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Hello everyone! Sorry if you were expecting a news update on MNO last night, but I needed some time away for myself. It’s been a time of mixed fortunes in the HYIP industry of late so I decided to take a break from it when asked to attend a charitable event raising money for a good cause that I would hope is close to the hearts of all right thinking people. So it was a hugely entertaining evening in the company of the legendary film actor Michael Caine, a man with a fascinating career, some damn fine movies to his name, a lifetime of hilarious stories to share, and a sharp witted delivery when he tells them. The attending audience dug deep to raise nearly $125,000 for the RSPCC (protecting children from cruelty) so they were the real winners on the night. Although I often attend such events I know I don’t really talk about them on my blog, but I’ll make an exception this time if it encourages others to help.

Anyway, back to business. After some programs that showed initial promise failing to live up to expectations for one reason or another, it’s been a case of pot luck for a lot of investors as to whether or not they made much money from the industry this last month. Hopefully the worst is behind us and some of the newer programs can not just take their place but also help investors recover some of their losses if they were unlucky with. One highly promising and brand new program that just opened is called CryptoAssets which I want to introduce to you this evening and will review it in more depth within the next couple of days. Also in the news today we have RemiTrade announcing their holidays over the coming month, BrinoGmbH making some changes now that they’ve completed their first month online, and a timely reminder (unfortunately this was necessary!) from CryptoArbs that withdrawals take (and always took) 36 hours to be processed, not 36 seconds like some investors seem to get hysterical over when they don’t see. So without further ado, let’s see what’s been happening in the HYIP industry over the last couple of days.


CryptoAssets has joined the MNO Premium List during its first hours online, and I believe it will be seen by many readers as a very promising new investment opportunity simply based on the fact that the admin has managed to get full payment button approval from SolidTrustPay from the very beginning. These days STP approval can take a lot of time and effort by experienced HYIP admins and is clearly a sign of professionalism. The recognition of STP as a payment processor is always welcome, especially by those from the US who usually handle quite large sums of money in HYIPs. As soon as CryptoAssets launched the admin issued a newsletter highlighting months of planning before getting the project online. I can see why, judging by first impressions and the program’s outstanding quality. CryptoAssets offers one perpetual plan paying a fixed daily interest rate of 2% to 3% (depending on the size of your deposit) with the original investment available for withdrawal at any time you wish. The only condition though is to allow your investment to run for at least 48 hours (2 days) after which you can leave the program completely, leave your money in place, or withdraw some and leave the rest. That 48 hour lock-in period is supposed to keep the hit-and-runners at bay while the 48 hour maximum withdrawal processing period also rewards those who keep re-investing rather than withdrawing. Apart from SolidTrustPay, you can also invest in CryptoAssets using PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin, so the other popular choices are covered too. The minimum to invest is $15 and in order to buy a token / make a new purchase you have to fund your e-wallet first, so do not forget about that. As you might have figured out already, CryptoAssets is running off an increasingly popular licensed script from ShadowScripts, known for high standards and all round experience while serving the best programs over years (click here to check my interview with the Shadow Scripts developer). The site has a nice look to it and claims crypto-currency trading as a source of income, hence the name CryptoAssets. Moreover, it has an SSL-security extended validation certificate and is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks by BlockDos. If you wish you can check out the program which is brand new, by the way, with the full review to be published on MNO soon. Here is the first ever newsletter issued by the admin of CryptoAssets today:

CryptoAssets Official Launch
We proudly announce after several months of hard work, the launch of CryptoAssets.
We have worked tirelessly to bring forth the best product available to the investor community providing 2-3% daily returns and accepting the best group of payment processors available. We accept SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and Payeer for all investors. We have been overwhelmed with many e-mails in our first few hours. Thank you for your support and we will respond as quickly as possible.
Thank You, CryptoAssets

Not long after this the admin who was seemingly received a landslide of enquiries related to the program’s SolidTrustPay account – yes, it’s genuine, yes, it’s verified, and yes, it really is fully automated – had to issue another update just for this. Clearly this is going to be an important issue for a lot of the bigger industry players so it’s a good thing that the CryptoAssets admin clarify this now, right from the start. The second newsletter is below:

