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Beware! Strike7 has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Hope you are al well after the weekend. With the start of another business week in the HYIP industry I can’t believe how fast the year has been flying by, meaning autumn is well and truly starting to slip away now. Anyway, in previous years this has generally been a pretty good season in the HYIP industry and so far there’s been little to suggest 2017 will be remembered any differently. There’s a couple of news stories I want to discuss in a few moments but first of all the main focus of today’s update is going to be Strike7. That’s a recently launched mid term program that’s been online about a week or so now, and joined the MNO monitor’s Premium List almost immediately after that. You may remember it was introduced briefly on my blog last week but as I’ve since had the time to check it out more thoroughly I want to take a closer look at Strike7 for you today and see if you think it’s a good fit for your portfolios.
Not that there’s a great deal of investigating or examining to do here exactly, Strike7 is a refreshingly simple and straight forward program in the best sense. You’ll either like it or you won’t, but it will be an easy decision to make. There’s basically just one investment plan with Strike7 so as I just said that’s your choice. All investments are treated the very same, with Strike7 imposing the very same terms & conditions on the bigger spending players as they do on the smaller ones or the folks who play HYIPs just for the fun of it. For an entry level deposit however you will only need $20. The investment term runs for 40 calendar days (that’s just slightly under six weeks) during which Strike7 are offering daily interest payments of 7% interest. Your original principal is factored in to that amount, so when your final return come to 280% back on your principal it’s really your own money back plus 180% net profit from Strike7 as your net return for signing up with them.

So how would that look in practical monetary terms then? Let’s say you want to join Strike7 with a $100 deposit, a nice easy number to work with. You can claim back $7 each day for the following forty days. You reach the break-even point and see your first profit after 15 payments, that is to say earn back an amount equivalent to your initial deposit and therefore making it impossible to lose any of your own money. Everything after that is net profit, so you finish the term with a grand total of $280 – $100 of which was yours to begin with and an extra $180 from Strike7 as your reward for joining.

Payment options are a bit limited to say the least, but also strangely organised. You notice how I described the investment plan above using US dollars? Well, it’s a bit unusual then that Strike7 only work with BitCoin. You invest using dollars, this is then converted into BitCoin, and that’s how your earnings come back to you. At the moment that’s not entirely a bad thing, the value of BitCoin has only been going in one direction recently, and that’s up. So if that was to continue the net value of what you are paid by Strike7 may, unintentionally, be worth a bit more than whatever 180% of your principal is. On the other hand the exchange rate can drop without warning just as easily, so just keep that in mind. Payments to investors need to be requested from inside your private members account area. Something a lot of you will no doubt appreciate is that they are then processed instantly. In the case of BitCoin we know that doesn’t mean you get paid immediately of course, there’s still the usual confirmation process which of course the Strike7 admin himself has no control over, but the request is dealt with instantly by the program’s script. From personal experience however I can tell you that payment requests are usually made very quickly and no serious delays have been recorded so far. Still, be prepared to allow some extra time for potential backlogs in the network and receipt of confirmations. At the time of writing (and take note this might change at some point) the Strike7 admin has a minimum withdrawal limit of $10 for instant withdrawals. Smaller withdrawals can still be requested, but will only be done manually. This is as a result of payment backlogs in BitCoin itself and the growing fees that accompany incidents like this when they happen (and subsequently eat into the value of your withdrawal). This is not the fault of the program and not something they can fix, so just be patient while it continues and check the current situation on the day you request it.

Looking at some of the more technical aspects of Strike7 now, most of you will probably recognize the script straight away. It’s under license from GoldCoders and is as you would expect quite easy to navigate. For a hosting provider Strike7 is kept on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by GeniusSecurity, a relatively new name but has been popping up a few times recently. For safer browsing and more secure financial transactions the Strike7 website has an SSL certificate from Comodo.

If you have any further questions for the Strike7 admin then you can get in touch either by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting it through the website’s contacts page, or else by writing directly to the admin’s e-mail address which is listed on the same page. Strike7 have a postal address listed in the UK which as always is something I suggest you ignore. Not that the address itself isn’t real, it’s just that these things are generally for registration purposes and not where you are likely to find anyone connected with running the program physically located. There is however a telephone number listed there too, so feel free to try it if you really think someone will answer. Links to social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter lead nowhere and aren’t active, maybe it’s planned for the future.

