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Beware! CryptoIncome has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend has been going well for you all so far. It’s not been an overly busy day for news, Sundays rarely are, so I took the opportunity to hit the beach and go swimming before it gets too cold here. So I’m all refreshed now and ready for work! To start this evening’s update I want to take a closer look at another recently launched program that joined my monitor called CryptoIncome. This is another perpetual style program that allows members to set their own investment terms, and leave when ever you want. The only catch is that you have to stay a member long enough to receive at least one interest payment, which is 24 hours, but I have no idea why anyone would possibly want to leave before that. There’s also some measures to protect against hit-and-runners. I know these won’t be popular with everyone, but in the longer run it’s whatever’s in the best interests of CryptoIncome that counts. I’ll get to that in due course, but let’s start off as usual with the investment plans and see if you think CryptoIncome is worth joining.

There’s essentially just investment with CryptoIncome, which is then divided into two sections – one for the really big investors, and one for everyone else. You’ll need a $25 minimum to join, and everyone spending up to $1,499 goes into what’s called Fund One. For their investments here CryptoIncome are rewarding their members with a daily interest payment of 5%. You collect this for how ever long you wish to remain a member, and ask for your principal to be returned when you think you’ve achieved what you can with the program. I can’t really offer up any practical examples of how this might work for you because as I’ve pointed out in just about every other review of perpetual style HYIPs there’s literally as many strategies as there are investors. You just need to be clear in your own mind what you believe CryptoIncome can genuinely provide you with and play around with the figures from there. Personally speaking here as a monitor now, it’s my own obligation to remain a member of CryptoIncome for as long as the program survives. If that’s what you also wish to do then I can just tell you in that instance it would take you 20 days to break even and whatever you manage to get out of it after that is net profit. Twenty days to break even sounds kinda weird when it need only take you 24 hours to make a profit, but there you go, not every possible strategy will be exactly suited to every individual investor.

For the bigger spenders going in with $1,500 or more (CryptoIncome have no maximum spending limit) then you are put into what’s called Fund Two where the rate improves to 6% interest per calendar day. The other terms and conditions remain unchanged, with members allowed to set their time limit on how long they wish to remain active investors. As with the earlier plan the only thing you need to remember is that you only really need one day to make some kind of a profit, so think about what your goals are in joining CryptoIncome to begin with and do your own calculations from there.

The choice of payment options is reasonable enough, with nothing that contains any verification or background checks on the admin or chargebacks in the event of things not going your way. Most readers here would, I hope, by now be perfectly aware and comfortable with the fact that they are just gambling and therefore happy enough with the payment processors that are available in the program. So far CryptoIncome have PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and Payeer available for anyone who favors the more traditional style payment processors, and BitCoin for anyone who prefers to invest with the new digital e-currency.

There is one other thing however, and seriously, I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. And if you only remember one single thing about CryptoIncome from this review, please let this be it. It’s the payment schedule. Payouts to members are made manually by the admin and will need to be requested from inside your private account area. So far so good, but unfortunately this is where some people seem to stop reading. The CryptoIncome admin requires you to allow 48 hours for all transactions to be completed. That only includes interest payments. Principal return payments can require another 48 hours on top of that which is of course to take the allure away for the hit-and-runners. Honestly, I can’t tell you how infuriating it can be sometimes to see the damage that’s been done to fantastic programs by people with nothing better to do all day than get hysterical on HYIP forums and monitors because they’ve been waiting two or three hours and not been paid yet. And that’s even when the terms and conditions they themselves agreed to specifically say 48 hours must be allowed. So you are being warned about this in advance of handing over any money, OK? If a 48 hour wait for a payment bothers or upsets you then fine, that is your right, and you are 100% free to not join CryptoIncome. I would suggest you stay away.

Anyone else not having a problem with that and who likes the plans enough to go and join CryptoIncome, then I think it might be time to give you just a short summary of the deposit and withdrawal process. The thing is that because of the script the program is running off, a lot of you may not be immediately familiar with it. It’s ShadowScript by the way which is getting more and more popular all the time, so I think a lot of you will already know this, but still, it won’t hurt just to spell it out once more.

