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Beware! EliteGain has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi guys! It’s been a fairly busy day for HYIP related news stories today so I have a fairly lengthy update for you this evening. Some good news, some not so good news, so basically a typical day in the industry! We’ll get to that in just a few moments but first there’s a brand new addition to the MNO monitoring page that I want to take a closer look at. And I have to say it’s a little different from the other programs added earlier this week so if you like a little variety in your portfolios (and I recommend that you do) it might be worth at least thinking about. It’s called EliteGain and it’s a fairly well organized program that I’m sure will get some attention in coming weeks. It’s a more Medium term program compared to what we’ve been looking at so far this week so read on and see if you think it might be suitable for you.

There’s a broad range of plans to choose from in this one. I can’t say they’re all affordable, indeed some are so ridiculously overpriced as to render them pointless for the average industry player, but nevertheless EliteGain still have a good and varied selection that fans of medium term HYIPs will probably appreciate. Plans can basically be split into two categories – those that pay by the day and those that pay by the week. Daily plans have fixed expiry dates and weekly plans do not, meaning they pay you either for the lifetime of the program or until you choose to leave (whichever comes first though investments here are subject to a minimum lock in period).

I’ll start with the daily payment options as these tend to be more popular. You can join for as little as $1 and the plan runs for 40 business days (that’s 8 weeks) so payments are only made between Monday and Friday. This plan is split into three sub-categories depending on the size of your investment with EliteGain making the following offers:
Deposits starting from the $1 minimum up to a maximum value of $1,500 will earn 3% interest per business day. These payments will include your principal so by the time the plan expires you will have earned a total of 120%, which is your own money back plus 20% net profit.
For more serious players prepared to go in with from $1,5001 to $5,000 EliteGain are currently paying 4% interest per business day. That will count your principal as part of the payments allowing you to finish up with a 160% total return, or your own money back plus 60% net profit.
The third option and obviously the one less suitable to most folks’ budget requires a minimum spend of $5,001 with no stated upper limit. For 40 business days EliteGain are offering 5% interest per day, a figure that again includes your principal resulting in a final return of 200%, or double your money.

EliteGain change direction somewhat for the second series of investment plans. This time it’s a “perpetual” plan meaning there is no fixed expiry date. After you join EliteGain will pay you a fixed weekly interest rate for however long you opt to remain a member. The only real restriction placed on you is that you must remain a member for a minimum term of three weeks. After that you’re free to either ask for your deposit back and leave EliteGain completely or leave it in place and continue getting paid for as long as the program survives. With a $50 minimum deposit it’s a bit more costly than the previous option, and this time is broken down into two sub-categories.

So starting with deposits between $50 right up to $25,000, EliteGain pay 7% interest per week. Obviously it’s impossible and a complete waste of time anyway to even think about giving you a practical example of how an investment here might play out simply because it’s totally up to your own discretion how long you leave your money under the admin’s control. So just decide what you would realistically like to achieve from joining this plan and do your own calculations from there.

Outside of most investor’s reach will be the final investment option as it would set you back $25,050 to join. But purely for information purposes I’ll include it for you anyway (it being your money and your choice after all). Like the previous plan there is no expiry date so once you’re a member EliteGain should make a weekly interest payment to you for as long as you wish to stay a member. The rate is 14% per week and there is no upper limit on investments – as if the $25K minimum wasn’t high enough already!

A couple of other very important points you will need to take into consideration before signing up with EliteGain include the option of compounding. It is available but only in limited form (up to 50% maximum) and only to the bigger investors. Personally I never recommend the practice but if you would like more information then check out the EliteGain website for yourselves. The other important point relates to the weekly payment plans. Or to be more specific, claiming your principal back if you decide to leave those plans. Please note that as well as the three week lock-in period that I already mentioned, EliteGain will also charge you a 20% withdrawal fee. So I can’t emphasize this enough – it is vital that you factor this in to any calculations you are making when joining the program and adjust your expectations to factor this extra cost into your plans.

Other than that payment options while being predictable are also up to an acceptable industry standard. EliteGain are currently working with AlertPay, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney as ways to channel money in and out of the program, while payouts to you the investor are processed instantly. An interesting spin on promotion and something that can earn you a little extra cash in the program is an ongoing series of contests that reward members for taking part in various activities on the EliteGain website. By performing certain tasks you will be rewarded on a points system, with the those earning the greatest number of points over the previous week collecting a cash prize for themselves. You can earn points by a wide variety of activities. Simply logging into your account earns you something, getting a referral to join earns you more, if your referral makes a deposit will earn you something, making a deposit yourself also earns you points, and so on. More complete details are in the members area if you’re interested, however it’s not clear to me at this point if this will be a permanent feature or just a temporary promotional tool.

