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Beware! CompassBusiness has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone, and a belated Happy Halloween to anybody celebrating! I have several news stories to get through for you this evening after taking last night off, so I hope you find something helpful or informative in there for you. The main focus of today’s update however is a long term HYIP called CompassBusiness that has just joined the MNO Standard list. By no means a new program, (new only to MNO), CompassBusiness is fast approaching the completion of its first year online. Yep, launched back in November 2013, so exactly why the admin is only coming here now and what he thinks he’s seriously going to achieve by adding the MNO monitor at this stage can be a point of speculation for you. But as a monitor I’ll still report an accurate status for the program and describe it as best I can for you below. What you then do with this information is entirely up to you. So let’s see what CompassBusiness are all about and whether you think they might still be worth joining.

We’ll start at the beginning then, and for any online HYIP that’s going to be the investment plans. Apart from the age of the program, or rather it’s inexplicable delay in coming to MNO, this is where I would have one major criticism of CompassBusiness. Not the plans themselves per se, but rather the explanation of them. You see, the CompassBusiness website underwent a complete overhaul last September and was totally redesigned. Yet despite this, you’ve actually got to open an account with the program before the plans are properly spelled out for you. I don’t see how this can be beneficial to anyone involved, and I can’t see many casual investors signing up for the program without first being told what they can invest in. I’ll do my best to explain them to you here anyway, but it’s really something the admin should be doing for you and not me.

So, as I already mentioned CompassBusiness is very much a long term HYIP. There are several plans to choose from, with one counting your principal as part of your daily payments and the others returning it on expiry. Most of them won’t be of much interest to you due to the prohibitive cost of joining, though it can still be affordable as the first plan need only set you back a $10 minimum. This runs for 30 business days (that’s six weeks) and for the duration CompassBusiness will pay you a daily interest rate of 0.8%, Monday to Friday only. By the end of the term that adds up to a modest but very achievable 24% profit at which point CompassBusiness should then return your principal. The maximum investment allowed for this particular plan is capped at $1,000.

For the brave, the reckless, the gamblers, or just those feeling a mix of generosity and good luck, the second investment plan opens for a $1,000 minimum and runs for 50 business days, or ten weeks. In return for your money here, CompassBusiness are offering a daily interest payment, Monday to Friday, of 0.9%. That adds up to 45% by the end of the term, which then only becomes profit if/when CompassBusiness return your principal as promised. Investments in this plan are allowed up to a maximum limit of $5,000.

Starting where the second plan leaves off, deposits in CompassBusiness‘s third investment plan only start from $5,000. Or if you prefer can go as high as a $50,000 maximum. The term runs for 70 business days which is 14 weeks, and every day from Monday to Friday members are paid a basic interest rate of 1%. It’s a pretty simple calculation then to see that payments should add up to 70% in total, and again members can only consider this as profit after the CompassBusiness admin has returned their principals as promised.

Finally for this group of plans, and something I’m really only including for information purposes, for deposits ranging from $50,000 to a $100,000 maximum CompassBusiness have a plan running for 90 business days. This is 18 weeks, during which the rate being offered to members is 1.1% per business day, Monday to Friday. That adds up to a grand total of 99% which becomes net profit on return of your principal.

Scaling things back considerably but still very much for the big spending more serious investors, CompassBusiness‘s final plan puts a slightly different spin on things. The term reverts to 30 business days (six weeks), and the interest payments made from Monday to Friday are 3.9%. What separates this plan from the others is that CompassBusiness are including your principal as part of the payments and won’t be returning it on expiry in a separate transaction. Therefore when your final payment brings your return to 117%, that will be your own money back plus 17% net profit. Unlike CompassBusiness‘s other plans, this one will allow members to break even (earn back an amount equivalent to their investment and therefore make it impossible to lose money) before the end of the term. This comes after 26 of the 30 expected payments. The maximum spending limit placed on deposits into this plan has been capped at a value of $100,000.

