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Hi everyone, and welcome again to the MNO blog which is going to celebrate twelve years online in just a couple of weeks. On July 1st 2007 the first ever article was posted and that made history that forever changed the shape of the HYIP industry and helped bring it to a whole new audience. Over the years my blog and monitor has managed to establish itself as the most trusted resource of truthful information on HYIPs and always called spade a spade without concealing any negative facts surrounding the industry. The ability to speak my mind without hesitation or prior approval from admins blessed me not only with thousands of followers (which you can join, by the way, by adding MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter, or subscribing to the daily newsletters from my blog by submitting your email address here), but also picked up all manner of enemies across the industry. They all really tried hard to destroy MNO spreading all types of lies about my work, but they couldn’t deny the simple truth my activities have always been based on – honesty and transparency. All of my readers should know by how the basic rules and principles on which the HYIP industry is based upon and can read about that in a dedicated section called the MNO Info Center. There is really nothing to add except that over the years I have realized that the only way to stop deliberate fast scams from trying to be listed on MNO is to keep the listing prices high enough to deter them. This then allows me more time to focus on the true contenders of the most elite HYIPs. To eventually get to that point I should really thank not only my loyal supporters who have been following MNO over the years, but also the haters who poisoned by jealousy towards the success and fortune of others still cannot stop visiting and talking about MNO – perhaps the most controversial and talked about site in the HYIP industry. When a new program comes to be listed on MNO both friends and enemies alike can’t stop talking about it while keeping my site on top of the ratings for most HYIP investors, so my sincere gratitude goes to all who’ve contributed enormously to the situation. It means MNO is still flourishing and setting the trends in the industry.

If you want to know more about MNO and me personally you should go through the blog archives and see how the history has been made. And if you have any questions, suggestions on how to improve my work or simply would like to discuss advertising terms for quality investment projects simply drop a couple of lines using this contact form, email me directly at abramsonp@gmail.com or just chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. I’m always pleased to see your feedback on the MNO ShoutBox as well, and you can always support your favourite programs by voting for them on the MNO monitor after receiving your payments. It does make a difference if you personally support a good paying project, and I know that from experience.

In today’s news update I have lots of information to report, including the unfortunate if inevitable collapse of one of the good programs Coinezos and the latest news from other popular investors choices including Weenzee, Hooplex, CowlyFarm and WhalesClub. I’ll also have the final results of the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page and will ask you a new question as well. So stay tuned for that but first let’s delve into the weird and wonderful world on the HYIP investments!


What better place to start than the latest news from Weenzee – the most popular program in the HYIP industry at the moment deservedly ranked in the #1 position on the MNO Premium List. Weenzee has managed to prove it’s entirely possible to run a successful project for seven months delivering profits to an ever growing membership. And I must say I’m not surprised the program has managed to achieve such a great result at all! Having joined MNO on day one back in November 2018, Weenzee then started its promotional campaign that was aimed mostly at developing markets in the Asian countries which it still maintains by holding various types of educational and promotional events both online and offline. Some of the Weenzee sponsored conferences attract huge crowds of people who don’t necessarily associate themselves with the HYIP industry, thus injecting fresh funds into the program at all times and help it running for many months. In the recent headlines of the news section posted on the Weenzee website you will be able to read about the latest events held in Chinese city of Shenzhen and the South Korean capital Seoul, and will find out why Weenzee is considered to be the next giant in the Blockchain market.

I’ve reposted all the latest news from Weenzee for you below, but first let me remind you in a nutshell how the program works in case you missed the more detailed review posted here. You may invest in Weenzee starting from a $30 minimum via the following payment methods – PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash, Zcash, EthereumClassic, Ripple, Eos, Tether or Tron. Then you will choose the investment term over which you get daily variable earnings on your account while your principal is returned at the end of a term of 30, 60, 90, 180 or 360 calendar days. If you convert your funds into the internal currency called WNZ you can get 15% on top of your usual daily return, usually around 1% as an average, while will also have an option to leave the program earlier and get your principal back before the expiry date for a fee. By converting your funds into WNZ you will also be able to request your profit to be paid to any currency of your choice, and not just the one you joined with. Withdrawals are promised to be processed manually within a 72 hour maximum, but I myself never waited more than 12. All in all, Weenzee is simply a brilliant program everyone must be a part of this season:

We congratulate the Community members on an important event. The opening of the new WEENZEE office in China has taken place! A modern office equipped with the latest technology is ready to receive you at any time in the city of Shenzhen.
Address: Coastal City, Wenxin 4th Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 810 13686737051
This is an important step in the promotion of the Community! Participants from Shenzhen and other close cities in China can visit the office to meet with partners and receive advice on participation in the system, as well as development in the nearest regions.
Open an office in your country and succeed with WEENZEE!

