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BEWARE! After60Days has been moved to Problem status on MNO due to selective payouts! Do not invest there!

Hello all! Perhaps the least intriguingly named program from the recent additions to the MNO monitoring list is one called After60Days, which for pretty obvious reasons contains an investment plan that pays you on expiry after, you guessed it, 60 days. So before I get to the day’s news stories I want to take a closer look at it for you and explain the basic features, just to see if you think it might be OK for you to make a deposit there. By the way After60Days does have a lot in common with the virtual conveyor belt of short term HYIPs to feature on the AntiDDoS hosting provider (also hosting this one) however there are a number of differences too so I wouldn’t bet on it coming from the same team that were behind some of the most (and to be honest a couple of the least) short term HYIPs recently.

There’s a lot more to After60Days than just that one 60 day plan of course. In fact if anything I’d suggest you stay as far away from that particular one as possible. I’ll be getting to that in a moment so keep reading, but to start with there’s a fair number of much shorter term plans that are far better options in my opinion. Indeed one of them has already expired and is putting more and more investors into profit, myself included. I was paid from After60Days first plan just an hour ago so I can at least confirm that so far things are going smoothly there.

So, there’s four investment plans all together, starting with one that runs for just 1 single day. It will cost you a minimum deposit of $10 if you wish to join and the interest payment will be made on expiry, ie join today and get your profits tomorrow. Your principal is counted as part of your payment and interest rates will vary according to how much you invested, as is the case with all the After60Days plans. So for example if you spend anything from the aforementioned $10 minimum up to $1,999 the return will be 104%. If you’re prepared to gamble with $2,000 or more then check the After60Days members area for information on the rates being offered on that.

The second plan also starts from a $10 minimum investment and runs for a term of 5 calendar days. The basic rate on offer this time is 122%, principal included, made for any deposits up to a value of $1,999. I have to say though that for taking the increased risk with this plan it doesn’t really reward any more than let’s say joining the one day plan and re-investing for five cycles. Anyway, you might like it if you can’t be bothered to make daily withdrawals because the advantages certainly aren’t financial. If you’re considering an investment of $2,000 or more then check the After60Days members area for information on the interest rates applicable.

The third plan runs for 15 calendar days and while not completely outside the realms of possibility to successfully make a profit for some members is probably unlikely to complete a substantial number of cycles either. Though on the other hand I do like being wrong about things like that and it only costs a $10 minimum to join (but do keep it sensible if joining because the risk is high). Payment is made on expiry and After60Days are offering a return of 200%, principal included, on all deposits up to a maximum value of $2,999 this time. For information on the rates offered to deposits of $3,000 and upwards see the After60Days members area.

And finally the plan which lends it’s name to the website. I’m going to include it for informational purposes really as I think most of the experienced HYIP players reading MNO will recognize something that is so brazenly and blatantly set up to part the more gullible folks out there from their cash. The plan itself makes one simple offer and that is to make a whopping 10,000% interest payment on all deposits between a $100 minimum up to $50,000 “after 60 days”. Clearly a waste of money but that’s not to say After60Days can’t successfully get you a more realistic profit elsewhere from the shorter term plans.

Payment options as are to be expected are limited to just LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Payments are made manually and will need to be requested by the investor. Once the request is made the payments are generally completed pretty quickly, with the After60Days admin requiring up to 11 hours to have everything processed for you.

One thing that separates After60Days from a lot of the (almost) identical short term HYIPs with a similar appearance is their use of a pretty interesting flash intro page complete with cheesy elevator music that presents the plans to you. If this slows you down then just skip ahead, though this page also contains a shoutbox if you’d like to comment. After60Days is running off a licensed GoldCoders script, features SSL encryption which makes transactions safer, and a dedicated server provided by AntiDDos hosting. There’s a variety of ways you can contact the admin if you have any questions, including Live Chat, phone support, direct e-mail, and the usual online support ticketing form. Although an exact schedule isn’t provided it’s mentioned that Live Chat and phone support are operational 12 hours per day.

Background information on the program is non-existent and despite a more original appearance than a lot of similar short-term HYIPs the bottom line here is still the same – After60Days is a high risk venture that will bring a profit to some of you but not to all. So keep your deposits within strictly enforced spending limits that are not just affordable but modest as well, and as ever try to keep a diverse portfolio if you insist on participating in the HYIP industry.


