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10/01/2013. Interview with the Developer of ShadowScripts


Hello everyone! I’m taking a break from the usual cycle of HYIP reviews and news updates that normally make up the bulk of articles on MNO, but I do have something a little different for you which I sincerely hope you enjoy. Over the years on MNO I have from time to time been lucky enough to interview some people more on the peripheries of the HYIP industry, not program admins, but people who play a key role in keeping the industry ticking over nonetheless. When you actually stand back and look at the industry you see a huge network of individuals and companies, all of whom are essential to the business. Forums, monitors, payment processors, hosting providers, and so on. On occasion I’ve been able to get interviews with a number of the people behind the scenes in such companies (to be honest you’d really have to do a thorough search of the MNO archives to find them now as they date back several years), and so today I have another one which I hope you’ll find as interesting as I did.

I’m talking to Chris Obsniuk. That won’t be a name very many of you will recognize, nor is he a person very many of you are ever likely to deal with directly. But whether you know it or not a lot of you are using his product on an almost daily basis as he is the developer and owner of ShadowScripts. The script has been on the market since 2006, though to be honest I only became aware of them myself back around 2008 or 2009 I think. But that doesn’t really matter now, because since then I’ve slowly become a huge fan. ShadowScripts have become a highly respected name in the industry, and one synonymous with high standards of quality and security, so I’m really quite pleased to have landed this interview for you. I mean I know some of you might think this doesn’t interest you or concern you in any way, but I’d really have to disagree. You see, if you’re serious about making money from the internet, perhaps even a full time living as opposed to just a few bucks on the side, then you really do need to read between the lines and familiarize yourself with every aspect of this business. And while I do admin this interview might be of more practical use to experienced HYIP admins than to the average investor, it really does pay to understand every single feature of the industry from top to bottom. Knowledge and information are vital to succeeding in any business, and as the old saying goes, learning is free. Therefore I hope you all take something from this interview, even if not directly involved in the running of HYIPs yourselves.

From a purely business perspective of course there’s a lot more to Chris and ShadowScripts than just HYIPs as we shall see, but that’s just the aspect I chose to focus on here as that’s what MNO users would be more interested in. I don’t think it’s any coincidence by the way that ShadowScripts is becoming more widely used recently with more and more admins of high quality programs recognizing them as a serious alternative to the generic mass produced products that have dominated the business for too long. As we shall see, Chris has a wealth of experience in the IT industry, something he’s putting to good use with ShadowScripts. So let’s hear what he has to say.

1. Hi Chris, please introduce yourself to the readers and tell us about your own role in ShadowScripts. Tell us also what is ShadowScripts and what is it you are offering your clients? How long have you been in business?

ShadowScripts was started in 2006 as a professional software and support solution for HYIP, Private Investment, AutoSurf, Referral, Matrix, and Re-Cycler management programs. We provide our clients with a state-of-the-art software platform, a professional setup process, and ongoing support services. The level of service we provide to our clients is unmatched. I am the owner and lead software developer.

2. Can you give us some information on your own background in the IT industry. How many years experience do you have in this area? Tell us about your qualifications and about the other projects you have been involved with prior to ShadowScripts.

Prior to starting ShadowScripts, I worked at a Linux support company developing system management graphical user interfaces for Linux based Internet servers in both perl and php. After those projects became completed and stable I created numerous PHP/MySQL driven web interfaces for property management, payment processing, financial reporting and eWallet. I recently completed a mobile payment processing solution called blue quest located at

On the server side, I develop software for the latest PHP and MySQL. On the client side, I take full advantage of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the document object model to provide a beautifully smooth user experience for the members and admins.

3. Now tell us a bit more about the story behind ShadowScripts. Is this your sole occupation?

I originally started developing custom platforms for HYIP, Private Investment, AutoSurf, Referral, Matrix and Re-Cycler administrators years ago. As I developed more and more custom platforms, I found myself “reinventing the wheel” over and over again. I had to design the databases, design the code objects and logic, develop interfaces and then test everything. I was starting to end up with multiple, different versions of generally the same thing, and it was becoming difficult to manage and support them.

This is ultimately how ShadowScripts was born. I designed a core platform that I would use for all of my HYIP, Private Investment, AutoSurf, Referral, Matrix and Re-Cycler clients. The original idea behind it was that there would be only one software platform that I maintain and update, however I would develop every feature into the platform that I felt was beneficial to the core, and then fully control this feature with a configuration file. By using this method, I was able to automatically update all of my clients with new versions of the platform when they were released, and continue to expand our features and functionality.

We have been doing this since 2006, so at this point you can imagine how many features are in the platform and how stable it really is. I am involved with ShadowScripts on a daily basis ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

4. What payment processors are you working with?

ShadowScripts is compatible with SolidTrustPay, Payza, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, Check, Money Order, Bank Wire, PayPal, EgoPay, PexPay and OkPay. New payment processors are added to the system as they come along and are requested by our clients.

5. It’s no real secret that the HYIP industry, at least when it comes to scripts, is dominated by one particular provider. But what exactly makes ShadowScripts a better alternative? What would you say are the main advantages of using ShadowScripts over your rivals?

ShadowScripts provides a complete web interface solution for managers of HYIP, Private Investment, AutoSurf, Referral, Matrix and Re-Cycler programs with outstanding support, from setup, all the way through the life of the program. We do all of the installation, configuration and web site template integration for our clients.

Our software platform has been built around security, and proven in the industry since 2006. ShadowScripts is packed with features that our clients have requested over years.