You first need to fund your account area within your members area before then redirecting the funds into the plan of your choice. For this you need to click the “Fund e-Wallet” button after you create an account, and then “Make New Purchase”. This moves your money from your wallet into an actual active investment and start earning interest. Likewise when you eventually want to submit a principal withdrawal request you will first go to your “My Tokens” page in your account dashboard. You’ll notice a small circular shaped arrow next to your active plan at the bottom of the page. You will need to click on this and confirm your request. Your deposit will then go back to your e-wallet, and your principal withdrawal request can then be completed after you actually make the request from inside your wallet area. It goes to pre-approval status for the admin before later showing as available for withdrawal from your e-wallet. Remember you need only make a partial withdrawal if you want, as CryptoIncome will allow you to leave a smaller amount in place if you’d like to continue earning.

Moving on to the more technical, design, and security features of the program, I already mentioned above that CryptoIncome is running off a script under license from ShadowScript, in my opinion the best and most secure of the “off the peg” (meaning not uniquely custom made) products out there. It wouldn’t be as cheap as GoldCoders, but you get a higher level of service and professionalism. For hosting the admin has gone for a company called SecuredServers who are keeping CryptoIncome on a dedicated server. This is the very first time I’ve come across this name in the HYIP industry so can’t comment on their track record. I can only confirm however that CryptoIncome already came under a massive DDoS attack and their hosting provider was indeed able to successfully mitigate it within a couple of hours and have the website back online. So I guess they’re doing something right. For an added layer of protection CryptoIncome have Green Bar (that’s the stronger version) SSL encryption from Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you have any further questions you’d like to put to the admin or any account related issues that have to be dealt with, then one thing that’s actually improved in the short space of time that CryptoIncome has been online is their communication channels. If you’re just a member of the general public and don’t have an account with the program, CryptoIncome have an e-mail contact form that you can fill out and submit. There’s a rather more complex ticketing system available to members from inside their accounts that will allow you to track and save any correspondence. Facebook ant Twitter profiles are also available for fans of social networking, and in this case I’m really pleased to see an admin making really effective use of these tools. They proved particularly useful recently when the program was under attack, and allowed the admin to keep investors informed of what was going on. So kudos to him for than when a lot of other admins wouldn’t have even bothered. For Live Chat/Phone support CryptoIncome have opened a Skype account, so you might be able to find them there if online.

The alleged business interests we are told are capable of financing such high interest rates is BitCoin trading. There’s nothing to prove this is true of course, I tend to doubt these things naturally myself, but I would just ask even the most naive newcomer to the HYIP industry to remember that even if what a HYIP admin says is true, it still in no way guarantees profitability. I mean I could abandon MNO and start currency trading myself if I wanted to, it doesn’t mean I’d ever earn so much as a dollar doing it though. So you should always treat CryptoIncome as you would any other online HYIP. Set yourself a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose, and if you do decide to join you should try and keep CryptoIncome as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



If you haven’t noticed already I can tell you that CryptoIncome paved its way to the #3 position on the MNO Premium List, shaking up the Top Five Popular Programs in the process (the last article on that can be found here). You can probably tell from the above review what my attitude towards the admin is. He seems an utmost professional in the HYIP industry and knows exactly how to run successful programs, so no wonder that CryptoIncome got so much interest from my readers from day one. And yet still some impatient investors started cluttering my ShoutBox today by posting utterly unnecessary comments regarding their payments pending for a couple hours when it’s clearly stated on the CryptoIncome website that it might take up to 48 hours to process the payouts and another 48 hours if you wish to release your principal. Please note that the accounts of such people posting this nonsense on my ShoutBox will be deleted without any hesitation. I mean if you have a genuine complaint you can prove about any program then sure, let’s hear it. I even welcome it. But trying to start panic when the program is within terms and conditions? No. Sorry but there are other forums and monitors over which I have no control that allow this to go on, MNO will not be among them however. So take note of the withdrawal times in CryptoIncome once again and simply don’t join if you don’t like the rules. But just don’t tell me later that you’ve missed an opportunity to get 5% to 6% daily profits to your PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin accounts. If all that is clear then let’s see the latest newsletters from the admin of CryptoIncome patiently explaining the withdrawal processing times once again:

CryptoIncome Newsletter: Withdraw Schedule
Over our first weekend online, we received numerous questions that are already answered in our FAQ. Some ask about how to do a deposit withdrawal. Some ask how long do withdrawals take. Please always look at our FAQ page or our News page prior to opening a support ticket.
Our withdrawal terms for both interest and principal requests are up to 48 hour windows for those requests as our FAQ states. On weekends and during any scheduled or unscheduled server/datacenter maintenance periods withdrawals may take longer than on an average weekday.

