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Hello everyone! As you may have noticed last night’s review of MajesticCoins was postponed. This was due to some rather disturbing comments posted on forums from people outraged by being left waiting more than four hours for a payment, despite being clearly stated in the FAQ that the maximum processing time was 36 hours. But it appears they were justified in their fears that MajesticCoins had scammed, or at least it’s on the way to doing so, as the last withdrawals from the program were done over 16 hours ago. I know, I know, it’s still within terms, but you should agree such bad publicity is never good for any short term program, so I’ve decided to postpone the review of MajesticCoins and moved it to Waiting status. It just feels strange that payouts went from almost immediate to this slow, and I simply don’t want to see the program scam straight after a review is published. I hope you understand and if the admin resume the payouts soon, the review will be published.

But anyway, I still have some news to report anyway including a lengthy newsletter from Sparbs which has been making prompt payouts for 80+ days now. Also, I’ve got a new question for the MNO TalkBack page after I look at the results of the last one. And of course, there’s the introduction of the brand-new and exclusively listed on MNO program called GHash.


Sparbs (reviewed here) is still doing remarkably well after 80 days online, making excellent profits for many investors who believed in the program from the beginning and joined one of the three plans on offer – 120% after 15 days, 160% after 30 days, 210% after 45 days. Despite not being very popular among MNO readers Sparbs so far has delivered the best performance and is still paying fine to everyone, which alone propelled it to the #6 spot on my monitor’s Premium List. Sparbs is perhaps one of very few programs running off a very unique script yet making investments simple and accepting deposits via both USD and EUR to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Payza, and OkPay. The minimum to deposit in each plan is only $10 and withdrawals have been so far processed pretty fast and never exceeded the 24-hour timeframe. Compared with the recent wave of fast scams Sparbs seems to be doing everything right, yet the program remains underestimated by many investors, in my honest opinion. I’ll return to this topic in the following piece on the latest poll results from the MNO TalkBack page, but for now let’s just have a look back at the progress made by the website over the last three months online. The overall stats are impressive, testimonials and representatives pages were added, and the admin also promises to release more info on how Sparbs allegedly makes money via sports betting. I look forward to seeing this proof soon, and of course, MNO readers will be the first to hear about it. Here’s the latest newsletter from Sparbs in full:

80 Days Earning Report
Hello dear members,
Today we want to congratulate our members with 80th day online anniversary with us. We just completed our fifth investment cycle (80 days). In this news session, we’d like to share with you quick updates on several things – total deposits made, total number of investors at Sparbs and important features that we are considering to add in coming weeks, which will help you to see why investing at Sparbs is the best thing you could do to make money online.
Web Statistics after 80 days
After 80 days, Sparbs have managed to attract a total 2417 investors. Likewise, the total deposits at Sparbs is now $129989.24, which is almost quadruple the total deposit amount of $35,000.00 during its first month online.
This growing number of members and deposit amount indicates only one thing – Sparbs‘s investment plan is not only easy to use and invest, but also generates profits for everyone, including to newbie investors.
First of all, our investment plan is extremely easy to use. You just need to fund your account using any one of the payment gateways we support, select the plan, and wait for the period to complete.
Secondly, our server is running on a powerful dedicated server and protected by DDoS protection mechanism. This means our server will always be up and running and you’ll always make safe online deposits and withdrawals.
Sports Betting System
Sparbs development team is currently working on our betting system and it will be ready within couple of weeks. It will be placed into member area with detailed instructions and guides about what basic user without knowledge can do with this system and how to bet on a game without loss. This technology and betting system will give an opportunity to our users to bet inside member area for coming events, besides there are several reasons why our betting system will be very popular.
Representative Program & Testimonials section
As you can see, we have implemented representative and testimonial systems, we already receive some positive comments about our work and many people wants to join us. The affiliate program is free to join. If you’re already our member, you will automatically be qualified to participate in our affiliate program and start promoting our program with others – friends, families, co-workers and even your boss. If you’re new, you will automatically be enrolled into our affiliate program during the registration process.

