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10/07/2015. MNOFridays (21st issue) and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good and profitable week in both your online and offline activities and are looking forward to a few days rest. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I for one could sure do with putting my feet up and having a couple of lazy ones! I’m just going into my second week of vacation time here in Slovenia, and I simply can’t say how wonderful it’s been so far. I’m kind of embarrassed that it took me so long to get here after spending years traveling up and down every other country in Europe, but better late than never and boy, was it worth waiting for. Trouble now of course is I’m making up for lost time, and am a bit sore, not to mention getting a bit red from all the hiking in the Julian Alps and swimming in the crystal blue waters of Lake Bled. Then again, maybe I’m just turning red from the excellent Slovenian wine, something else that’s turned out to be an unexpected and hugely underrated gem. It really has been full of surprises for me, and I’m glad I still have another couple of weeks here to discover them.

Anyway, back to business now as I still, as always, find time for MNO and my monitor which by the way is always updated a minimum of once in every 24 hour period (sometimes more often) regardless if there’s anything new on my blog or not. There’s plenty of news to get through tonight, so keep reading for that, but I want to start by continuing with the revival of the MNOFridays series of articles. After a break of a couple of years I wanted to start bringing these back on my blog, where I try to give a personal on some of the lesser know, often unseen inner workings of the HYIP industry that maybe a lot of investors may not know about or even think of all that often.

MNO has been developing for many years now, and I’ve seen a lot of fairly seismic events in the industry. It’s been my experience however that one thing tends to remain constant – the best admins in the business are those who learned their trade by trail and error, trying once and trying again and again until they know exactly what they are doing. They can and do pay for Premium Listing on MNO straight away without any hesitation, because they know from operating previous programs how to be professionals and will have earmarked a suitable advertising budget before getting started. Having some experience and a big budget is a necessity in the HYIP world as both factors will help admins survive during extended periods of low cash flow for longer. Besides, there’s always a possibility that the admin might try to keep paying for longer just because he wants to establish his program’s reputation. This you see, and, let’s be totally candid about it, helps him to hunt for big spending newbies who take HYIPs seriously at face value and treat them like genuine business opportunities, prepared to invest thousands of dollars and from which the admins feed the rest of the investors. Hence the appealing factor of so-called “sleeper” HYIPs we’ve been seeing so many of recently (sleepers have always been there by the way, there just seems to be a lot more of them at the moment than in previous seasons). The reason I prefer to deal with experienced admins only should be obvious – they know exactly what they are doing and what is required of them to keep their programs alive for longer. Each passing day has the potential to bring more and more members who would invest thousands of dollars, helping one program to finish (as it inevitably must) at the strongest possible standing and help their admins go on to establish new HYIPs – and so the cycle continues indefinitely. That might sound quite a cynical approach towards the HYIP industry and the basic mechanics of how it all works, but I gotta be honest with you here that is more or less the way things work. I prefer to tell the truth to my readers at all times, so they will know what they are dealing with and won’t lose their heads even when they are dealing with big budget programs.

I must say that the smart readers will always consider MNO as an indicator of the admin’s spending power, and with the price tag for Premium Listing set at $1,400 which is by far the biggest fee in the industry and at least twice more expensive than the closest competitors, you can always be sure that you see only the biggest budget programs included there. Well, even the price of Standard listing at $1,000 and Basic at $600 are still a good enough thing for some to jump into such a program seeing that the admin is serious enough when it comes to advertising on the most popular HYIP-related English language blog online. I never offer discounts for listings on MNO, so you can be sure that an admin pays exactly the amount specified on my advertising page, and not a cent less. By setting the prices high I deter the fast scammers and do not waste either my time or my readers’, and do not provide my services for those who do not appreciate them. I’ve been in this industry for long enough to know that anything that comes cheap or for free is not to be taken seriously. That’s why the financial state is what matters most and characterize the biggest programs or potential leaders of the HYIP industry. After all, who wouldn’t prefer to deal only with such leaders of the industry like Carbon7 or PokerAutomatics, instead of wasting their time on countless cheap scams from hopeless amateurs whose only ambition is to run away with the first couple of dollars they can steal. I don’t think my readers would like to have such programs listed on MNO – and the reason why many of you return here (both those who enjoy MNO and those who hate it, it would seem) because they know they will find only the biggest programs here, with no exception. I myself am as I’ve said so many times in the past now 100% financially independent and my blog is mostly a hobby for me these days, so why would I waste my time and effort on someone not capable of doing something good for my readerS who helped me get to the position I am in at the moment now.

