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14/06/2020. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello again everyone, and welcome to the MNO blog – the place to go if you want to take your chances and earn from the highest budget online investment programs run by the most experienced admins in the HYIP industry. For nearly thirteen years online MNO has consistently developed and evolved into the current shape where I aim to give my full attention to a smaller pool of the most talked about programs which I extensively and regularly cover on the blog. Today is no exception as I will introduce a brand-new addition to the Premium List on MNO – a program that only launched today called Azentus, so keep reading for more on that!

As we’re in the middle of June the HYIP industry is slowing down for the summertime and usually wouldn’t be expected to pick up until September. Although each year is different and sometimes exceptions do happen. As what to expect this summer no one can predict, given the consequences of the worldwide CoVid-19 pandemic that has seemingly affected nearly everyone to some extent. Anyway, MNO is here to report all promising programs that might launch and become the hit of the season, so do bookmark my site and check it out regularly for the latest updates, as this summer season might be more unpredictable and interesting than others.

If you wish to become a part of the smart MNO community and start earning serious profits I would strongly recommend following me on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook or subscribe to the blog’s newsfeed for all the latest articles to be delivered directly to your email address you can submit here. Over 3,000 potential investors have already subscribed and I’m sure they haven’t regretted that life-changing decision. And of course I am always ready to answer your emails you can send to or alternatively submit your query using this contact form. I’m also available to chat on Telegram @mnoblog, so don’t hesitate to ask anything related to the HYIP industry.

Apart from the introduction of Azentus in today’s update you can find all the latest news from Winza and Omega and I will also take a closer look at the final results of this week’s TalkBack poll while posting a new question as well. Let’s start without further ado, shall we?


If you’re a fan of BTC-only programs and are happy with instant withdrawals then Azentus might be another good choice to diversify a carefully balanced investment portfolio. With Azentus you will get a great flexibility and are allowed to leave the program at anytime you like after an initial 24 hours following your investment has passed. The fee you are going to pay to release your principal from Azentus is set at 10% which should fully protect the program from possible hit-n-runners while the lucrative 0.17% hourly return (which gets you a 4.08% daily profit overall) should attract some savvy investors. The minimum deposit allowed in Azentus is 0.005 BTC while the minimum withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC. However, withdrawals as stated in the FAQ could take from 1 to 96 hours in reality though they are intended to be processed instantly (or very fast in case manual verification is required). My first withdrawal request was processed instantly anyway, so I can confirm that already as Azentus is featured on Paying status on the MNO monitor at the time of writing with a full review scheduled to be published on Wednesday next week.

Meanwhile my very first impressions of the Azentus website have been largely positive. It looks simply amazing with a clear and uncomplicated design and a script familiar to the majority of investors licensed from GoldCoders. There is a Paid Out section where you can independently verify all the latest withdrawals via Blockchain and a one-minute long video presentation which has been also embedded on the MNO monitor. Along with the on default English language version the Azentus website has been professionally translated into six other languages (Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic) which can be easily switched by using the top right-hand tab. The admin can be reached via a Telegram account and investors can chat via the Telegram group while a traditional contact form is also available. The safety and security of the website is top-notch with hosting on a dedicated server provided by DDoSGuard and fully protected by an EV SSL certificate issued by GeoTrust. For those inexperienced investors looking for some sort of validation of genuine business behind the investment platform there is a development plan outlining possible future achievements as well as the UK-based certificate of incorporation available for viewing.

The conclusion is that as Azentus offers a highly flexible plan making it possible to profit in less than three days it might become a highly attractive program among investors looking for fast profits and instant withdrawals and not minding the limited choice of payment processors with only BTC funds being accepted at the moment. Anyway, time will tell where it goes, so check out the MNO blog for the upcoming full review of Azentus and all the latest news from it. And best of luck to everyone who joins in!


