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Beware! Mox has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all keeping well today and looking forward to the weekend. Being the time of year that’s in it it’s been another relatively quiet day for news stories, though as always there’s still a few things going on you might well be interested in hearing about. We’ll get to that in just a few moments in the news section but before that there was a new addition to my monitor recently I want to look at for you first, a newly launched short term HYIP with the rather odd name of Mox. OK, right from the start being a short term program opening in December means that some of you will inevitably have some mixed feelings about Mox without ever even visiting their website, which is of course understandable. But the fact is there’s still a lot of shorter term options out there where someone (other than just the admin that is!) is making a few bucks, and whether you choose to join it or not Mox is still going to run. So before this evening’s news update I want to look a little bit closer at this one and describe what it’s all about for anyone who’s interested.

To be perfectly blunt however there’s really not a lot to talk about in terms of investment plans. In fact it’s really very simple – Mox only has one plan so you either like it and join or you don’t like it and pass. Simple as that. The same rate of interest will apply to all investors, no matter how big or how small, just as long as you can come up with the $11 minimum that’s required to join. If you can do that, then Mox have a plan that runs for 13 business days (that’s Monday to Friday for about two and a half weeks). During this time you are offered a return of 11% daily per business day. This adds up to 143% in total by the time the plan reaches maturity, however Mox are counting your initial principal as part of those payments and so will not be returning it at the end. That leaves you with a net profit of 43% on your investment. There is no upper limit to what you are allowed to spend, and you get the very same 11% per day regardless of the size of your investment.

To put that in numerical terms, let’s say you dropped $100 into Mox. In return they would give you back $11 per day, from Monday to Friday, for 13 days. That allows you to break even on receipt of your tenth payment, and complete the term with earnings coming to $143, or your own money back plus $43 net profit. There’s no doubt that this is slightly more sustainable than many of the similar style short term HYIPs using the same model – marginally lower payments and not paying out anything at the weekend certainly helps with that – but whether Mox gets the real lifeblood of any online HYIP which is a steady flow of members prepared to spend money cycle after cycle is something we will only see in the coming weeks.

There are some good options available for payment processing, though that is more or less a minimum expectation of experienced players in the HYIP industry these days anyway. Currently Mox are using SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve for deposits and withdrawals. Initially payouts were promised to be instant but as of today I’m not entirely sure this is still the case with every processor. One way or another you will still have to log into your Mox private member’s account area and make a request for your money. For what’s been described as “security reasons” LR withdrawals are handled manually within 12 hours, and going by LR’s appalling security record I really have no problem believing the Mox admin on that one. Payments to other processors remain instant for now, but again the right to disable this feature and do them manually, also within a 12 hour period, is reserved.

On the more technical and design side of things, the Mox website looks OK, and is running off an original script that I’ve not seen before. The website is also SSL secured and is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and DDoS protection of NVHServer. If you have any further questions for the admin or any account related issues that need dealing with then the main point of contact with the Mox admin is to fill in your details in the online e-mail support ticketing form and submitting it via the website’s support page. Also included is a telephone number which you can try for yourselves if you would like to see if you can speak to someone, though there’s no real information about it’s actual location (trust me, dialing codes are no indication of physical location) or about what working schedule, if any, the support operator will be keeping there.

Texts are a straight copy/paste job from a genuine investment management company, though the excerpts were pretty short in the first place and didn’t say anything particularly convincing anyway. So as you know it’s best to skip this and consider it only for curiosity value, though what Mox have to say is no different, certainly no better or no worse at least, than the alleged business plans you hear about backing up any online HYIP. The track record for these claims in the industry speaks for itself so the very same rules come into play here as with anything else you find on the net. Assess the risk and spend accordingly, but only with a sum of money you can comfortably afford to lose if it comes down to that, and if joining Mox at all then try and keep them somewhere in a mixed and varied portfolio.