As usual, first news first. Many investors are simply overwhelmed with joy as GorgonProjectInvest returned after more than 4 days offline and started processing all pending withdrawals as well. Not all problems are solved just yet as some members reported accounts not credited with deposits which might be due to the ongoing works on the server during the last two days. One thing can be stated for sure – the withdrawals are now back to the normal 48 hours schedule and the investors gets paid as usual (please do not ask me why GorgonProjectInvest does not pay you instantly as the timeframe is posted on the site!). Due to more works on the server the site of GorgonProjectInvest was unavailable for some more hours today but it was purely technical stuff at this point and nobody can deny that the program is on its way to full recovery and regaining the trust of both investors and the industry as a whole providing you with lucrative returns of 1.9% for 30 days, 2% for 90 days, 3.5% for 180 days and 3.65% for 365 days with principal return on expiry. Read more on the investment plans in my review of the program here and my interview with the admin Paul published here. By the way, as you can see from the latest update on the site the support area and some pages still cannot be displayed but be sure that the team of GorgonProjectInvest together with its technical division are working hard to bring the support back online. In the latest official update Paul issued exclusively for MNO readers he has confirmed that every effort will be made to get the support site back online as soon as possible (currently they’re hoping for Saturday night for this to be completed so fingers crossed). Paul also thanked everybody for their incredible support of GorgonProjectInvest during the last few days and asked for understanding if the withdrawals might take longer than the usual 48 business hours. Apparently, some accounts have been compromised by an unknown hacker which was the main reason for changing servers that delayed their return online. They have taken precautionary measures to ensure the full security of thousands of accounts in the program and removing the instant payouts and close monitoring and verifying of every transaction is now essential, so please bear with them for now. I myself simply adore the admin for his honesty and actually delivering results when all others fail. I can see a lot of support in the air which makes me think that GorgonProjectInvest has a bright future ahead of them. The latest full update from the program can be read below:
The main web site is working fine now. So we are concentrating on setting up the support server overnight and tomorrow. It should be online on Saturday night. We will have extra staff in place to cope with the expected deluge.
Traffic has been extremely heavy and withdrawals have been quite overwhelming. We have thousands of them to process! We are really trying our best to get through them, but we wont compromise our security checks to speed them up especially as we believe some accounts have been tampered with by a hacker. We suspected something was wrong last week, hence the main reason of moving hosts as we did not want to be operating on a compromised server. So we do need to check accounts more thoroughly. We also ask our users to check that their e-currency account numbers are in order before making a withdrawal. We have only spotted 3 accounts that are affected and it may be that these were individually hacked from the users computers, but until we fully investigate we will not be sure.
Everything else seems in order though and the web site is operating fine at the moment.
We may experience some delays with withdrawals, so once again I ask you to be patient. If you can imagine, we had 6 days worth of withdrawals heaped on us in less than a day!!
Many thanks for your kind comments and incredible support over the last week. I can assure you all , it will be worth it in the end.
Happy Investing. Paul”.

Guys, I don’t know what about you, but I am simply amazed by the fact that EarnGroups (reviewed here) is still paying everybody. I’m getting my instant withdrawals to LibertyReserve, GlobalDigitalPay and SolidTrustPay almost every day while only the withdrawals to PerfectMoney take a bit longer. As you might remember EarnGroups turned from a hugely popular program into something not so big after AlertPay froze its account with tens of thousands of dollars in it. I don’t know how the situation will AlertPay refunds will proceed but I don’t believe that the investors will get as much money out as they put in. Well, I guess the lesson should be learned by all AlertPay investors by now, as for anything else there is no problems with EarnGroups which still pays on the two plans offered – 120% after 7 days and 145% after 14 days. It’s especially hard to comprehend if we consider that the majority of other programs with similar problems with AlertPay in the past are not with us anymore, while EarnGroups is still alive and kicking. There was no news from the admin of the program Christian for the last two weeks but today he mentioned about another useful feature that was added to his program – a payout page where you can see the full payment statistics. I just hope that Christian (he was interviewed on MNO twice – here and here) will be able to continue paying for a very long time. Here is the latest newsletter from him:
Paid-Out Page Implemented!
Hi Members,
Thank you for choosing EarnGroups as your long term investment portfolio.
We have some great news for you.
We would like to announce the implementation of the page which shows you the latest payouts. From here on, you will be able to see the big and small amount of money paid out by EarnGroups to our members. This feature will allow you to see the latest withdrawals made by our members, along with the respective dates and times. The link to the payout stats feature is This feature will be the biggest proof for you to show your friends and families, that EarnGroups is a real paying program, with more than tens of thousands of members.
We believe you enjoy the new feature. EarnGroups has always been the best online investment opportunity, and will always remain the number one choice of online investors.
We wish you a pleasant stay with us.
Best Regards, Christian. EarnGroups.