I believe many of my readers will agree with my point that Winza is a one of a kind program that blends an unlikely combination of a HYIP, exchanger and online casino. In fact, anyone can play their games and win (or lose) money in addition to investing in one of their profitable plans via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin or DogeCoin. The minimum to invest is only $1 and you may choose between the Bankroll option which will share a variable daily profit from Winza‘s online casino (can be up to 5% daily) until your investment reaches 150% total return or otherwise go for the Hodl option with lower daily returns but with an option to get your money back out at any time you like. Anyway, if you wish to learn more about Winza‘s investment offers please refer to my detailed review of the program posted here and many things will be clear to you for sure.

Of course, the main income stream for Winza (at least according to its official stance) is profits from its online casino activities, so it’s no surprise that most of the latest updates regularly posted on the program’s Telegram news channel relate to this. Over the last nine days there were quite a few updates sharing some of the latest gaming and membership stats and even gave away some free money codes you could have used to claim some cash if you were fast enough. Remember though that with Winza you can actually claim a very small portion of money via their own Free faucet system (find it in your account area and use the proceeds for gaming and possibly winning even more in the Casino section). Anyway, all the latest updates from this super interesting program are re-posted below for your convenience:

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$10,000 exchange volume has just been reached – thanks for the support & trust!

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Some short news has been sent by Omega earlier this week. Although it was announced on the program’s own Telegram channel that there would be a follow-up later in the week up until now there has been nothing posted. Judging by my previous experience with Omega I would imagine that the admin is waiting for the right moment to announce a more significant set of updates and the team is working diligently behind the scenes to bring it live when it’s fully ready. Here is the latest news from Omega:

Social toolset and more platform features are coming up!
Go to your “Community” section and explore our latest Friends & Messages additions!
More goodies & detailed explanations will follow up with the weekly article!

If you haven’t read the full review of Omega posted here I’m afraid it would be hard for you to understand how the whole concept works. In a nutshell though you invest anything starting from a $1 minimum via any of the eight accepted cryptocurrencies (BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, Tron, Stellar or Ripple), assign a day of the week when you want your weekly earnings to get paid directly to your e-wallet and then pretty much forget the whole thing. Omega will pay you daily variable returns which usually hover around 1% and will return your principal in parts which is also called Stack Share in your account area. There is literally no expiry then and you will get paid for as long as Omega stays online and paying. And as the program has been paying for eleven weeks now with many investors already in profits although still flying under the radar with very slow growth overall we should fully expect Omega to survive summer successfully and emerge as a fully established leader sometime in September. Anyway, only time will tell and MNO will report about all the latest developments from Omega on a regular basis, so stay tuned for that!


Since it’s Sunday and the end of an otherwise slow news week I guess I’ll wrap things up for today by taking a look at the results of the most recent opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page and replace it with another new question. Plus it’s been open for over a week already anyway so I don’t think the results are going to shift much in one direction or another at this point. So, as we are coming up to the middle of June now in just a couple of more days, I was wondering what peoples experiences and expectations were of the summer season in the HYIP industry. Most years this is predictable with almost clockwork regularity to the extent that even relatively inexperienced investors can see it coming – summer in the HYIP industry means vacations and a lull in activity. Not to the extent that it becomes impossible to make any money, just to the degree that one needs to look a bit harder and be more discerning about what programs to join. In fact since let’s say 2010, i.e. the last ten years, I’d say maybe eight summers have been largely forgettable. Profitable for the individual perhaps if you knew what you were doing and how to play the game, but from a bigger industry wide perspective taking all things into account still forgettable.

Jump ahead to this year, summer 2020 however, and the world is already a very different place and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. There’s hardly a need to repeat it, but the global Covid-19 pandemic is going to change everyone’s lives whether you have been directly hit by the actual virus or not. In a way that makes this summer uniquely different from any that have gone before, though needless to say we all wish this had never happened. But like it or not it’s still where we find ourselves, and if you are in any way involved with the HYIP industry in any capacity you still have to make the most of the situation. With that in mind, I asked readers the following question for the opinion poll: How do you think summer 2020 will be for the HYIP industry?

