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CommoditiesCapital on Problem status due to inaccessibility of the website!

Hello all! Hope the new week’s gotten off to a good start for you. I’m finally making some headway with the the new programs added to MNO as well as a little more fine tuning with my monitoring site. Not quite finished with either yet (in fact I probably never will be) but progress is being made. Anyway, the program I want to look at before this evening’s news update is called ComoditiesCapital (and no, that’s not a typing error. The admin spells it incorrectly with just one “m” deliberately).

The program has been online for almost a week now, and offers four investment plans that range in length from medium to long term in duration. One good thing is that it’s quite an affordable program to join with just a $1 minimum so there’s no real excuse for taking unnecessary risks. Not all ComoditiesCapital plans are quite so affordable however, but I’ll get to them in a moment.

Oddly for an online HYIP it’s ComoditiesCapital‘s longest term plan that is in fact the cheapest one to join. Ordinarily it’s the complete opposite. It’s called The Savings Plan and it runs for 100 calendar days. You can join it for just $1 and in return you get a daily interest payment of 1.8%. At the end of the term your principal gets handed back leaving you with a final profit of 180%. The plan has a maximum limit of $20,000 though to be honest it’s only recommended for investors who can only afford a $20 deposit at the very most. Reason being the following plan makes this one obsolete for anyone who can spare a little more but still not looking to part with large amounts.

The second plan from ComoditiesCapital is called The Begin Plan and can be joined for a minimum deposit of $21. It runs for a much shorter term of 45 calendar days but makes higher interest payments of 3.5% per day. Payments this time already include your principal and will allow you to complete the cycle with a total of 144%, or a net profit of 44%. Not as much as the first plan I know but the real advantage here is that you are in profit much much faster with this one (about a month, as opposed to three months in the first plan which you really don’t know if ComoditiesCapital can survive that long). The maximum deposit here is $500.

Next up for a $501 minimum deposit you can join The Advanced Plan which runs for 30 calendar days. Over the plan’s duration ComoditiesCapital are offering you a 5% daily interest payment that includes your principal. That should allow you to break even after twenty days and finish up with a total of 150%, out of which your actual profit is 50% of your deposit. ComoditiesCapital take a maximum deposit of $2,000 in this plan.

And finally the most expensive option as well as the shortest one – The Serious Plan. I’ll set you back $2,001 to join (so I guess that part is pretty serious at least) and it runs for 25 calendar days. During that period ComoditiesCapital offer you a daily interest payment that includes your principal. The rate is 6.5% per day which allows you to break even after 16 days and finish with 162.5% in total. Including your principal that’s 62.5% profit. Maximum spend is $100,000, which means for most of us effectively no limit.

When it comes to payment options the program accepts AlertPay which increasingly sends a shiver up my spine every time I see them listed these days, as well as LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Withdrawals are not instant and can take up to 48 hours. At the moment ComoditiesCapital have a limited offer of a $2 bonus deposit available. The program has a Facebook page and to be eligible for the bonus you’ll need to have one too and add them as a friend.

ComoditiesCapital is using SSL encryption to protect their website, are running off a licensed GoldCoders script, and are hosted on a dedicated Staminus server. If you need to get in contact with the admin for anything then you’ll find the usual e-mail ticketing form to fill out on their support page.

Pretty much no real information is given about the alleged “comodity” trading carried out by the program other than spelling it wrong so it’s a safe enough assumption to ignore it and proceed as with any other online HYIP. Expect no guarantees from ComoditiesCapital and if joining keep your spending strictly within limits you can afford to lose and spread your bets out a bit by diversifying your portfolio so as not to lose too much if you’re the one caught in the wrong place and time when the program eventually goes down.