EliteGain is hosted on a Staminus dedicated server, and is a fully SSL-secured website for a little extra protection. It’s running off a licensed MonetarySoft script which although I haven’t seen for a while should be familiar to long time MNO readers and can also be considered a safe enough product. Certainly a viable alternative to GoldCoders at least. For customer support you can reach the admin by filling in the e-mail ticketing form on the contacts page and submitting it. The EliteGain website also features a built-in Live Chat feature, but there’s nothing to indicate when if ever this is actually going to be open and working.

Texts appear to me original but as is the case in just about 100% of online HYIPs offer little in the way of actual transparency or solid evidence that their business plans (in this case ForEx trading surprise surprise!) can be tracked and accounted for. But then again long time industry players will not see this as an obstacle to making money from EliteGain which is after all the only reason any of us are participating here in the first place. Just remember that rule of thumb with all high risk internet based activities is to keep your spending limit well under an affordable budget and to be a successful player keep a wide variety of smaller deposits spread around a more diverse portfolio.


We’ll start with the news from ProfitsRaise (reviewed here) which is slowly getting more and more popular after the admin decided to advertise on MNO and after he added AlertPay in addition to his list of accepted e-currencies. I must say I really like such admins who act on constructive advice to make their projects better. Obviously after reading my in-depth analysis of her investment plans the admin of ProfitsRaise Andrea announced in the latest newsletter that in order to make the longest running plan more appealing and reasonable to the program’s investors she decided to raise the interest from 165% to 170%. So plans now consist of 115% after 5 days, 145% after 10 days, 170% after 15 days. The program keeps developing at a steady rate and last night Andrea announced the addition of Live chat support and the launch of a Facebook page. Here is the latest newsletter from last night:
ProfitsRaise News
Dear Investors,
first of all I hope you had a great day. As promised ProfitsRaise was reviewed by Money-News-Online. You can find our review here:
Few changes has been done with our website look today, as you may noticed already we added facebook plugin to ProfitsRaise website. I am sure most of you are facebook members so dont forget to click I Like button and become ProfitsRaise fan. Its important to be a part of project, your support will help us to grow and become the best online investment program.
I am pleased to say that from now we have also live chat support. If you are looking for a fast response on your question/problem feel free to contact our live chat support manager Andrew, he will be happy to help you.
I had to make a change in the Expert plan today, as I noticed that there is wrong calculation was done. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by this mistake and I am sure that its had to be fixed asap. So from now Expert Plan percent is up for 5% and its 170% after 15 days now. Please note that its not a promotional bonus, this percent will be permanent.
Best regards, Andrea
ProfitsRaise Support”.

I’m glad to report that the member of SafeDepositary who contacted me yesterday had his problem solved and he even reported that he had been paid in full already. Despite some negative votes against SafeDepositary (reviewed here) raised recently I still don’t have enough evidence to question the program’s ability to pay to its members and was myself paid instantly as usual today. SafeDepositary was reviewed on MNO here and offers 1.6%-2.3% for 150 business days with principal returned on expiry to AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney along with direct Bank wires. I will let you know if I have more information regarding SafeDepositary but as far as I’m concerned the program is still paying and will remain on Paying status with MNO until proven otherwise.

