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22/10/2014. Linberger Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Linberger has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! One of the rising stars in the HYIP industry at the moment is a hugely promising brand new project called Linberger. It’s a short term program that I had to do a double take on, as it strongly reminds on of the type of thing that was so enormously popular and successful in the industry several years ago. It seems I’m not the only one caught up in this wave of nostalgia either, because Linberger is the fastest expanding HYIP out there at the moment. OK, this is a claim they make themselves but in fairness they do base it on information taken from monitors, and as a monitor myself I can tell you that yes, it’s probably a fair assessment. So before we get to the news section let’s have a closer look at Linberger, their main features, their investment plans, see what all the commotion is about, and whether they’re worth adding to your portfolios or not.

You have two distinct investment plans to choose from in Linberger, both very affordable, both reasonably profitable, and both, up to a certain point, sustainable for at least a couple of cycles if the admin knows what he’s doing. The first one runs for a term of 12 calendar days, and can be joined for a bargain basement $5 minimum. In return for joining, the Linberger admin offers you a daily interest payment of 10%. Twelve days later that builds into a final return of 120%, from which your principal is already included. So that’s your own money back plus 20% net profit for your troubles.

As the same rate of interest applies to all deposits no matter how big – though Linberger do have a $10,000 maximum cap on investments – a practical monetary example might look like this. We’ll say you deposit $100 in Linberger. In return you should expect a $10 payment every day for the next twelve days. Linberger have counted your principal as part of that, so you break even (get your own money back) after ten days and finish the cycle with $120, which is $20 profit.

The second plan is somewhat more profitable, but a much bigger risk so perhaps one for the gamblers among you I think. You can join for the same $5 minimum and the term is still 12 calendar days, but this time you only get one single payment on expiry. Linberer’s offer for joining this plan is 144%, principal included, or 44% net profit. Maximum spend remains unchanged at $10,000.

If we look at another practical example, let’s say the same $100 investment. Under this plan Linberger would make just one payment at the end of the twelve days of $144. This money combines your principal with your profit, so it’s your own money back plus an extra $44 courtesy of Linberger. It’s an obviously more generous offer, though to be honest I really wouldn’t see this being nearly as popular as Linberger‘s first, daily payments plan. On expiry plans rarely are, not when you have a daily paying alternative anyway.

I got to thinking that if these plans were so popular a few years back, and investors are clearly interested again, or at least they are in Linberger‘s version of them anyway, why are they not seen so often anymore? Well, simple really. As always happens in the HYIP industry things change all the time, and every year there’s a new trend. What you have at the beginning is a small group of talented admins who run some excellent programs. They get popular, and then the amateurs, the scammers, and the chancers move in and pretty much ruin it by launching badly run scams to take advantage of the hard work and popularity earned by others. And so investors quickly learn to associate all similar looking programs with cheap scams, and begin to look elsewhere to spend their money. The cycle begins all over again as a new trend begins to sweep the industry. I don’t know that this strictly speaking has anything to do with a review of Linberger as such, but the point I’m making is that there’s an admin who’s organized something a little different from tedious predictably that sets in every now and again. Let’s hope Linberger can shake things up a bit and the entire industry a long overdue shot in the arm.

Anyway, If you like either of those plans and are interested in joining Linberger, the next thing on our list is to see what the payment options are. It’s not a bad list by any means, not exactly complete or extensive, but I think enough to be able to accommodate the needs of most investors. Linberger can take deposits via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and Payeer for the more traditional style processors, and BitCoin if you happen to prefer using digital e-currencies. Payouts to investors will need to be requested from inside your private member’s account area and will then be processed manually by the Linberger admin. Terms and conditions require that you allow anything up to a maximum of 48 hours for all transactions.

When we look at the more technical features to Linberger such as design and especially security, the website ticks a lot of boxes. Hosting is on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by DDoSGuard, who have a solid enough reputation in this field. Most of the regular industry players will probably recognize the script, it’s under license from GoldCoders so as you know it’s always going to have a familiar, easy to navigate and customer friendly feel to it. In the case of Linberger however the website design is more attractive and brightly colored than usual, so it gives a very different first impression than most programs. Perhaps that’s helped the program become as popular as it has? Anyway, for an added layer of security the Linberger website also has an extended Green Bar SSL encryption certificate from Comodo, that’s the superior version not used by most HYIPs, to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If there’s outstanding questions for the Linberger admin that you feel weren’t explained in this review, or indeed any general queries or comments or account related issues, then there are a number of channels you can go through to get in touch. First you have the usual customer support form where you simply fill in your details and submit it via the contacts page. Alternatively you can write directly to the Linberger admin at the e-mail address listed. Fans of social networking sites might be pleased to see Linberger keeping profiles on Facebook and Twitter so you can try and connect with them there. Less useful is the postal address (in the UK) as these are typically just virtual hosted offices. There is a phone number to with it though, so you can give that a try if you think someone might answer.

