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Beware! BetForInvest has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Hope the weekend’s been going well for you so far. As usual for a Sunday things are a bit on the slow side for news but as I didn’t have a proper update for yesterday there’s still one or two things to catch up with. Before that though I want to have a look at a recent addition to the Standard List on the MNO monitoring page called BetForInvest. To be blunt about them though there’s a bit of work that needs to be done on this one before it’s even close to the quality of any of the other programs monitored by MNO. More on that in a moment but we’ll start with the BetForInvest plans.

BetForInvest is a medium term HYIP with three investment plans. They all make low daily interest payments before returning your principal on expiry. The first of these is called The BFI Small Plan and it runs for 20 calendar days. You can join it for as little as $1 and the interest rate returned to you will be based on how much you invest. So for anything between the $1 minimum and $200 BetForInvest pay you 1.5% per day. That would add up to a total of 30% by the end of the cycle wish can be considered profit after your principal is returned. Other rates include the following:
1.65% per day (33% total) on deposits from $201 to $1,000, and 1.8% per day (36% total) for anything above that up to $50,000, the maximum deposit accepted.

The second plan runs for a 30 calendar day term and is called The BFI Medium Plan. Minimum investment this time jumps to $25 and the daily rate of interest paid out by BetForInvest starts at 1.6%. That would allow you to earn 48% in interest payments before having your principal returned. That rate applies to deposits up to a value of $200, but for a larger spend the following rates will apply:
1.7% per day on $201 to $1,000 (51% total) and 1.9% per day (57% total) on deposits between $1,001 and $50,000.

The BFI Big Plan is the final option BetForInvest have to offer. It runs for 60 calendar days making daily interest payments on deposits starting from a $50 minimum. For anything between that and $200 you can collect 1.7% per day for the plan’s duration. Once BetForInvest return your principal at the end of the term that will have added up to a total of 102%in profit, assuming the program can last that long of course. Larger investments are offered the following rates:
1.8% per day (108% total) on amounts between $201 and $1,000, and 1.9% per day (114% total) on anything from $1,001 to $50,000.

Payment options are limited to say the very least. BetForInvest only accepts LibertyReserve and nothing else. So despite LR being one of the single biggest names in the industry it still curtails the program’s appeal to many investors. Instant payments might have done at least something to remedy that, however they do not feature here. Payments are made manually and will need to be requested from your member’s area. Once done the BetForInvest admin asks for 24 hours to have everything processed.

So far BetForInvest may have the appearance of a fairly standard run-of-the-mill online HYIP without all that much to separate them from the countless others out there. There is a difference however, but unfortunately not a good one. The hosting of BetForInvest is of a very poor standard and to be frank not suitable for a website looking to handle your money. It’s on a shared server sitting alongside almost 170,000 other websites. Nothing wrong with that if you just run a small personal website but in the HYIP industry it’s practically asking for trouble. The same goes for the claim that BetForInvest has a strong level of DDoS protection. With that number of websites hosted on the same server that claim is highly unlikely. The program runs off a licensed GoldCoders script, however another unfounded claim is that the website is SSL encrypted. It isn’t. The admin who to his credit has been very responsive up to now says he is working on that but at the time of writing SSL encryption is still not operational. For any questions or account related issues you can contact the admin via the ticket submission form on the support page.

Texts are a bit garbled and say nothing about any sort of business plan behind the program, in fact they serve no other purpose than to confuse the reader so I suggest you ignore them and accept BetForInvest as an online HYIP with all the risks and pitfalls that go with that – and one that needs some work as well. So if joining then remember that as with everything in this industry you agree to do so 100% at your own risk, and do so within the borders of a strict spending limit and as part of a diverse portfolio.


