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Beware! GrandAgroFinance has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! To finish up the business week I want to make a start on looking over some of the most recent programs that joined the MNO monitor. Two of them actually (so remember to check out my blog again tomorrow for more), both to the Premium List. The one I want to look at in more detail for you today is called GrandAgroFinance, and it’s a more regular, traditional style HYIP that most readers and fans of short term programs will recognize straight away. If you’re curious about how long this one has been online by the way, it’s true that GrandAgroFinance as a website has been there (“somewhere” in cyber space) for a couple of months now, but more as a sleeper. It’s only in the last week or so that their investment plans and the design of the GrandAgroFinance website has seen a total refit. Which reminds me by the way, my own site has also underwent a little “cosmetic surgery” of its own this week. Specifically I hope you like the new and somewhat more subtle improvements I’ve made to the MNO monitor‘s main page. Take a look and let me know what you think as your feedback is always welcome, though I myself think it makes the monitor easier to read, a bit more modern, and a bit more in line with the design of my blog.

Getting back to GrandAgroFinance though, can see some unusual images that made me think about of all things an old Soviet style collective farm from the 1930’s, with one man ploughing a field with a horse while another simultaneously tries to reap it with an old style scythe. Then there’s a tractor driving around behind them. All very bizarre! They claim to be investing in agricultural activities, so hence the farming related theme. But as an actual functioning HYIP then the activities of GrandAgroFinance are really only getting started now, so it’s safe enough to treat them as brand new. That doesn’t make them any more likely to succeed or fail of course, but just to let you know.

Starting with the investment plans then, and as expected GrandAgroFinance offer the usual if somewhat predictable combination of reasonable and modest returns for smaller deposits which can – up to a certain point – realistically be achieved, and another group of plans unlikely to see anyone other than the admin make any money. I would hope that by now most experienced readers will be able to recognize the difference, though for your information I’ll go through everything for you below anyway. For most plans GrandAgroFinance only require a $10 minimum to join, so it doesn’t have to be that much of a risk financially speaking unless you make it that way yourself.

The first of 8 plans sees GrandAgroFinance paying members on expiry of a term running for just 1 calendar day. So in other words join today and get paid tomorrow. You need as I said a $10 minimum to join, and for all deposits up to a maximum value of $1,000 GrandAgroFinance will pay you back 103% interest. That includes your principal of course, so it’s your own money back plus 3% profit on top. Or to put it another way, spend $100 with the program today and the admin offers you back $103 tomorrow. Or if you’d like to take more of a gamble and spend a bigger amount, then GrandAgroFinance make the following offers:
104% on deposits between $1,001 and $2,000, and 105% for amounts between $2,001 and $5,000. GrandAgroFinance do accept higher amounts, and if you’re interested I suggest you see inside you’re private members area for further figures and information.

That’s only a marginally less profitable option than GrandAgroFinance next plan were you to look at it on a profit-per-day basis. The minimum deposit is still $10 and for amounts up to $1,000 you are offered 120% on expiry after a 6 day investment term. Compare that to what you might earn by reinvesting in the one day plan six times and there really isn’t a whole lot separating them. Other options include a single payment of 127%, principal included, made of expiry on deposits between $1,001 and $2,000, and 135% for amounts between $2,001 and $5,000. For information on larger deposits see the members area.

After that the next plan jumps to a term of 15 days, with members again offered one single payout on expiry. Minimum deposits start at $10 and for anything up to a $1,000 investment you could earn a payment of 160%, principal included. Obviously enough as the term increases so does the risk, but while GrandAgroFinance could potentially complete a number of cycles in this plan I just don’t see it as being significantly more profitable to justify you joining it as opposed to simply re-depositing in the shorter term plans over and over again for a similar length of time. You can make almost the same profit from a lower risk plan, so think about a strategy before joining, and remember, you’re far more likely to see a 60% profit if your investment is closer to the $10 minimum that the $1,000 maximum.
For larger deposits the following rates are available: $1,001 to $2,000 is offered 180%, and from $2001 to $5,000 is offered 158%. Again bigger rates apply to bigger deposits so check your GrandAgroFinance accounts area for further details.

Your next option runs for a 35 day term and also pays on expiry. The only payment you receive again includes your principal and requires a $10 minimum deposit to join. Spend anything up to $1,000 and GrandAgroFinance will offer to return 300%. For bigger investments the following rates apply: 400% on $1,001 to $2,000, and 600% on anything from $2,001 up to $5,000. See the members area for more details if you’re interested in spending any more than that.

