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20/03/2016. Interview with the Admin of ForexKing


Beware! ForexKing has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Not much news for you today, instead I want to share the following interview I received from the admin of ForexKing, Vilhelms. He’ll talk you through the finer details of his program himself below, for now I’ll just remind you that ForexKing has been a very popular mid to long term program offering terms of 2.1% for 15 days, 2.3% for 35 days, 2.7% for 60 days (principal back), 250% after 40 business days, 600% after 65 business days, 1800% after 105 business days, 350% after 17 business days, and 900% after 33 business days. If you like what you see then you can get further information on ForexKing in the original review first published on MNO here, but first let’s hear from the admin.
1) Hello Vilhelms. Please introduce yourself to the MNO blog readers and tell me about your role in running ForexKing. How many people do you have working in your team and what are they doing?

Hello Paul and your readers, I am really glad to answer your questions for the interview. I will try to provide extensive information about our company and our team. First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Vilhelms Balodis, I am 33 years old, with our team we have great experience in such area as results you can see ForexKing. And Yes, I am the main administrator and CEO of the ForexKing investment platform. Also I am the second owner of ForexInvesting LTD.

The genuine ForexKing website is property of Forex Investing LTD, use EV SSL encryption and have a green address bar that confirms the presented content is genuine and legitimate. Our team consists of experienced professionals; each of us is an expert of the business so we work smoothly and efficiently. The company employs 29 members of staff.

2) I am aware of the fact that your program has been running for quite some time now. When did ForexKing first come online and why did it at first feature quite a basic design?

We have great experience in the HYIP market with long term programs so it’s a good opportunity for investors to choose a genuine company with professional management. Our development strategy seeks to go beyond the achievement of the basic HYIP goals and to ensure that by the year 2016 all sectors of our multi-ethnic and multicultural society will enjoy a standard of investing comparable to that of the best possible in the industry.

3) Please tell us more about the investment plans offered by ForexKing. How are you able to offer such extremely high returns for paid once on expiry plans?

We have many compensation packages so investors can choose from a variety of investment packages to invest their funds for different periods of time and receive the best revenue at low risks. We firmly believe that “every client is unique & every investment plan has to be unique”.

There are three investment plans with daily basis percentage and start from $10 with the “Starter Daily Plan” where you can get 2.1% Daily profit within 15 days (initial capital will back at the end of investment term) and up to Professional Daily Plan where you can get 2.7% Daily within a 55 Days (Initial capital will back at the end of investment term).

Also we have investment plans with better percentages where your earnings is depending from the amount of deposit, They are calling Accumulator plans where you can get from 250% After 40 Days up to 1800% After 105 Business Days (Your initial capital is include to your profit).

We don’t forget about our VIP investors who want to invest a large amount of deposit.

Our fist VIP Plan where you can get 350% After 17 Business Days and second VIP plan where you can get 900% After 33 Business Days. It’s really great opportunity where you can get a good profit with minimal risk.

You can use our profit calculator for calculate your profit.

4) What payment processors are you currently accepting? Is that list final or do you plan to add more payment options? In addition, I noticed that Payza is the only big processor still not taken by ForexKing. Do you plan to add Payza as well in the near future and what prevented you from doing it earlier?

We accept most of the reliable e-payment processors including Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvCash, SolidTrustPay and NixMoney.

To get more details about payment methods please check our “Deposit Methods” here:

And we are permanently looking for good ways to make ours services closer and more convenient for our clients. There are many other aspects we are working on to make our company, its website and services as friendly as possible. What about Payza? Yes, we will check this opportunity in the future.

5) I noticed that you offer withdrawals for sums over $3,000 to be paid via bank transfer and yet you do not accept such direct bank transfers for deposits into ForexKing. I suspect that you might make it compulsory to only return principals from your on expiry plans to banks, and use it as an excuse for delays. Can you absolutely guarantee that no one will be forced to wait for payments via bank transfers when they have invested via a different method?

This is optional possibility for our clients who want to use such method.

So, you are able to ask direct Bank Wire transfer if you have more than $3,000 available balance.

You should provide beneficiary’s Details:
1) Beneficiary’s Name Enter the full name of the beneficiary client.
2) Beneficiary’s Address Enter the beneficiary’s Address if known.
3) Account Number Enter the beneficiary’s Account Number if known.
4) Bank Name Enter the beneficiary’s Bank name.
5) IBAN Enter the Bank’s IBAN number.
6) Bank Identifier Code (BIC) or SWIFT: This is the unique identification code of a particular bank, it is also referred to as a Swift code.

The bank wire transfer can take from 5 to 10 business days depending from Beneficiary’s Country.

6) I’m very curious how it’s possible to pay such high returns like for example 600% after 65 days. What does ForexKing actually do to provide such extraordinary returns and still stay in business? Can you share with us your secret how it’s possible to make such money?

The investment portfolio is managed by our team of financial specialists with strong command in finance allows for effective analysis of the market and financial situation. The Company employs experts on a full-time basis who have been working on the currency exchange market for more than 7 years on average. Our financial team also includes specialists who are experts in evaluating new private businesses called start-ups which have most chances to grow into large-scale and highly profitable enterprises.

We are using a several brokers such as: Plus 500, Etoro, Instaforex, NetoTrade, XM Bull and some other. Our own platform is using popular EA’s like Aeron Scalper, August Golem, and Core Trader.

But for CryptoCurrency trading we have direct API with

Also we reserve the right to change minimum amounts for any investment package depending on market conditions.

7) How long does it usually take to process pending withdrawals? Do you offer a separate timeframe for larger transactions?

We don’t use instant withdrawals for a security reasons so it can take from a few hours but not more than 30 hours.

8) How sustained is your program’s level of growth now? How many new members do join ForexKing on a daily basis on average?