WEENZEE partners continue to organize conferences and TableTalks with new users and Community members around the world.
On June 15, the leaders of the WEENZEE team organize a meeting in Seoul. With each visit to the leadership events, all the participants in the Community become experts and receive a steady income in the field of cryptocurrencies, thanks to the proper investment with the help of the WEENZEE robotic system.
At the event, participants will have the opportunity to evaluate the achievement of the project, to take part in the discussion of the development and promotion of the Community in the region, as well as to communicate with the top leaders of WEENZEE from South Korea.
To participate in the table talk, leave comments on the link: https://cafe.naver.com/hackfound/1525
Date: Saturday, June 15, 2019, Time: 5 pm KST, Place: Seoul Sadang Station
WEENZEE – blockchain and innovation!

The intellectual analytical platform recognized by such giants as Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, eBay and others, published WEENZEE among the top global financial projects.
Despite the fact that the WEENZEE Community is still quite young, its potential is already appreciated in the financial environment at a high level. WEENZEE has won great respect and attention as a stable and profitable business platform. Crypto enthusiasts from all over the world note the reliability and stability of WEENZEE. They also endorse the innovative approach and modern trends that are used in the project.
Follow the achievements of the WEENZEE project at the Similar Web site: https://www.similarweb.com/website/weenzee.com
Join the success of WEENZEE! Become successful in the blockchain market!


Hooplex (reviewed here) has been another wonderful performer that has been featured on the MNO monitor since day one while paying everyone for 132 days now. That means that all the investors who spotted and made a deposit into any of Hooplex‘s plans – 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days, 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days, 1.1% for 180 days (all with principal return on expiry or before that for a fee) – should have profited nicely and perhaps already reinvested for a new cycle. For those who have not done so yet you can join for $50 which is the minimum deposit accepted via BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, DogeCoin, Dash, Zcash, Tether, Tron, Ripple, BlackCoin or Waves. By joining Hooplex you basically agree to convert your funds into the program’s own currency called Lexera that can be sold back to the administration on every withdrawal request that is aimed to be processed manually within 72 hours (in practice, it’s much faster than that). Overall I cannot commend Hooplex highly enough, as the payments and the whole experience has been extremely positive so far, and no wonder the program is currently in the #2 position on the MNO monitor, just behind Weenzee with whom it shares many similarities, I must add.

Among the latest news from Hooplex posted on the website recently we see an invitation to join the extensive promotional teams helping the program grow in local markets and working closely with people speaking their native languages. The rigorous promotion among non-HYIP related audiences has proved to be the strong point of Hooplex so far, and did contribute enormously into its explosive growth around the world over the first months online. In another update, the administration warns of the dangers of trusting website copycats and emphasizes that Hooplex has the only genuine web address with all others being fake. Please take note of it, as it’s important to deal with the real program to make money and not lose it. Both latest news articles from Hooplex have been posted below:

Are you ready to become a Hooplex leader?
Our international community is actively developing, and this is encouraging! More and more countries are joining Hooplex, and we are doing our best to assist the new leaders as much as possible.
We have made it so that you can get all the necessary information about cooperation with our project at the additional website.
To learn more about what gives you the status of a Hooplex leader, click here:
– Portuguese – https://hooplex-team.com/bra
– Thai – https://hooplex-team.com/tha
– Korean – https://hooplex-team.com/kor
– English – https://hooplex-team.com
After reviewing the information, just leave a request to our manager, and we will contact you. We guarantee that you will receive maximal assistance in building the structure.
We are waiting for you in our team! By joining Hooplex, you get the best marketing terms!