As you can see the risk gets progressively higher and higher as the terms get longer, and the returns get more and more difficult to come up with. So for GrandAgroFinance‘s next plan the term is now 60 calendar days, though still with a $10 minimum requirement to join. The offer on all deposits up to a value of $1,000 is 600%, principal included, paid on expiry. Just for the record on larger investments the rates are:
800% on $1,001 to $2,000, and 1,300% on anything from $2,000 to $5,000. You can visit your members account area to see what even more unobtainable rates are offered for larger deposits.

GrandAgroFinance‘s longest term investment plan runs for a term of 90 days and makes one single payout on expiry that includes your original principal. The price of joining also takes a stretch so you’ll need a $100 minimum to join, (about $99 more than the maximum I’d pay myself were I to spend my own money on it) and earn 1,000% interest on expiry on deposits up to $1,000.
For larger deposits the following rates are available: $1,001 to $2,000 is offered 1,400%, and anything upwards of that to $5,000 is offered an even more unrealistic and unachievable 2,000%.

Despite being the longest investment term however, that’s not even close to GrandAgroFinance‘s highest risk plan. That dubious honor falls to their final two, so-called VIP plans that run for 11 and 22 calendar days respectively. The first option requires you to spend any amount from $20,000 to $100,000 and in return offers you 1100% interest on expiry. Alternatively for a deposit from a mere $10,000 up to $100,000 in the 22 day plan the members are offered 2200% on expiry. Obviously a fantasy but sometimes you can only laugh at how some admins have the neck to even pretend that this will happen. Still, if you don’t ask you don’t receive as they say, but I just hope it doesn’t completely discourage you from trying a more modest gamble on one of GrandAgroFinance‘s more achievable plans which will (and already have) put some members into a genuine profit. I mean it’s better to play for 3% and actually get 3% than any of this nonsense which is never going to happen.

Most longer term experienced readers will have realized by now that there’s been a big number of programs very very similar to over the last number of years, some of which were undoubted hits and others which were huge disappointments. If that’s OK with you and you’re happy to play the game then the next thing you’ll need to know is your choice of payment processor. GrandAgroFinance are using PerfectMoney, EgoPay and the increasingly common (though I’m not sure popular) Payeer for those who like the standard payment handlers. BitCoin, also increasingly common and I think a bit more popular, is available for those favoring digital e-currencies. Payouts will need to be requested from inside your members account area. Once done the GrandAgroFinance admin asks that you allow a maximum of 24 hours for all transactions to be processed.

GrandAgroFinance are hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by DDoSGuard, whose track record in this area has been pretty solid, or at least as good as most of their main direct competitors. The website is SSL encrypted by Comodo for an added layer of security, and is running off a script under license from GoldCoders. Customer support if you have any questions or account related issue is available by filling in your details on the ticketing form found on the contacts page and submitting it. You might be better off sometimes checking to see if the program’s Live Chat is available first as this feature has already been integrated to the GrandAgroFinance website. You might save a bit of time if you find the admin online at the time and able to help you out. I would however suggest you dismiss the postal address as unlikely to be more than a virtual, hosted office and not where you’ll find anyone connected with the program physically located. What might be more useful than the address is the phone number which was recently added and just announced in the admin’s most recent newsletter. So if you prefer to speak to someone directly then you can try it out.

Little to no information is available on any kind of business plan (if there is one) behind GrandAgroFinance other than a brief mention of the agricultural investments I told you about at the top of the page. I mean there’s no real information beyond a short and extremely vague few lines there for you to check out for yourselves, and anyway, it pretty much contradicts what just about every single farmer and farm worker I’ve ever heard interviewed for the news will tell you – farm incomes have been declining for years. Then again I think we all know by now that the HYIP industry is the only business that offers the kind of returns being touted here. So as with all programs and not just GrandAgroFinance let me just wrap it up with a reminder that you are under no obligation to join, need only spend a minimal amount of money if you do join, and if you want to play the HYIP industry it’s best to keep a diverse portfolio of smaller investments rather than too much money in too few programs.



