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Beware! PerfectFinance has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I don’t know exactly whom I need to thank for this, but it seems the more the name of MNO gets thrown around in any context, positive or negative, on other websites it seems the more business comes my way. I don’t know if it’s other monitors, forums, blogs, HYIP admins, or whatever, the more people don’t seem to like me or what I do no matter how bizarre the reason I just get more and more traffic from it. In fact I haven’t had this much work in such a short space of time in nearly three years, and and some point this week am going to have to publish twice per day instead of once, something I haven’t done since the industry was at it’s over inflated peak back in 2009. I think it was Oscar Wilde who once said “the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about” which is true. Better be reviled than ignored I think, though another Irish writer Brendan Behan put it more humorously when he said “there’s no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.”

So whatever the reasons I’m quite thankful for the extra visitors and the extra business coming my way. September to November has usually been a fruitful period in the industry so I’m not only personally glad to take more advantage of this, I’m also glad that I can bring a lot more programs to your attention for you to think about. You don’t have to join all of them of course, that would be madness. In fact you don’t even have to join any of them if you don’t want, but I doubt you’d be reading a HYIP related blog if you weren’t looking for something to bolster your portfolios. So tonight I want to take a closer look at a pretty decent longer term opportunity called PerfectFinance which just opened a couple of days ago. Despite being so new (though naturally the most profitable time to join is at the start) I’ve been impressed with the attention they’ve been getting from readers here. Though I myself can’t say that I see anything particularly memorable about PerfectFinance or anything that really makes them stand out, it is a solid enough program with some realistic plans that can be achieved by a competent admin. And speaking of the admin I can also see that he has at least put some work into this and (while subject to countless other factors that can go against him) seems serious about making a success of PerfectFinance. In fact he had been discussing the launch with me several days before anything happened so I kinda know he was putting some effort into it.

According to the PerfectFinance website they’re offering four investment plans, but I think it’s more accurate to say they’ve only got the one and it comes with four variations. In turn most of these are beyond the financial reach of most investors that I know, but I’ll run through them for you here anyway. So to start with you can join PerfectFinance for a $10 minimum deposit. This gets you into The Starter Plan which runs for 60 calendar days. In return PerfectFinance will pay you a daily interest rate of 2.7% which adds up to 162% by the end of the term. This can then be considered as profit once the admin returns your principal as promised so don’t forget that, however an arguably more important stat is that you should break even, ie earn back an amount equal to your deposit therefore making it impossible for you to lose any money, after 38 days. Maximum deposit for this plan is $999.

For the more serious players looking to go in with anything from a $1,000 minimum up to a maximum value of $4,999 PerfectFinance have The Regular Plan, again running for 60 calendar days. For this they will reward you with a daily payment of 2.8% interest, which is only very marginally better than the last option but over the course of the 60 day term eventually adds up to a grand total of 168%. Your original principal is then added to this.

PerfectFinance‘s third option is where things start to get a bit unrealistic, but if you can happily spare the $5,000 minimum required to join then good luck to you. It’s called The Advanced Plan and for 60 calendar days the program offers a daily interest payment of 2.9%. Again only a negligible improvement over the previous plan it would seem at first glance, but over the course of the term this eventually adds up to 174%. PerfectFinance should then return your principal. The maximum spend allowed for this plan is $19,999.

And finally purely for informational purposes we have the modestly titled The Magnificent Plan. This requires a $20,000 minimum to join so I don’t imagine the queue will be all that long, and takes a maximum of $100,000. In return PerfectFinance offer 3% interest per day adding up to 180% by the end of the term of 60 calendar days, at which point they promise to return your principal. But to be honest I think we’re really only talking about hypothetical deposits in this plan anyway.