Hooplex is the company’s only website
Dear partners and community members, we are developing rapidly, so fraudulent sites have begun to appear on the Internet, which are hiding behind our name.
Please note that we have only one official website – https://hooplex.com
Here we publish all the information about Hooplex, announcements of events and additional materials to help you grow in the community.
Be attentive and careful! Do not leave any contact details on suspicious sites.
We guarantee the safety of your personal data and the security of your work in the system. Read the details at: https://hooplex.com/news/hooplex_platform_security.html
If you have any questions, please contact our support team. We work for you 24/7: https://hooplex.com/contact


Although the very first investors of CowlyFarm who joined the more popular of the two 7% for 21 days plan are still a few days from reaching the break-even point, those who picked the faster 114% after 7 days plan should have completed their first cycle by now. And as CowlyFarm pays instantly once you reach a minimum of $1.50 balance in your account you can be sure you will see money paid instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin or BitcoinCash accounts – all of which are accepted by CowlyFarm starting from a $20 minimum. I must really commend their Live chat support which is always of huge help if occasionally a BTC withdrawal gets stuck which doesn’t happen often, but which is the best course of action if it ever happens to you. Other then the small glitches I mentioned CowlyFarm (reviewed here) has been doing quite well and develops and grows faster than anticipated. According to the latest newsletter posted over the weekend, CowlyFarm has attracted over $115K (now grown to $147K if you believe the statistics posted on the website) and professional promoters were welcomed to join and earn some extra money by advertising the program on their blogs and Youtube channels. The CowlyFarm social media channels also seem to be buzzing with activity, and a so-called Facebook Ambassador is wanted to maintain a presence there. Also, in the third newsletter reposted below CowlyFarm has presented two PDF-presentations and Telegram stickers which might be useful tools for promoters. Please read about all the latest developments in CowlyFarm below:

CowlyFarm Company Updates #3
Hello Farmers!
Welcome to CowlyFarm Company Updates #3
Company Updates
Its been 9 days since we successfully launch our company online investment arm and we are grateful for all the support of our community members in making this happen. Our team are working hard everyday to ensure all our customers questions, problems and issues with our company are solve in a shorter time as possible.
Our company already surpass $100,000 USD in deposit and as of this writing we already reach yet another milestone by reaching $115,000 USD in total investment made by our community of investors. As of this moment a total of $30,000 worth of profits has been paid out INSTANTLY to all our investors.
Marketing Updates
Currently our company banners are being advertised in some major websites in the investment industry. Also bloggers and youtube influencers are actively promoting our company by taking advantage of our leadership bonus. (You can find more information about leadership bonus on this page: https://cowly.farm/?a=cust&page=rep).
Our support team are all available to receive your suggestion if you have anything in mind that might help our company in terms of marketing.
Social Media Updates
This coming week, we will launch our social media bounty that will enable our users to earn extra $$ for completing different social media task. More details will be posted next week as we prepare on this big social media marketing campaign.
We are looking for Facebook Ambassador that will help us create a community on Facebook. More details will be posted in the coming days while we finalized all the requirements on the said job. This is a purely voluntary work but a weekly stipends will be provided as an additional incentives by being our Facebook Ambassador.
Other Important Updates
We have created a two useful PDF’s presentation that will help you understand our company and investments, A getting started guide is also available for first time investors to make their experience with CowlyFarm as easy as possible.
Company PDF Presentation: https://cowly.farm/images/cowlypdf.pdf
CowlyFarm Getting Started Guide: https://cowly.farm/images/cowlyguide.pdf
Telegram Stickers are now available, Simply follow this link (https://t.me/addstickers/Cowly) and it will be automatically added on your telegram sticker list.
Regards, CowlyFarm Limited
Comprehensive Farm Management
Our Vision. Our Success


