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Hello everyone! Apart from looking forward to the weekend I hope you’re also looking forward to the latest news from the HYIP industry and the most popular investment programs online. Sorry about the lack of the news yesterday, but you can plainly see the industry is going into its annual hibernation now with less people inclined to invest during the pre-Christmas period and so less quality programs are emerging to accommodate the decreasing deposits with many of the better admins returning to the scene after the holidays. Still there is some news to report and even one new short-term program to be mentioned tonight, but I would like to start with the latest developments on my own site.


As you may have known, during the last few weeks my programmer was diligently working on a solution to replace the old MNO Chat Room with a new communication center. So, MNO TalkBack was created which will hopefully become a popular place for readers to chat with each other very soon. I must say that the current version of MNO TalkBack is just a rough draft where that I’ll be testing for the moment. For now you can see the current MNO ShoutBox on the left, while the new ChatWing box is located on the right where you can discuss anything off-topic. Please note that I reserve the right to replace the ChatWing chat very soon and add more features if the members wish. The rules for the MNO ShoutBox and MNO ChatWing will also be posted on the TalkBack page soon. Note that you will not need permission to join the ChatWing just yet and can post under the Guest login, or else use your Facebook and Twitter credentials to post your message there, so shout it out and be heard!

In the middle of the TalkBack page you will find some opinion polls which will change from time to time. You can vote only once from your current IP-address and see the results by dragging your cursor on the eye symbol. Despite MNO TalkBack not being announced officially last night I can see there are already many people voting for their favorite payment processor which currently sees both LibertyReserve and SolidTrustPay in the lead and their favorite time of year which has “summer” leading now. Feel free to participate! Finally, many people enjoyed the MNO Relax Box that included some music on my Contact page, so just for them I asked Andrew to add a few more songs in the player which you can listen to while chatting with your friends and fellow readers. I would really appreciate your feedback and ideas on how to improve MNO TalkBack as it’s still raw and will surely be improved with time. Let’s make it as the best chatting platform online and do it together, guys! Thanks in advance for all your support and suggestions because remember, you are the ones using it so if you think it can be better then let’s hear about it! Send your ideas to my email address or else submit them on MNO Contact page.


As you can see, SolidTrustPay is definitely one of the most popular payment processors online and rightly so. They offer a lot of depositing and withdrawal options for members and is accepted by almost all the serious HYIPs. The latest interview with the SolidTrustPay CEO Stella attracted huge interest among readers and can be read here. The site’s new design displays an improvement in services and for the first time in the last six years a complete overhaul if its layout to make it even more appealing and easier to use. In the latest update posted on the official blog of SolidTrustPay the new features were introduced along with the new design. They include the Beginner’s Guide for newbies and a Developers Center for more professional webmasters and programmers alike. Also the Recent Transactions option in the STP member’s area was extended while the News & Notes section emerged to keep members up-to-date. I’ll bet with the introduction of so many new features STP will certainly take a bigger share of the HYIP market. Here’s the full update from them covering this:

New Site Design Launched!
We’ve recently launched a new site design which includes some features we hope you’ll enjoy!
You’ll find the scrolling news feature found right on the homepage now instead of only the member login area so that we can better communicate news to our clients. You’ll find this feature on the homepage in the lower right corner of the screen.
People have lots of questions for businesses handling their money, as they should! To assist new or prospective members in quickly finding the answers to their questions, we’ve created a Beginner’s Guide area which outlines many of the basics and also features a Knowledgebase search for answers you may not find on the screen.
The new Developers Centre has been added to the public portion of the website so that merchants can have their programming team review our coding requirements before ever having to sign up. This also means programmers have access to all of the integration tools they need without ever having to login to their own client’s STPay account.
From time to time, STPay staff may need to send important messages or news updates directly to clients. The new News & Notes section features a flashing “Mail” icon to advise customers that they have an STP message to review.
On the Account Overview page, we have added a “Next” button to the bottom of the Your Recent Transactions table so that members can easily scroll back through their entire transaction history.
We are pleased to bring these new features, in addition to a more streamlined new look, to STPay members and encourage all clients to explore the site and familiarize themselves with the updates!