I would like to comment on the latest newsletter from the admin of HitNRunMasters NB who was interviewed on MNO earlier (click here to see that). Anyway, I would totally disagree with what he was saying and explain my own position. Speaking as the an admin of a monitoring site for many years now I’m sure that my experience counts just as much as anyone’s though I myself never ran any HYIPs unlike the admin of HitNRunMasters. Since the newsletter is quite long I’ll try to dissect it so as not to lose my point. Because honestly, the admin of HitNRunMasters is talking rubbish and trying to mislead the investors into thinking that he’s in complete control of everything which is simply not true. I will just try to explain bit by bit what I think of all of that stuff. Let’s start our entertainment and here is the latest newsletter from HitNRunMasters (reviewed here) accompanied with my comments to each part:

For your Understanding…
In our latest newsletter we explained that
“the Hot-Investing admin is “trying to route their funds thru several accounts”
Paul at MNO said that this…
“strikes me as a little bizarre. They only take LR and PM which both guarantee total anonymity and a strict no questions asked or answered policy. I’d be pretty surprised if he couldn’t do that instantly in just one go using just one account.”
So I wanted you all to understand. Admins that have been involved in more than one program NEVER make a lump sum removal. If an admin makes a lump sum removal, then the exchangers and the payment processors see the escape and trap the funds. And why not, who is he going to complain to?

This is nonsense like I’ve never heard before. Why would on Earth an admin wants to split his funds and make removal? Do you think that all admins make millions, lol? Some of them can hardly make a thousand dollars profit from their programs (surely, that doesn’t apply to the admin of HitNRunMasters who is a professional running programs on a regular basis with wonderfully fascinating stories for each of them). I’m talking about LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney now, where you can exchange your money to your bank account instantly. So how on Earth can exchangers seize funds if some of them process instantly? If that happens to you then you’re using the wrong service provider. Has the admin of HitNRunMasters never heard of internet based banks and current instant internet services and technologies? Does he actually believe in his right mind that process of creating multiple LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accounts is necessary in order to steal some money from investors? Is he that naïve? Well, let’s read on and see.

Like we told you, we have researched thousands of programs accounts. We have seen their entire history. And we see this repetitive pattern over and over. The admin establishes hundreds of accounts at the payment processors. He then transfers funds thru an exchanger, in small amounts from one payment processor to another into these hundreds of accounts and makes deposits into his own program in an effort to fool the payment processors into believing that these are just average participants. He doesn’t want them to know they are his. When it comes time for the admin to exit, he begins making withdrawals to these hundreds of accounts from his program. He then routes those funds to their intended destinations. But he does it over time, several weeks if he is smart, because it is harder for the payment processor to notice. It is also harder for the exchangers involved to notice.

So here we are again with another bizarre story that only makes sense if you’re talking about AlertPay, which the admin of HitNRunMasters should be familiar with (that’s why I imagine he knows better than to accept this scamming processor in the first place). However I was referring to program that accept LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney exclusively (as HitNRunMasters do). Those processors are not interested when it comes to hackers, the theft of money from your accounts, or anything else because ALL transactions are irreversible. So does it make any sense to create such a complicated scheme in order to remove a few thousand dollars from totally anonymous accounts which you can create in 5 minutes and withdraw your money straight to your bank account in another 5 minutes? Why would on Earth would somebody do such a pointless thing? Why invent all this nonsense with exchangers and multiple accounts if one can do it in one go and be happy with earnings from one’s program? I remind you that I was talking about the programs accepting LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. But maybe it will be clearer in the following paragraph? So let’s keep reading, shall we?

What the average members have failed to understand is, HYIP is a small world. You guys think that HnRM is full of $#!+. OK, keep thinking so, that’s fine. Exchangers talk to each other. Payment processors talk to exchangers. Monitors talk to each other. Monitors talk to exchangers. Forum owners talk to each other. Forum owners talk to exchangers. We all talk to each other. If you think otherwise, then we need more members like you in HYIP!