WhalesClub (reviewed here) also keeps paying well and on time, and after the first five weeks online there appeared to be many investors in profit from both initial plans – 5% for 33 business days and 125% after 20 calendar days. As WhalesClub arrived at MNO quite late in the game no one referred by me seems to have reached the profit zone yet, if they invested at least $30 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin or Ethereum – the only payment processors currently accepted. You may remember that I was critical of the admin for his addition of a third investment plan which offers a variable 3%-4% daily rate on weekdays reduced to 1%-2% daily on weekends until you reach a 150% target. That new plan seems totally unnecessary for me, as being less profitable than the 5% for 33 business days plan, so actually making less to no sense in the greater scheme of things. Although there might be some takers for that new offer, as WhalesClub has been doing well and developing rapidly. Just earlier today it was announced a Telegram bot has been activated, the program’s official Instagram account open and a Youtube video review posted. In addition to that, the WhalesClub admin promised to present proof of the company’s trading activities soon of which the MNO blog will surely report once that happens. Meanwhile, please read the latest newsletter from WhalesClub reposted below:

Telegram bot activation and further updates
Dear users of WhalesClub!
In the last newsletter we informed you that we were working on a Telegram bot and today we are ready to announce that WhalesClub account bot has been officially released. The main features of the bot: account authorization, new account registration, adding and withdrawal of funds, settings and automatic notifications (earnings, login, deposits & withdrawals, etc). We are looking forward to your reviews/feedback and are ready to add more features if need be. To start interacting with the bot just connect to this account in Telegram – @WhalesClubio_bot
As always we’re working on improving our social presence and we ask you to always check our official Twitter, Facebook and Telegram accounts, and just a few days ago we also launched an Instagram account – https://www.instagram.com/whalesclub.io You are more than welcome to like it and share with others. We will be launching a Social networks bounty within a few weeks for our loyal members.
If you were looking for a good video review in English, we recommend watching the review made by one of the top channels in Youtube – Cryp News. The review can be found on their official Youtube channel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMNeP9vTncY
Our trading team is working on a spreadsheet that will reflect all our past and current trades – anyone will be able to verify it. This will help some of the skeptics to get proof of our real activity in the markets.
We thank you for your continuous support of our activities and we do ask you to keep sharing your experience of using our services with others, not only you’re committing to the growth of our platform but you’ll be also making a substantial profit in referral earnings, as you might already know we’re sharing up to 10% of our profit with users who refer others to WhalesClub.
If you qualify to become a Super Affiliate (someone who has a website and over 1k of followers) please, contact our support to get your status updated.
Have a great business week.
All the best from the WhalesClub team


After almost a two-month long run Coinezos has stopped paying today. Was it enough time to make profit with the program? Well, considering it was listed on MNO within the first few days online and that it was enough to make a 65% profit on its 30-business day plan or get a 114% total return after just two weeks Coinezos was able to live up to high expectations. One of the red flags you might have noticed over the last week was the silent addition of a new investment plan available for larger investors and promising to pay 8.5% to 10% daily over a 40-business day term, while another one was undoubtedly the 15% deposit bonus the admin promised everyone who invested over the last weekend. Of course, that new plan was not sustainable at all and was simply aimed at collecting more funds before disappearing which most possibly the admin has now done, judging by the halting of payouts. I must say that MNO is the first monitor to move Coinezos to Problem status and as usually happens the others will soon follow waking up to the fact there would be no payments for them anymore. Overall, Coinezos was quite a good performer, and even though some might have expected more it’s still a good achievement. Congratulations to those who managed to get in and get out with a profit in Coinezos and for everyone else please stay away, as the program has stopped paying now!


The final item I want to discuss before we wrap things up for today is the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll. It’s time to draw the completed results of the most recent poll that ran over the last week, then I’ll be replacing it with another new question so keep reading for more information on that.

So, the last question was on a sometimes controversial topic in the HYIP industry, and indeed one that often proves difficult for HYIP admins to implement regardless of their ultimate motivation – the late introduction of new investment plans where it’s clear that no new plans are needed. I mean it’s one thing to do these things in the beginning when the admin might still be tinkering around with his program, trying to strike up the right balance between what his first investors really want, and perhaps making adjustments to other plans where he might have under- or over-estimated their potential popularity. Fair enough if it’s a learning curve or the admin is simply bending to meet changing market conditions, but that’s not really what I was talking about. I’ll give you a good example – in the last week Coinezos tried to launch a new investment plan. Pretty short lived unfortunately because as you’ll have already read in the news today the program has just went to Problem Status on the MNO monitor.

