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Beware! TradeQ has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! It’s probably fair to say that it’s not often you come across a totally unique program in the HYIP industry (not that it guarantees you success or anything if you do) but something that’s at least a little bit more distinguishable from the current axis of short and long term games doing the rounds at the moment is one called TradeQ. Although they claim they’ve been trading since 2010, I wouldn’t put too much confidence in that statement. I mean nobody I know has heard of them and they didn’t really start advertising until a couple of weeks ago. But I wouldn’t let that distract me from the program itself either because it ain’t bad at all. Let’s have a look.

TradeQ is a long term low ROI program that offers two distinct plans to investors. They both offer variable rates of interest and they both pay weekly for a term of 20 weeks. While it’s a little tricky (impossible in fact) to therefore to put an exact figure either on what you can earn from week to week or what you can earn by the time the plan expires. But you can view the past performance of TradeQ from your members area and get a general view of the average payments since the program first launched.

So first of all we have a plan called The Optimized Portfolio. This plan runs as I said for a term of 20 weeks and requires a minimum investment of $10. Your initial principal will be returned on expiry. The weekly income earned from an investment here might be anything from 6% to 9%. The big spenders out there who spend $1000 or more can look forward to a premium rate of an extra 3% on top of that so if you have that kind of cash to spare consider is the reward worth the risk. TradeQ also make the option of compounding available if you require it.

Next is The Aggressive Portfolio. Another variable rate of interest plan that also runs for 20 weeks, except this one pays between 2% and 12%. Now that’s a pretty big variation to say the least, but the TradeQ admin does suggest you should expect 9% or better during a typical week. Just remember you are not guaranteed the higher rates. The same bonus applies to the big spenders here too with an extra 3% on top for investors with $1000 or more. The minimum spend is $20. Compounding is also allowed here and in both plans you can withdraw your principal anytime after the initial 20 week term expires.

The list of payment options is very limited here, compared to other HYIPs at least, and only LibertyReserve is listed for as an online processor. Bank wires are the only other available choice listed by TradeQ, however this is a little bit misleading. It basically involves you funding your own LibertyReserve account with a bank wire first and then making an LR deposit to TradeQ in the usual manner. Payments are made manually and will be available 7 days after you made your first deposit, and every 7 days subsequent to that. Before investing though I just need to quickly point out that you will first be required to fill out a registration form and open an account. After completing this you can now log into the member’s area and select which plan you would prefer to join. Following that you will be redirected to the secured payment page where you will be able to complete the transaction.

TradeQ is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection by Dragonara. The overall quality of the program is quite high, and the script being used is I believe a unique and custom made one. It’s quite a nice user friendly design as well. No frills and some straight talking easy to understand answers in their FAQ is always welcome in my book with style taking a back seat to substance as far as the rest of the site is concerned. If you need to contact the TradeQ admin you can do so by filling in the support form on the contacts page, or by mailing him directly at the e-mail address provided. They also list a postal address in The Seychelles. Nothing I can verify myself of course but these things are typically just serviced offices and mail collection centers anyway.

Overall I quite like this one. Sustainable plans and a well thought out program which if everything works out as it should do, has the potential to stay online and pay some very respectable profits to the members for several months to come. Plus the fact that they vary the payments from week to week means that TradeQ don’t necessarily tie themselves to meeting financial commitments that they might struggle to meet when the program has a slow week or two as happens in every business. You can make a little extra as the fortunes of the program improve but the most important thing is maintaining a consistent stream of payments. Apart from that I need only to remind you that the HYIP industry carries no guarantees so don’t spend more money on TradeQ (or any other program for that matter) that will cause you trouble were you to lose it. And of course for a more effective way to play the industry in general is to keep TradeQ as one smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.


Well guys, there’s a lot of news to catch up with for the last couple of days and not all it’s positive. But I guess we’d better start with some better news for investors.