Once again the admin of EarnGroups Christian (interviewed here) had to stand up and answer a barrage of questions from AlertPay investors in the latest newsletter sent today. Once more he has to repeat (and I totally agree with him on this) that EarnGroups cannot pay to other payment processors for AlertPay investors. That would only be possible if EarnGroups had control of their account and therefore your money. But they don’t. AlertPay have taken it. And it’s not EarnGroups‘ money they’ve taken by the way, it’s investors’. They have to file a dispute with AlertPay if they want to get it back. From many reports sent to me this process can take weeks if not months and chances of getting all your money from AP are remote at best. This payment processor is widely known now as an HYIP killer and a totally slow and unreliable provider when it comes to support issues. I’m already watching many people shifting to other payment processors in order to save at least something to play HYIPs. Unfortunately, we have to admit that AlertPay has descended from once being the most reliable processor into a thinly veiled scam with no business ethics whatsoever trying to make fortunes from really big HYI programs online. If you still prefer to use AP please be prepared for some really unpleasant consequences. The headaches they are now causing hundreds of investors in EarnGroups is simply disgraceful. At the same time, I’m quite impressed by the fact that even despite the chaos created by the recent AlertPay debacle EarnGroups continues to pay members and even started accepting STP which is a direct competitor of AlertPay. I hope that more investors will prefer to stay with EarnGroups still paying 120% after 7 days and 145% after 14 days to STP, LR and PM and will support the admin in his campaign against AlertPay to end their dominance in the HYIP market. This is the latest newsletter from EarnGroups (originally reviewed on MNO here):
Clearing Some Facts
Hi Members,
We have been receiving a lot of emails lately, asking us as to why we removed your AlertPay deposits and account balances from your account. The reason is obvious. With the recent suspension of our AlertPay account, and the consequent removal of AlertPay as an accepted payment processor from EarnGroups, any AlertPay deposits or account balances in our system were irrelevant and had no value. As a result, all AlertPay deposits and account balances have been removed. AlertPay deposits, earnings, commissions, and withdrawals will not be available at EarnGroups anymore.
We have to clear some facts to our members who used AlertPay to invest with us. Please note that we do not have your money with us, and all money you have invested with us, is in our AlertPay account, which has been suspended. We cannot even touch that money, or for that matter, we are unable to refund it, as our account is suspended. While we were refunding, AlertPay suspended our account, so that we may not be able to make anymore refunds. We stress again, we are unable to make anymore AlertPay refunds to our members with the REFUND button in our AlertPay account.
In order to get back your money, you have to contact AlertPay by filing a transaction dispute. In order to file a transaction dispute, go to AlertPay’s website, and when sending the support ticket, select the Transaction Dispute department, fill in the details asked, and send the ticket.
Please note that we are in no way responsible if you incur any losses as a result of investing via AlertPay. Your money is still in the AlertPay system, and not with us, and if AlertPay claims that they do not have money to refund you, then they are lying. Our AlertPay account still has over $100,000 in it. When you go to an insurance company to insure your home, there are rules set that the insurance will not apply if damages are caused due to an earthquake. Same is the case with EarnGroups or any other HYIP. If a payment processor is holding your money, then they are the ones stealing it, and we are not responsible for it.
Some of our members claim that they invested in EarnGroups and not in AlertPay. But we stress that, it is not our fault if you incur any losses due to the suspension of our AlertPay account. It is your fault to have invested via AlertPay. AlertPay has been recently suspending HYIP accounts without any genuine reasons, and stealing money. Most of our members have already realized and accepted this fact, and have eventually stopped to use the services of AlertPay, and are exchanging their funds in AlertPay to the other payment processor we accept, in order to continue to invest with us.
Please do not send anymore support tickets regarding this issue anymore, as we have cleared everything related to AlertPay issue in this newsletter. Any such support tickets we receive from now one regarding this issue will be unanswered. I am being online for more than 20 hours a day recently for answering numerous tickets I have been receiving lately regarding this issue, and I am getting very tired of this. I am also a human, and I also need some rest. So please do not send any more tickets regarding this issue.
Also please vote for EarnGroups in every monitor you can, and post your payment proofs in the forums. Support us in the best way you can, and reap your profits from EarnGroups.
We wish you a pleasant stay with us.
Best Regards, Christian. EarnGroups.