I would like to congratulate ReProFinance (reviewed here) on the wonderful achievement of being online for exactly 500 days. During this time many HYIPs came and went but only ReProFinance still stands. The investment plans were adjusted upwards and the current plans offer quite lucrative returns of 1.6%-2.3% for 90 business days and 1.8%-2.5% for 180 business days with principal returned on expiry. In addition to that, the bond scheme pays 1% daily until the investor decides to sell. The payment systems accepted by ReProFinance include LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay, direct Bank wires and just recently credit cards deposits with payments sent to AlertPay. The administration of ReProFinance (read my interview with them here) promised to launch a multi-lingual platform soon to reach a wider international audience and add even more investment products to their line. Despite such huge achievements and a flawless performance for almost one and a half years I find it very questionable that the program is really involved in real trading and for me it’s still no more that a well organized ponzi-game. It’s funny that in the latest update the Revendor Management Inc. company was mentioned which was allegedly the beginning of ReProFinance as we now know it. I’m talking about the issue which was brought to my attention by one MNO reader who pointed out the illegal status of ReProFinance under the law in Belize. Here is the warning from the International Financial Services Commission of Belize posted here back in March 2011 and proving my point:
It has come to the notice of the International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC) that REVENDOR MANAGEMENT INC., an international business company registered in Belize, using its trade name Reprofinance.com, is offering investment advisory and dealing services in respect of trading in securities and foreign exchange instruments without a licence from the IFSC. This is an offence under the Law of Belize.
Revendor Management Inc. is therefore ordered to cease and desist from carrying on the said activities until it has applied for and obtained a licence from the IFSC.
All persons concerned are asked to take note and exercise extreme caution.
International Financial Services Commission of Belize”.

Please note that the main purpose of this is not to bring down ReProFinance which still remains one of the favorites in high-yield investment world but just to bring to your attention straightforward facts about the program which will help you invest only what you can afford to lose despite the long-lasting payment record of ReProFinance. Here is the latest newsletter from the program in full marking its remarkable achievements in the HYIP world:
Celebrate 500 days
Exactly 500 days ago the trader of ReProFinance Nelson Richards conducted the first stock trading operation with ReProFinance investor’s assets. At that time we couldn’t even imagine that in less than two years we would build a stable and profitable investment business, which would bring profits mot just for business owners but for global investors as well.
Today ReProFinance trading department opens and closes thousands of positions on the stock and currency exchanges all over the globe. Moreover, it increasingly boost its turnover and diversifies the structure of assets. We are developing, people see it and ReProFinance successfully evolves in a dynamic way.
Everything started with a website of Revendor Management Inc. It was simple in functions and design but provided the world with a unique service under the brand ReProFinance. Then we passed the way from several programmers to a big web project management department.
During those 500 days we significantly extended our payment options and now we offer deposits with bank transfers and plastic cards in addition to the existing two payment systems.
After the active development of the program of regional offices ReProFinance clients find it easier to get the services provided. Such program enabled people to find the RePro representatives in their country and get service assistance. Regional representatives, in their turn, participated in a two-tier affiliate program and in less than a year and a half managed to establish a profitable business that will continue to generate revenue for them and new regional representatives who are still being invited to work with ReProFinance.
We strive to offer our investors as much unique services as possible. Similar to the opportunity of investing with plastic cards, we offer an absolutely new investment instrument on the market, i.e. bonds. They allow investors to earn as much as 1% a day and withdraw their profit whenever they need it.
Having 500 days under our belt, we’re not going to rest on our laurels. We’re already ready to launch a multi-language website version and expand our payment functions, offer new investment products and, of course, regularly improve the security system of ReProFinance service. Our company is at the beginning of its development and together with our investors we’d like to go through many years of development from a small Internet startup to a leader of the investment market. Thank you all for being with us for all these years.

Please be aware of the fact that I had to move TrustIncome and BIA to Problem status on MNO tonight, so please do not invest in either program. I have received complaints from my readers today about unprocessed and delayed payouts for both programs, and neither admin bothered replying which just confirmed my suspicions. I can also see that all the ratings have been removed from the BIA site while on TrustIncome‘s rating page many monitors already display Problem status.