Oh, dear, it looks like we have another conspiracy theory here worth of at least two episodes of The X-Files. Want to hear my opinion on that?
Exchangers talk to each other only if they belong to the same person and the admin doesn’t realize the fierce competition in this field for clients’ money. Trust me, I’ve been running a successful monitor for several years now. The only thing these people say when they “talk to each other” is usually something along the lines of “mind your own Goddamn business!”. These folks are not out to help each other, let alone actively collaborate.
It’s true that payment processors talk to exchangers as there is no way an exchanger is going to be approved by a payment processor without proper verification. Moreover, exchangers must communicate with payment processors because otherwise they would not be able to control the funds flowing in and out of them. What is so special about that that’s bugging the admin?
Regarding monitoring sites speaking to each other. I’ve never communicated with any other monitoring site left away collaborating with them at all. OK, some people want to be friendly with their competitors but not me as I think the vast majority of so-called monitors are too slow in changing the status of programs that scam and useless when it comes to delivering advertising results. You know that I had conflicts with some of them in that regard including which has changed owners and become just another below average monitor now with the same flaws it always had and no desire to change. I’m sure that some of the monitors are talking to each other but in my opinion, it counts for all the junk low-rated scamming monitors who only collaborate with each other in order to push one HYIP or display a wrong status for longer periods of time in return for a bribe. When it comes to established monitors like MNO I don’t think we need any type of contact with others, especially as I strongly believe that many of them can be involved in running the scam programs themselves (in the present or in the past) and might be potentially dangerous for anybody listening to their advice.
Monitors talking to exchangers. This makes absolutely no sense to me. I for instance do not feel any need to talk with any exchanger in the HYIP business unless I have a personal transaction. I would not consider this information to be viable anyway and know that respected exchangers would never give out confidential information about their clients, especially not to some crooked HYIP admin. The same applies to payment processors who are very strict on client confidentiality.
Regarding forum owners talking to each other and to exchangers. I don’t know any reason for that either if they are not owned by the same person. Other reasons for not doing that please read above.
There is always some conspiracy surrounding the HYIP world and we never can take anything for granted here. But I think the admin’s admin’s theories here are flawed at best. Assuming he genuinely believes any of this stuff himself that is, and isn’t just cooking up an elaborate ruse like the rest of his HYIP counterparts.

Payment processors and exchangers make it possible for HYIP to exist. Admins have no choice but to use them. Stupid admins have the majority of their funds trapped. Intelligent admins are allowed to keep the majority, but not all!

As I said already this is true, but I don’t know why the same scheme to channel money from AlertPay and SolidTrustPay and fooling them cannot be used by HitNRunMasters themselves. Are they so stupid not to take advantage of the same scheme? Or maybe LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney (the only processors accepted by HitNRunMasters) are the only ones which they have personal agents helping them get the money out? What about STP and AP? Is it coincidence that they are not accepted by HitNRunMasters since the admin admitted they have no choice but to accept them? I understand the feelings about AlertPay who are no more than a bunch of common crooks and con men themselves now but what about SolidTrustPay? Is their verification procedure too tough for an admin in order to take advantage of using them? It seems there are more questions than answers to that.

If the HYIP industry was not in such bad shape right now, they would never have allowed us to enlighten you with any of this. In fact, there are some that don’t want you to know anything. But, HYIP is in sad shape. We are doing something about it. We are taking out the trash.
It is TIME we band together!
The choice is yours!!!
HitNRunMasters. The HYIP Destiny is OUR Choice!

In my honest opinion, the HYIP industry in not in such bad shape now and it’s definitely in a much stronger position than it was a year ago. There are more quality programs now than before and if the admin of HitNRunMasters was really so enlightened he would know this. There are no such closely guarded secrets that you are not able to find in MNOFridays or my daily news where I honestly discuss the ongoing situation in the HYIP industry. I hope that there will be more accurate and not misleading information provided by the admin of HitNRunMasters in the future. And as I don’t wish this to be misinterpreted as some kind of attack on the program (it isn’t, the program is just fine) therefore I would like to wish everybody who invested in the only plan offered by the HitNRunMasters – 1.5%-2.8% daily for 365 days – the very best of luck.

I think that’s enough about that for now (though I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more about it soon!) so let’s get back to the other news from the HYIP industry from the last couple of days.

OnlineInvestmentBank (reviewed here) sent an important reminder about the payment schedule. Please note that in the program the daily interest of 7% is only credited to your account for 20 business days as are the payouts. They are only processed from Monday to Friday, and though you can request your payout anytime please keep in mind that if you do so over the weekend you have to wait till Monday in order to get paid. Here is the reminder from OnlineInvestmentBank on that:
We do not make payments on weekends(please see our FAQ). All withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours only from Monday to Friday. Time our server, you can see at the top of our site.
Administration. OnlineInvestmentBank”.