What exactly the admin’s motivation was in starting this new plan while the program was – unbeknownst to investors of course – on the brink of collapse is unclear. Only he knows for sure whether it was a final stab at milking the last few dollars from investors before running off or a genuine if ultimately futile attempt at reviving Coinezos. According to the MNO TalkBack poll most readers it seems would suspect the first scenario. Either way it doesn’t matter to investors, the end result was the same, but it is interesting to see how people perceive these things when they are the ones being asked to pay. The actual question put to MNO readers then in the last poll was as follows: What do you think a sudden change of investment plan means in a HYIP?

I don’t quite know how to express whether it’s a good thing or a lamentable one that the average HYIP industry player has come to be so cynical. It might be disappointing if it weren’t so entirely justified most of the time, but an overwhelming 62% majority of you voted for the option “It’s one last desperate attempt to attract more funds before a scam”. I hate to say it, but most of you already seem to know it’s usually the case more often than not. A far smaller group of just 15% of readers are more comfortable giving the admin the benefit of the doubt in such cases, at least until proven otherwise and voted “It’s a change of strategy on the admin’s side to make the site more popular”. I mean I know I’d definitely like to believe that myself a lot more often, the problem can sometimes be though that even if an admin is genuine in his intentions it’s the sheer weight of sceptical investor opinion that’s already against him from the word go (rightly or wrongly) that makes this harder to carry out. The remaining 23% of readers who voted feel a bit more “on the fence” over the subject, knowing it can go either way depending on a case to case basis. They voted for the option “It can be either depending on the circumstances which the change was made”.

Let’s move on now to something completely different. Something that’s been in the news recently, and that includes the mainstream financial news not just the HYIP industry, is the latest resurgence of BitCoin. As a so-called “currency” of course it surprises me how on one hand everybody seems to be in possession of at least some BTC funds, but almost no one ever uses it as it was intended, i.e. to pay for goods and services in the same way you would with cash. Well, maybe not “the same way” exactly, but you know what I mean. The main purpose of anyone holding funds in BitCoin seems to be pure speculation, buying low and selling high in order to make a profit that you can later turn into hard cash. The idea of walking into a business premises and using BitCoin to purchase a physical product over the counter is still very much a novelty, despite so much of the world being reasonably familiar with it to some extent.

The idea for the next MNO TalkBack poll was shared with me earlier on the ShoutBox by one reader in relation to BitCoin and its growth in value. Some people who know how to play these games can work it to their advantage, buying cheap reserves when they know the price won’t drop much further then selling for vastly inflated profits when you are sure the bubble is back to bursting point again. It’s kind of what everyone privately hopes to be able to do, only a relative minority ever succeed in exploiting this to its full potential though. Anyway, as we are almost at the half-way point of the calendar year, six months gone and just six more to go, I was wondering where MNO readers expect BitCoin to be by the turn of the next new year, i.e. 2020. Up, down, or floating/stagnating around the same place it is now? The exact question will be as follows:

What do you think will happen the price of BitCoin in the next six months?

Possible answers can be chosen from the following options, as usual if you don’t see exactly what you would like to say just pick the one that comes closest to matching your own feelings:

– There is going to be massive growth in BTC prices
– Steady growth in value but at a more moderate level
– The current price is near peak value, not much change
– The bubble will burst again with a massive price drop
– A steady decline but not a huge drop from current levels

As always thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time and effort to vote in the poll. You can find the voting buttons on the MNO TalkBack poll here, and remember that all votes remain 100% anonymous and untraceable. Plus it literally only takes a second to cast a vote, or how ever long it takes you to read the question and make up your mind. The poll will stay open for at least another week, maybe ten days, so plenty of time for anyone who is interested in participating to have plenty of time to do so.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Weenzee, Hooplex, CowlyFarmTimeless5, Yesss.
From MNO Standard list: WhalesClub.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all the news I have for today, guys. I hope you enjoyed reading MNO and will stay tuned for more in a couple of days when I’ll be posting next. Meanwhile, have a profitable HYIP experience and earn some money with the programs featured on the MNO monitor! Be a part of a winning team and stay updated with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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