If you find anything in there that you think is worth taking a gamble on then the next thing we shall need to talk about is what are your payment options. These are somewhat limited for now, and honestly as the admin has already had almost a year to improve the list but hasn’t, then I don’t see him doing it anytime soon. You can use either PerfectMoney or EgoPay to join CompassBusiness. Neither processor is officially open to US residents anymore, so that also goes some way towards explaining why the program continues flying very much below the radar and targeting a mainly Russian audience. Payments to members are will need to be requested from inside your members account area, and once done will be completed manually by the admin. The interest itself should be added to your members area 24 hours after the initial investment was made, and can be withdrawn anytime you like after that. The faster the better, naturally, but once you make the request it’s unclear as to what the waiting time should be. I suggest you allow 24 hours, however I need to point out that the program’s FAQ seems to suggest they might be instant. Please note that this is NOT the case, and I think I was waiting something like 12 hours for my own last payment.

By the way, you should also keep in mind that CompassBusiness do have an early withdrawal policy. If you’d like to get your money back early and leave the program then you need to submit a request to do so to the program’s admin. This service doesn’t come cheap, and you will find your principal reduced by a 25% early withdrawal penalty fee. Of course the logical way to avoid this is to not put yourself in a position where a HYIP admin is in possession of money you find yourself needing to get back in a hurry, as I have no doubt experienced investors will all be aware.

Looking into the more technical aspects of the program and its website now, the first thing you might notice is that the CompassBusiness website is bilingual, available in both Russian and English. I say that’s the first thing because most likely you will land on the Russian version by default when you visit the site for the first time. You just need to click the small flag icon to change between languages and view the English version, but it’s fair to say that CompassBusiness has been very much geared towards a Russian speaking audience up until now. CompassBusiness is running off a script under license from GoldCoders. Whether you like it, dislike it, or are just plain indifferent there’s no denying that as the single biggest script provider serving the HYIP industry for a good number of years now that most regular players will recognize and be instantly familiar with them, so there’s no real surprises in the CompassBusiness member’s area. It’s easy enough to navigate as you might expect from GoldCoders and user friendly throughout. As for the website hosting provider, we have a rare appearance from Koddos. No where near the popular name they once were, even when CompassBusiness first launched almost a year ago they were still on the wane. Anyway, they’re keeping CompassBusiness on a dedicated server with support and protection from DDoS attacks. For an added layer of safety the website is also SSL encrypted by Comodo.

If you have any further questions for the CompassBusiness admin that you didn’t think were addressed properly in this review or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then there’s a couple of different methods to get in touch. Mainly this is by filling in your details on the online support form and submitting it via the contacts page. Alternatively you can also just write directly to the admin at the listed e-mail address. Fans of social networking sites will be able to find CompassBusiness with their own group on VK. I have to say though that this probably won’t be of a great deal of interest to most readers here as VK is a Russian language social media site. There’s a list of regional representatives that you can contact directly as well, basically members who act as customer service reps, though again these are all in Russian speaking areas. If this does happen to be of any use to you anyway, you can find their names, e-mail addresses, Skype details, and phone numbers on the CompassBusiness contacts page.

As for any alleged business activities to support the interest payments to members, this is where things get even more complicated. The thing is that the CompassBusiness admin has tried his level best to convince me that his is a genuine company and not just an online ponzi. The admin is running a sort of companion HYIP to CompassBusiness, a sister program if you like, which I’m not going to discuss here for the simple reason I don’t monitor it. I’ll just say the claim is that the business is the hiring and renting out of boats. Linking one HYIP to another is never a good idea in this industry, as without exception the moment one of them gets into trouble the collapse of the other is imminent. That’s also something experienced investors will know. So don’t treat CompassBusiness any differently than any other HYIP, impressive as it is do keep the age of the program in mind and remember it’s far from new, stay well under a sensible spending limit you can afford to lose, and if you do decide to take a chance on CompassBusiness anyway then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



The admin of the above reviewed CompassBusiness is taking some drastic measures against inactive accounts in his program. So if you signed in but didn’t make a deposit within ten days the admin reserves the right to delete your account. So don’t let it be a total surprise to you if that happens. I’m not sure what the admin is trying to achieve by this, but it’s his program and he can do what he wants with it. Here’s what he has to say on the matter:

The elimination of inactive accounts
Dear participants !!! Accounts that are not deposits and are not active referrals in 10 days – will be deleted on usmrotrenie leadership. Thank you for understanding.