As you have probably noticed CommoditiesCapital now has a renewed design where finally their error of having one M in the name of the program has been put to rights. It looked extremely unprofessional from my point of view (read my review of the program here to find out more). The work was done by my programmer Andrew who also developed my own monitoring script which you can see in use now so if you’re interested in ordering some banner (he specializes in flash banners but can also make you simple gif ones as well) do not hesitate to contact him at Please note that he’s working under my supervision so you can address all the questions to me as well if you do not understand anything.
Anyway, back to CommoditiesCapital which is paying to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay on four investment plans – 1.8% for 100 days (principal back), 3.2% for 45 days, 5% for 30 days, 6.5% for 25 days. The admin of the program James has started a new promotional contest as promised and this time you will have to get creative. You need to think up the best slogan for the program which will be decided during the next couple of weeks. The winner gets a $100 deposit bonus into their account with CommoditiesCapital, and you have to be really original to win. Anyway, I’m glad that the admin of CommoditiesCapital James took my advice on some improvements for his program and I can say that I really appreciate admins that don’t take criticism personally and instead use it to their advantage. Tonight I will be sending some questions to him for an interview and am hopeful that it will be answered and published on MNO by next week. And here is the latest update from yesterday about the new contest in CommoditiesCapital:
New Contest
As you can see on our improved design is already online (hope you will like it more now). I was waiting for it to announce our new contest. Even if the idea it’s not original (it has been used before by others) i like it and i think will be fun.
Here it is: it will be a contest for the best slogan. Whoever wants to participate into this contest will have to post on our wall on Facebook the best slogan they can think off for our site (together with their users from our program).
The slogan who will get more fans (“Like”) during next two weeks will win 100$ deposit bonus prize and it will be used on our site. During this two weeks will be also more surprise prizes that i will let you know about at the right moment.
So starting from now the contest is open. Enjoy and lets have some fun!!
Regards, James. CommoditiesCapital”.

As you know I don’t usually pay much attention to the programs on Basic listing with MNO but I have decided to make an exception for VivaTrade which was moved to Problem status on MNO a couple of days ago. It’s back on Paying status and I’ll tell you why. The thing is I didn’t realize that the program experienced problems with AlertPay too and that forced the admin to drop them. He issued a statement blasting AlertPay for their activities towards many HYIP programs and called on other admins to do the same and go with SolidTrustPay instead. Well, I totally understand his feelings towards AlertPay as recently they seized huge sums of money and refusing to return it to the rightful owners. The most well known recent victims that collapsed shortly after having problems with them include ExoticFX and MaxiEarn where both programs lasted successfully for months before they faced such issues. Others like EarnGroups (reviewed here) and GorgonProjectInvest (reviewed here) survived and I guess they will become even stronger without accepting such a scam that cost their investors too dearly. I hope dropping of AlertPay will not affect VivaTrade too badly and I apologize for moving it to Problem status on MNO without knowing what was actually going on. The update from VivaTrade can be read in full below which also includes the link to my recent article about some of the recent activities of AlertPay:
AlertPay no longer available at VivaTrade
Hello, we would like to announce that AlertPay is no longer accepted as e-currency at VivaTrade. Recently we have been facing too many problems with this e-currency therefor we are not able to continue successfully working with them. We have paid out as much as possible from our account reserves to VivaTrade‘s AP investors. They have frozen an impressive part of our account balance which didn’t allow us to refund all AP investors.
VivaTrade has officially removed AlertPay as payment option for both directions – withdrawals and deposits.
Please consider reading an professional article regarding AlertPay and their fraudulent activities:
You can however contact AlertPay and ask for an refund from our account. This is unlikely to happen because of their intentions and actions.
Some leading investment programs already dropped AP for the same reasons as stated above. We highly recommend to keep your funds on other e-currencies. VivaTrade will implement STP as alternative payment method in the nearest future.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused.
Christopher. VivaTrade Administrator”.

