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Beware! CowlyFarm has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all! As the new business week gets underway there’s still no shortage of things to talk about on MNO. I’ll be discussing all the main stories in the news section shortly so keep reading for that, but to start things off for today I want to focus on CowlyFarm. That’s a new short to mid term HYIP that’s just been added to the MNO Premium List. It’s certainly a lot simpler and more straight forward than a lot of the newer HYIPs we have seen in recent weeks, that’s for sure, so I think a lot of you might appreciate this one which in many ways is sort of a throwback classic style HYIP. A lot of what surrounds CowlyFarm is quite original, even the “.farm” extension on the URL caught my eye. One thing that’s not all that original is the investment plans, but don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. In fact a lot of similar models have been tried and tested over the years in the industry and have often proved to be both popular and profitable for investors. Will it be the same here? Let’s see what CowlyFarm is all about and if you think you might have room in your portfolios to add them.
What you have to choose from in CowlyFarm is two distinct plans of varying lengths, a shorter term plan with one single payment on expiry plus a more mid term option with daily interest payments that lead to bigger rewards if ultimately successful. All you need to get started with CowlyFarm however is $20. This puts you in The 21 Days Plan which I want to start with as I feel it will probably be the more popular option. It’s largely self-explanatory from the name, the term runs for 21 calendar days – three weeks – during all CowlyFarm members with any amount invested up to the stated maximum limit of $25,000 per deposit are paid a daily interest rate of 7%. That adds up to 147% back on your original investment, which CowlyFarm are already factoring in to the payments so will not be returned on expiry. This means you are left with your own money back plus 47% net profit.

To give you a simple monetary example of how that might look in monetary terms then, let’s say you were to invest $100 with CowlyFarm here. The admin would then pay you back $7 every day for the following 21 days. This allows you to recoup your initial hundred (i.e. break-even) after 15 calendar days and start collecting passive profit after that. You should eventually complete the term with CowlyFarm paying you $147 back in total, which is your principal plus a $47 profit.

If you are prepared to take more of a risk, though not necessarily financially speaking, CowlyFarm offer The Seven Days Plan for all deposits of $20 and upwards. Why do I say this is more of a risk? Well, it can be argued either way I suppose, given that the overall term is so much shorter, it’s just that if anything goes wrong before expiry here you lose everything whereas in the daily paying plan you at least recoup something if not actually in profit. Anyway, as I said it need only cost you $20 so the risk is entirely up to you. The interest is paid in one single payment on expiry and will include your principal. The return on your investment is 114% in total after 7 calendar days, leaving you with your own money back plus 14% net profit, not as much as the first plan but then not quite the same waiting period to get it. So the same $100 deposit here would see CowlyFarm return $114 to you in total, your own initial hundred plus an extra $14 as your reward for joining. Maximum spending limits are again capped at $25,000 per single deposit.

Payment options should you wish to proceed with any of the above mentioned plans are but more than adequate to satisfy the needs of most investors. For those who still prefer the more traditional style third-party payment handlers CowlyFarm are working with PerfectMoney and Payeer, pretty much the only two serious providers in the HYIP industry anyway. If on the other hand you would rather make a direct deposit yourself using a more modern digital e-currency then several cryptocurrencies are also available. These include BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash and DogeCoin. Payments are made instantly though still of course need to be requested from inside your CowlyFarm private members account area. Once done any pending transactions should be completed in under a minute, though smaller investors please keep in mind that CowlyFarm have a minimum withdrawal policy of $1.50 so do make sure that you are owed at least that before submitting any payment requests.

Let’s move on now to some of the more technical aspects of the CowlyFarm website now such as design and security. The program is hosted on a dedicated server by Dancom, with the support and protection from malicious attacks by DDoSGuard. Always a respected service provider in the industry, so too is GoldCoders which CowlyFarm are using a licensed version of to operate. This has always been a dependable product which investors find easy to navigate and customer friendly throughout. To provide an extra layer of protection, CowlyFarm have an SSL certificate from Sectigo to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions. One of the interesting features on the CowlyFarm website if you like to check up on such things is that you can see both the last investments and last withdrawals stats at the bottom of the main page so you can keep track of the company finances so to speak, which, incidentally, has been officially registered in the UK. Something a lot of online HYIPs do I know and not a particularly difficult or expensive task to do anonymously over the net, but nevertheless I guess if it impresses the industry newbies then it’s going to help the cash to keep flowing and that’s never a bad thing.