It looks like the recent predictions from the admin of HitNRunMasters NB (interviewed here) weren’t exactly a roaring success. I remind you that HotInvesting which was labeled an imminent scam by him quite some time back still pays well leaving him looking foolish in the eyes of potential investors and made him eventually drop the subject so as not to diminish his alleged reputation in the industry any further. I’m reminded of an old Russian proverb which I’ll paraphrase for you – if you don’t speak up many people will think you’re smart. I guess this is how it works for HitNRunMasters and less noisy predictions and more silent payments to investors will really impress the members, although I’m not sure how many more unnamed admins have to be outsmarted for this purpose. I remind you that by joining HitNRunMasters (reviewed here) you have the ability to earn 1.5%-2.8% daily for 365 days with the principal returned on expiry or earlier for a fee. From my experience with HitNRunMasters the program has not yet become quite popular among MNO readers, possibly because it only accepts LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, but most likely due to my contradicting the admin about how he allegedly makes money for investors all the time. Anyway, such bold statements should always be taken with a grain of salt, especially from admins whose programs have yet to survive HitNRunMasters. Anyway, I hope everything is really going as well as described by the admin in the most recent update:
Things are looking up for HnRM!
We have been close lipped for almost a week I guess, but this has been our best week so far. Perhaps we will shut-up more often.
We had a record breaking number of members each day for 5 days straight! And Deposits have been through the roof.
Our profit margins have been fantastic as we have outsmarted admin after admin. Sometimes it shocks me at just how easy this actually is.
Our Goals are well defined. Our strategies are intact and our profits are plentiful.
Without a doubt, we have the best plan for member profits available in this industry. If you haven’t caught the Hit N Run bug yet, you will!
HitNRunMasters. Admin NB”.

ViscoCorp (reviewed here) has announced that it will be accepting more deposits for its 90 day plan offering unheard returns of 900%-1350% on expiry. Despite the admin’s claim that all the 5000 units each cost $500 have been sold there is no way it can be true as the program only accepts LibertyReserve and it’s not possible to obtain two and a half million dollars in deposits for such a program. From my understanding the admin of ViscoCorp will just use the money from this plan and similar plans the program currently offers (450%-600% after 30 days and 1260% after 180 days) to keep paying to investors which are smart enough not to invest in those unrealistic plans but instead stick with 0.8%-1.5% daily forever and 22%-23% daily for 5 days also offered by them. Anyway, the latest news from ViscoCorp which is currently #2 on MNO can be read below as the 90-day plan remains open for some time:
We have added extra 5000 units into the 90 days plans due to the units are selling fast and this is the last 5000 units we can get. Once sold out, 90 days plans, will be closed and not allow to invest.

Two latest reports from JPDaily (reviewed here) brought its investors a total profit of over 5% for the last two days. Apparently, the admin of the program Rich was successful in his poker games once again and made a good profit for the members. By the way, today I sent some questions to him as per his request as he seems eager to respond to any doubts the average investors might have before handing money to the guy. So hopefully the interview will be interesting to read and I hope that it will be published on MNO sometime next week. The latest two updates with results are given below by the admin of JPDaily:
Daily Result:+0.79% for JPDaily
Todays result has been announced!
Check your balances and request your withdrawals!
Daily Report:
Investor Balances:
Referral Stats:
Well the good news is, today was super easy! But a pretty lousy result. I was up late last night, then slept a whole heap today. Before wasting the day procrastinating, trying to avoid repeating yesterdays annoying circular motions! But not good, I hate unproductive days!
I’ll get back to it tomorrow.
Regards, Rich”.
Daily Result:+4.25% for JPDaily
Todays result has been announced!
Check your balances and request your withdrawals!
Daily Report:
Investor Balances:
Referral Stats:
Awesome, that’s more like it! Didn’t take all day and a good result.
More tomorrow!
Regards, Rich”.

The admin of SpringPoints keeps sending some absolutely shameful scamming emails to the members of his now finished program which I had a misfortune to list on MNO. This time the crook asks members to create an API setting in their LibertyReserve accounts in order to be paid. Please note that doing such a thing for ANY purpose can lead only to one thing – emptying your LibertyReserve account and all your money stolen. If you do not want this to happen please NEVER create any API’s. Please always be on the safe side as many admins and other dishonest persons are simply using this trick to get some easy money from newbies. Once again please do not believe the admin of SpringPoints – his program is a scam and he’s a conman guilty of serious criminal fraud!

To finish for today I would like to share the list of good paying programs from which I received payouts for the last 24 hours:
GorgonProjectInvest, BrantonsGroup, InvestNetGroup, PowerfulStrategy, HyperCompound, UnitrustDirect, OnlineInvestmentBank, HitNRunMasters, MirexGroup, CommoditiesCapital, NeoProgress, PrimFix, PerfectLottery, EurexTrade, EarnGroups, StockBiz, BetForInvest, TopsFund, GlobalFxTrades, AllenFinance, BaseBucks, MInvestment, RockwellFunds, SafeDepositary, ReProFinance, HotInvesting, SecureEarn, LargeEarning, ViscoCorp and After60Days (the first payments received).

Tomorrow I’m going to spend the day at the Versailles Palace outside of Paris and won’t be doing any news updates, but you should really visit anyway to read the latest interview I conducted with the admin of ReProFinance (reviewed here) which remains the longest paying program on MNO. Don’t miss it to find out how they managed to stay paying for over 400 days. See you all tomorrow!

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