All I can add to that is to remind you that you should not expect any guarantees in the online HYIP industry, and you need to treat it like any form of gambling. For the record the Strike7 website claims the program is involved with investment portfolio management. Nothing you won’t have heard countless times before in this business, and predictably there’s nothing in the way of real evidence to suggest it’s true. I doubt very much that even if it was then Strike7 would still be able to guarantee such profits, so just forget about any real business activities backing this up. So just remember to stay within a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose, keep your expectations modest, and if joining Strike7 at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you’ve given any consideration to Strike7 then I’d just like to finish up by asking what you guys think of it all. Are you more or less likely to join it now? Please answer the following opinion poll question, keeping in mind that it’s 100% anonymous and untraceable, as I think it will be interesting to look back on the results in the coming weeks/months when we have a better idea what direction Strike7 is going in:

Will you make an active deposit with Strike7?

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Ellir (reviewed here) is undoubtedly one of the hottest new programs at the moment with many investors joining since it first came to MNO eleven days ago. I guess some of the investors already made a profit from Ellir‘s shortest 16% for 7 day plan, while those in the 9% for 14 days plan should have reached the profit zone as of today. Others who chose either of the plans with principal back on expiry – 2.67% for 15 days and 3.34% for 30 days – should be on course to profit as well. Instant payouts to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin also help Ellir to stand out from the crowd in the HYIP industry featuring a great custom-made script and easy-to-use interface with some welcome features. Among the latest exciting news from Ellir‘s administration is the ability to fund the account now with Visa and MasterCard made possible by the help of a third-party provider FreeKassa. Note though that if you choose this option then you will pay a 5% commission for the service. However the feature should still be appreciated, as it might attract bigger investors to the program in the longer term. This is how the Ellir administration explained the decision to workwith card holders directly in the latest newsletter:

Dear participants!
We have made one more step for friendly using of our system and have added a possibility of transferring money to the account by Visa and MasterCard cards. They are senders who pay the transaction commission so doing that with Visa and MasterCard cards will cost 5% and the commission for transferring to the card will be of 0%.
You can transfer your money only to Perfect Money, Advcash, Payeer and Bitcoin, but in the future we are going to add a possibility of money transferring to Visa and MasterCard cards.
Best regards, administration.


There was quite an important update from ChainGroupService for everyone involved with the “trade group” Dragon Foundation plan. If like myself you’ve chosen this one and get paid between 0.1% to 6% variable interest for a 180 day term with principal included then pay special attention to the following recent announcements:

As Dragon Foundation will reach the goal investment amount soon, they will stop to accept new investment after 12/20/2017. They will continue to serve only already accepted deposits (for the next 180 days after 12/20/2017, after which they will be removed from the service).

The Stabilization Fund of Dragon Foundation was increased to $500,000.00”.

It looks like after exactly one month from now Dragon Foundation investment plan will cease to exist for new investors, however it should not affect current investors who will continue getting paid to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin, depending on where they made their original investment.

If you read my review of ChainGroupService posted here, you should be aware of the fact that there’s only one investment offer managed directly by ChainGroupService which pays you 0.2% for a 500 calendar day term with principal back on expiry. All the other offers, including the above mentioned Dragon Foundation, are provided by third-party traders who manage the funds on their behalf, but remain totally separate entities. So if one “trade group” had to close for some reason its investors will be refunded and could still profit from other groups, i.e. Investment plans. Currently they include various offers with variable daily paying plans and various componding and principal withdrawal options – 0.1%-5% for 90 days, 0.1%-10% for 120 days, 0.1%-6% for 180 days, 0.1%-3% for 250 days, 0.1%-1.7% for 300 days. In order to properly understand the whole concept on which the currently #1 Sticky listed program is working please refer to the full review of ChainGroupService posted here, as I cannot really repeat all the main features here due to the lack of space, or simply check the ChainGroupService website and click on Trade Groups tab for more info on each of them.