It seems as if a lot of you aren’t holding out much hope for the short term future of the HYIP industry this summer. Personally I hope you’re wrong but to be honest I also find it really hard to argue against it, with 50% of readers voting that things will in their opinion be “Worse than usual, people have other priorities and don’t want to gamble money”. At the polar end of the spectrum is what I suppose you could call the “glass half full” kind of people. Making up 33% of the vote, they offered the opinion that this summer will be “Better than usual, people have more spare time and always need the money”. Well, obviously as an investor myself I think we would all like this to be true, but whether it pans out or not is another matter entirely. Never say never as the expression goes, but time will tell. And finally the remaining 17% of voters just see summer 2020 as being business as usual. They say that “This year won’t be any different, current affairs have little affect on HYIPs”. Certainly at the time of writing there seems to be little to indicate that this summer is going to be radically different from most others in the HYIP industry, that can all change overnight, fingers crossed we might see an upswing in business, you never know, but for now things seem predictably uneventful. Of course it will be September before we can look back on all of this and say who got it right or was at least closest to the truth, for now I suppose the best we can do is stay optimistic. And stay safe!

For the next question I want to stay on a sort of seasonal theme. Well, more of a personal anniversary really, one that just coincidentally happens to take place in the summer. Long term readers and experienced HYIP investors will no doubt be aware than MNO has been online for a long time now, in fact it’s the oldest surviving website of its kind. By that I mean an independent blog that combines as a monitor. In just a couple of weeks from now, July 1st to be exact, in its current format celebrates a lucky 13 years on the net. Technically it goes back a little bit earlier as I’d been experimenting with various early incarnations of the site on a couple of free platforms. It was all a bit trial-and-error, mostly amateur I will admit but it was all part of the learning process until I felt I was able to see myself in a position to run MNO on a full-time professional basis. I don’t really have an archive that goes any earlier than that anyway, but for all intents and purposes July 1st 2007 marks the establishment of MNO as a proper online business.

Of course I had a number of years experience in the HYIP industry prior to that, my reasons for wanting to establish my own personal blog and monitor are best kept for another day as they don’t relate to today’s opinion poll (though I have discussed them on my blog a number of times in the past if you’re a longer term reader). It’s just that as I look back over the years I begin to wonder what I’m still doing here. To be entirely honest, on July 1st 2007 I wasn’t entirely sure where all of this would lead me, let alone any idea that I’d still be doing it 13 years later. Obviously I can’t deny the financial aspect of it, that being the number one motivator of anyone in the HYIP industry when they get started, but is that enough to keep people coming back year after year even when the industry hits a rough patch? To put it bluntly, yes, it is a great way of making extra cash without having to put in any physical labour or working hours to get it, but it’s also far far away from being anything even resembling a dependable way to do it. And yet here we are, still discussing it after so many years.

So what is it for you guys that keeps you coming back to crazy world of HYIPs after all this time? That’s the subject of the next opinion poll that I would like to run on the MNO TalkBack page. The exact question will be as follows:

What do you like most about the HYIP investment industry?

You can pick from the following options. Remember if your own personal reason isn’t listed in exactly the same way you might express it yourself, please just choose the one that matches it most closely:

– A chance to make a lot of money in a short space of time
– Analysing all the latest trends and picking the right option
– I love the excitement as I don’t depend on the profits
– I enjoy everything about it and I will never give it up

Thanks in advance to everyone who participates, the voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here. As always the poll will stay open for at least a week or so, long enough to give everyone who wants to vote plenty of time to do so. Remember that all votes are totally anonymous and untraceable, though you are always free to discuss the subject on the MNO ShoutBox if you wish. Voting only takes literally a second by the way, so you may as well just give it a go if you’re curious to see how other readers feel and if their thoughts match your own.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 216 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: GamingArb, Azentus (the first instant payment received).
From MNO Standard list: Omega, Winza.
From MNO Basic list: RoboticsOnline.

That will be all I had to report today, guys. Thanks a lot for reading MNO and for following all the biggest investment programs in the HYIP industry. I will be back in a few days time with the full review of Azentus and all the latest news from the listed on the MNO monitor programs. Meanwhile, please become an active participant in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack and share your views and opinions on the MNO ShoutBox. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope to see you all again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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