CryptoAssets is STP approved
We have received many e-mails and support tickets asking about our SolidTrustPay acceptance. Yes, we are SolidTrustPay approved and all deposits are automated through SolidTrustPay. Over nearly 5 weeks, we have worked to secure SolidTrustPay as a payment processor for CryptoAssets. You may deposit and withdraw using SolidTrustPay through your account area automatically without any issue.
Thank You, CryptoAssets


BrinoGmbH (reviewed here) recently celebrated its first month online and oh, what a month it was! The program is growing slowly but steadily with the admin gradually rolling out more advertising sources with the Premium List on MNO having been added only after the first three weeks online and further improvements added as the program develops. In the latest newsletter dedicated to the first month online the administration decided to remove the $10 bonus from the first of October for all new investors, which served more as a promotional feature anyway. Some rates were re-calculated as well and the promotional strategy overall is clearly shifting. Maintaining the stability of BrinoGmbH is taking precedence but not at the expense of further expansion. As you might know, BrinoGmbH is known for its unique approach of gradual release of the original investment which takes place over a period of ten calendar days. The daily interest rate depends on many factors (including the size of your deposit and referral rate) and can get between 0.7% and 2.4% or even higher. The available balance grows by the second in accordance with the rate of the day. Withdrawals to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin are processed within a 12 hour maximum and the deposits are accepted from a $10 minimum. All the latest news and stats from the program are in the latest newsletter re-posted below:

Result of the month
Dear investors!
A month has passed since the launching of BrinoGmbH, the on-line platform for investment, and now we may already draw some conclusions about the company’s work.
First of all, the fact that the level of trust in the company is growing rapidly, as evidenced by a dynamic increase in the number of our investors, is pleasant. As of 28.09.2014, the number of active service subscribers has reached 3,302.
Stable financial performance and over $ 100,000 investment portfolio ($ 143,529 as of 28.09.2014) give the opportunity to expand into more attractive and profitable markets. One of which is the venture capital market, in which BrinoGmbH specialists have successful experience.
Investments in StartUp are real high-yield financial investments that give the opportunity to earn even more, both to the BrinoGmbH and its investors.
This primarily applies to those that invest small amounts of money.
Availability of an investment portfolio spares the company from the urgent need to attract large investments and makes it possible to create a more flexible environment for investors with small investment amounts. It was therefore decided to reallocate the first scale of bonuses, and now it looks like this: https://brino.info/images/scale_en.jpg
In addition, we wish to inform you that, given all the positive factors of development, the “$ 10 gift to everyone” deal with will be canceled on 01.10.2014. This change will affect all new users as well as users whose deposit balance equaled $0.00 on the specified date.
Investors who have started the earning profit mechanism for receiving the gift will be able to get it under the existing conditions.
Under the terms of the promotion, to receive the specified sum of money as a gift, the investor needs to make a deposit and earn a $10.00 profit.


CryptoArbs (reviewed here) remains the program of choice among my readers and holds the #1 spot on the MNO Premium listing for over a week now. The withdrawal processing time has been explained many times in my review and on the CryptoArbs website and is a 36 hour maximum. It still didn’t stop some impatient investors demanding why their withdrawal requests are not processed with 3, 6, or 12 hours. The answer why it takes 36 hours is simple – it’s very clear to me that CryptoArbs has grown to become one of the biggest programs in the HYIP industry now and the admin has to serve more investors. The withdrawal time might not be as fast as it was when CryptoArsb first launched 16 days ago – there’s simply too much work involved. Besides, all the investors should know the processing time from the beginning and shouldn’t have joined if they are not satisfied with it. In any case, just to avoid any conflicts or misunderstanding the admin of CryptoArbs once again had to remind about the payment schedule and asked for patience as his program has to accommodate over 3000 members now which is surely a great achievement in the program’s third week online. By paying from 3.8% to 6.8% daily interest for an unlimited period of time and allowing investors to withdraw to their PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, and Payeer at any time they wish, CryptoArbs already brought profits to thousands of investors and, fingers crossed, will keep it up for a long time to come. The latest from CryptoArbs is below:

CryptoArbs Withdrawal Terms
We have a 36 hour policy stated as our withdrawal processing terms. Please do not contact us for any withdrawal not exceeding 36 hours. We have many users who are contacting us after a mere 4-5 hours asking why their withdrawal has not been processed. We have over 3000 members we service on a daily basis and from day one we have had a 36 hour time frame in place. The time of day we process withdrawals is at our discretion and at times different from one day to the next.
Thank You from your CryptoArbs Team!