PerfectFinance is I’m pleased see another of the expanding list of HYIPs that recognize the importance of having a good selection of payment processors right from the start. Particularly with longer term programs who not that long ago felt totally at ease with offering just LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, and if you didn’t like it then tough luck because nobody else gave you a better choice either. So apart from those two processors PerfectFinance will also accept investments made through SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. Just be aware that payouts to LR and PM are currently made instantly, though you will of course still need to log into your account and request it. Payouts to STP and EgoPay are made by the admin manually, and in this case you need to allow him up to 24 hours after making your request for him to complete the transaction. Something else you need to know about PerfectFinance is that compounding is allowed. Regular readers will know I tend to advise against using this myself, though I don’t want that to sound like it reflects badly on this program. Lot’s of successful HYIPs offer it but I suggest you avoid it in all of them, not just PerfectFinance. However it’s your money we’re talking about here, not mine, so if you insist on trying your luck then the admin offers some examples on the website of how you can use it.

Moving on to the design and security features, PerfectFinance is quite well organized and it really shows that a bit more work was put into the site than just the usual generic template copy/paste job. For example the FAQ is better than we generally see and the admin has added a “Get Started” page where you’ll find some interesting information and a step-by-step guide to getting set up in the industry. Nothing the more experienced players wouldn’t know but it’s a nice touch and very handy for anyone new to the industry. Of course it doesn’t hurt that it also makes them look a bit more professional. Other than that the PerfectFinance website is fully SSL secured in both public and members areas for safer browsing and more secure transactions. It’s running off a script that’s been modified to suit the program’s own requirements, but is more or less built around a licensed GoldCoders model. Hosting is on a dedicated server with support and protection by AntiDdos who I must say have built a pretty solid reputation for themselves with none of the programs they hosted having any major problems. I mean I’m only talking about the ones that I myself monitored and problems that I was made aware of, but no major security flaws that I can see.

Anyway, if there’s anything in here that I didn’t cover or you want to ask the admin about then you can contact them in several different ways. For starters you can just mail PerfectFinance directly at the e-mail address listed, or alternatively just fill in your details on the online support ticketing form and submit it through the contacts page. If you need your questions answered immediately then you can either try them on Live Chat or else try your luck with the phone number listed on the website. PerfectFinance also list a postal address in the UK though these things are typically just virtual or serviced office spaces that serve as mail and message forwarding centers if the admin requests such a service. So you’d be unlikely to find PerfectFinance in the building were you to actually walk in off the street.

While there is a certain amount of interesting content on the PerfectFinance website, anything related to real business is deliberately vague and doesn’t contain anything we haven’t seen on a million other HYIPs in the past. ForEx, stocks, bonds, all the usual one liners with nothing backing it up, so as always don’t expect there anything other than the machinations of an online HYIP going on here. And despite what their owners would rather you believe, it is a very high risk activity so you need to behave as such. Some people would tell you to stay away completely, but than that would be no fun at all! Better to play but play safe in my opinion because wherever you find chances to make money you will also find chances to lose it. So try to establish a spending limit based on what you can afford to lose from your existing disposable income, and if adding PerfectFinance to your portfolios make sure and keep them as diverse and varied as is reasonable.



Finvance (reviewed here) is definitely one of the hottest programs now with many members joining it on a daily basis. It really flourished though after reaching the #2 spot on the MNO monitor where it’s in a comfortable position just behind the undisputed leader NewGNi. But we should also remember that Finvance is still a relatively recent program compared to NewGNi and has been running for only 78 days which puts it on the end of its third cycle (Finvance pays 8% for 20 business days regardless of the size of your deposit). You can start with a $20 minimum and they use all the popular payment options including SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. By the way, only members of Finvance have the amazing opportunity to exchange their funds from the currency they joined with to any other currency of their choice totally free of charge. This is unheard of in the industry and still the admin of Finvance Mark (interviewed here) is doing this for his members. I guess that might be another plan to make Finvance rise even higher in the rankings, and I’m sure many members will appreciate it. This was the main subject of the latest newsletter from the program today alongside with the promised timeframe for processing withdrawals which varies for every payment processor. Please read more on that below:

Finvance Withdrawal Times
To our clients,
Our current withdrawal process times can be found below:
Liberty Reserve Withdrawals: Within 24 Hours
PerfectMoney Withdrawals: Within 24 Hours
EgoPay Withdrawals: Within 24 Hours
SolidTrustPay Withdrawals: Within 48 Hours
As always, currency exchanges are enabled for your convenience. Just cancel any pending withdrawal and you can convert it to another e-currency free of charge and withdraw. Just make sure you are logged into Finvance and then go to this link to complete your exchange: https://finvance.com/ex.php


After some slight delays with withdrawals over the weekend caused by exchange delays BensonUnion is back to normal now with all payouts made to members’ accounts as usual while the first investors who joined the program at least eight months ago when it just started have now managed to get their principals back after the expiry on the investment plan offering 1.2%-2.45% for 170 business days. Currently BensonUnion is accepting a very wide variety of payment processors including LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, PexPay and BitCoin with the pending STP addition and also the use of direct bank wires. The majority of payouts are still processed instantly and you will get paid within seconds of making your request.

In today’s newsletter the admin of BensonUnion Ragnar (read my interview with him here) announced the upcoming third webinar which will be improved significantly and will be able to accommodate more interested members of the program providing bigger capacity for the chat room. After completion of the webinar which by the way, is scheduled for October 11, Ragnar will be able to answer all your questions make a note of the date. I’m sure we’ll hear more reminders about it closer to the day anyway. In other news, the referral extra bonus promotion which was available for a couple of weeks has expired and the program now returns to its usual referral rewards. Below is the latest full newsletter from BensonUnion (reviewed here):

BensonUnion official newsletter
Dear investors! BensonUnion informs about finished “1% referral bonus” special offer. Referral commissions for all bank wire deposits which were sent before last night will be paid out with bonus. We are getting ready for the next webinar that will take place on October 11 so there is just 9 days left till our traditional event. The webinar will be held by Ragnar Wellington, the CEO of BensonUnion company. This time we will use different software so more people will be able to participate. We will also work hard on moderation to exclude spam in the webinar chat. Mr. Wellington will provide all information regarding events which are going to happen in the company and surely he will start answering all your questions once he completes his speech. We will send conference room URL and more details in next newsletter. Stay tuned!


Despite the issues with promised principal returns which EurexTrade seemingly fails to honor (as I received a few complaints regarding this from my referrals lately) the variable daily returns of up to 2.9% daily are still credited in members’ account flawlessly and are available for immediate withdrawal to your LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney accounts. I have to remind you that EurexTrade (first reviewed on MNO here) is actually one of the oldest programs monitored on MNO running for 580+ days already and deservedly occupying a spot in Top Five most popular programs there.

As EurexTrade “earns” profits for investors only on business days (from Monday to Friday) the admin Christopher (interviewed here) is always tempted to add a couple of more holidays to that schedule and exclude them from the payout roster. This month October, 8 was announced as a non-payment and since it falls on Monday please do not get frustrated if you don’t see your usual profits in your accounts on that day. Note that it won’t affect your payouts in EurexTrade as they are always processed instantly regardless of when you click the Withdraw button. The admin warned us about the holiday in advance and a short update about it was posted on their website today:

Bank Holidays on October
Dear customers!
Due to the holidays we have the following official non-trading day.
October 08 (Columbus Day in US)
Therefore no profit will be credited to EurexTrade investment accounts.
Deposit and withdrawals are processing instantly as usual.