Members of one of the most popular program right now – ProfitableSunrise (reviewed here) – may remember that the admin Roman (interviewed here) has always positioned himself as a devoted christian. So yesterday on Thanksgiving Day he took the opportunity to show his gratitude in the latest newsletter. But I believe it’s the investors of ProfitableSunrise who should also be grateful to Roman who made his program one of the longest running success stories in the HYIP industry. Launched on 11-11-2011 ProfitableSunrise has put thousands of in profit over the last year online. Anyone who joined ProfitableSunrise a year ago in the original 1.6%-2% for 180 business days with principal back on expiry should be pleased with themselves and possibly even in the second cycle or joining the new plan offering 2.7% for 240 business days with the principal back on expiry and 100% compulsory compounding. Like most quality programs ProfitableSunrise accepts both direct bank wires and the big four payment processors – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay. Investments start from $10 and have no maximum while withdrawals are always paid pretty fast and within 24 hours after request. I’m very pleased that ProfitableSunrise reached the #2 position on the MNO Premium list and hopefully it will maintain this position (just behind the leader NewGNi) for a very long time to come and bring profits to many more investors. So, thanks God for giving us Roman to run such a wonderful program for over a year already and thanks for such admins who make their programs exemplary for others (I wish there were more of them around). Here’s the full update from them:

ProfitableSunrise – Happy Thanksgiving Day!
Good Day!
Thanksgiving is a special day for all of us.
As much as we enjoy Thanksgiving for the dinner, festivities and great time with our loved ones, we must also rejoice for our good fortunes. So, have fun with your family this thanksgiving, but don’t forget to thank Him.
Thanksgiving is not only about being grateful to Him for what He has blessed us with, it’s about helping the less fortunate so that even they can have reasons to be thankful.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!
Roman Novak. ProfitableSunrise Founder”.


As expected, both FelminaAlliance and BensonUnion announced yesterday that they would not pay the interest for Thanksgiving. I’m almost sure that they are not based in the US, but surely they can’t miss an opportunity to save some money and not to pay the investors on any non-trading day.

FelminaAlliance (reviewed here) issued another newsletter reminding us that both US and Panamanian holidays are observed by them so interest is not paid on the following investment plans with principal back on expiry – 0.8%-1.4% for 90 business days, and 1%-1.6% for 180 business days. FelminaAlliance has been online for an impressive 17 months paying perfectly well on LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and EgoPay deposits starting from $20 while just recently SolidTrustPay was added to give wider appeal. Another promotional move was the launch of a Promo Coupon Codes campaign during which every referrer gets 50 codes which he’s free to re-distribute among those who want to join FelminaAlliance and take advantage on a $10 deposit bonus which will start earning you interest once you fund your account with another $10 of your own money. Ten codes have already been given out but I still have plenty more left. So, if you are interested in getting a personal promo code which you need to enter during the sign-up process to get the $10 bonus you can email me at or write to me via MNO Contact page and I’ll gladly send one on. The latest news from FelminaAlliance can be read below:

[FelminaAlliance] Official Newsletter
This is an official newsletter from FelminaAlliance Inc.
Thursday, November 22, 2012, is Thanksgiving Day – one the official holidays in the United States.
On behalf of our team, we would like to wish all our US customers a happy Thanksgiving Day!
We observe the official holidays in the US and Panama. According to our terms of service, we do not pay interest on weekend days and official holidays. Therefore, no interest will be paid on this day.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.
Best Regards, Marketing Department, FelminaAlliance Inc.

BensonUnion (reviewed here) is another long-term program that has been doing fine for eleven months now, paying on a 1.2%-2.45% for 170 business days plan with the principal back on expiry. To tell you the truth, I was not sure about the bright future of the program right until the first principals were returned to their owners and before BensonUnion broadened their list of accepted payment options. So now along with direct bank wires you can use SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PexPay, BitCoin, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Pretty wide choice, isn’t it? And it’s after the admin of BensonUnion Ragnar said in my interview (published here) earlier that year that his program wouldn’t be going past LR and PM. It seems the situation has drastically changed now and the administration of BensonUnion has finally realized that almost after a year online the program should appeal to the widest possible audience in order to survive the Christmas slump and successfully continue in 2013. We’ll see if that happens with BensonUnion, but at the moment they’re paying fine. Except that is for yesterday when they issued a short update reminding us that Thursday was a non-business day:

Non-trading day
Dear investors! There will be no interest accrued for Thursday, Nov 22 due to Thanksgiving day in the USA.