Over the last couple of days two disastrous programs – VeltaFinancial and AdamantCapital – were both named and shamed as being awful fast scams. They are currently listed under Scam Status on the MNO monitor, so let’s say a few words about the scams and analyze the possible reasons for their closure.

VeltaFinancial was a total disappointment for many investors including myself. The program had one of the best and most professional layouts I’ve seen in the industry for a long time and was run off a custom-made script offering instant payouts. No wonder that within its first week online VeltaFinancial managed to win the trust of many people who mistakenly believed it to be the next big thing. Unfortunately the admin had his own ideas on how long the program should run to bring him lots of money and he stopped paying after just ten days online. I guess there could have been some huge deposits flowing in from day one and with the current mood of investors to hit-and-run for even such good programs like VeltaFinancial there were lots of people also trying to withdraw their principals even after a week online. Instead of trying to maintain further interest in his program the admin of VeltaFinancial probably decided that it was not worth the effort and that he earned enough money from a fast scam, so he hit and run himself. That’s very sad, as in my honest opinion and the opinion of many others, VeltaFinancial had every chance to turn into something truly big over the next few weeks and the admin could have earned much more money for himself. Then again possibly he planned it this way all along, I just know that with all the preparation and big promotion starting on day one VeltaFinancial failed to deliver an even remotely decent result. The process was excruciating for some investors still trying to get their money back from VeltaFinancial after the 500 server error started to pop up when trying to withdraw. Nothing happened though and the admin remained silent, and even despite some investors succeeding in making a profit the overall result is shameful because it will encourage even further hit-n-running from investors in future programs. And who can blame them? After all, such activities are widely encouraged by low-life scammers like the VeltaFinancial admin.

In the case of AdamantCapital my suspicions about the program which I expressed in the review published on my blog were totally justified. I believed that it was really weird why the program only came to MNO after eight weeks online and guessed that this could be with the admin trying to use my get publicity, scam, and then run away. I’m pleased to say his plan went completely wrong. Although I had a few referrals in AdamantCapital nobody actually invested in it. I must complement my readers who can read between the lines in my reviews and know when I think a program is suspicious. Therefore, the admins trying to use MNO as a last resort to steal money from my readers should think twice. Take the admin of AdamantCapital – he lost over $1K of his own money advertising on MNO and probably hoped for thousands of dollars from my referrals. His plan didn’t work at all though, and thanks to my smart readers he left empty-handed. I wouldn’t be even surprised if the admin actually lost a significant percentage of what he was hoping to steal between the MNO promotion and the server upgrade needed after a DDoS attack. I guess that explained his strange behavior when he came to me after the scam and both begged and threatened me into returning “his” money, even though he was totally aware of the refund policy stated on my advertising page which all admins have to agree to before they ever pay a cent. He actually called me all sorts of names and got quite nasty about it, saying he would never come back to MNO again. Well, that’s not really much of a threat and was actually a relief to me, as I truly despise such admins who come to me only after they ran their programs for some time hoping for a quick buck from my readers. I can tell such admins plain and simple – do not come to MNO if you’re not dedicated to working hard, because simply paying for Premium listing on MNO without showcasing your program’s benefits won’t make you any money. Quite the opposite in fact, as the AdamantCapital admin can tell you he lost money. I can assure you that the MNO advertising policy is intended to encourage only the biggest programs run by serious admins. Occasionally the likes of AdamantCapital will unfortunately get through, but I do believe these are a small minority now and something we can never really fully eradicate. I’ll surely take any admin’s money as they are free to pay for an accurate monitoring service if they please, however no results are ever guaranteed and I reserve the right to say what I really think of the programs. Positive reviews are not for sale and can be only earned by merit. My monitoring fee structure is set up this way now that admins with bad intentions will only lose their money by advertising on MNO, so please save me from your fast scams and better spend your money somewhere else if you’re not willing to work hard. I sincerely hope to never have to deal with the admin who ran AdamantCapital ever again.