Yesterday the admin of the above reviewed Mox announced that the withdrawals to LibertyReserve are not going to be processed instantly anymore. Instead they’ll be paid manually by the admin within a 12 hour period. Withdrawals to other payment processors – PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and SolidTrustPay – remain unaffected and will be processed instantly as before. Apparently, the Mox admin is concerned about security breaches with some programs allowing hackers to withdraw money instantly to their LR accounts and causing their premature collapse. Well, if this move is genuinely going to prevent this from happening I’d be in support of the decision, and I must say that a 12 hour wait for LibertyReserve payouts isn’t bad, so you still get paid quite fast. Remember that if you wish to be paid instantly by Mox just use another payment processor. Here’s the latest newsletter sent to members yesterday, as soon as this new rule on LR withdrawals came into force:

Important! About Libertyreserve Withdraws
We just got the news that several sites were hacked and the hacker has taken away all the funds in their Libertyreserve accounts. For the safety of our customers’ funds,we decide to change the Libertyreserve withdraw system from Instant to Manually and withdraw for Perfectmoney, Egopay and Solidtrustpay are still instant. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Sincerely, Mox Admin


I think I’ve probably given more space over to NewGNi‘s privatization and the changes related to it than any other online news resource, and yet I still receive emails asking me why NewGNi stopped paying. So one more time, for anyone who doesn’t know, starting December 1st NewGNi (reviewed here) has disabled sign-ups for new members and become a private company with only existing members allowed to participate. Those who joined the program before then can enjoy the benefits of being a member. Plans themselves are still the same, with 1% per business day and 6% weekly with no expiry date and a 180 business day lock-in period before you have the option to leave with your principal. (or stay if you prefer). You can join via four payment options – PerfectMoney, PexPay, EgoPay, and SolidTrustPay. As the terms of the program changed the members can now request their principal back at any time till the end of December, but please note that the waiting period will be 30 business days (6 weeks) before you actually receive your money back. So think carefully before leaving because as at the moment your decision cannot be reversed and you’ll just deprive yourself of the earnings you would have gotten from NewGNi for the weeks you’ll be waiting.

Another important change in operations is the withdrawals which are now processed weekly every Monday. So there’s no need to request your withdrawals daily anymore if you wish to save on payment processor fees – it’s enough to request them before Sunday midnight GMT to be paid on Monday. This decision was taken to reduce the work load for the admin Jurgen (interviewed here) who is soon going to answer questions sent by MNO readers for a second interview which I’m hoping he’ll be finished with soon. As for the new withdrawal schedule, that was also announced in every member’s dashboard news section which can be also read below:

New withdrawal schedule
Please notice that as of the 1st of December 2012 withdrawal requests are only processed once a week, every Monday at the usual time after 4pm GMT.
Please make sure to request your withdrawal on time.


You might remember, the admin of ProsperaNova Darren (interviewed here) does a series of educational articles on how the HYIP industry works. Last time he mentioned MNO as an exemplary monitoring site which I was pleased to hear, and today he sent another article about funding the four most popular payment processors in the industry also accepted by ProsperaNova into the 2% for 365 days plan with interest credited on business days only and principal returned on expiry. The discussion was about LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay funding methods so the article will be useful both for ProsperaNova members (reviewed here), but for every HYIP investor. In general, I agree with what Darren has to say about his experience with payment processors, and especially I am glad that he highlighted the serious issues Payza currently has with deposits and withdrawals and their suspected connection with EgoPay which replaced them in the HYIP industry. As Payza don’t work with HYIPs anymore I don’t usually cover their news, but given the troubling info that’s out there now I believe everyone has a right to hear about it and avoid using Payza if unsure. ProsperaNova has run successfully for three months now, and below is the full article:

ProsperaNova: Funding
Dear investors,
Although we done short reviews of all the processors we accept we still receive many emails from users wondering how to fund their accounts. Because of that we have decided to go for a more detailed write up of the process and hopefully answer some of those questions.
Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money are, as you know, quite alike and are best as far as privacy is concerned. As well, one of the good things about this pair is that there are no chargebacks, meaning that your money stays put once you get paid. Bear in mind that it can be a double edged sword due to hacking so we advise you to take all the steps you can to better your security.
How do you transfer money to one of these processors? You can not do that directly with Liberty Reserve. You need to use one of their exchangers. A list of them can be found here:
Next to each exchanger on the list you can find the ways to transfer money to them and you should pick whatever suits you the best. The most commonly used methods are wire transfer, which can be done from your bank or a WU transfer which you can use from any Western Union branch. Depending on your country, you might also be able to find a local exchanger. If a local exchanger is indeed available, they usually are the best option.
Perfect Money has a similar list as well. Everything we said about LR stands for Perfect Money. The list can be found here:
The only significant difference is that you can fund Perfect Money directly, using a wire transfer, but you must verify your account first.
SolidTrustPay is, as you may know, slowly raising up as direct competition to PayPal, but as a more secure option with less frauds, chargebacks, etc. You can fund SolidTrustPay directly via wire or bank transfers. Credit cards can also be used. On the other hand, the STP account verification process is very demanding, the fees are high and the limits are low.
EgoPay is, as we stated before, best described as a Payza proxy and there is not much need to go into detail here. It is, after all, mostly used by Payza users who know how it works. As far as our experiences with it go, EgoPay has very good support and does not seem to be a bad processor. The problem is with Payza, as they seem to be having trouble with deposits as well as withdraws at the moment. Due to that we can not recommend this option.
That would be that in a nutshell. Please do not hesitate to contact us should more questions arise.
Thank you for your trust.
Best regards, ProsperaNova Support


If you’re a member of AustralianBusinessGroup (reviewed here) you’ll know the site was down for a couple of days for a change of server. Of course, it was highly appreciated that the admin of the project warned members about the upcoming 48-hour downtime well in advance, but I guess the most important question regarding the future of AustralianBusinessGroup to cross any experienced investors’ mind was if they could resume payouts after the move is completed. While I didn’t quite notice any changes in the program’s whois records, I can confirm today that AustralianBusinessGroup did resume payouts. Plans accepting only LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney include 1% for 15 business days, 1.4% for 30 business days, 1.8% for 55 business days, 2.2% for 80 business days. The minimum investment starts from only $1 and is returned on expiry. I must say that I’m kinda impressed by the over 6 month lifespan of AustralianBusinessGroup so far which started at the end of May this year and hope to see them survive Christmas and well into the New Year.


Despite TheMoneyGalaxy‘s demise it looks like payouts to SolidTrustPay remain on autopilot and they are still being processed instantly (at least, at the time of writing), unlike other payment processors where payouts have predictably halted. Well, SolidTrustPay has always been the most difficult e-currency (for admins), but then it’s much more beneficial for the investors as payments to STP continue for longer because the admin’s don’t find it so easy to steal. So, if you invested in TheMoneyGalaxy via SolidTrustPay you’ll get paid until the admin’s account is empty – lucky you! However, can you still get paid by TheMoneyGalaxy if you invested via a different e-currency rather than STP? Well, you might if you make an internal exchange in your account to STP and then make the withdrawal. Of course you’re going to pay some fees, but you will still receive something to STP instead of nothing to LR. Anyway, good luck with that and hopefully this will at least get you something back from TheMoneyGalaxy which should now be avoided at all costs.