The admin of ProsperaNova Darren (click here to read my interview with him) was kind enough to feature the link to my interview in his latest short update sent to members last night. I’m sure many of you already heard of ProsperaNova, but if not I’ll remind you they accept investments starting from $1 via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney to a 2% for 365 days plan with principal back on expiry and interest paid on business days only. You can read more about the program that has been featured on MNO for ten weeks in my original review published here. And as for the latest MNO interview announcement, please see it below:

ProsperaNova: Interview
Dear investors,
Money News Online, one of the leading investment blogs, published an interview with the CEO of ProsperaNova.
You can read it on:
Thank you.
Best Regards, ProsperaNova Support.


Please note that ForexEarn and StrongInvestment have been both moved to Problem status on MNO tonight due to delayed payouts and admin’s inability to properly explain the reason for it.

ForexEarn was featured on MNO monitor for about two months and certainly it brought profits to many investors who joined the 20 business day plan. I believe they couldn’t continue any longer considering Christmas is around the corner and the obvious cashflow issues that would have affected them. Since ForexEarn has been paying since March it’s been expected that a collapse could happen anytime soon. Unfortunately that was yesterday when for the first time in many months the payments were not processed and the withdrawals remained on pending status. Today saw no progress so I believe that’s the last we’ll be seeing of them.

StrongInvestment was no such example of a good paying program. Lasting for five weeks, this was not enough for most investors to even come close to the break-even point, although the expectations of many from this original program were quite high. I must say that I was paid as usual yesterday, but today I got some disturbing reports from readers regarding selective payouts. Therefore, StrongInvestment goes to Problem status on MNO and I would not recommend investing there until the situation is clear, the admin explains the reason for the delay, and resumes the payouts. I’m not sure it’s going to happen, but if it does I’ll let you know. But for now stay away from StrongInvestment!


LordOfProfits is a new program which joined the Premium Listing on MNO last night. It’s short term, paying for over a week now to SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve. Running off a licensed GoldCoders script means you should request your withdrawals manually and expect to be paid within 24 hours, though the admin reserves the right to pay you within 48. There are several plans offered by LordOfProfits with interest depending on the deposit which can start with as low as $5. I’ll analyze the plans further in tomorrow’s review but for now let me just mention the rates – 102%-120% after 1 day, 105%-145% after 2 days, 115%-300% after 5 days, 135%-550% after 10 days, 185%-750% after 20 days, 300%-1250% after 30 days. As you can see their a bit lower than we can usually see in such short term programs, so it could make LordOfProfits last longer provided the admin has that intention. The website is very appealing with a lot of similarities to computer games and I it’s a certain well known designer who developed the website and who doesn’t come cheap. The website of LordOfProfits is SSL-secured by Comodo and hosted on a dedicated server by Snoork which I’ve seen a few times. Well, as the program has been paying for over the week now I believe there’s not much of a problem with uptime (so far anyway). More on LordOfProfits will be in the detailed review on my blog tomorrow so meanwhile I suggest you read the latest update from the admin who has now opened an account on Facebook:

Do you have a Facebook account? Then like our Facebook Page
Do you have a Facebook account? If so, please visit this page and like our official facebook page.
Additionally, you may also join our Facebook group at
Thank you for being part of our Kingdom of Profits, the Lord of Profits is very pleased.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: LoyalAssets.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, FelminaAlliance, StallionGold, LLLtd, TheMoneyGalaxy, BensonUnion, ProForexUnion, 4FXInvestment, ProsperaNova, DiamondAsset, FNOCapital, SecureIncome, Nubcoyu,  SureInv, StartUpInvestCapital, LordOfProfits (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, AustralianBusinessGroup, BGTGroups.
From MNO Basic list: GoldTradeFunds, XtremeRichness, Fxen, TheInvestmentBank.

That’s all for today. Please join me tomorrow for a more detailed review of LordOfProfits and the daily news from the industry. Have a very nice weekend and see you all then!

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