The main advantages to using ShadowScripts, is the knowledge that everything is being processed correctly, securely, by a product that is actively supported by staff knowledgeable about membership based management and payment systems at reasonable prices.

6. What are the price plans involved? How many different packages are available to potential clients with different requirements? What’s included in the package?

We package a fully licensed working version of the ShadowScripts software running on servers that we maintain, monitor, and back up constantly. Professional setup is optional but strongly recommended and includes template integration, payment processor integration, and system configuration based on the client’s business model. To better maintain the reputation of our software and provide the best possible support for our customers, we provide web hosting and ongoing support for the software at an additional monthly fee.

For our current prices please visit our website

7. What websites have you worked with in the past and how would you describe your working relationship with them?

We always protect the privacy of our customers and their sites. We maintain multiple support channels with our clients and we are always available via email and Skype to answer any technical questions, or handle any support issues.

Our clients are always very happy with our services, and the professional work of ShadowScripts shows in their end product.

8. What can new customers expect from you in terms of technical support, after sales service, IT solutions, etc? Tell us about the web site integration into the software for its customization?

This is really where ShadowScripts stands out. Initially, we work with clients on configuring their platform and getting ready for launch. After the client has launched, we give full and unlimited ongoing technical support for the lifetime of their license.

As far as web site integration goes, we will generally have our clients first provide us with a template that they like. This can be a one page template or a full site. We then take this template and totally re-code it into an acceptable format that the software can “inherit”, meaning your member’s back end area will have the same style as your front end web site.

9. Also, for someone working with ShadowScripts for the first time, can you talk a bit more about the entire set-up process? How does it work and what’s involved? What kind of time scale is involved here, such as how long does it all take between the day I contact you first and when I’m fully set-up and ready to start work?

Assuming the professional setup has been purchased. First, the order is placed on our web site, and paid for. Once we receive the funds, we will have a new server set up. Next we will give you the DNS information to route your domain name to our systems. Once this has been completed, we will do the install of the platform on the server. If the client is using SSL, we will install the certificate at this time. Next we will consult with the client on how they want their system to function (plans, memberships, configuration parameters, etc). From here we will instruct the client on how to connect their payment processors to the new platform. Next the client will provide us with a web site template that they would like us to integrate into the software. After that is done, we test the system with the client. Clients are generally ready to launch within 5 business days of initial payment.

10. I imagine that over the coming years we can expect to see updated versions of the script. Can you tell us about any longer term plans you have for the future?

The ShadowScripts software platform is always developing new features and getting better, but one of our biggest features coming soon is the ability for the users to use the system in multiple languages!

11. If I run a site and am already using another script, how do I go about changing? Is it easy from the client’s point of view? Does it involve my site going offline for some period of time? Is it possible to integrate an existing database?

If you are stuck in a software solution you are unhappy with, you are not necessarily trapped! ShadowScripts has successfully imported large systems over to our platform, however this can be a very long and complex process. If you are currently stuck in a situation and are looking to get out, please contact us and we can further discus your options.

12. Can potential customers reading this see a practical demonstration of ShadowScripts? Is there a demo version I can try out to see if it’s right for me?

Yes, we have a live demo currently online that can be found at

There you will find the credentials for an administrator and a standard user. In this demo, we have integrated an example custom web site template into the platform. If there are any questions about the demo please feel free to contact us.

13. Is it just HYIP related businesses you are targeting now? What appeal do you think ShadowScripts might have to anyone running small home based internet businesses, and then to the wider online business community?

ShadowScripts is not just targeting the HYIP industry. Becuase the ShadowScripts platform is so versatile in how it can be configured, there are many industries that the system can be used for such as HYIP, Priviate Investment, AutoSurf, Referral, Matrix, Re-Cycler, Commission Systems, Small Investment Group Management, and many more!

14. How safe is ShadowScripts script? How can the admin of the program using it and his customers know they are protected from hackers? How can we be sure there are no flaws in the design, no backdoors?

ShadowScripts is the safest HYIP platform available. Security was a major component of the platform due to the nature of the business. We have taken a lot of time and care in our development to ensure that the platform is safe to use for admins and members alike. Security of the platform has been tested and proven time and time again since 2006. We have built our business on our reputation for providing a safe and secure platform that we fully support. The system has many basic security features incorporated right into the platform that will help protect members.

15. Is there anything else you would like to add before we finish? Something we haven’t touched on that you feel worth mentioning?

The greatest thing about our software package is that it is highly configurable with numerous options already built into the script plus the ability for us to add in new functionality to address the needs of the site operators. This allows admins to run programs that include their unique concepts and ideas.

16. And finally for any potential clients reading this and would like to get in touch with you and ask any further questions of their own?

If you are interested in the ShadowScripts software solution please feel free to contact me directly or via our contact form. Whether you are an experienced admin or are just getting started, we can help!

Skype: chris.obsniuk

Thanks a lot to Chris for taking the time to answer my questions here, and in an area that’s almost been monopolized by one provider in the last few years I don’t think many people would argue against a little competition in the industry. And if what I’ve seen from ShadowScripts in the past is anything to go by, I sure hope it’s provided by them. That is after all the reason I interviewed Chris, and again while MNO rank and file readers might not be his exact target audience (though I have no doubt there are plenty of HYIP admins reading this too), I sincerely hope you all learn something new about the workings of the industry from this and found it an entertaining read.

I’d like to wish Chris every success with ShadowScripts for the future, and I hope we’ll be seeing plenty more high quality programs running off them in the future. That’s all for today, guys. I hope you enjoyed the interview and I’ll be back tomorrow with a full news round-up of everything that’s happening with the programs monitored on MNO. See you all then!

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