The first investors of SoaretInvestment (reviewed here) should be in profit within the next couple of days as the program has been online for 20 days now paying 5% daily interest with no expiry date and the possibility to withdraw your principal after a 15 week lock-in period. Despite a quite high minimum spend of $50 SoaretInvestment managed to become relatively popular during these first few weeks online, possibly because it takes all four popular payment processors – AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Fast withdrawals also contributed to the growth of the program. Just one thing concerns me at the moment – SoaretInvestment opened a poll on the site asking members if they want a new investment plan to be added. As far as I can see the vast majority of investors are voting in favor, but the question arises whether this addition is really essential and will it be seen as a possible red flag by some members? If we consider that the results of any poll can be easily rigged to give the admin the “result” he wanted in the first place regardless of what investors actually voted for, then we must ask ourselves what the real motivation of the admin of SoaretInvestment Josh (read my recent interview with him here) might be behind all that. I think there is a lot food for thought here, and I guess we will all see soon enough what the new investment plan will be offered for the members of SoaretInvestment. Here is the latest newsletter:
SoaretInvestment Update
Dear Partners of SoaretInvestment,
It is without doubt that we inform you that SoaretInvestment has become one of the most stable online programs today, although we know as experts we do not envisage anything less but still we couldn’t have achieved this without your support hence we are using this means to say thanks to “You”.
A poll was added on our homepage whether or not you want a new plan for SoaretInvestment, we want your honest vote and we hope to implement based on the result and decision of our management team. We remain a paying program and we have waxed so strong since our official launch. Over the weekend we had interview with the Admin of MoneyNewsOnline and you can read about it here: http://money-news-online.com/blog/2011/10/16/16102011-interview-with-the-admin-of-soaretinvestment/
We give you our word, we are not going to operate below success and we hope to satisfy our members in every way we can, withdrawal request are been processed in minutes and everything is working just perfect for us.
Once again, Thanks for your wonderful support.
Sincerely yours, Josh Wills.

A weird update was sent last night by the admin of NeoProgress (reviewed here) claiming to have opened an office in Nigeria. No offense to the people who live there but internationally this country is better know (as far as the internet goes anyway) for the so called Nigerian letters and and all other types of internet scam. I really doubt that their government cares much about the promotion of internet ponzies by its citizens. Recent proof of was the SafeDepositary seminars held there, highly questionable activities compared to European countries that will not allow any type of internet ponzies to be advertised. I remember that SafeDepositary (now 100% scam) also promised their next seminars would be arranged in Europe and the US (lol!) which obviously never happened. The laws of those countries against such ponzi-games like SafeDepositary and NeoProgress will never allow this to happen. So I find it quite questionable that their new offices would be opened in any European country. We can see an almost embarrassed tone in the last newsletter from NeoProgress along with empty promises of opening new offices soon. In my opinion, the Nigerian office will remain the only one NeoProgress will ever have and the aim of this email is to make you think that a real physical office can somehow diminish the risks connected to online investments. Well, I have news for you, guys – it won’t eliminate anything and NeoProgress still remains an online HYIP with all its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of the program include fast payouts to all popular payment processors (AlertPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay). Bank wires are also taken in plans including 1.5% for 30 business days, 1.8% for 60 business days, and 2% for 90 business days with principal back on expiry. Disadvantages of course include the high risk nature of such activities which can’t be covered up by opening an office in Nigeria of which the admin proudly (albeit in a slightly embarrassed tone) reported in their recent newsletter:
We began to open the first offices for our clients – NeoProgress
We announce that we’ve opened the first NeoProgress regional representation office for our company clients.
Taking into consideration that we have many clients from Africa, and from Nigeria as well, we’ve made a decision and opened the office so that all residents of Nigeria, Lagos State, can visit us, get a consultation how the company works and receive answers to any other questions.
Every day, on working days, from Monday till Friday we’ll conduct seminars, conferences and meetings of our investors at this office.
At our offices you can always receive the company’s brochures and full information how we work in the Forex market and how we support our clients. Moreover, at our office you can use a computer to access your account and our local representative will help you understand all the details of online investments.
At present, we carry out works to open local representation offices in Spain, Italy, Rumania, London, Hungary and Germany. You can learn about each new opened branch office from our news or mailing.
Our first regional office address: Nigeria at no 44/46 adebola street anifowose ikeja lagos by pavilion hotel or call 07033878255 for more details to contact our local representatives, agent name Ukoh Chris.
NeoProgress Client Support Department”.