Here are some essential figures to show us where we are now:
More than 17 thousand investors from all over the world, with a great potential for the future,
More than USD 16 million of total investments,
More than USD 5 million withdrawn by our clients.
We have about 300 new registrations every day.

9) I noticed that recently you stepped up your advertising campaign on different investment resources including MNO where you upgraded your listing to Premium. What are you trying to achieve by doing so and are there any good results from leading this more aggressive advertising campaign at the moment?

ForexKing has a huge name in the market nowadays supported by popular forums as well as monitors, we have never missed a single withdrawal request or any enquiry.

Our future plans consist of developing the platform, we may add a new support options, new referral system and many others updates. All that’s going to change tomorrow because we have quite a bit to catch up on now. Also we have actively part in social networks. The main opportunity is positive feedback from our clients.

10) What is the role of regional representatives for ForexKing and their contribution to the general growth of the project? What are the benefits of becoming a representatives and what are the main requirements for applicants?

I would like to say something more about our regional representative program.

Regional Representative of ForexKing is a privilege and an opportunity to become a partner in a trusted Company, improve it and let it grow in your geographic region and also be part of a worldwide network of ForexKing regional representative program. It is a high revenue share that is discussed individually. We offer additional bonuses such as: referral commission, partner bonus, special bonuses for responsible cooperation clients for referral commission, etc.

It is a great opportunity with one of the most respected companies in the market. A successful candidate is a dynamic person with excellent organizational skills. You will be responsible for leading and motivating your referrals team and other clients from your country. You will also be expected to develop new market opportunities as part of the company’s continuing programme of expansion. A knowledge in online investing is desirable, but not essential.

Your responsibilities are:
consulting clients on the services of the company;
attracting new customers to the company;
holding regional advertising campaigns;
organizing training seminars (optional).

Interested in becoming a ForexKing regional representative?
Please provide the following information:
Your Country:
Your Name:
Your Username in our Program:
Your E-mail:
Your Language Spoken:
Your Skype:
Your Facebook or any other Social Network:
Your Telephone if available:

If you are interested in ForexKing regional representative program and wish to become our regional representative in your country, please write at and Mr. Richard Pollak, our representative program manager, will contact you within a few days to discuss the opportunity of further cooperation.

To increase the number of regional representatives worldwide is one of our most important goals.

11) How secure is the ForexKing website? What are you doing to protect it and members’ accounts from hackers? What is your hosting provider and what kind of DDoS protection is provided? Is it enough to mitigate the major DDoS attacks like the one your site experienced a few days ago which made it unavailable for a few hours? Is it a way of preventing these attacks from happening in the future?

As you understand we have a great experience in the market, so we have a few strategies for long term operating. For protecting our investors from unauthorized access and hackers we are using Koddos dedicated server for many years, also we known that Instant payouts is more risky, so we don’t use instant withdrawals for a security reasons.

Every withdrawal request will be analyzed by our operator so we will check any changes in Email or User’s e-wallet information.

We will try to provide a really safety system for our investors so now we currently we have a lot of additional AntiDDoS options.

12) What kind of script is ForexKing running off? How safe is it and why do you think this one is most beneficial for you as an admin and your members?

We are using a GoldCoders licensed script with many additional security options. Perhaps this is the most popular script to automate the management of deposits of our investors. But it can also be noted that this is the safest and most comfortable of all available scripts.

13) Suppose I still have some questions after reading this interview. Who can I speak to if I have my concerns before investing or encounter some issue already being a member of ForexKing? What are your preferred points of contact and do you have any investor community that’s helpful enough to share some common solutions with others and share their experience?

First of all we have international phone support for our England office, so you can make a call to our call center via +44 203 5142722 (8:00AM – 8:00PM GMT), Also do not forget that we have Live Chat system for our clients (Available 24 hours per day).

Another good way to contact us via social networks, you can see that we have a lot of followers and active investors who have joined us from Facebook and VK.

Please don’t hesitate to join us in popular social networks:
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group
VK Page:
Google+ :

We have worldwide representative program so you are able to find our representative in your County. “Our Regional Representatives” page here:

If you have any ideas on further improvements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your feedback is very important for us.

14) Judging that ForexKing has been online for so many months already many investors consider it too old to join and rather prefer investing money in newer projects. What would you say to such people still sitting on the fence to encourage them to try out your investment services?

Many of our investors still ask us: “How can we work with such percentages for a really long time?”

It’s a really good question because we are still working within a more than 190 Days Online. The running for a really long time it’s our main goal. Our great experience and smooth work are the main advantages for such cooperation. Most of the top specialists have worked with the company since inception, our own annalists employ a team of financial experts, so it is able to maintain the quality of analytics and reduce the time of data processing.

15) Finally, do you have anything else to say to conclude the interview and perhaps share with us some future plans in further development of ForexKing to stay on Paying status for a long time? You’re also free to comment on the review of your program and tell us if you though anything there was unfair, misleading, or in need of correction.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your proposal for developing our company Let’s make ForexKing better together.

ForexKing – Your Profitable Kingdom will become the greatest company in the industry only trough your cooperation.

Thank you for staying with us and have a nice day.

Not much else I can add to that except to thank Vilhelms for taking the time to reply (even if not exactly all the questions I raised were addressed directly) and to wish the members of ForexKing the best of luck with their investments there. Make sure to tune in to MNO tomorrow, guys, when I’ll be introducing a brand new program just added to my monitor. And if you haven’t voted in the opinion poll running on the MNO TalkBack page then this is your last opportunity to do so, as I’ll be drawing the final results then. All that and of course I’ll also have the latest news updates from all the most important programs in the industry, so see you all then and enjoy what’s left of your weekend!

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