I received the monthly newsletter from the admin of UnitrustDirect (interviewed here) outlining the latest achievements over the last month. These include the addition of AlertPay, releasing a PDF brochure that the members can use for promotional purposes, and the latest YouTube video posted from a trader who claims that the recession is a great investment opportunity when smart investors earn good profits. It could also be said that the investors who joined UnitrustDirect when it first came online were the smart ones because they managed to get significant profits from the plans paying 102.5% after 5 days, 107.1% after 10 days, 123.8% after 25 days, 194% after 65 days, and 403.4% after 125 days. Just a few weeks ago there were more plans introduced with daily payouts and principal included like 14.7% for 7 days, 3.9% for 30 days, 2.91% for 60 days, and 3.1% for 120 days. Recently UnitrustDirect which was first reviewed on MNO here reached the Top 10 most popular programs in my Premium list and I guess this was only the beginning of their path to success. They still provide instant payouts to LR, PM and AP on the investments starting from $5 and I hope they become one of the biggest low-ROI programs online. Meanwhile please read the latest news for the month of October posted on the program’s website today:
News for October
It is a great honour for us to serve your financial needs, thank you for choosing to invest with UnitrustDirect. We strive to meet your highest requirements for online investment accounts and do our best to make Unitrust Investment Platform as efficient and convenient as possible. This monthly Newsletter is to inform you of important market news and implementations of October that are already available in your investment account.
AlertPay Payment Processor
We are pleased to announce that UnitrustDirect are now accepting deposits and processing instant withdrawals as a verified business partner of AlertPay payment processor. AlertPay is an account-based payment processor allowing just about anyone with an email address to securely send and receive money with their credit card or bank account. AlertPay processes the payment in real-time, transferring the money to the receiver`s account within seconds.
Official PDF Brochure
The official UnitrustDirect PDF brochure is now available for download (~5 mb). Containing the full information on company`s background, mission and commitments, as well as a complete list of investment products, the official PDF Brochure is virtually all you need to know about UnitrustDirect. Please feel free to download, print and use this Brochure for any information and advertising purposes.
Recession – Crisis or Opportunity?
“How to get a raise in a recession? How to make money from a downward market? How should one behave to protect his or her assets?”
Make sure not to miss the video-interview of an independent trader Alessio Rastani commenting on how to get prepared for the recession and treat a market crash as an opportunity to “make a lot of money from this.” According to Alessio Rastani, everyone should be prepared and act now: “In less than 12 months, my prediction is, the savings of millions of people is going to vanish. The biggest risk people can take right now is not acting.”
Thank you for taking your time to read the important updates for October, if we may be of further assistance please contact us at your convenience.
Customer care department”.

LibertyReserve went offline for a time today for scheduled maintenance. That was planned and there was nothing to be worried about, but still the admin of OnlineInvestmentBank (reviewed here) felt it necessary keep his members updated:
Liberty reserve system is offline for maintenance.
Liberty reserve system is offline for maintenance.
You can look news on http://blog.libertyreserve.com
We can not process LibertyReserve payment right now. All we can do now is wait and hope the issue will be addressed and resolved soon.
Support Department”.
At the time of writing LR is totally back to normal and all pending withdrawals from OnlineInvestmentBank both to LR and PM have been processed as usual. The program never ceases to amaze me, by the way, paying for over five months on a 7% for 20 business day plan. Hopefully they can keep this up for a lot longer.

It looks like HitNRunMasters (reviewed here) are also doing well according to the admin. I really like the admin here as he definitely goes down as one of the most original and unique characters in the industry today, preferring originality at all times. The story behind the business is so much more entertaining and mysterious that it’s worthy of Ian Fleming himself. But anyway, the fact of the matter is HitNRunMasters have a flawless payment record for almost three months now on a 1.5%-2.8% daily for 365 days plan with principal returned on expiry (optionally after 14 days with penalty fees) to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. And although the first members are well in profit it’s essential to keep the interest in HitNRunMasters for further investments high, so the admin (read my interview with him here) is constantly active, which is a good sign by the way. However, I would completely disagree with the statement made in the recent newsletter regarding the fact that HitNRunMasters do not need any money from the investors and would pay profits to anyone even if there are no new investors. Ponzi or no Ponzi, no business can survive without an income whether it’s a corner newsagents, Microsoft, on an online HYIP. HitNRunMasters work under the same laws of basic economics as the rest of us. Regardless of what the admin (ANY admin) has to say, money coming in must be greater than money going out. Otherwise you’re in trouble. Just ask the greek government! But enough about that I guess, as from my experience very few people who play the HYIP industry have even a passing interest in such matters. So here’s the latest newsletter from the admin of HitNRunMasters (love this guy, lol):
This Is Why We Are Here
Money Runs this industry! Money Motivates it! Money Drives it!
There is no doubt that it is all about the money. You want to make money, we want to make money and together that is exactly what is happening. We are making a ton of it.
We have never held back our intentions and goals when it has come to HnRM. We opened this site with a clearly defined goal and direction stated in plain English. We expressed it in newsletters, emails and postings in various places around the net. But since we have opened this site and allowed you to join us, our profits have increased. I don’t mean just our overall profits. I mean our profit percentages. In other the words the percentage of return we make per dollar invested. Perhaps it’s just the timing. Perhaps it’s our endless pursuit to better ourselves and our positions. Perhaps it’s our relentless tweaking of our strategies. Perhaps it’s the wave of members that continue to join us. Perhaps it’s karma. Whatever the reason, we are excited to say the least. We have really been working hard this year to position ourselves and we are set up perfectly. We are taking vast profits each day and this next quarter looks to be no exception. We see great things in store for the last quarter of 2011 and also see no reason that any of that will change going into 2012.
We have had a good number of members ask us why we don’t have banners at all the major forums and big monitors etc. Many of you have wanted to know why we don’t do more newsletters and other advertising like our competition. The reality is, we don’t have any competition since we are not really competing. We are satisfied with our current level of growth. We are accomplishing our goals without all the overinflated advertising cost. I mean, 800+ dollars per month for a banner ad? We don’t need it. We made tons of money in this industry before we opened HnRM! We make tons of money now! We will make tons of money without another new member joining. So why spend money on something we don’t need? Don’t get me wrong, we still have our goal of reaching 5000 active members. When that happens we can do, be and become more than we are now. But still, making money comes first. I don’t know about you, but I like my pockets lined with the stuff.
As far as the newsletters go, we have been busy. Since we are not trying to further impress anyone and the members we have are getting paid without any problems and we don’t care if those of you that haven’t joined or invested ever join or invest, then we are going to keep ‘MAKING MONEY’ at the top of our list of things to do first. If we have time we will try harder to release a couple of extra newsletters each week.
Until then we will just say to any non-members reading this, ‘GOOD LUCK’, without us you are going to need it!
Admin NB”.