If you’re a part of ResonanceCapital you might be aware that your investment will be accepted starting from a $50 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney, AdvCash, or BitCoin for – 28% for 4 weeks, 6%-6.2% for 24 weeks, 3.3%-6% for 48 weeks. Also if you read the review of ResonanceCapital posted here you should know that even if you make a deposit within the first week you will start earning your weekly interest starting next week only and the interest will be credited to your account and available to withdraw (to be processed within 2 to 5 business days) on Friday night, at the end of the business week. In fact ResonanceCapital is very cleverly disguised as a trading company with lots of certificates on display and photos of seemingly real people behind the scenes. In the latest updates posted on the website ResonanceCapital has pictures of their team allegedly involved in trading in various market fields the weekly reports from which are posted at the end of every business week. The previous week was no exception and several reports are available to view in PDF format, so if you wish you can download and see if you can make sense out of them. Remember though that even if ResonanceCapital is really a genuine company it still cannot guarantee success, so all the rules of investing what you can afford to lose still apply. Below are the latest updates including the names of the ResonanceCapital employees and the trading report from the week from 6th to 12th of November:

Hello, dear ResonanceCapital customers.
Today we are pleased to announce the opening on our official website of a new important and useful section, through which you will get acquainted with the management and key employees of ResonanceCapital.
To go to this section, please hover a cursor over the “ABOUT US” menu button and select the “Management and Key Employees” tab from the drop-down list.
Most of our business leaders who participated in the first international RC conference in Dubai have already met with the ResonanceCapital management team and are looking forward to meeting them at the next international event.
For those who couldn’t come to Dubai and get acquainted with the company’s top officials, there are no problems now. Just go to the appropriate section of our website and learn the information provided. There you can find a full description of the fields of expertise of each ResonanceCapital’s manager and key employee, who make a huge contribution to the company’s development and provide its financial stability.
Maris Landsbergis, Business Development Director
Janis Mironis, Director of Investment Products
Alex Kapperis, Chief Manager of Financial Projects
Edgars Salamikelis, Director of Marketing and Advertising
Reimo Hasman, Customer Service Coordinator
Karin Zenkova, RC Staff Correspondent
Dear customers and partners,
Thank you for your attention and wish you to use this information to the maximum extent for the development of your business. And most importantly, we are looking forward to seeing you at the next international event to be held in late February – early March 2018 in honor of the ResonanceCapital’s anniversary.
Yours Faithfully, ResonanceCapital

Hello, dear customers of ResonanceCapital.
Our financial department prepared a trading report for the second week of November (11.06.17-11.12.17) and proceeded to prepare a trading report for the third week of November.
Trading report for the second week of November (06-12 November) in PDF format:
IPO Market
Penny Stocks
Stock and futures market
Full report in ZIP archive
Dear customers of ResonanceCapital, follow our news and share information with your investors.
Yours Faithfully, ResonanceCapital


Bitcy (reviewed here) remains at the forefront of the HYIP industry at the moment becoming even more appealing after the traditional HYIP serving processors like PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash were added as BitCoin alternatives which the program has been working exclusively with since its official launch almost two months ago. With the increased transaction fees in Blockchain it was a wise decision that might lead to more people joining and investing in an already trusted program which offers a wide array of investment plans. They can be divided into two categories – those paying daily or hourly (2.3% for 15 days, 2.6% for 25 days, 0.13% for 1440 hours) and those with once-off payout on expiry of the term (155% after 15 business days, 550% after 20 business days, 1700% after 40 business days, 1200% after 60 business days, 7000% after 100 business days). Please note that withdrawals from Bitcy can take up to 72 hours, but I guess it had more to do with slow BitCoin confirmation issues than the payouts themselves, which are processed much more frequently at the moment.

In the latest update posted on the Bitcy‘s official Facebook page the admin encourages everyone to try their Telegram chat and take advantage of the friendly discussions. You can also get answers to your questions and share the positive experience I’m sure many of you had with Bitcy over the last eight weeks online:

Bitcy’s Telegram chat – exchange experience and increase revenue
We invite you to join Bitcy’s chat in the fastest and most popular cross-platform messenger Telegram: Create effective income strategies with the best partners of our company, discuss the news and register more investors via your referral link. We give you the opportunity to communicate without boundaries!
Participants of our chat in Telegram will also be among the first to learn the most current and hottest news. Raise the most important questions for you in the chat. We appreciate the opinion of each partner so all your comments about the work of the platform will be taken into account.
Bitcy Limited is getting better for you!


