounts being created with false information from Vietnam and Pakistan we have removed the automatic addition of the October BONUS BUCK promotion. New LEGITIMATE members will still receive their Bonus Buck, but it will be added manually.
Any members found to have created accounts with false information will be suspended.

I have to remove xChanger.org from my recommended exchanger status due to some unannounced delays with processing exchanges to and from AlertPay. The usual timeframe was broken and the admin didn’t provide any official statement either explaining this or saying when it should be resolved. I have already had one complaint over the weekend from one MNO reader but was hopeful of that being resolved by today. However, till now my own ticket remains unanswered which is pretty strange as I always got a response within 24 hours from them. Apparently, the admin of xChanger.org is up to something but I can’t recommend them until further notice and an explanation for the pending exchange requests is provided. I will keep you updated on the situation right here on MNO.

Here is the list of the programs from which I received payments today:
BetForInvest, BIA, BrantonsGroup, SafeDepositary, UnitrustDirect, AdvantagesCapital, BrandDaily, SapaInv, OnlineInvestmentBank, ProfitsRaise, BaseBucks, GeniusIncome, HyperCompound, iForexGain, SoaretInvestment, PowerfulStrategy, AssetsBank, ViscoCorp, TopsFund, PokerProfits, HitNRunMasters, StableProfit, OneInv, SuperHotPay and LargeProfit.

The newest program added to my monitoring today is EliteGain. The program was officially launched only yesterday as announced on their website:
We have now launched our facilities to investors around the globe and have already started accepting new members. You are invited to join and check what EliteGain has to offer exclusively for serious and interested members.
EliteGain is offering several plans with daily payouts – 3%-5% for 40 business days with principal included in daily payouts. There are also weekly plans available with 7%-14% returns credited every week for the lifetime of the program with optional principal return on request after a three week lock-in period. The minimum to invest in the weekly plans is $50 while the daily ones are more affordable starting with a $1 minimum. Payment processors accepted by EliteGain include AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. The program is hosted on a Staminus dedicated server, is SSL-secured and is running off a licensed MonetarySoft script which should be familiar to long time MNO readers. More about EliteGain will be in the upcoming review but I would like to say more about a unique twist which is their Weekend Bustling Contest:
Our exclusive Weekend Bustling Contest has been announced… For more details check contest details after logged in to account.
And if you don’t have an account with EliteGain but still would like to learn more abut the contest I copy-pasted some information and the rules of the contest below:
WEEKEND Bustling Contest
EliteGain has a unique and exclusive 24×7 functional contest for top performers among our overall members. For each worth full action committed at EliteGain website will benefit you automatically to enhance your listing such as bringing referrals and even logging in to your account on daily basis. Please read the complete contest details available directly below top 30 performers list.
Next Winner Announcement: 16th October 2011
Upcoming Rewards: $100 USD for 1st, $50 for 2nd and $25 for 3rd.
Contest Details
Each weekend we pick top performing winners from the list above and reward them with exciting cash and bonus investment rewards. You will be earn free credits for different worth full activities at EliteGain, such as promoting your referral link and participating in our investment portfolios. Your position in this contest is shown below your members menu, if you are logged in and are within list of top 100 performers. These are the actions that will benefit you with free credits and enhance your position in our “Hands-on contest” automatically:Action Credits
Login to account daily. 1-2
Promote your referral link. —
Invest money. 100
Refer a new member in direct downline. 10
1st-Tier referral investment. 100
2nd-Tier referral investment. 50
3rd-Tier referral investment. 25
* – following chart can be updated anytime without any prior notification.

That’s all for today, guys. See you tomorrow with a review of AssetsBank which already paid on expiry to the first investors although it was launched only yesterday. Plus you will be able to read the latest news from the HYIP industry so stay tuned and see you tomorrow!

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