Apparently, I was not the only person who asked of the admin of KistFunds why the usually instant withdrawals suddenly went back to manual mode. He finally issued an official newsletter explaining this was a “security upgrade” preventing withdrawals being processed instantly. Obviously this was a signal to investors – don’t panic as we are not going anywhere. Well, these are just words and we will see if the admin really keeps this promise. So far – so good and the payments of 1.3%-2.2% for 120 business days with principal returned on expiry are processed within 24 hours on request. Here is the latest “emergency” update from KistFunds (reviewed here):
We are sending you this update to let you know officially that we are not current processing withdraw INSTANTLY which some of you have noticed, this is due to some Security Upgrade, we are currently installing some security hardware as soon as this is done we could process your withdraw instantly back.
Also the minimum withdraw now is $1. but there is no maximum withdraw, we will like you to support us because we need your support.
Signed Management. KistFunds Investment”.

The admin of SoaretInvestment (reviewed here) sent another newsletter last night which didn’t really contain much new or useful information and was purely promotional. Here it is:
SoaretInvestment Update
Hello Today,
We welcome all our new members on board. At SoaretInvestment Our primary business is in the Global Financial Market in the majority of European and America territory.
There has been an amazing amount of response and our member base has been growing with every passing day. We want to thank all our members for this support and for trusting us. All your promotion on forums and sites has helped to make this online project a success. We want to assure you that all your trust, efforts will be rewarded.
Just to remind all our new members there is 5% referral commission and this means that earning opportunities is limitless. We provide investment opportunity to investors in any country in the world instantly with the utilization of Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and AlertPay as financial facilitators of your funds.
SoaretInvestment holds a strong paying status, we pay all members and we are happy to process more withdrawal request within minimum time frame.
Best regards, Management SoaretInvestment”.
SoaretInvestment is paying 5% daily forever on deposits of $50 and upwards made via AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, returning your principal (if you ask) after 15 week lock-in period. Since the program is quite new and is only paying for two weeks we shall see the first investors in profit in approximately another week from now. I hope that SoaretInvestment will be profitable to the majority of investors and keep going for a long time.

Here is the list of the programs featured on my monitoring page which paid me today:
ReProFinance, UnitrustDirect, PowerfulStrategy, BrantonsGroup, OnlineInvestmentBank, SapaInv, NeoProgress, HitNRunMasters, BaseBucks, AdvantagesCapital, EliteGain, GeniusIncome, FelminaAlliance, HyperCompound, iForexGain, SoaretInvestment, SafeDepositary, EurexTrade, ProfitsRaise, PokerProfits, ViscoCorp, MirexGroup, KistFunds, TopsFund, OneInv, SuperHotPay and LargeProfit.

That’s all I have to report today, guys. See you all on MNO tomorrow and good luck with your investments!

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