CryptoIncome: Differences between weekday and weekend withdrawals
We get asked about our withdrawals policies quite frequently so we have decided to send this newsletter discussing the differences between Weekday (Business Day) and Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) withdrawals/principal cashouts. If you are not aware, on the weekends, we process withdrawals and principal requests at a slower pace than on the weekdays. This is important to understand as Weekend withdrawals are done completely different from Monday through Friday withdrawal processing periods. If you have any questions about withdrawals or weeekend and weekday differences of processing times, open a support ticket or contact us on Skype: cryptoincome
Up to 48 hours for processing principal cashout requests
Up to 48 hours for processing withdrawals
On average we process TWICE on weekdays per 24 hours and ONCE per 24 hours on the weekends


It appears that even before to the review of StarDubai (coming on MNO tomorrow) some readers had asked me already on how to withdraw their principal there. I’m pleased to see that many investors have seen some very good potential there and already made their deposits into the 4% to 5.5% per day plans, and now take advantage of the rule allowing you to withdraw your principal at any time you like. But the difficulty some of you are facing derive from the peculiarities of the H-Script the admin is running StarDubai off. So, let’s suppose that you invested a certain amount in the program (minimum starts from $10) via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, or BitCoin and then 24 hours pass and you made a withdrawal by clicking the “Withdraw All” button and got paid instantly. Then, you thought that maybe it’s time to get part of your principal (or all of it) back as it’s promised on the StarDubai website. All you have to do now is to click the “Deposits” tab inside of your account and then you will see your deposit details and the underlined status “Active”. Click this to be redirected to another page where you may change the compounding option (if you want to earn more) by clicking “Change Compound” or withdraw any amount you like by entering and clicking “Sub” button. Confirm your choice and you will then see the requested amount on your balance available for instant withdrawal. It’s that simple, guys! Enjoy your daily profits with StarDubai and stay tuned for a more detailed review to be published on the MNO blog tomorrow.


Sorry for any members there, but I had to move GHash to Problem status on the MNO monitor tonight due to the fact that the withdrawals are taking longer than 24 hours and the admin is nowhere to be found. The last thing I heard from him before posting the review of the program on MNO was that he was going on vacation and therefore, won’t be available for support more often than once per day. He also promised to contact his programmer and ask why some issues were happening with the automated deposits and withdrawals that were supposed to get added to members’ accounts and get paid to BitCoin addresses instantly. Apparently he failed to do so, and the issue is still ongoing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he reads my email at some point and fixes it, but the beginning of the program’s lifecycle is simply awful and the admin will take a very long time to restore my confidence in his abilities to manage a program. I simply cannot support such negligence and complete lack of interest in running his own program and had to move GHash to Problem status on the MNO monitor. I’ll update you if/when the situation changes, but I simply cannot see any reason why a quick scam would happen in just a few days, considering GHash was only listed on one monitor for the time being.


The newest addition to the Premium List on MNO today is VaioCapital. The program is officially seven days old and is offering investments via PerfectMoney, Payeer, EgoPay, and BitCoin. VaioCapital is growing pretty slowly and over the first week online only 100 members joined up. I believe the gradual growth is what this program needs as the investment plans are quite profitable and even then the original investment gets returned on expiry which makes me wonder if the admin actually intends to still be online at all when the first members are due back their principals. Anyway, starting from a minimum of $25 you can deposit into one of three plans paying 5.6% to 7.8% fixed daily interest over a period of 30 calendar days. Therefore at the end of the term you’ll be left with a net profit between 168% to 234% which will sound even more unbelievable when you add your principal to that figure which also gets returned at the end. If you like what you see then consider the fact that VaioCapital is running off a very traditional licensed script from GoldCoders. Withdrawals will be credited once every 24 hours and can be requested from your account to be processed manually by the admin with a maximum waiting time of 24 hours. The website looks quite average and I don’t believe will appeal to anyone looking for something truly stunning. It’s up to an acceptable industry standard though with SSL-security by Comodo and hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection by CloudFlare. Whether you like VaioCapital or not, you might change your mind once reading the full review of the program to be published on MNO next Tuesday, so don’t miss it, guys!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list2FXLtd, CryptoIncome, EastOilCryptoFarm, OneStability, MikroCreditStarDubai, VaioCapital (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That is all the news for tonight, guys. Hope you enjoy reading MNO and I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow when for the full review of the increasingly popular StarDubai. The review will be accompanied with the latest and most up-to-date news from the ever changing HYIP industry – the quality for which my blog is appreciated by thousands of readers around the world for over seven years now! Stay tuned and always be on the money with Money-News-Online!

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