Staying on the subject of the above reviewed GrandAgroFinance, coincidence or not but along with the review on MNO the program also celebrated its 60 days online today. The admin even issued a special newsletter on that, listing some improvements the site has undergone over the first couple of months. Lars (that’s his name) singled out design, investment plans, and more support options available for members. The membership is pretty modest at 700 at the moment which proves the point highlighted in the review that the program is not that old and has potential to grow. Here is he full version of the newsletter:

60 Days Online
Dear investors.
I’m happy to welcome our honorable investors and site’s visitors.
It’s been 60 days since the start of the program. During this time we’ve got a good experience, and our investors were able to earn good money, as confirmed by the reviews on popular business forums. We made a lot of upgrades. Among them there are the change of design, improvement of a quantity of investment plans, the expansion of support now you get access to Online Chat and phone +442035144736. Also more detailed statistics were added Total deposited: $ 80,752.51 and Total withdraw: $ 36,778.11, Total accounts: 701, Online days: 60 , which allows you to see the real image of the program, and number of other improvements.
We are pleased that we have the trust of so many people, and will try to do everything to justify the confidence of our investors in the future.
Best Regards, Lars Riley
GrandAgroFinance – Earn with us


CryptoAssets apparently wasn’t able to remove itself from the chain of unfortunate events that seemed to be haunting the program almost from day one. Now that the program has stopped paying and has been moved to Problem status on the MNO monitor, looking back at all of this it seems pretty unimaginable that the admin managed to pay to everyone even yesterday, when he was apparently hoping the members would stay and support the program. Alas, it wasn’t to be and instead the vast majority preferred to leave the sinking ship. I remind you the problems included hit-n-runners, blackmailers, DDoS-attacks and accusations of being connected with a totally different program. All things considered seven days of stable payments wasn’t such a complete failure after all then. And even when seemingly another very strong DDoS-attack was launched against them yesterday, the admin still tried everything to save his program. Unfortunately it didn’t happen, even though some of the payouts were processed last night. Too many promises were made by him over the last two days and too few delivered. In my opinion, some investors waited for actions rather than some words and were ready to support CryptoAssets once the outstanding payments would have been completed and stability resumed. But too many things went wrong and I believe even the acceptance of SolidTrustPay from the beginning couldn’t help them. I want to believe that the admin did all he could, but the damage was probably too great to sustain and when today some impatient monitors already moved CryptoAssets to Problem status its time was up. The admin was contacted by me this morning when some investors reported that their payouts had not been done yet, but as expected I haven’t received any reply. CryptoAssets has been a huge disappointment from a seemingly experienced admin. Hope he has learned his lessons from that and his next program will be better.

The admin of CryptoAssets has to his credit done the honorable thing and officially closed the website. So no further deposits can be made their, even accidentally by those who don’t know what’s happening. He blamed a very negative approach to his program by a few investors since the problems started and the lack of support while the site was under DDoS. The admin also mentioned that if he wanted to run a fast scam he wouldn’t have been keen to accept SolidTrustPay which took him some time and proved ultimately a useless move, as it didn’t help CryptoAssets to be profitable for anyone involved. I totally agree with the admin that CryptoAssets might have run much longer had circumstances been better, though I totally disagree with him blaming anybody else. These things happen in the HYIP industry all the time, and if you can’t deal with them then this isn’t the place for you. Anyway, just for your information here is the farewell newsletter from CryptoAssets that only lasted a week:

State of CryptoAssets
Unfortunately we are the bearers of bad news now. We were unable to make it through all the panic. We emptied out about 90% of our funds following the DDOS attack (which is the last payout period) and the panic was too great to deal with. The closure of Crypto-Assets has to be announced and was fully intended to run as a long term program (why our plans were what they were). The fake negative posts prior to the DDOS we could handle, but our actual investors posting negative feedback about us throughout the DDOS attack and IMMEDIATELY following the DDOS attack caused irreparable harm. A program on average could last over 100 days. We were killed by the community of our investors in 6. It is clear though now that the acceptance and effort of adding STP is of no added value and should not be pursued any longer by the community.