RemiTrade (reviewed here) which remains one of the most stable and steady performers on the MNO Premium List where it’s been featured since November 2013 has issued a list of their official days for the month of October on which the daily profits will not be credited to members’ accounts. This includes the first two Mondays of this month when profits will not be credited to your account. In reality that actually means you won’t be paid on the following Tuesday. Sounds a bit strange? Well, let me explain. According to RemiTrade‘s rules the program promises to credit you with variable daily interest on the day following their trading days (usually that’s from Tuesdays from Saturdays) representing it as sharing the part of the profits earned a day before that. You have 240 business days before your principal in RemiTrade gets released and despite there are always a couple of additional holidays announced by the admin each month, many investors saw the huge potential RemiTrade provided for them since day one and and have seen some excellent profits. I believe we will see the first principals released and available for withdrawal in RemiTrade by December, but I hope the program continues long after that. Instant withdrawals are available to PerfectMoney, while deposits are also accepted via BitCoin and direct bank wires. At the time of writing RemiTrade is in the the #3 spot on the MNO Premium List and so was included in the latest Top Five Popular Programs article which you can read here. Below you can read about the holidays for the month of October outlined in their last newsletter:

Holidays Schedule in October
Due to the holidays we have the following official non-trading days.
6 October 2014
13 October 2014
All deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly as usual In accordance with our Terms of Service no interest is paid on these days.


Following so many scams during the month of September (you can read more on the latest ones after that post) I started to wonder what exactly the biggest disappointment and failure program was in the eyes of regular investors. Some of the programs were deceptively good in execution, but still didn’t manage a full cycle – such as SentinelsX and AriaInvestments. Others looked good and paid good, but were allegedly hit by the member’s lack of participation after the first few days and failed to keep the investors attention afterwards, like Anancias and PiNeverEnds. And finally, some of them were definitely planned as outright fast scams, like Binimal, for instance. So the next question I have just added to the MNO TalkBack page asks the following – What was the biggest personal disappointment for you during September? Possible answers are Anancias, Binimal, AriaInvestments (also known as Arriels), PiNeverEnds, and SentinelsX. As we can clearly see though, the big wave of scams is behind us, new more promising programs will certainly replace them, and, fingers crossed, experienced admins can watch and learn from the failures of others. So, please take a minute and keep voting on the MNO TalkBack page.

The previous question asked a few days ago will be continue to run simultaneously with the results drawn in a few days. Although, looking at this interesting question now I can see that so far the answers were split almost 50/50 with no particular leader, it’s making things even more interesting to analyze. The question was – Are you more inclined to invest in a program that admits to being a game or a gamble? It appears that not everyone is happy to hear the blatant truth about the ponzi-like nature for HYIPs and the answer “Yes, I like when the admins are open about what they are doing. More people will realize how it all works and invest only what they can afford to lose” so far getting about 55% of votes. The remaining 45% fully realize that the situation is not that simple and that perhaps the admins are lying for a reason as they chose the following answer – “No, I believe HYIPs need a background story to encourage bigger spenders which will keep the program alive for longer and allow more people to earn a profit.” So what do you think? Please submit your vote by clicking here and help find out what are the latest trends in the HYIP industry. Thank you!