After what has happened to EarnGroups it’s no surprise to me that AlertPay also decided to steal money from investors in another highly successful program that have been paying for over four months already – MaxiEarn (reviewed here). I guess it became routine practice for AP management now to freeze the accounts of HYIPs with thousands of dollars in them. Well, I guess they should be reminded that AlertPay is not PayPal and if they deal with HYIPs they shouldn’t freeze their accounts and steal the money for no particular reason. Back over a year ago AP rose to fame by their practice of returning money to customers when an HYIP collapsed and was appreciated by online investors a lot. But what would you say when AlertPay felt its real power and started freezing accounts and stealing money from investors (via the programs) without any valid reason? I don’t think you’d be particularly thrilled to see yourself deprived of potential profits. This is exactly what AlertPay is turning into now – a scam payment processor which was confirmed by many admins. The latest blow to MaxiEarn meant the admin finally announced that they stopped accepting AlertPay completely and nulled the accounts of AP investors. Investors should again file disputes and wait for months to get this resolved and possibly paid a part of their original investments in MaxiEarn. If you’re lucky that is. I really feel sorry for those affected, but they should realize that using AlertPay in HYIPs will not lead them to profits now but rather to losses. MaxiEarn will also be adding SolidTrustPay as an AP alternative within the next few days, and I really hope that those AlertPay victims will prefer using STP, especially now that the SolidTrustPay has a new credit card withdrawal option for verified members. I can confirm that despite all the AlertPay drama MaxiEarn still keeps paying for two plans (120% after 7 days and 150% after 15 days) to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accounts as I was paid my principal back last night with no issues. I hope that MaxiEarn will stand its ground and survive this outrage and I wish the admin a lot of success keeping his program afloat with other payment processors. Here is the latest newsletter them:
MaxiEarn Ltd News
Hello dear members,
I was really hoping that AlertPay will stop making quite strange decisions and will unlock our account after we submitted all documents they been asking for. But they didnt and more to say today I received email that almost all funds at our account are frozen with a reason – loss prevention. Well, its sad that one of the biggest payment processors in HYIP industry decided to scam their members but we have to move on.
As I told before, we are not going anywhere and we will continue paying to other payment processors witch we use for our service. From now AlertPay is officially dropped as MaxiEarn Ltd payment processor. Members who made a deposit via AlertPay please submit transaction dispute at AlertPay website to get your money back. As alternative to AlertPay within next few days we will add SolidTrustPay. I suggest to all members to think about what AlertPay is doing recently and stop using this scam service. Well, surely this will hurt the industry now a bit, because AlertPay became really popular among investors recently, but in a long term prospect its a nice chance to drop those scammers from the HYIP industry. I will give more info on a SolidTrustPay as soon as it added. We would like to apologize to all members who invested via AlertPay, but thats was not our decision and we cant do something with that.
Best regards, Nick
MaxiEarn Ltd Support”.

Staying on the topic of payment processors, many readers have commented that recently it became almost impossible to do anything with GlobalDigitalPay payment processor. I heard today that even their official exchanger LondonGoldExchange is now restricting the amounts it takes for out-exchange from its clients. I’m not quite sure what is going on with GDP and why things seem to get worse day after day. Well, these questions were already addressed by me and other concerned readers of MNO to the admin of GlobalDigitalPay payment processor Andy who promised to reply to some interview questions last week. Unfortunately, I have yet to receive that interview back from him, but today I have received a reply from GDP support stating that due to the current situation Andy is waiting for some solid news that he can announce it via the interview. Apparently, there is not too much to report yet but as soon as I get more info from him I will let you all know on my blog.