An interest rate of 3.45% was announced as the daily result from JPDaily yesterday. There was not so much from the admin of the program so I will just republish the update from JPDaily (reviewed here) below without comment:
Daily Result: +3.45% for JPDaily
Todays result has been announced!
Check your balances and request your withdrawals!
Daily Report:
Investor Balances:
Referral Stats:
Awesome day! Poker was nice and quick, and i’ve got a couple friends visiting for a long weekend, and we’re having a hell of time at the beach, the clubs. Great stuff!
More tomorrow!
Regards, Rich”.

Another short update was sent from BetForInvest which was just reviewed. It looks that the admin was quite concerned why the monitoring stats were not properly updated on MNO the day before yesterday when I had some internet connection issues so he bombarded me with emails asking to update the status of his program. Well, the status of BetForInvest on MNO is Paying now and the review is published. The rest is up to the admin I guess and I hope he intends to add some much needed improvements. Here is the latest update I found on his site today:
First Week Stats
This is the end of the first week and that is our stats :
Members: Total: 84
Total Members’ deposit: $2,897.30
Total withdrawals: $73.32
We add our Website to many monitors, but the most important still in pending are
There is more investors all over the world coming on our system.
We hope we will do a great growing together.
Our team working hardly to do our best and make more and more.
BetForInvest Admin”.

Although I haven’t received an official confirmation from the admin of SpringPoints (interviewed here) regarding the upcoming MNO Live chat session that is due to start at 7.00 pm London time tomorrow I guess he agrees to that as the newsletter announcing it was already issued last night. As usual, participating in MNO Chat will be useful if you want more information before joining, not to mention hoping for a cash prize that the admin promises for some participants. And I can confirm that he can be pretty pretty generous too as yesterday all the best referrers including me (as MNO is officially the exclusive monitor for the program) were rewarded for their promotional efforts with a bonus payment. So I expect the same level of generosity in the upcoming MNO Chat. So be there by 19-00 GMT on Monday, 15th August. Also be sure to register an account on MNO Chat in advance because it has to be approved manually first as only registered members will be allowed to post in order to avoid spam. Hopefully, the Chat will start on time and I will make sure to remind the admin about it again tomorrow. If you’re intrigued already and would like to get more information about SpringPoints please do not hesitate to read my review here. They accept all the popular payment processors – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay and GlobalDigitalPay. Investments start from $20 and they pay on four investment plans that include 2% for 60 days, 6.5% for 15 days, 8.5% for 12 weeks and 14% for 4 weeks. Please note that 40% of the principal is returned on 6.5% for 15 days plan and 100% principal is returned on all other plans. The latest newsletter from SpringPoints can be read in full below:
Today with SpringPoints Incorporation
Hello. Greetings from the No 1 Program on the most reliable blog online; this is SpringPoints Incorporation known for Solid Investing!
Lunched on the 1st of August, spring points have seized the attention of great investors who are proud to be partners with us. Each day, nearly 100 new members from the globe make SpringPoints Inc. their choice. With more than 2158 active partners, SpringPoints Inc. is an exceptional choice for your investment portfolio.
We continue to operate our daily and weekly withdrawal plans which are pretty realistic and sustainable. We have attracts the finest of investors online due to our credibility and professionalism and we intend to grow our pace daily. Earlier this week we had an interview on MNO blog and you can read that on: , Also we wish to inform all members that we would be on MNO live chat on Monday Evening time – GMT around 19.00 to 21.00 London time, participants would be greatly rewarded in addition to enjoying the detailed information of SpringPoints Inc.
Happy are our members, Today some members in the categories of highest referrals, top investors and on a random selection were paid extra bonus, this is a profit sharing bonus, last week we made higher than normal investments returns and as a way to appreciate our members support we decided to do a profit sharing today. We appreciate you all and we hope to serve you better than our counterparts.
Have a great weekend, Your SpringPoints Inc. Team”.

That’s all I have to report to you today, guys. Stay tuned for more news and updates from the industry and perhaps some new additions on MNO tomorrow! See you soon, guys!

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