I believe we can safely label Anancias as one of the worst ever “perpetual” style programs seen in the industry lately. Offering only 2.5% to 3.5% daily the program managed to run for only a week, and, as usually happens in this case the admin blamed hit-n-runners for his own failures. I myself firmly believe though that it all comes down to a lack of professionalism and expertise, as we saw numerous examples of how long such perpetual program can last. So it seems to me it’s just a lame excuse given by an admin who didn’t even try to run the program for a long time and gave up very easily. I hope that those who actually deposited in Anancias and decided to withdraw their original investment within the program’s first and only paying week online managed to get up to 25%-30% profits. All the others please accept my commiserations, as the admin had obviously no idea how to run a successful project. I wish you more success in the other programs you join and hope you can recoup your losses without too much of a delay. Note that the Anancias website is still online and accepting new deposits, so please do not invest there any longer!


SentinelsX is officially now a scam too, but I believe that unlike the previous case something went wrong here that was out of the admin’s hands and totally unplanned. Yesterday, when I was away at a charity event, some concerned members of SentinelsX left messages on the MNO ShoutBox asking me to check the website and see if I had the same issues with the zeroing of accounts. When I had the opportunity to do so I was actually stunned as all the accounts were nulled with no deposits and profits shown and nothing to withdraw. There was obviously a script issue so severe that the admin couldn’t even accept deposits, which in many cases of a planned scam the admins leave wide open for several days. So I tend to believe that SentinelsX‘s collapse just after 10 days online was unintentional and left the admin with no choice but to close up shop. The withdrawals, I must admit, were processed instantly right up to the point the problem occurred so I’d take that as further proof that a fast scam was not the admin’s intention. Of course after the issue remained unfixed for several hours the fate of SentinelsX was sealed by panic on major forums, as programs with hourly accruals and instant withdrawals like that simply have to work flawlessly. With any possible issue, and especially something that serious, it was simply impossible to continue as the damage was done. Only today it seems that the admin managed to fix the script issue, but logically only for deposits which SentinelsX is going to accept for a few more days, I imagine, with no more payouts processed. Such unfortunate circumstances like SentinelsX faced yesterday are thankfully rare in the industry, but they are fatal for programs like this. Please note that no further investments in SentinelsX are recommended and they have been moved to Scam status on the MNO monitor!


At least one program pleasantly surprised me yesterday as the admin of CryptoFarm paid all the pending withdrawals so therefore I moved his program back to Paying status on the MNO monitor. No explanation or apology has been offered though as to why it took over 48 hours to process the pending withdrawals when it’s clearly stated on the website that the processing time is up to 12 hours. Since I’m most possibly the only investor and monitor in the program the admin had most probably forgotten that he had to pay me and skipped the payout. CryptoFarm remains completely unnoticed by my readers despite its Premium listing and a detailed description of the program posted here. This is due to multiple reasons and I doubt very much that anyone will be interested in the project if the admin keeps offering the same returns and won’t reduce the minimum investment. Judge for yourself – CryptoFarm accepts investments starting from 0.25 BTC (about $100 at current exchange rates) which is the price of one share giving you only 2% return for 60 calendar days which gives you 20% pure profit at the end. Higher deposits can give a return of up to 44% pure profits, but for that you need to invest at least 5 BTC which is about $2K. Potential profits can be completely swallowed up by highly volatile exchange rates, and I don’t believe this will appeal to anyone unless the admin changes his approach and accept more currencies, plus reduces the minimum investment. Anyway, it’s good to know that the program has been paying for over two months now, unlike so many other fast scams we’ve been seeing lately!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listCryptoArbs2FXLtd, RemiTradeAssuredAssets, TradingAllianceLimitedHashPrime, SparbsLaxoTrade, GepardAlliance, CryptoFarmBrinoGmbH, EastOil.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: ZeusInvest, OgdenOrganization.

That is all for tonight, guys. Stay tuned for more news and updates from your favorite and biggest investment programs later this week and I look forward to taking a closer look in the upcoming review of the brand-new CryptoAssets. In order not to miss all the latest events in the industry please subscribe to my newsletter and follow the MNO blog on Facebook and Twitter where all the important links are always posted. Plus don’t forget to check the status of any program you intend to invest your hard-earned money with on the MNO monitor as there might be some change of status you might not be aware of if you follow cheaper blogs and monitors. Remember to stay with the best for the best investment opportunities!

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