The admin of HitNRunMasters keeps telling some fascinating stories of conspiracy theories in the HYIP world. Honestly, I hope he gets a Pulitzer Prize some day for creating this cloak and dagger drama and describing it in such vivid detail. Having said that I still agree with much of it. Some points are really true – the HYIP world is created and controlled by a select few admins and the payment processors who helping them pocket their profits without any legal consequences. I also agree that admins don’t usually risk their own money and pay for the advertising and other costs for their future websites from the money made from previous efforts (otherwise the HYIP industry would not exist in its current form). There is also truth in his claims about monitoring sites and forums as long as the hosting providers and script writers and the high prices they are charging for advertising which can inadvertently cause the end of any HYIP. Payment processors and exchangers getting some money of the closing programs and feeding off from them can be true as well and the recent example of AlertPay just proves this point. Everything in this conspiracy adds up except for one thing – I don’t believe that the admin of HitNRunMasters is here as a savior or to protect investors’ funds from theft. I’m actually quite sure that this is just another trick to make HitNRunMasters look like something it’s not. I know that the admin of the program has a great knack for writing such convincing newsletters as the one below but I don’t really see any sense in it unless at least a shred of evidence of what HitNRunMasters (reviewed here) are allegedly doing is independently presented to a wider audience. Meanwhile, enjoy the read. I know I did:
HIT n RUN Masters the HYIP Force
You will soon learn the most valuable lesson that the world of HYIP can teach.
Its all a massive conspiracy!
Sure you can make money…but it isnt easy. Most people can do equally well at the casinos of the world.
What most HYIP participants do not realize is that the underbelly of the HYIP world is controlled by a select few. Let us lay it out for you.
This is not a world built for investors! It is a world built for the masters!
All the newsletters and monitors and researchers will talk about investor this and investor that and while they may even feel they are assisting the investor on the surface, they are in FACT supporting the admin and harming the investor indirectly. Investors are actually at the bottom of the food chain. They are by far the most vulnerable.
You may suspect that this is a world built for the admin…wrong again!
Next up the HYIP food chain are the monitors and the forums. Monitors and forums feed off both the investors and the programs they monitor. Monitor and forum admins get paid generous referral fees and they get paid by the HYIP admin to reinvest in the programs so they can post paid. Monitor and forum admins also get paid to advertise. The onslaught of monitors and forums bastardizing this industry has cost the investor dearly as monitor and forum advertising costs continue to rise. Where do you think this money comes from? The investor of course!
There are low level and high level monitors and forums. Some monitors and forums, as they gain popularity among investors are charging HUGE amounts for advertising. The extreme increases in advertising fees over the last 5 years are one of the greatest threats to the world of HYIP. We dont blame them for taking all they can get, we are just pointing out that as they take more and more and more, the investors are footing the bill. If monitor and forum admins would raise and lower their advertising cost as the market gets stronger or weaker, they would be assisting the world of HYIP instead of help destroy it.
What? You dont understand? Let us elaborate further. Admins do not spend any money to create programs, pay for advertising or to pay for monitoring. ALL the money comes from investors. How do we know? Because, we have connections in every area of HYIP. We have researched literally thousands of accounts through our contacts at payment processors over the last 10 years. Fees for advertising, hosting, DDoS protection, monitoring, banners, newsletters and everything else comes straight out of investor funds 99% of the time. The higher these fees continue the climb, the less profits the program admins have to sustain their programs, and they soon disappear.
Next up the HYIP food chain are the program admins. Nope, they are not at the top!!!
From our research we see that ALL program admins have one goal and that goal is money! They talk the talk and sometimes walk the walk, but in the end it always boils down to this When more money is going out than coming in…the program will close…period!
Program admins have a hard job really. They are constantly trying to attract new members to keep deposits in excess of payments. They also have hackers, DDoS attacks, server malfunctions and infiltrations…oh… and of course HitnRunners. The money they want is constantly being taken from them. All Gold Coders scripts have backdoors and access for those that know what they are doing. There are fake members and fake withdraws, fake deposits and it is a constant battle for the idiot admin that uses a standard Gold Coders script. Of course there are others that have come and gone as well that have the same problems.
Also feeding off the admins are the hosting companies. All the hosting companies can see everything that goes on at any server they control at any time they want. They have monitoring programs that pay attention to HYIPs and other programs they host. When they perceive that a program is about to flee and or just whenever they see the right opportunity, they can also add fake accounts, change the deposit account or change the members withdraw account and then blame it all on a hacker. They see EVERYTHING that passes thru that server….EVERYTHING! And they take and take and take.
Also feeding off the admin are the exchangers! Exchangers are not in this business to collect fees. Think about it. Exchangers make decent money from fees, but that is just the icing on their cake. Exchangers are in this business to capture escaping admin funds! That is the where the big money is at. Now, there are some exchangers that do this a lot and there are some exchangers that only take a little. The smart exchanger will not take all the admins funds because he knows that there are not that many admins and that the admin he steals from today may cost him dearly tomorrow, but they all do it to some degree or another.
At the TOP of the HYIP food chain and feeding off the admin and the exchangers are the payment processors. Payment processors are constantly trapping the escaping admins funds and these are a huge source of income for them. The payment processors that know that there are not that many admins out there and actually allow the admins to escape with the money (by establishing a system to allow for non-returnable transactions) are the ones that are keeping this industry alive. But that does not mean they do not benefit from closing programs. They have their ways of getting a share of the funds the admin leaves behind (or cannot escape with completely).
This is an Arena of conspiracy. Everyone is conspiring against everyone to get a share. Who foots the bill? The investor – and only the investor. They pay for everything!
So why are we exposing a glimpse of this conspiracy and theatrics to you at this point in time? Because it is time to correct some of the fallacies that have arisen over the past several years. We did not undertake this task ourselves alone, this is a collaborative effort to correct the problems within the HYIP chain.
Over the last 5 to 6 years particularly, the number of investors entering this arena have slowed. We all know it. The main reason is that the investors are making less and losing more. Monitors, forums, exchangers and some payment processors are taking too much. We, as a group (group of investors, monitors, exchangers, hosting companies and payment processors) are giving you a chance to do something about it. We cannot come right out and just say who we are specifically, but we can attempt to rally the investor and provide for them while we make the necessary changes. The problems did not happen overnight and the solution wont either. But we have a plan that will protect as many investors as we can. We are what we claim we are and we will accomplish our goals. Our payment plan is perfect and our strategy is flawless. You have a choice as an investor floundering in this realm to band with us. There is power in numbers and with our collective efforts we can create a New Age in the world of HYIP.
It is TIME we band together!
It is TIME we turn this arena around!
It is TIME to make the changes!
It is a NEW DAWN in the world of HYIP!
Are you going to emerge victorious… or… lie wasted as a casualty?
The choice is yours!!!
HitNRunMasters. The HYIP Destiny is OUR Choice!