ROInvest (reviewed here) have finally added LibertyReserve as its fourth payment processor and now everyone can use all the popular processors which were added gradually over the course of a few days since the program first launched 10 days ago. LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay are all making instant payments while in EgoPay they are processed manually. Plans include 1.7%-2.7% for 50 business days (principal back) and 3.5%-4.5% for 50 business days (principal included). Steady growth was the general intention of the admin of ROInvest Craig who started the program looking to achieve stability which according to him is about slow and gradual but sustainable growth. I hope that gradual rollout of the payment processors is not the only trick up his sleeve to ensure the stability of ROInvest in the long run and later we will see what else he’s preparing for his members. I hope to send Craig some questions for an interview soon, so if you have something to ask this innovative admin please contact me and I will include them. Here’s the latest newsletter from ROInvest:

Dear ROInvest members,
LR has now been added to our site, you may now deposit using LR.
LR withdrawals will be AUTOMATIC just like PM, STP. However EGOPAY withdrawals are manual. LR will be the final PP added for the time being. (Please remember to put your PP infomation in your back office)
We have now finished stage 1 of our site, and with all PP added, we can now look at our plans to grow and promote in a steady fashion. In time we will change the text at the bottom of the site and we will have a wealth of ideas and opportunities for everyone, i can not give anything away just yet but i`m sure you will be excited about the next few months with ROInvest.
As expected we have taken a “PERFECT” amount of deposits and with the plans we have and the marketing strategy in place ROInvest will be a very stable investment program for a long time. In my eyes running a hyip is all about steady growth, and we will maintain that.
Anyone who missed out on our review with the biggest hyip monitor site, MNO. You can read that here: http://money-news-online.com/blog/2012/09/25/25092012-roinvest-review-and-daily-news-from-the-industry/?drgn=1
Have a nice week everyone, and be sure to check our news updates slot on the home page, as it will be updated very often.


I must say I’ve been very impressed the attitude, high level of professionalism, and overall general efficiency of SkyCrown recently, and if this is how they mean to continue then I can only see bigger and better things for them. I needed to contact the admin today because of a technical glitch getting into my account. I should stress that at no point was SkyCrown (reviewed here) ever offline, but what happened was that I was unable to log in. it seems I may not have been the only one facing this issue if the following update from the admin is anything to go by, though I have to say that once I raised the issue with him action was almost immediate. The program, which offers 3%-3.5% for 50 business days, has now climbed into the Top Ten on MNO after just nine days of monitoring. This would indicate it’s more than just me that’s been impressed with them and there could be a bright future ahead for this one. Anyway, apart from this relatively minor inconvenience today the admin goes on to mention his plans to carry out some maintenance work on the site in the future. No specific dates are mentioned or anything, it’s just a general thing as SkyCrown gets more and more traffic. So given that they only work on business days, the admin is committed to limiting any necessary downtime for system work that might arise to weekends. He also commits to giving as much advance warning about this as possible to SkyCrown members. You can read the latest update from them below:

Technical Issues Resolved
Dear Members,
Due to a minor issue with our website server today, several members were not able to access their accounts.
We want to officially apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused and to inform everyone that the issue has been successfully addressed.
Given that our website is constantly growing in popularity but also in size and resource consumption, weekly maintenance intervals will be scheduled from now on, mainly over the weekend.
The maintenance intervals will be scheduled and announced with a minimum of 2 days in advance, in our news section as well as through newsletters.
Warm Regards, Nick Seltzer
Online Identity Manager
SkyCrown Capital Management”.


I’ll just give you a very short note about the latest update from PrimeX7, because I covered this on my blog already yesterday. If you were reading then you will have seen that there was some discrepancy between how the admin was describing his investment plans and the reality of they actually worked. Well, one plan in particular. And though I know I mentioned it last night, today saw an official update on the subject from the admin. But basically the confusion starts with PrimeX7‘s one day plan that pays 107% on expiry. The admin described this as a “no expiry” plan, which investors will understand as meaning you get paid 7% interest every day for as long as the program survives. What he neglected to mention in his original description is that if you really wanted to do this you are required to withdraw you principal and re-invest it again and again every day. So the plan DOES have an expiry day, and it’s one day long. So below is the admin’s re-evaluated description of his plans taken from his latest news update, and that’s followed by an update regarding a recent DDoS attack on the PrimeX7 website which was mercifully short and successfully mitigated. Incidentally, PrimeX7 will be reviewed on MNO tomorrow.