Another brand new program has joined the MNO Premium List earlier this morning. The program is called OneStability and in this case I truly hope it lives up to its name. The program offers two traditional investment plans with fixed terms and the principal included in the daily profits – 5% for 30 calendar days (for a $5 minimum) and 4.2% for 45 calendar days (requires a higher $25 minimum contribution). In the first plan you will get 50% pure profit which is less than in the second plan. That one pays you 89% profit by the end, though it’s the first plan that’s safer as you break even faster. OneStability accepts PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin, and even Bank wires (contact the admin directly for more information on that option). The minimum amount to withdraw is $1 and will be processed manually by the admin within a 24 hour maximum. The program is running off a slightly modified GoldCoders script, but the only interesting feature that caught my eye was the sequence you need to be solve when logging in. For example 2+3=?, which you need to answer first and is obviously done as an extra protection against bots. As for the DDoS protection, OneStability has chosen BlockDoS so as not to cut any corners on security. They have the program on a dedicated server and the website is SSL-secured by Comodo throughout. More about the program’s alleged sources of income can be found in the promotional video of three and a half minutes available on the main page. OneStability also has thousands friends on Facebook, a domain name first registered for four years back in 2012, and an admin who is quite active. By coming to MNO on day one and purchasing the banner on my monitor straight for one month along with the Premium listing, the admin has proved that he’s serious enough about running OneStability for a long time. You can check the program out by yourself if you’re interested in exploring all its features before the full review is published this Sunday. I’ll just leave you with the first newsletter to give you some insight on OneStability:

Welcome to OneStability!
Hello and welcome to OneStability – A Place Where Stability is the No.1 Priority!
We are extremely delighted to see you on our company’s official website. Please continue reading to explore wonderful and highly profitable investment opportunities, that only a solid and stable company like OneStability can provide you.
At first, you might think we are like one of your typical come-and-go investment option, but to make it clear, OneStability‘s business ethics, performance and success can never be matched, or compared with these so-called investment companies. We have been working hard for years to build our credibility. We have spent lot of time in planning and creating our business ground, structure and working model, to assure that whatever the circumstances are – OneStability always delivers the top notch results, while maintaining its main principle – i.e. Stability.
What does OneStability actually does? You must be thinking this. So to answer in simple words – OneStability deals in Real Estate Management. Now you might be familiar with the term “Real Estate”, but the concept and business methods we apply here at OneStability to generate the maximum profits at minimal level of risks is totally unique, self-created and totally proven to work successfully.
The team of OneStability consists of professionals specializing in real estate investing, trading and mortgaging. We have formed an association with sole aim of combining our skills, efforts and experience in order to reach financial freedom through stable platform.
Keeping company’s main objective in mind, our professionals have worked hard in creating investment portfolio that delivers our clients with maximum gains on their investments, while having minimal risks and high stability. It consists of two investment options, named as “Commercial Plan” and “Industrial Plan“.
While “Commercial Plan” pays rebate of 5.00% per 30 calendar days term, 4.20% is paid by “Industrial Plan” for a period of 45 calendar days. Investments ranging from $5 to $25,000 can be made in “Commercial Plan”, while “Industrial Plan” accepts investments ranging from $25 to $50,000. As OneStability follows its principles strictly, we neither provide option for compounding, nor do we make any traditional offers like other companies to lure more investors, while shaking our stability, increasing the risk and all-in-all – hindering our business growth.
OneStability highly values its clients’ time, interest and money, and hence we try to accommodate in every possible manner. From large list of accepted payment options to providing safe and secure business environment, we have it all of premium level. Just to name a few, OneStability‘s website is hosted on a dedicated server (not only on a dedicated IP address), fully managed by our technical team, we have the highest level of DoS protection from one of the leading DoS solution provider, named Blockdos. We have also installed secure socket layer for carrying out highly secure transactions, as well as anti-virus as an extra layer of protection.
Speaking about our customer assistance, we have an unmatched level of support. Our highly qualified support operators are available for you 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Need us anytime, contact us and we will be back to you in promptly!
So, what are you still waiting for? Thinking whether to join hands with us or not? Well give us a chance and we promise – you won’t regret! By joining hands with us and making us your esteemed investment partner, you will make the best deal out of all, we assure you that.
Looking forward to see you in, and once again welcome to the official website launch of OneStability – A Place Where Stability is the No.1 Priority!
Sincerely, OneStability Team


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list2FXLtd, RemiTradeAssuredAssets, TradingAllianceLimitedLaxoTrade,  BrinoGmbHCryptoFarmEastOil, OneStability (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: FreeCombination.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization.

That’s it for tonight, guys. Hope you all have a good weekend. As for me, I’ll be busy with the reviews of two new programs on my Premium List – MikroCredit tomorrow and OneStability on Sunday. Also, the latest news from the most popular investment opportunities online will be discussed and analyzed as usual. Enjoy the new look MNO monitor and see you all tomorrow!

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