If you happen to have any further questions you would like to ask the CowlyFarm admin you feel weren’t addressed in this review or any other account related issues then you can get in touch using a couple of different channels. Communication is I might add quite a strong point with this program and may well prove vital in giving them an edge over the competition as we enter an unpredictable time in the industry. Regular news updates (as you can see on the MNO blog by the way) are constantly posted to keep investors informed of how things are progressing with the program. As usual though the first thing everyone needs to look at is the CowlyFarm FAQ page as that’s where most immediate questions are going to be answered. If there’s anything else then you can fill in your details on the online support form and submit it on the CowlyFarm website. Or if you prefer you can simply contact the admin directly at the e-mail address listed on the support page. Fans of social media networks will also be pleased I’m sure to be able to connect with CowlyFarm using their profiles on the likes of Twitter, with a channel on YouTube (in fact there’s a professionally made video presentation of the company which is available both on the CowlyFarm website and embedded on the MNO monitor) and Telegram which is probably the most useful for contact and support. You can also find a Live Chat widget in the bottom right hand side of the screen which I believe is available 24/7. This is one of the stronger points about CowlyFarm I must say, they do a much better job than the majority of programs with live chat operators. In most cases all you ever seem to get is a simple copy/paste from the FAQ page but never any real practical help. Not so with the CowlyFarm support, which I can vouch for after trying it myself are a lot more professional in both action and attitude. Just note that you may have to go to the CowlyFarm website’s home page to find the chat widget, it’s not embedded in every page.

For the record the alleged line of business CowlyFarm claim to be in in order to finance the payments to their members is intensive dairy farming. OK, that might just be a first for the HYIP industry but as usual there’s not a great deal of evidence on hand that you can independently research. And again just for the sake of newbies, remember that even if any of this turned out to be true then there still isn’t anything that can guarantee it ever necessarily has to be profitable. Best use some common sense then as you should with anything you find in the HYIP industry, and treat it as a form of high risk gambling. Set yourself a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose if things go wrong, and easily recoup from other income sources. And if joining CowlyFarm at all then make more effective use of them by keeping it part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you are already familiar with CowlyFarm then or have already made a decision on what you think of them, I hope you won’t mind sharing your thoughts with your fellow readers. I would appreciate it if you would please take a second to answer the following opinion poll, and remember it will be completely 100% anonymous at all times. I think it will be extremely interesting to refer back to in the coming weeks and months once the degree of success obtained by CowlyFarm becomes apparent. The question is:

Will you make an active deposit in CowlyFarm?

View Results

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For almost seven months online Weenzee has been running quite well, delivering profits to satisfied members with variable rates over terms of 30, 60, 90, 180 or 360 calendar days with the principal back on expiry. As Weenzee has been listed on MNO since day one it’s safe to say the majority of investors have seen decent profits, considering the average daily return is usually around the 1% mark which members can further boost by converting funds into Weenzee‘s own internal currency called WNZ. You can start investing from $30 using any of PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash, Zcash, EthereumClassic, Ripple, Eos, Tether or Tron. As you can see even smaller investors can test Weenzee with smaller deposits and see how it all goes paying special attention at some tricks that will help you maximizing your profits in the program (quite an easy thing to do if you read my detailed review posted here). Withdrawals although promised to be paid within a 72 hour maximum in reality are processed in just a few hours, plus you may request your withdrawal to any available payment processor if you have a deposit in WNZ. Not to underestimate the importance of smaller investors, but stable and sustainable growth in the long term can only be achieved by constant promotion of Weenzee on various online and offline platforms and particularly by attracting investors with larger deposits. That has been the centre of attention for Weenzee‘s marketing teams around the world that have so far been working successfully in attracting investors from various backgrounds to ensure the program’s longevity. And in appreciation of these people’s tireless efforts in pushing the boundaries and building affiliate teams the great event in Dubai has recently been announced to welcome the biggest promoters and largest investors who can attend. If interested in participating in the upcoming mega event and satisfy the requirements please make sure to contact the Weenzee team after reading the full newsletter reposted below:

A grand event is coming soon, which all members of the multinational community WEENZEE are eagerly awaiting for. The days of inexpressible emotions, vivid acquaintances, confessions, well-deserved awards and hundreds of exclusive interviews await the coolest participants of the summit. Already, the company’s curators are planning an event program, as well as selecting the most fashionable hotels in Dubai to accommodate WEENZEE participants.
More insights, more popularity, more success, more personal acquaintances and expert speeches are waiting for you. All this networking will accelerate the growth of structures and greatly increase the income of your portfolios. The participants who meet the minimum requirements can visit the first information day of the Summit so that as many people as possible absorb the Aura of true Success!
Are you striving to become a mega cool community Leader? Are you ready to experience something special?
Multideck yachts, boat trips around the blue ocean, unique cuisine and fireworks in honor of Weenzee for the most Top Leaders and investors of WEENZEE. At the end there is planned a pompous banquet and many surprises!
This will be the most powerful summit in your life!
Among the invitees are the large investors, who were at the forefront of the project. We are sure that many leaders will do everything possible and impossible to be on this day in the circle of the strongest, most successful and richest people of our community.
If you have a portfolio of at least 5000 WNZ, we invite you to the conference and all the master classes scheduled on the first day of the summit.
Leaders of countries with a team of at least 1000 people and a turnover of 1 million WNZ are waiting for us at the conference and gala dinner.
We will meet with cool partners of the network with a structure of 5,000 people and a turnover of more than 5 million WNZ at a conference, dinner and an exclusive party WEENZEE FIREWORK.
It doesn’t really matter who you are: an ordinary participant, a top leader or partner of the system, it’s up to you!
Make your application for the most successful and exclusive summit of the WEENZEE Community
Please check with the curators of the project about the details of participation in this phenomenal event. And also you can leave a request through the feedback function on the project site https://weenzeee.com/contacts/.
WEENZEE – is the beginning of a great journey!


After 125 days on MNO the first investors of Hooplex have managed to profit regardless of the plan they joined – 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days, 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days, 1.1% for 180 days. As all the offers pay the initial investment on expiry (or for a certain fee before that) you can clearly see the profit you would have made if you joined on day one. Still, I believe it’s not too late to join Hooplex as the program has been growing slowly but steadily over the first few months. It accepts investments starting from a $50 minimum via BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, DogeCoin, Dash, Zcash, Tether, Tron, Ripple, BlackCoin or Waves. By investing in the program you automatically agree to buy the internal currency called Lexera which you can sell back to the program on every withdrawal request which is then processed manually within a few hours (though officially it may take up to 72 hours before you get paid). For more details on the whole investment process in Hooplex which might be a bit overwhelming for some (especially if you are used to deal with simpler programs in the past) please refer to the review posted here.

Hooplex is known for its extensive promotion in different local markets and targeting various countries which have their own assigned promotional teams responsible for spreading the word in a particular region or language. For instance, if you speak Italian and haven’t joined Hooplex yet then you might be interested in finding out that two videos describing the basics on joining and investing have been made available on Youtube. The links have been shared in the latest newsletter below:

Italy joins Hooplex
Friends, we are pleased to announce that our community has been joined by a leader from Italy, who has already started to develop the project in his country!
He made two videos for you, in which he describes the project and its benefits, as well as shows how to register on the platform and open a deposit.
Project Overview – https://youtu.be/soNtxwo5ja8
Registration and deposit – https://youtu.be/0h5MoFkDyBM
If you want to join our community and start developing it in Italy, just email our technical support team here: https://hooplex.com/contact
We remind you that being a member of the Hooplex community is easy and profitable! We offer the best possible marketing plan and support at every stage of the process.
For your convenience, we have developed automated tools to promote the project, thanks to which it has become even easier to build the structure!
We are waiting for you in our team, join us!