3rd day of PrimeX7 Online !!
We have already
– 224 total accounts
– $6,720 total deposited
– $1,153 total withdrawal
One main thing I want to point out in this newsletter is about our
7% daily (Principal back) – 107% after 1 day
Many members got confused or question about this plan,
Let me give you an example.
If you invested $100 into this plan, after 24 hours, you will see $107 in your account balance. At this point, you can request withdraw for your principal with your profit to your payment processor OR reinvest back into any other plan in PrimeX7.
This plan have no time limit, you can invest into it again everyday.
Some highlight:
– Referral commission is 7% even you HAVE NOT invested into any plan, you are still eligible to earn this.
– Our 7 days/ 14 days/ 21 days/ 28 days plan are principal included (Principal returned)
– When you fill in your personal details & payment processor details, please make sure all information are correctly filled in. We have received a lot of support tickets which members want us to correct or update their account details
If you have any questions or comment for PrimeX7, please do not hesitate to send us a support ticket, we will answer you within 24 hours (usually it is faster, as many of you already know).
PrimeX7 Admin”.

DDOS Attacked
Our site have just offline for around 1 hour before few hours ago we have 2 DDOS attacked.
But, our hosting and programmer have fixed it and upgrade to a higher security (CloudFlade) for PrimeX7.
So there is nothing to worry, we are back online now and all date and information/ investment are remain the same.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
PrimeX7 Admin”.


As no one has actually confirmed their payouts in AtlanticVision have been pending for over 48 hours which is the timeframe required for processing withdrawals I cannot move the program to Problem status on MNO yet. My payout has been pending for over 24 hours but hasn’t reached the 48-hour threshold either, so I have decided to move them to Waiting status for now. Tomorrow it will be decided if AtlanticVision goes back to Paying or Scam Status after running for only two weeks. The second scenario is the more likely as such delays never happened before and at this point they look suspicious, especially considering the admin of AtlanticVision never mentioned any expected delays. If that’s the case and AtlanticVision is really a scam it would be really sad to see, as it looked very promising to many. One way or another I would not recommend investing in AtlanticVision, and please watch the status of the program on MNO tomorrow as I will finally decide where to put them.


After many hours of downtime I was concerned about the ability of TureProfit to return to normal and so contacted the admin. To my surprise, I was replied to very quickly and he was fully aware of the situation. He explained they were under a severe DDoS attack and that their current hosting provider was unable to cope. So they moved to BlockDos which is the current leader in the HYIP market. I’m not sure of the details and if the site was moved to a new more powerful server yet, however, TureProfit is loading fine now with the exception of their SSL pages which are still not available. If you try to access TureProfit website do it without SSL which according to the admin is in test mode now and will be added shortly. I was paid promptly by TureProfit already within a few hours after I requested my weekly profit from the 8% for 50 weeks plan – the only one available there – and was paid promptly to my EgoPay account within a couple of hours. TureProfit (reviewed here) returns to Paying status on MNO and I hope that all the worries are behind us now. Here’s the update on TureProfit‘s website at the moment:

Our site Updated ddos protection system.
Now our website is under a great DDOS attack, we have to put our site move to a more powerful protection. So take up to 24 hours of updating service, thank you for your patience.