Final Words
Before saying goodbye to you all, we’d like to thank everyone who took time to invest in our program and supported us throughout this journey. As a professional sports betting company, we also fulfilled out promise to our investors by helping them earn significant amount of profits in the least amount of time and hassle.
When it comes to making money online, Sparbs is the real deal because we invest your money on profitable sports arbitrage situation which will always earn you profits.
Thanks for reading, Sparbs Team


Staying with Sparbs, I really can’t help but wonder why this superb program that’s been paying for 80 days now is still relatively unpopular among my readers. It almost looks like they can’t adjust to the current HYIP market with its huge demand for short-term and perpetual programs, and the admin didn’t take this mood into consideration. New investors are very impatient, with no desire to wait for 15 calendar days to get “only”(!) 20% profit on their investment. So the question in the last opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page asked “Would you invest your money in a program paying 120% after 15 days?” As expected, half of my readers – 50% exactly – dismissed such programs regardless of their overall quality and answered “Never, it’s way too risky for me and not worth my time”. I believe that’s exactly the problem/reason why so many people overlooked Sparbs from the beginning and perhaps think now that it’s too late to invest. The second placed answer was – “Possible, if a program is of good quality and attractive design. 40% took this option, and I believe these are the more experienced investors who have a good gut feeling for these things. Only 10% voted “Yes, as I feel lucky and can profit in such programs”, most likely those who just enjoy the thrill and the gamble of the HYIP industry.

Time now for a new question that will be included on the MNO TalkBack page for the next week or so. I’d like to know your opinion on the current state of the HYIP market, especially your current activities compared to the summer which was very quiet. Unfortunately we can see that many admins deliberately opened some fancy looking programs (some even took the trouble to verify STP accounts) but scammed very quickly. So far it looks like good programs that start slowly are getting overlooked by investors who subsequently miss possible huge profits. The new question on the MNO TalkBack is this – Has autumn been more profitable for you than summer? Possible answers are:
– Yes, I’m earning more and am generally more active in autumn.
– Yes, I got more profits as I picked better programs.
– There’s been no difference between autumn and summer for me.
– No, I lost money due to of fast scams.
– No, I lost some money due to my own bad luck.
Thanks in advance for voting and I’ll draw the results in about a week to ten days or so.


The latest addition to my Premium listing today is, I think, a promising new program called GHash. The program was actually supposed to be added to the MNO monitor last night, but I guess the admin had to fix some last minute bugs, so I had to do it today instead. Well, it doesn’t matter as MNO was chosen as the first and the only official monitor by the admin to list Ghash. He pledges a slow start until Christmas and then add more monitors and payment options at a later time. So far, Ghash is only accepting deposits via BitCoin and nothing else. So in order to have your deposit added you have to convert the sum you wish to spend (the minimum starts from $20, by the way) into BitCoin first and then send it to the address specified. Deposits are then added automatically and will start earning. Interest is credited to your account in GHash every 24 hours and payouts are instant when requested. The rate depends on the size of your original deposit and can be from 1.3% to 1.7%. The interesting thing about GHash is that your principal is returned after 70 calendar days, but you have an option to withdraw your funds any time after the first 12 calendar days. There are no fees for early withdrawal, and I imagine such payments will be processed instantly to your BitCoin addresses as well. I really liked the design of GHash until I was made aware of the fact that it was used by a couple of older programs, although the admin claimed he had paid a lot for it. In any case, the most important thing about any program is prompt payments and I will report about my first withdrawal tomorrow when the program is hopefully going to be moved to Paying status on my monitor. Overall I loved the site’s look and it looked professional enough for me with the clear intention to avoid overheating by starting with BitCoin only. GHash is running off a completely modified GoldCoders script which is almost totally unrecognizable when checking out the website. DDoS protection is provided by DDoSGuard who have the GHash website on a dedicated server, and a Comodo Validated Green Bar SSL-security is also displayed. The domain name was purchased in 2001 and expires in 2022 which also makes a good impression on potential investors. On the About Us page GHash claims to be officially registered in Ireland, but is still showing the cheapest and easiest certificate of incorporation possible to obtain from the UK (read this article on MNO on how easy it is to obtain such things). Online Live chat was offline at the time I checked it and the blog seems to be inactive for the moment, so I’m not sure how active the admin plans to be for the first couple of months before expanding his promotion. We’ll wait and see, but for now a more detailed review of GHash will be on my blog tomorrow.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list2FXLtd, RemiTrade, TradingAllianceLimitedAssuredAssets, LaxoTradeBrinoGmbH, GrandAgroFinanceEastOil, OneStability, MikroCredit.
From MNO Standard list: ValueSpecificsLtd.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization.

That’s all the news for today, guys. See you all again tomorrow with a more detailed review of the so far exclusively monitored program GHash plus the regular daily news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. See you all then!


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