I’m sure most of you have heard of ING, one of the largest financial institutions in the world. According to the article about them on Wikipedia “ING is the largest banking/financial services & insurance conglomerate in the world by revenue with current gross receipts exceeding €54 billion ($77 billion) per annum”. What do they have to do with ReProFinance HYIP (reviewed here)? Well, according to the latest newsletter posted on ReProFinance‘s website soon investors in any of their plans plans (1.6%-2.3% for 90 business days, 1.8%-2.5% for 180 business days with principal back, and 1% daily bonds) will be insured by them as specified in the latest newsletter. Funny thing though that one of the sides in this alleged agreement is named as Revendor Management Inc. which is supposedly the legal entity registered in Belize. However, according by the official information posted on the Belize International Financial Services Commission website http://www.ifsc.gov.bz/notices.html Revendor Management Inc. was named as an offender which doesn’t have a proper license in order to offer any services to its clients. So, I wonder what the point is of inventing this clearly ridiculous story about making a deal with ING – I remind you that the information can be easily verified by contacting ING through their website who will surely deny all knowledge of ReProFinance. This lie will become widely discredited very soon but I believe the real purpose was to create a false sense of security among investors and make them spend more that they can afford to lose. That is exactly what HYIPs do before collapsing and the obviously false information provided below makes me think that their days are numbered (please be extremely careful when depositing in ReProFinance from this point on!):
All investors of ReProFinance will be insured by ING
Run your investment business securely. Owing to a new partnership agreement will be made with the international insurance company ING, the work with ReProFinance company becomes more reliable and predictable.
ReProFinance will be insuring all the investment deposits of the company clients. The insured party is a legal entity Revendor Management Inc., which stands behind online service ReProFinance. All the insurance fees are paid by Revendor Management Inc. and taken from the reserve fund of the company.
The list of insurance events providing for payment of indemnification to the clients includes reduction of company assets value for more than 80% resulted from economic crisis, bankruptcy of the company, website outage during 14 days and the force majeure.
In case of the insurance event the client receives compensation in the amount of the deposit invested plus all the profit what was not received.
We do our best to turn the service ReProFinance into a reliable investment tool, and the agreement with a leading insurance company is a part of development policy of our company.”

The situation with ProfitsRaise is very unclear at the moment since the interview with the admin was posted on MNO just last night. It appears that for now their AlertPay account is suspended and you can verify by trying to make a deposit in your members’ area. I have already received an explanation of sorts from the admin of ProfitsRaise Andrea who said the account was restricted and that they’re waiting for an update from AlertPay’s. As per her opinion behind this might be seem another attempt by the admin of WinnerEarn to destroy ProfitsRaise by submitting some kind of report to AlertPay which led to temporary suspension of the account. Whatever the real reason, I hope the situation with AlertPay will be resolved by tonight, otherwise, the program faces certain collapse. Therefore, despite the program staying on Paying status or the time being (at least, until I get more info) further investments in ProfitsRaise are not recommended, as in most cases the suspension of AlertPay accounts means one thing only – pending closure. We will see very soon if this is the case with ProfitsRaise but at this moment things are looking really gloomy. I’ll keep you updated on that!

Latest update on ProfitsRaise – everything is back to normal now as the AlertPay account was unblocked and the withdrawals resumed. More on that tomorrow!

Another program where investments are not recommended at the moment is HitNRunMasters. I remind you that yesterday the program was suspended by Directi internet registrar which is one of the largest companies providing domain registration services in the world. Last week the same thing happened to PowerfulStrategy which immediately collapsed when the admin failed to act quickly enough and didn’t deal with the situation efficiently. Although the situation is a bit different for HitNRunMasters – the site is still online on a temporary URL – I still believe that the admin of the program is not handling the situation properly. Instead of registering another domain and continuing as normal, he is trying to recover the old domain which I believe will only further stall the process of returning the site to normal. Despite the program still being online on a temporary URL and still accepting deposits, the withdrawals are currently delayed for over 24 hours which is not a good sign at all. I would not hold too much hope for HitNRunMasters recovering soon, and therefore I would not advise any additional investments there until the domain issue is resolved and payouts back on schedule. Here are two latest updates from HitNRunMasters containing the temporary URL which you might need to withdraw your profits and some recent news which I believe is not so important now since the main site of the program is offline:
New Temporary Website address
Dear Members,
As you may or may not be aware our domain name has been de-registered, which results in a “Server not Found” to visitors. We do not know who the culprit is, but our programmer has come up with a temporary solution so we can get on with business.
Please use this address to access the site:
You will receive a warning about the SSL certificate being invalid because it applies to hitnrunmasters.com. You just need to add an exception to be able to request and invest normally with full encryption.
In the meantime we are investigating with our domain registrar why the domain was de-registered and if necessary will register another domain.
They cannot keep us down! NB
Dear members
As you will be well aware of now our domain name is in the process of being recovered. It is neither as easy task nor is it something that can be done in a few hours.
However it has not affected members being able to open the site for requests and deposits.
I remind you that Friday is the last day that we are accepting investments of less than $100. Today’s payouts are a good reminder to us that we have taken the right decision in this regard. The staff and myself have spent all day doing them because of glitches caused by our current web address.
Some have suggested that we raise the minimum withdrawal. The problem with that, is we have current smaller investors and monitors, who would feel like second class citizens if we restricted their withdrawals. Our intention is to look after ALL our investors, not just the bigger ones. Changing terms that affect any of our current members is not our intention.
Until we are in control of our domain name expect some delays in withdrawals. It is a lengthy process and we intend to keep within our Terms of Service, even with the current difficulties.
I am looking forward to all being back to normal and so are our staff.
Admin NB”.