I simply can’t believe why Payza is still being ignored by so many HYIP admins. From the MNO monitor it’s only accepted by one program, LaxoTrade, now. In my honest opinion, after all the latest improvements Payza was perhaps the most anticipated comeback in the HYIP world. Just a couple of years ago the industry was ruled by AlertPay which was Payza‘s predecessor and now that the new payment processor is fully licensed around the world (and even in the US) and offering lots of direct funding and withdrawal options, including bank and BitCoin, it’s simply impossible to understand why it’s still being overlooked by HYIP admins. With the most recent changes posted on the payment processor’s official blog over the last few days, including the almost instant business account verification and payment button approval and the further expansion of the merchant support options, it’s doubly surprising why admins are not taking advantage. Having been friendly to HYIP website and US-based customers, totally integrating BitCoin deposit and withdrawal options, having a wide variety of approved exchangers on board and allowing withdrawals directly to bank and credit cards Payza is now definitely the payment processor to look to for both HYIP admins and investors. To learn more on the most recent features offered by Payza read the latest newsletters from them below:

Payza Lets New Merchants Process Payments Within Minutes of Opening an Account
New Process Makes It Simpler for Businesses to Accept Online Payments Using Payza
Payza, a global leader in online payment processing, has streamlined its process for allowing new business members to go from setting up a Payza account to accepting online payments. Under the new system, a merchant simply needs to sign up for a Payza business account, complete and submit the website review form, and integrate Payza’s “Buy Now” button scripts into their website to start accepting payments.
“Due diligence is very important at Payza, but with this process we feel we have struck the best balance between speed, simplicity, convenience and security,” said Ferhan Patel, Director of Global Risk and Compliance. “Under the new procedure we’ve been able to go from not having an account to integrating fully functional Payza payment buttons on our test sites in under 15 minutes.”
The new process follows a clear trend at Payza to attract new merchants to the platform. In recent months Payza has expanded the number of industries they are able to serve by adding specific high risk segments. Payza has also added new business features including a guest checkout option, in-page checkout and top-up payments.
“Making our customers happy, whether they have Personal or Business accounts, is our top priority. Our focus this year has been on innovation, from Bitcoin integration to unique security features to streamlining the checkout experience. This new process is yet another step in that direction for Payza,” added Patel.
About Payza
Payza is a leading online payments technology platform used by licensed entities around the world.
Payza’s highly secure platform provides businesses and consumers with convenient and flexible solutions for sending and receiving payments worldwide. The company offers access to payment services in both traditional and emerging markets, as well as a host of tools and services including: fraud screening, dispute resolution, currency exchange, global payouts and disbursement services. With millions of members, Payza offers its services around the world in 21 currencies, and is proud to provide its merchants around the globe with a complete solution for accepting payments and managing their businesses. More information is available about Payza on its website,, Facebook, Twitter and the company’s blog.

Payza’s Support Options are Changing
Payza is committed to offering the best customer support in our industry, and we do so by making sure our members can always reach us easily, and by making sure that our support team is knowledgeable, friendly, and dedicated to making sure our members get the answers they’re looking for.
Last year, Payza introduced two new support options to make it easier for our members to get in touch with an advisor when they needed a bit of extra help. The first option we introduced was Live Chat, a way to communicate in real-time with a support advisor. One of the biggest advantages of Live Chat support over traditional phone support is that members can receive support in more languages, where phone support was only available in English and French.
Payza also introduced the Payza Community interactive online support forum in September, 2013. Payza Community is a great place to get answers to general questions about Payza, it’s also the best place to share your Payza tips and tricks with other members.
Thanks to the success of our two newest support channels and the dramatic decline of members seeking phone support, we have decided to remove the phone support option in order to dedicate more resources towards the support channels our members are using most.
The always popular email support option is also still available. You can submit a support ticket by filling out the form on Payza’s support page and our team will reply to you promptly by email, usually in less than 24 hours!
Additionally, if you have a business account and have questions related to integration issues, you can visit Payza’s Developer Center for additional support and resources.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listGrandAgroFinance.
From MNO Premium listAssuredAssets, LaxoTrade, EastOilOneStabilityLinberger, CryptoFarmGHash, AdamantCapital, MutualFinancial.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness.
From MNO Basic list: ZeusInvest, OgdenOrganization, TheBornClub, MarkApter, SuccessRoadToWealth.

That’s all the news for today, guys. Enjoy the rest of the Halloween weekend and I’ll see you all again on the MNO on Monday when the new business week begins. Hopefully it’ll be full of new decent investment opportunities for all of us. See you then, folks!

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