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Hello everyone, and welcome to the MNO blog – a place to learn more about the biggest investment programs online! Over the last couple of days there’s been a couple of hugely diverse programs added to my monitor, namely GrandAgroFinance and MikroCredit. I want to start today’s update with a couple of brief introductions as to what they’re all about, as one is a more traditional short term HYIP and the other something a bit more innovative. That will as usual be followed by the latest news from such popular programs as CryptoAssets and AssuredAssets that are both featured in the Top Five Popular Programs list on the MNO monitor (read the latest article on such programs here), and both of which have had some eventful times of late. So I hope you’re in a reading mood because there’s plenty to catch up on.


The first program added to the Premium listing on MNO yesterday is called GrandAgroFinance, a more traditional short term style program that pays on expiry of various terms. No doubt more experienced readers will recognize the combination of reasonable returns for smaller deposits with sky-high more unrealistic profits offered to larger investors and so-called VIP plans. Of course that doesn’t mean you cannot profit from such programs, you simply have to be more down-to-earth about what can and can’t be achieved. GrandAgroFinance is (or at least was!) a type of sleeper program. That is to say one that starts very slowly, usually with a deliberately poor layout and an unattractive set of plans. The idea being to keep the program technically speaking online and with a traceable payments history, just no real investors in receipt of them until the admin decides that the time is right to upgrade his program, change the plans to what he really wants to offer, and start promoting it. Then the bigger monitors like MNO are added and the site gets a complete overhaul to make it what you see today. That’s what we can see with GrandAgroFinance which although technically speaking started about two months ago actually got completely redesigned last week ago. Investment plans all of which pay on expiry include 103%-135% after 1 day, 120%-330% after 6 days, 160%-850% after 15 days, 300%-2000% after 35 days, 600%-3500% after 60 days, 1000%-5000% after 90 days, 1100% after 11 days, 2200% after 22 days. The minimum investment starts with $10 for the most plans and payment options accepted by GrandAgroFinance are PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin. The program has a picturesque farming related theme, and runs off a licensed script by GoldCoders. Payments are therefore to be requested from your account area and should be paid by the admin manually within 24 hours of asking. GrandAgroFinance is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by DdoSGuard. The website is SSL secured by Comodo. GrandAgroFinance has some potential as the admin has clearly chosen a strategy of slow and gradual promotion. Anyway, the full review of GrandAgroFinance will be published on the MNO tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.


The second program joining my Premium List today is MikroCredit and looks completely different. It might perhaps be more appealing to those looking for something more unique. MikroCredit is clearly of Russian origin, with that version being vastly superior to the English one. But still, the MikroCredit website looks quite interesting and features a unique script, even if some might find it a bit overcomplicated with too many features and too much information to digest at first. In a nutshell though, the investment plan is quite simple. You create an account and invest any amount starting from $10 via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, or OkPay. The plan runs for 30 calendar days, and you collect interest in three instalments of 50% paid once every 10 days. At the end of the term you’ll have 150% in total, or 50% net profit. However once your account is credited with the 50% payment every 10 days you can either request a withdrawal or re-deposit the amount. There are many bonuses on offer for active promoters allowing you to make higher profits, plus the VIP status where for a $10 payment per month you can withdraw your profits daily instead of every 10 days (so, take this into consideration if if you’d prefer payments like that). MikroCredit presents itself as a small loan company which links the people who wish to get loans and people who want to provide them for a profit. The difference between that the company pockets, and as we saw many similar companies online already that is possible to do and the registration certificate from a Russian fiscal agency is displayed on the relevant pages to give a claim of legitimacy. Of course we should take that with a grain of salt and invest only what we can afford to lose – the rule that applies to all HYIPs. Although MikroCredit has been online for a couple of weeks the program starts a bigger advertising campaign only from today with the bigger promoters. I guess the admin saw the first weeks as a testing period, as many additional features have been added only now. There’s lots of helpful including many video lessons on how to how to participate in the program, and also an official blog where the admin posts any important news, but unfortunately only available in Russian for the moment. You can even find Russian phone support with three numbers available for Russians, Ukrainians and Kazakhs. But don’t worry too much about the language as I’ll be able to talk you through all the interesting extra features in the upcoming review in a few days time. As I said already, MikroCredit is running off a uniquely made script containing a lot of original features, is fully SSL-secured by Comodo, and is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection by CloudFlare. I believe it will take me at least a couple of days to get through all the features and watch all the videos as MikroCredit is just loaded with content. Apart from the admin needing to work on the English version of the site, MikroCredit still made a very good impression on me as to create such an original product you need not just days but weeks of careful planning and research. And I believe we might see some further positive changes in the coming weeks.