The admin of TradexTop similarly encouraged investors to join their own Telegram chat and share their opinions of the program’s performance that has been nothing of perfect over the first month online. With lots of investment plans on offe and even more payment options with instant payouts in most cases TradexTop remains quite popular among investors. You should read the review of TradexTop posted here for more information, but if you don’t have time I’ll remind you of its plans. They can be divided into two categories – paying daily with principal return on expiry (2% for 7 days, 2.5% for 14 days, 3.1% for 21 days, 3.8% for 28 days, 4.6% for 35 days, 5.5% for 42 days) and paying once on expiry of the term (150% after 15 days, 190% after 20 days, 240% after 25 days, 300% after 30 days). Deposits in TradexTop can be made from a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash, Dash, DogeCoin, and Zcash, so plenty of choice. In the latest update re-posted below you will find the link to the Telegram chat TradexTop has recently opened:

Telegram chat for investors added
As many of our users requested, we have added a Telegram chat for TradexTop investors. Now you can openly communicate and exchange experience in investment activities among friendly associates. Join


I guess with CryptoSolution it’s pretty clear that the game is over now after you see the latest updates posted on the program’s Twitter account. In exactly 18 days the admin has decided to pull the plug on his project just to make sure no one would reach the profit zone and put all the blame on (drum roll!) monitors. According to him they did their job horribly and failed to attract investors in large quantities due to which the closure of CryptoSolution was unavoidable. Just look at the following farewell post from the admin on Twitter to explain his version of events and what caused his program’s collapse:

Thanks to the horrible job the next monitor we will be closed.
From monitors had a few signups and from our money. We earned nothing, and only returned the money spent on advertising and the purchase of listing of the monitors. We were prepared working for a long time for you, but the monitors buried the project. Thanks all customers…

When reading this post I could not keep silent as the admin blames someone whose sole responsibility was to monitor the performance of his program and report its status, whether it was paying or not. It was absolutely his choice on what monitors to hire for CryptoSolution and now putting the blame solely on them is very low, considering it’s the admin who should be taking responsibility for investors not to taking his program seriously. And how could they if he changes investment plans several times over a period of two weeks, his site was offline for a few days with obviously no incoming funds coming into CryptoSolution, and that he finally added AdvCash for no reason which was suspicious for many investors, considering the program originally started out working exclusively crypto-currencies. I guess that the admin of CryptoSolution was a newbie who might have been running a HYIP for the first time in his life (hopefully it will be his last time too!) and thought it was so easy to get ahead of competition and that all the monitors would be doing his job for him. I guess it will be a good lesson for him that running a business is hard work and you need to do thorough research of the market. HYIP investors do not like changes, but even worse than that – they don’t like frequent changes that say the admin didn’t know what he was doing. In case with the admin of CryptoSolution we can now see he was inexperienced with no slightest idea of a viable marketing campaign and the current trends in the HYIP industry. Shifting the blame to HYIP monitors and refusing the accept any shred of responsibility for his own actions and the utter failure of CryptoSolutions says it all. And by the way, despite his Twitter rant the program is still accepting new deposits from investors – I wonder what monitor he thinks is responsible for that! Avoid CryptoSolution at all costs, as it has been moved to Scam on the MNO monitor now.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky listChainGroupService, Octoin.
From MNO Premium list: TerminalSkyNet, EllirCoinsEnergyBitfine, AlpexTradeCoinPlace, Strike7, ACO, ResonanceCapital, GMTForex.
From MNO Standard list: TradexTopGreenForex, RenaissanceInvest.
From MNO Basic list: BitWaves, RiseFinanceHouseHash, BISTInvest, WorldMining (the first payment received), B3rusk (the first instant payments received).

That’s all for today, everyone. I will be taking a day off before posting on Wednesday again with a review of a short-term program called GreenForex, followed by Thursday’s review of a very popular program among readers called CoinsEnergy. Do not miss them and any possible introductions of other promising programs you can find on the MNO monitor! Follow MNO for real-time updates on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, and subscribe to the regular updates to be delivered directly to your email address. I’ll be pleased to answer all your questions if you have any here or on Telegram @mnoblog. Keep voting for your favourite programs by submitting your payment proofs on the MNO monitor and say what you think of the HYIP stats posted by the programs’ admins in this poll. I’ll see you on Wednesday with more news on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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