If you read the original review of Timeless5 posted here you might remember that I was quite surprised that the only point of contact with the admin if/when an investor has any issues or just wanted to ask any questions was Telegram. There is nothing wrong with this point of contact in itself, of course, apart from the fact that Telegram can be blocked in a number of countries as an independent system totally out of government control with its own definition of complete anonymity. So the admin seems to have listened to my criticism as shortly after the review was posted on MNO he issued a short newsletter making a contact email address available:

Due to numerous requests, we have started supporting by email: admin@timeless5.com

I have edited the original review accordingly by the way. Among other stories from Timeless5, a new set of promotional banners for those interested in spreading the word about the program has been added as of today and are available in all shapes and sizes. Despite Timeless5‘s simple design and easy-to-understand 5% daily “forever” plan with automatic payouts to BitCoin accounts every morning from 7 am to 8 am GMT the program seems to be enjoying quite a decent level of popularity among readers after six days online, perhaps something to do with the fact that the admin has is employing MNO as the program’s only official monitor at the time of writing. Maybe it’s just a part of a clever advertising strategy aimed at gradual growth for Timeless5 – vital for the program’s ability to survive until the point when the first members are in profit. We’ll wait and see if/when it happens, but so far everything has been smooth for Timeless5 members I must say.


The admin of WhalesClub has recently decided to replace the third investment plan called Extreme Volatility (for more details on the old plan check my original review posted here) which was largely ignored by investors only promising one single payment on expiry of a 100-business day plan and thus being extremely risky with insanely high minimums as well. The new investment offer which is still called Extreme Volatility will not help the program gain more investors, as I’m afraid it’s still significantly worse than existing investment plans paying 5% for 33 business days (165% total return) and 125% after 20 calendar days starting from $30 which you can join via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin or Ethereum. Let me explain why I think so using a simple example. For a $100 minimum investment in the rebooted Extreme Volatility plan you might earn a variable daily interest rate ranging from 3% to 4% on business days, reduced to 1% to 2% on weekends. It will continue up to the point when one has reached a 150% total return on the investment by which time it expires. So, the minimum you can get on this plan is 17% per week with a maximum capped at 24% per week. In theory it will take you from five to six weeks to reach the break-even point. Sounds OK until you compare the new plan with the old offer with much better overall returns 5% for 33 business days which means you get 25% weekly (more than the new plan offers) and will earn 165% on your investment much faster. So it just makes absolutely no sense to me and only indicates that the admin might have some problems with math, as I cannot see any other viable explanation, of course if we are not assuming it’s a deliberate attempt to mislead potential investors into joining an unattractive and illogical plan. I would strongly advise against investing in the new plan offered by WhalesClub now, it’s much more profitable to choose from the first two. In any case, the new investment offer is the main focus of the latest newsletter from WhalesClub where the admin also promised to connect Telegram messenger so investors can communicate via the bot – a feature once popular in programs in the past. I will of course report once it happens here on MNO, and for now you can read the newsletter in full and do your own calculations on the new plan yourselves:

Plan activation and other news
Dear users of WhalesClub!
We wanted to take a few minutes of your time to share details of the 3rd pay plan – Extreme Volatility.
Originally this plan was not active in the accounts and it had a different design from start, but community spoke and we listened, so here are the details of this plan which is already available for funding.
– Fluctuating daily rate (from 3% to 4% per business day & 1-2% on a weekend)
– Daily earnings are added to the account and you are free to withdraw or reinvest
– Deposit Merge Feature (new deposit is merged with previous), this is a catch, really. It helps you build your deposit over time.
– Min: $100 – Max $100,000
We received feedback from users and decided to act on it, to show that we are open to any fresh ideas. We thank you for your continuous support of our activities.
Please, note that we are also finishing the investment bot and you will be able to navigate your WhalesClub account by using your Telegram messenger. This will be very handy as many users prefer using their handsets.
We ask you to keep sharing with others, stay connected with us by using the chat and leave feedback by contacting our representatives in Telegram or via an e-mail.
All the best, WhalesClub team


Just to finish things up for today then I want to draw the final results of the most recent opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page and replace it with another new question for you to think about. Last time out you might remember I was asking readers about what they thought were the primary factors determining whether a program might be a hit or not. The thing is, I must say it’s been a surprisingly competitive start to the summer season in the HYIP industry. At a time when I expected things to be quiet, and especially coming off the back of a rather slow May in the first place, I can’t say I’m complaining to see such a marked upturn in activity here. But with so many different new and existing programs competing for your money, what is it exactly that gives one just that extra edge over the other do you think? The exact question put to readers was: What is the main factor that will determine a HYIP’s success?