I wonder why other admins make the same mistake again and registered their new domain addresses with Directi once again just to face the same domain suspension issue a few days later. This is what happened with OneInv with its .net extension which was suspended by Directi after only a few days, forcing the admin to change domain address to .biz extension yet again. Please note that OneInv (reviewed here) was returned to Paying status on MNO yesterday since I received the last withdrawal last night very fast after making a withdrawal request. There is no official update though published on OneInv as of now, so I would suggest to wait before making an investment there. I will keep you updated!

Exactly the same situation happened with TopsFund whose new domain was suspended once again making the latest news published by them only yesterday obsolete:
Domain Changed
We have changed our domain to Tops-Fund.Net as the old domain is not working.
At this moment I’m trying to contact the admin of TopsFund for the explanation of the current situation of which I’m sure he’s aware of. Hopefully, I will be able to bring you some good news about TopsFund by tomorrow, so stay tuned for that, guys.

I have received another complaint regarding ViscoCorp which I have successfully verified. Since the admin refused to pay to my downline and only offered him to be paid via Check or Bank wire despite the only accepted payment method is LibertyReserve I believe his intentions are bad and he’s simply trying to buy some time before the program collapses. So, until this issue is solved and my referral in ViscoCorp is paid in full the program will remain on Problem status on MNO. Please do not invest in ViscoCorp until further notice, guys!

I have one unresolved complaint from a downline whose account in PermanentProfit with $5K deposit was blocked. The admin of the program remained silent and never replied to my request while meanwhile processing selective payouts. Moreover, I got the information last night from the person the admin tried to cheat even more sending this email:
Hello sir,
Our staff have check this account,he found that your account have been changed information by someone(maybe hacker) before.
But your funds is safe because we need the transfer code for withdraw.Your account balance is $5501.1.
So now you need to pay $1000 as insurance fund for confirmed, and then we will re-send the account information to you.
The $1000 insurance fund will be returned to you after confirm your account informations.And we will set your account as withdraw instantly.
Please send the insurance fund to our PM:U1701096
This is another ugly attempt to scam by PermanentProfit which needs to be exposed. I believe any monitors still display Paying status for this obvious scam should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for covering up such an obvious scam.

One MNO reader pointed out an interesting fact that identifies the admin of TopInvesting as the admin of AssetsBank which paid for a mere three days before scamming. The thing is when anyone tries to click on the Live support button on TopInvesting he will see this address in his URL bar before being redirected to the support site – http://messenger2.providesupport.com/messenger/assetsbank.html I’m sure 100% this is no coincidence and that TopInvesting is run by the same admin that ran AssetsBank earlier. This information simply cannot be ignored and any investor wanting to invest in TopInvesting should know about that first. Of course, that alone doesn’t mean that TopInvesting will repeat the fate AssetsBank and will stop paying in three days, but I believe that this information is still crucial for any investor if one is going to determine if a program is suitable for his needs. If TopInvesting keeps paying till tomorrow it will be reviewed by MNO but I doubt the connection with AssetsBank makes the program particularly appealing to investors and most probably it will not run for long time.

For the last 36 hours I was paid by the following programs listed on my monitoring page on Paying status:
RapyWealth, NeoProgress, ReProFinance, EurexTrade, BrantonsGroup, OnlineInvestmentBank, GlobalFxTrades, BaseBucks, EliteGain, GeniusIncome, HyperCompound, KistFunds, SapaInv, OneInv, FelminaAlliance, PokerProfits, WorldwideCapital, MirexGroup, SuperHotPay, LargeProfit, StableProfit, SoaretInvestment, PerfectLottery, UnitrustDirect, TopInvesting (the first payment received) and TradeQ (the first payment received).

That’s everything I have to report for today, guys. Stay tuned for more news from the HYIP industry and I hope to see you on my blog tomorrow!

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