Speaking of SolidTrustPay, I keep promoting latest interview with the payment processor’s CEO Stella which you can read here. They’re currently the biggest in the industry and widely accepted by all serious investment projects. Not only do you get excellent deposit and withdrawal options for verified accounts but it also adds an extra security layer when you use STP to play in HYIPs as they are usually the last to stop paying. Lately STP has been pretty active in maintaining and updating their official blog, adding some news and articles. For instance, an article on social networking websites (like Facebook, etc.) and its connection with password security in payment processors (and STP in particular) is a must read for anyone who wants to stay safe online. Please read the article below and follow the security tips included:

Social Media & Account Security
Online identity theft is a concern for many internet users, but people often fail to see the ways in which social media can put them at risk online. Here are some hints for keeping your information secure:
Privacy Policies
When you post information on social media sites, it’s important to remember that ultimately the information is being controlled by the site administrators. Before posting anything on someone else’s website, remember to review their terms to ensure they aren’t in the business of selling your information or making it available to the public without your consent.
Privacy Settings
This really is about knowing your audience. Most social media sites / tools have settings to help control the ways in which your information is shared. A site you’d like to use may, for example, require that you sign up with an email address. Once you have signed up, however, be sure to check your personal settings to see what information is visible publicly and whether or not you have options to make that information invisible or unsearchable.
Keep Login Details Secure
Social media users share a lot of information online. Consider the information you are sharing and whether or not it makes you vulnerable to online identity theft. In the same way that you would avoid posting your personal home address for all of your online contacts, consider keeping your usernames with various online accounts private and ensure your password and answers to security questions are never shared online.
Password Protection
When you’re setting passwords for sensitive information – online banking and e-wallet service providers, for example – be sure you are using passwords and hints that can’t easily be guessed based on information on social media sites.
For example, if you frequently refer to your favorite pet by name on sites like Facebook, avoid setting password hint’s such as “What is my dog’s first name?”. This seems very simple but since social media makes it so easy for us to put personal information on the web, the connections between secure passwords and status updated or profile information can easily be missed.
Help to keep your information secure online, remember to always consider who is seeing the information you are posting online and who controls your information once it’s out there!

Other news from STP (though is out of date by now), was the temporary issue with their phone service yesterday which was successfully rectified within hours as posted on their official blog:

Phone Support Temporarily Unavailable
We are currently experiencing technical issues with our phone service. As a result, phone support is temporarily unavailable, however we are working to bring phone service back online as quickly as possible.
We thank you for your patience.

Phone Service Restored
SolidTrust Pay Phone Support is once again available!
Our service provider’s lines were down this morning. Their technicians have rectified the problem and our phone service has been restored.
We thank you all for your patience and look forward to serving you!


InnovisCorp is a short-term program that has been running for the last 11 days now. Although listed on MNO from day one, it was only on Basic Listing until today. Anyway, for such a relatively short period of time InnovisCorp is running extremely well paying on several investment plans on expiry – 105%-127% after 1 day, 116%-190% after 3 days, 140%-330% after 7 days, 200%-800% after 14 days, 600%-2200% after 28 days. In addition to that, for deposits starting from $250 InnovisCorp is offering an hourly paying plan offering 7% per hour for the duration of 15 hours. Deposits are accepted via LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay starting from a $10 minimum and the withdrawals are processed quite fast on request. InnovisCorp is running off a licensed GoldCoders script, the site is fully SSL-secured by Comodo, and is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection by Koddos. So the website is of a high enough standard for an average short-term HYIP and hopefully will help it survive longer. For more information on the investment plans offered by InnovisCorp please refer to my upcoming review coming soon. Stay tuned for that, guys!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: ProsperaNova, Mox.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, FelminaAlliance, StallionGold, BensonUnion, ProForexUnion, 4FXInvestment, DiamondAsset, FNOCapital, TureProfit, SureInv, StartUpInvestCapital, GuaranteedProfit, Lightraffic, ReferToWealth, FinanceArt.
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, AustralianBusinessGroup, SigmaSum, PlatinumVertex.
From MNO Basic list: GoldTradeFunds, Finance7, InvestmentCapital, TheInvestmentBank.

That’s it for today, guys. I hope to see you again tomorrow and have a good weekend!

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