As you might notice ComoditiesCapital was reviewed on MNO blog tonight instead of the promised review of OnlineInvestmentBank. I decided to postpone that one because the payments were not processed in time today which even prompted me to move OnlineInvestmentBank to Problem status for an hour . The admin paid both my pending withdrawals since then but the reason for the delay was still not explained so I’m not sure if other investors were paid by or not. I will have a look at the program’s status on the forums and monitors tomorrow before publishing the review or not. From experience there are sometimes programs that try to exploit the good name of MNO and try to list their programs on the late stages when they are about to scam in order to attract more members. As you know OnlineInvestmentBank has been online for almost three months and offering quite high returns of 7% for 20 business days, so the program is quite mature already. I certainly hope that they are not just looking for additional exposure before the collapse and I hope then to still proceed with the review tomorrow provided I do not get any negative feedback from readers.

By the way, the admin of the above reviewed ComoditiesCapital who apologized for the delay with payouts due to issues with the internet connection he’s using. Today the admin told me in his private email that he felt that I was attacking his program for no reason but that is not true. MNO treats all programs the same and I think he should accept constructive criticism more openly and admit his mistakes instead of attacking me for pointing them out. Only this way a man can prove to me that he’s a good admin doing a quality job. Here is the latest mass email from ComodotiesCapital:
Apologize for the delay
All bonuses has been added now and all payouts has been done. If there is somebody who didn’t got it please post on our wall on Facebook again and i will add it. Sorry for the delay guys but my net connection is not working since 3 days ago and i enter once a day from another location for now. I hope today problem will be fixed and then i will be here much longer. Also i want to apologize for thinking that a program name should be the same as the domain name to not mislead the site members. As it seems some persons are disturbed by the misspelled of our domain name being all over the site, we will re-make the header and banners to calm them down. Just wanted to assure them that our commodities trading have 3 years history behind so the domain name all over our site doesn’t mean our activity it’s not what we said. And i also think should be only fair from them to wait and see how the site is going before rushing to judge. Sometimes the exceptions are just confirming a rule. Thank you for your support.