Many things of course, not all of them entirely under the control of either the admin or the investors, but surprisingly only 6% of voters listed “Attractive investment plans” as the driving force behind a program’s success among HYIP industry players. Personally I would have thought that was the first thing people looked for in a program, and the last thing they came back to for a second thought before deciding to join or not.

Then 12.5% of you said the single most important factor is the “Admin’s personality”. I can certainly see why this can be influential for a lot of seasoned investors. I mean we can never be 100% sure of any admin’s track record as they rarely claim ownership of past programs, and even when they do it’s only for their success stories (never the failures, of which there might be many!), and even then all you have is their word that they are telling the truth so you can’t really be 100% sure of anything. But people believe what they want if it makes them feel more comfortable so if an admin can carry himself in a professional businesslike manner and convince investors he knows what he’s doing then people seem happy to play along.

An equal share, i.e. another 12.5% of those voting said that a “High-scale promotion campaign” was the main reason why one program might succeed where another might fail. Again there’s a certain amount of truth in that statement, I mean there’s absolutely no point in developing the best HYIP ever if people are never going to find out about it. You need perhaps not a massive network but at least a select group of respected and influential promoters to reach a core minimum of regular industry players. Once you have that on board it often follows that other monitors, blogs, social media discussion forums, etc. will get in on the act of their own accord and promote the program free of charge for the ref commissions. The smartest admins have always known how to make the best and most effective use of such people in the most cost effective manner for their programs.

And finally the single biggest number of voters, a 69% majority, collectively think that the real reason the best programs succeed is a “Combination of all of the above”. Well, I can’t really add further comment to that except to say yes, that’s probably correct, there’s rarely one single governing factor in anything that happens in the HYIP industry, this included. By the way, just for your information there was a fifth option that offered the choice that a “Variety of payment methods” might be a determining factor. This option received zero percent of the vote, i.e. nobody, so make what you will out of that.

For the next question I want to just reflect on what was already discussed in the news section above in relation to the recent move from the admin of WhalesClub in reorganizing the investment plans. Well, one of them anyway. What do you think of this as a tactic? Is the admin admitting he made the wrong choice with the original plans and is trying to fix it now? A last roll of the dice for the program perhaps, or an inspired decision to make it more attractive to a wider audience? Sometimes these plans can be too good to be true (and we all know where that ends up) but then other times it can be a real shot in the arm to boost the program’s profile. The exact question therefore will be as follows:

What do you think a sudden change of investment plan means in a HYIP?

Possible answers can be taken from the following options, if you don’t see exactly what you think yourself just vote for the option which comes closest to reflecting your own thoughts on the subject;

1) It’s one last desperate attempt to attract more funds before a scam
2) It’s a change of strategy on the admin’s side to make the site more popular
3) It can be either depending on the circumstances which the change was made

As always let me just say a big thank you in advance to everyone who takes the time and trouble to vote, it really is much appreciated. The voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here, and voting will remain open for around about another week or so. Long enough so that anyone who wants to participate to have enough time to think it over and do so anyway. Remember that voting remains strictly confidential and is anonymous and untraceable at all times, though if you wish to share your thoughts on the subject with your fellow readers you are more than welcome to do so on the MNO ShoutBox.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Weenzee, Coinezos, Hooplex, Timeless5, CowlyFarm, Yesss.
From MNO Standard list: WhalesClub.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s it for today, guys. Most likely I’ll be posting again no earlier than Friday, but if you have any questions, suggestions or advertising requests I’m pleased to hear from you anytime. In order to contact me please submit your query here, write to me directly at abramsonp@gmail.com or simply chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog where I’m available most times of the day. To stay informed and be the first to know about any new additions to the MNO monitor as well as find out about the latest status changes for the listed programs make sure you follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter, and also submit your email address here to subscribe for regular blog updates sent to you within 24 hours of posting. Join more than three thousand subscribers who have been enjoying the latest news from the biggest and most elite investment programs in the HYIP world from MNO – which will turn 12 years old in just a couple of weeks. I would appreciate if you could share your opinion on the monitored programs on the MNO ShoutBox and vote on the TalkBack page where a new question was posted earlier today. Thanks for reading and talk to you again soon. MNO – For Money Lovers!

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