Texts and website content seem original which at least shows a little effort and initiative on the admin’s behalf, though predictably for a HYIP don’t really give away much information that you can go and independently research and verify for yourself. Linberger simply describe themselves as an “investment and consultation firm” and pretty much leave it at that. They did at least go to the added effort of getting a UK “certificate of incorporation”, though while entirely genuine I happen to know the authorities there give these out to pretty much anyone who asks for it as long as they pay, no questions asked. Still, it might go some way towards making Linberger that little bit more attractive to the less experienced investors discovering the world of HYIPs for the first time. Most MNO readers on the other hand will be savvy enough to know how things really work around here I’m sure. So treat Linberger as you might any other opportunity in the HYIP industry, which is to be aware but not afraid of the risks. Set yourselves a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose, and if you do decide to join Linberger you can make the most effective use of them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



The biggest event overshadowing literally everything else in the HYIP world today was the collapse of industry giant 2FXLtd which had a hugely impressive run of 11 weeks. The program started with a totally different plan paying 8% for 25 calendar days and first came to MNO for Premium Listing after the first four weeks online. Even then 2FXLtd managed to grab the attention of MNO readers with dozens of people joining straight away. But the time when 2FXLtd really took off didn’t come until the investment plan changed to a perpetual-style 4% daily forever with the option to withdraw your principal at anytime. With that plan 2FXLtd made its way on the top of the MNO Premium List and occupied the #1 spot there for quite some time. Unfortunately it was that very opportunity to withdraw money at any time that made 2FXLtd more vulnerable to all sorts of cheaters so a decision was made a few days ago to add a 15% withdrawal fee on deposits not in the program for three days or more. The fragility of the plan though didn’t go away completely and the problems with accessing the website yesterday and the unnecessary panic caused by impatient members demanding payouts within 3 hours and refusing to wait for the stated 24 hours caused a shortage of funds that could not be restored. I can never understand why investors who profit from the program can then behave so irresponsibly and try to destroy it knowing perfectly well that the cashflow had already been hit during the downtime. Demands to get paid faster and faster than the agreed terms and conditions and the downtime were the combined catalyst that led to the unfortunate end of 2FXLtd. The cashflow issues in the program became apparent first today when I got some confirmed complaints from readers about payouts not getting processed within the promised 24 hours and the lack of action from the admin confirmed it – another great program has has come to its inevitable end. Anyway, over its seven weeks on MNO everyone had equal and ample opportunity to double or even triple their money with 2FXLtd and I’m sure many of us profited from that absolutely stunning project. As with all the best things in life, 2FXLtd had its day, but for those who appreciated the program’s timely payouts for two and a half months the project will go in memory as one of the best in the second half of 2014. I look forward to more of the same from this admin and they will be definitely accepted with open arms. If only half of the programs online were as successful as 2FXLtd we’d have a much better industry, and I believe other admins should learn a lot from them.

It has now been confirmed by the 2FXLtd admin that the program is definitely over. And while I do commiserate with those who lost money I still have to salute him for at least making the admission and not trying to pull some stunt like a “bonus plan” to steal more money from you. No comfort to the losers, but at least the guy goes out with a little class and a little dignity. A server overload as one of the reasons of the site’s downtime, and he said he was preparing a new program now and that it would certainly be on MNO soon. So stay tuned for that!


The real problem in this industry (as I already mentioned in the review of Linberger above) is an abundance of admins whose only aim is to scam, sometimes even before the first cycle in completed. They create all types of fancy sites and offer unbelievable returns which only serve to damage the rest of the industry for the experienced and ambitious admins whose targets are more progressive and include a passion to run a successful program for as long as possible. That also creates a certain level of mistrust from newbie investors who lose everything to fast scams without ever experiencing the truly fantastic programs and leave the HYIP industry disappointed. According to the results of the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page, 56% of readers say they lost money this autumn to fast scams. The earnings of a further 13% didn’t see any major difference either up or down compared to the summer. And only 31% of readers reported earning more this autumn thanks to gut instinct and the ability to spot the best programs out there. My goal as the owner of the most popular investment blog-monitor online is not to direct you where to invest, but to help you think about it in your own head and obtain experience and knowledge bit by bit. And without investing in HYIPs you will not be become an eventually successful investor like those 31% in my poll. Stay tuned for more on that on the MNO blog soon!

With the new question for the MNO TalkBack poll I would like to close the chapter on the most successful program of the last few weeks and ask this – Were you in profit with 2FXLtd? Possible answers are:
1) Yes, I was in huge profit (200% or more).
2) Yes, I was in profit (5% to 200%).
3) I barely broke even, within about 5% up or down on my deposit.
4) No, I lost some money.

I’ll draw the results in a few days and the analysis will be posted on the MNO blog later in the week. Thanks as always for participating.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listRemiTrade, CryptoIncomeAssuredAssets, LaxoTrade, EastOilStarDubaiOneStability, Linberger, VaioCapital, VeltaFinancial (the first instant payment received).
From MNO Standard list: ValueSpecificsLtd.
From MNO Basic list: MarkApter.

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed reading MNO blog, and remember that tomorrow along with the regular news I’ll also have a more detailed review of perhaps the most interesting and promising program of the last few days – VeltaFinancial. Don’t miss it as this program is a perfect contender to replace 2FXLtd on top of the MNO Premium List soon. So stay tuned and see you all tomorrow, guys!

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