I guess the admin of CryptoAssets has some persistent enemies in the HYIP world. They’ve been trying to blackmail him into paying $2,500 for not badmouthing his program on forums and monitors, and now it’s very possible there are the same people responsible for the DDoS attacks on his website today. The site has been very unstable for the last 24 hours or so, but I believe everything is going to be alright as long as the admin doesn’t give up, updates everyone on the current situation, and, most importantly, pays what he genuinely owes to his investors. And of course keeping members informed is an absolute must. The admin did everything possible today to keep members up-to-date about what was happening, even posting a few messages on the MNO ShoutBox over the last 24 hours. However I believe the attack had an affect on the admin’s plans to introduce instant withdrawals to members of CryptoAssets – first in test mode via PerfectMoney, and then to SolidTrustPay and BitCoin while reducing the waiting time from 48 to 24 hours for withdrawals via EgoPay and Payeer. I believe these plans are still in the pipeline but for now the main task of the admin is to catch up with any pending payouts. Some patience from members is required here as the admin tries to be fully up to date and back on schedule within 24 hours. For newcomers I remind you that CryptoAssets pays from 2% to 3% daily interest and allows the withdrawal of your initial investment at any time subject to a 48-hour lock-in period. More on CryptoAssets can be found in the detailed review posted on MNO here and for the latest chain of events over the last 24 hours please refer to the stream of newsletters posted below in chronological order:

CryptoAssets Instant Withdrawal Feature
We are pleased to be announcing later this evening we will be launching instant automated withdrawals for Perfect Money withdrawal requests to start today. We hope to have several other processors automated instant later this week. We will be sending out another newsletter the moment Perfect Money withdrawals go instant. Thank you for your continued support as we work diligently to innovate and differentiate CryptoAssets amongst the rest accepting SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer and Bitcoin paying up to 3.0% daily for any term you wish.

CryptoAssets Newsletter October 10th
BlockDOS is mitigating the DDOS attacks and we are now starting to get back on track with our instant payouts testing. Some time by Thursday evening (GMT) we will enable instant payouts to Perfect Money withdrawals and we will also enable instant payouts for SolidTrustPay and Bitcoin. Expect an instant payouts activation newsletter for Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and Bitcoin in another newsletter some time Thursday Evening (GMT). We have also changed the terms of our withdrawals window from 48 hours to 24 hours. This will apply to EgoPay Withdrawals and Payeer Withdrawals once we enable instant payouts for the others.

CryptoAssets Newsletter
We apologize for the current downtime. We are being hit by a massive DDOS attack. It is obvious our competitors were not happy with our announcement of moving towards INSTANT payouts. It may go up and down as BlockDOS works towards mitigating this alternating DDOS attack.

CryptoAssets DDOS Attacks
Please bear with us as we previously announced while we handle massive DDOS attacks against CryptoAssets.
This is the same group of attackers that have been blackmailing Nitrogen Sports, a large Bitcoin gambling site and they are now targeting investment sites.
See news article here about the DDOS group, DD4BC: http://cointelegraph.com/news/112606/nitrogensports-goes-public-to-combat-extortion-blackmail-and-slander
Thank you for bearing with us. We were able to access our admin panel about 8-9 hours roughly ago to process pending payouts. Please be patient with us as we work with BlockDOS to eliminate the threat.

Payout Now Resuming
Thank you for bearing with us during over 15 hours of alternating DDOS attacks. We are in our admin panel now. Please allow us over the next 24 hours to get back to a normal on track routine. It is only day 6 and we are going through our growing pains.
We are now starting to resume the backlog of payouts.


And it looks like CryptoAssets was not the only program under attack as the admin of another good performer on MNO for nearly 200 days now – AssuredAssets – also reported one against his website today. While no data was lost and AssuredAssets seems to be paying instantly as usual, it’s good to see that the admin took action to calm investors who might have has trouble accessing the site today. Newsletters from AssuredAssets are quite rare by the way, and I only remember the last one being about their Easter holidays this year. Since then there was absolutely nothing until today, but the fast instant payouts were always there. AssuredAssets definitely deserves a spot in the Top Five list on the MNO monitor as the program has been flawless since opening in March this year. And though the first investment cycle has yet to be completed, the first investors already saw a good profit from the program’s 0.8%-1.4% for 190 business days plan. The original investment is also returned on expiry. PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin are the payment options and a $50 minimum is needed to join. AssuredAssets epitomizes slow but steady growth in the HYIP industry that was so prevalent a couple of years ago. Anyway, even though it seems to be in minority now you can’t deny that the admin knows exactly how to run a business and, fingers crossed, will continue unabated for many more months to come:

To inform your blog audience about AssuredAssets website availability within next 2-10 hours.
Today we are experiencing a large scale DDoS attack with up to 900Mbps spikes.
While its a typical extortion attempt, the attack escalated significantly, causing temporary outages of AssuredAssets website during a day. Black Lotus engineers as well as our techs doing everything to completely mitigate the attack. No data will be lost and there are no security threats because of this.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Regards, AssuredAssets Team


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list2FXLtd, RemiTradeAssuredAssets, TradingAllianceLimitedCryptoAssets, SparbsLaxoTrade,  BrinoGmbHCryptoFarmEastOil, GrandAgroFinance (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: FreeCombination.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization.

That’s all for tonight, guys. I’ll be back tomorrow with a full review of the promising new short term program GrandAgroFinance and all the latest news from the biggest programs online. Please remember to keep voting on the MNO TalkBack poll on programs paying 120% after 15 days (like Sparbs) and investigating why this type of plan is not so popular as used to be in the past. The final results will be drawn pretty soon, so please let’s hear what you have to say. See you tomorrow, everyone!

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