Three programs have been added to Premium listing on MNO today and the first one to be introduced is MonetaryClub. The program has been running for over a week already and with the very fast profit plans it’s offering it cannot be considered as new. Despite a lot of investment plans for all tastes and all the payment processors accepted (LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay all taken), MonetaryClub is not that popular I would say and has room to grow. All plans offer payouts on expiry and start from a $10 minimum. Interest rates depend on the amount invested. The plans include the following – 103%-130% after 1 day, 54%-75% for 2 days, 120%-330% after 5 days, 150%-500% after 10 days, 350%-800% after 20 days, 500%-1200% after 30 days. As you can see it’s a standard set for this type of program and there is nothing special there. The question remains how long MonetaryClub will last and if the plans are sustainable enough to make it run for days or weeks. I guess we’ll know soon enough but meanwhile I’ll just look at the main features that actually interest the average investor and skip the part about MonetaryClub as a company which according to the admin has been running since 2006 obviously delivering 130% daily payments to thousands if not millions of investors all over the world, lol. The script MonetaryClub is running off looks very close to GoldCoders though it’s not licensed properly. So when I asked the admin about it he told me he doesn’t trust GoldCoders and therefore ordered a modified script for his site. I can’t verify if it’s true or not but the member’s area in MonetaryClub does look a bit different. The site is protected by SSL and is hosted on a dedicated server by Snoork while the admin claims that the site is DDoS protected too. More will be in my review in a couple of days, so stay tuned for that!


Unlike the previous program, ProfitTrusted which also joined MNO’s Premium listing only launched today and is totally new. Plans are very similar and all of them also pay you on expiry – 106%-125% after 1 day, 119%-210% after 3 days, 148%-330% after 5 days, 196%-550% after 7 days, 465%-3700% after 15 days, 2200%-9800% after 30 days, 80000% after 80 days. The minimum to invest starts from $10 which is accepted by EgoPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. The withdrawals are promised to be done instantly on request and I can confirm already that I got paid within seconds to my LR account, so that’s kinda encouraging to know that such an option is available for programs like ProfitTrusted from the very beginning. The site itself is looking pretty good with some basic information available and running off a licensed GoldCoders script familiar to most investors. ProfitTrusted‘s site is also properly SSL secured by Comodo and is hosted on a dedicated server with a very quality DDoS protection provided by AntiDDoS. That’s all I wanted to say about ProfitTrusted for now with the full review to be published here in a few days.


Nubcoyu is the third program from Premium listing. It’s a low-ROI and a long-term one paying 1.4% daily for 200 business days (Mon-Fri) with NO principal return. Currently Nubcoyu accepts LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and EgoPay starting from $10 but the admin told me he’s awaiting for verification to be completed in SolidTrustPay after which that popular payment processor will be also added to the list. The site is running off a licensed GoldCoders script, is SSL-secured and hosted on a dedicated server by Koddos. Withdrawals are processed within 24 to 48 hours and the site of Nubcoyu has been running for about three weeks already but that’s still quite new for this type of HYIP. The admin of Nubcoyu has already joined the MNO ShoutBox and you can ask him any questions there if you see him. Just remember that despite the low returns Nubcoyu is still a high-risk venture, so the admin honestly asks not to invest what you can’t afford to lose in one of the first newsletters posted on his website:

Things To Remember
Investments involves risks, so never, ever invest more than you can afford to lose! Please invest smartly.
Also note that your accounts will be credited only on weekdays and payments are to be made within 48 hours. Should you have any questions, please use the contact form. Happy invest!

I will be looking at Nubcoyu in more detail in the upcoming review in a few days, and looking forward telling you more.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: RoyalUnionTheMoneyGalaxy, IntraFunds, ProsperaNova.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, Finvance, ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade,  TheBig5, FelminaAlliance, PlexCapital, SkyCrown, Bull&BearCapital, PipsFund, JustTripler, ROInvest, DiamondAsset, ForexEarn, PerfectFinance, CEmobility, TureProfit, OdoFx, ProfitTrusted (the first payment received), SiriusUnion (the first payments received), ForexBank (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, PrimeX7, Alconoil, Hero10.
From MNO Basic list: GoldTradeFunds, BeeGold, StallionGold.

That’s it for today. It was very busy for me with many new programs added and much news to report. But I can tell you that MNO is both a full time job and a hobby rolled into one and I’m doing it on a daily basis with great pleasure and hope you find it a useful resource. That’s why it’s important to read MNO on a daily basis to be updated on the current events and trends in the HYIP industry to stay up-to-date and receive today’s news today. Thanks for reading and for all your support. See you all tomorrow, guys!

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