The admin of PermanentProfit Thomas announced today that his program has recently celebrated six months online. If we consider the current investment they offer investors – 1.2%-3.2% for 5 business days with the principal returned after 7 calendar days – such an achievement would sound really impressive. Don’t forget though that PermanentProfit started with low-ROI investment plans originally that were discussed in my original review of the program published here. And the age for such programs as PermanentProfit might not always be seen as an advantage by an average HYIP investor who prefers to hit-n-run brand-new programs. At the same time, many investors look at the age of a program to make sure if it is mature enough for him before making his mind up. As with every other program there are no guarantees that PermanentProfit will continue paying tomorrow as well as it’s doing it today. Here is the latest newsletter from PermanentProfit marking its first six months online:
Successful in six months online
Hello. We are very pleased to announce that we have successfully completed the first phase of our work in these six months.
We would like to thank all our investors who trust in us.
Our new investment plan make our investors to achieve their dreams of profit.
We have thousands of active members, have tens of thousands from their huge profits to be invested in these six months, many people continue to choose our company and re-invested.
Our next goal is to make our investors’ financial dreams turn to reality, we are honored that we will assisting in helping you achieve these dreams in other months.
Best regards, Thomas”.

The admin of JPDaily Rich announced the daily result for today which was a generally favorable 4% profit. Also I can confirm that after last night’s downtime on LibertyReserve the pending withdrawals from JPDaily were paid today. In the latest update Rich also encouraged promotional efforts from investors which can result in 10% of the profits paid to you or $400 weekly on the example of the program’s most successful referrer. Here is the latest newsletter from JPDaily (click here to read my detailed review of the program):
Daily Result: +4.16% for JPDaily
Todays result has been announced!
Check your balances and request your withdrawals!
Daily Report:
Investor Balances:
Referral Stats:
Ok… We’re all sorted and back up to date!
All withdrawals paid, everything updated. Happy days!
I will pay this weeks referrals in the next hour or two. And update the forum with the referral earnings report. Keep an eye out for that – over $1000 in referral commissions paid this week.
Get referring! To earn 10% of every profit your referrals make.
Check out our biggest investor, referred by Emilio, who’s earned nearly $400 in commission this week! And that’s just one weeks’ worth of commissions! Emilio will keep earning every single week as long as that guy remains invested. (And referral commissions are risk free! 10% of all the profits, none of the losses). Huge money to be had, if you know the right people.
Check out the referrals tab on our main page for your referral link, banners and additional info.
More tomorrow!
Regards, Rich”.

A few news updates were posted on the website of ViscoCorp (reviewed here) which currently occupies the #3 spot on MNO rankings. In the first one the admin announced the end of the July promotion which was not for real anyway in my opinion as provided you with a bonus you weren’t able to withdraw:
July Promotion Ended!
FREE $1000USD per unit deposit of 90 Days Plan for the first 20 units daily promotion now is ended.
In the second update it was announced that one day plans offering returns of 102%-105% after 1 day (depending on the size of your deposit) are closed to new investors and are not available anymore:
Promo Plans Closed !
Promo plans closed as the promotion is ended. Please do not invest or it will return back to your account without interest.
At the same time to compensate for the lost of that plan ViscoCorp opened another short-term one paying 22%-23% daily for 5 days resulting in 110%-115% total return after 5 days. Note that 22% daily return is offered to investors who spent from $10 to $4,999 in the program. The higher daily interest of 23% is offered for those with $5,000 plus. Remember that contrary to the statement made by ViscoCorp, your interest is not guaranteed by the program. Any HYIP is a risk to your money and ViscoCorp is no exception, so proceed with caution:
5 Days Plans Launched ! Interest 22%-23% will be sent to your account daily for 5 days. Total 110%-115% return. Principal deposit included the interest return. Interest GUARANTEED. Limited invest amount offered, will be closed for invest once reached the investment limit.
Apart from the new short-term investment plan the other plans still remain the same and offer the following returns for your money – 0.8%-1.5% daily forever, 900%-1350% after 90 days and 1260% after 180 days.

Here is the full list of the programs that paid me for the last 24 hours and therefore listed as Paying on my monitoring page:
GorgonProjectInvest, SafeDepositary, InvestNetGroup, PowerfulStrategy, SilverPinePartners, NeoProgress, Opulentia, EarnGroups, MGFunds, FeoCash, HitNRunMasters, ComoditiesCapital, ViscoCorp, TopsFund, SeriousInvestors, BaseBucks, UnicornInv, JPDaily, MirexGroup, LibertyHoard, HotInvesting, SecureEarn and OnlineInvestmentBank.

That’s all I have to report today, guys. I hope that your first day of the business week went well and hope to see you on my blog tomorrow to for more news from the HYIP industry. See you all then!

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