At the same time, please know that listing on MNO doesn’t guarantee that you will be in profit from any one individual program. There are simply too many other factors involved and the programs run by the same admins might not have the same longevity or success that their previous programs had. There’s numerous examples of this, so do keep that in mind. Having said that, you should also know that definitely the listing on MNO will increase your chances to profit as was proven by many people over and over again for so many years online – that is why MNO is still the number one HYIP related blog/monitor with a historical record second to none.

You should avoid bloggers claiming that they “do not allow” some programs to list, as they are blatantly lying – nobody has a crystal ball, so you can’t see a program’s future. Sometimes programs with a sloppy design and less attractive investment plans can surprise us all and run for very long time, while those that looked fantastic and considered obvious winners didn’t even last a cycle and scammed before anyone at all was in profit. Literally anything can happen in the HYIP industry so you can be prepared for unpredictability (if such a thing is possible!) and do not take things for granted. That is why it becomes laughable for me when some “experts” claiming they found a way to tell you which program will be a fast scam and which will run for a long time, because this is what implies your unwillingness to accept this or that program for monitoring. I would hope not only that MNO is much wiser than that, but also won’t treat readers like children. You guys are all smart enough to decide what you do and don’t like, what suits some may not be suitable for others, and you don’t need me to make your choices for you. After all, being included on the MNO monitor is not a personal endorsement for any program. I wonder if that’s the case with other websites. So instead of stupid theories used by others, I offer a bulletproof way to find out if the admin is serious or not – show me the money. If he’s willing to pay for the best possible service in English, the admin proves to others he’s smart enough and willing to pay with his money rather than words. Sometimes an admin comes to ask about MNO prices, and once they hear them they retreat immediately. Other monitors might think that they actually have the money to pay them, and will “proudly” decline listing for them without even checking their financial state, which is a pretty stupid thing to do, as it’s just bringing unnecessary attention and serves as a free advertising tool (“no such thing as bad publicity”) which is what the admins were probably hoping for.

To sum it all up then, why exactly do I think MNO has a better approach than is a better resource to consider above all others when investing in HYIPs? For one thing I find the approach taken by monitors not just to decline certain programs they don’t like but then to publicly denounce them not very helpful for various reasons. For example, the program might just be just a “sleeper”, and the admin is only trying to get a foothold on a couple of monitors, stay deliberately low-key, and develop it into something good further down the road if allowed. Another reason is that the admin can’t be all bad if he’s prepared spend a few hundred on advertising, and at least, his intentions in running a program for longer are genuine. Intentions can me misguided or mistaken, but hey, that’s never something you can predict with any certainty.

But the more important and more relevant question is why you should think MNO is better than the rest. After all, I already know why in my own mind and need no convincing of what I know to be true, but what about you, dear readers? Well, I suppose the simplest thing you can do is this – ask yourself who would you trust more when it comes to making money online? Somebody who has actually done it and successfully freed himself from ever needing to return to “a regular job” for the rest of his life? Or someone who has failed, and struggle on a daily basis to come up with any kind of coherent strategy or long term business plan?

I mean it’s got to be pretty damn obvious to anyone that if you want advice on cooking then the best possible teacher is a chef, right? If you need to talk about cars who would give you better advice than a mechanic? If you have a legal situation then you know the best source of info should be a judge or a lawyer. If you had a serious problem with your health who would you prefer to take care of you – a newly enrolled medical student or a doctor? So why should online HYIPs be any different for you, given the fact, and let’s be blunt about it, you’re most likely playing them because you want to make as much money as possible to make your life and the lives of your families as safe and secure for the future as possible. So you can either stick with someone who’s already done that, or look elsewhere if you want to continue contributing to the earnings of others at the expense of your own. Just think about it, I’m sure most of you are smart enough to come to the right conclusion.



I would like to start today’s news section with a strong warning on the possibly bleak future of AtrexTrade (reviewed here) which, in my opinion, could be a scam before the end of summer. No new investments are recommended there, even though the daily interest withdrawals are still getting processed instantly which is the reason the program is still on Paying status on the MNO monitor. Why do I think AtrexTrade is in trouble? Well, read on to find out.

Just a couple of days ago I was contacted by one of my referrals in AtrexTrade who joined the program under my downline straight after it was first listed on my monitor back in December 2014. He has made some money there, but, just like AtrexTrade‘s FAQ suggests (see the question #19 on this page) he can now withdraw his original investment for a 30% fee and keep the profits. Unfortunately over a period of more than two weeks of constantly emailing them with the request to release his principal he was not allowed to do so, despite already being told the principal withdrawal was available to him at any time by sending a request to the support team. So, only after exhausting all available ways to contact the admin my referral wrote to me and I offered him my personal assistance (like I do with all my referrals). I contacted the admin on his behalf after checking his account first, and was replied to quite quickly. To my astonishment, I was told that the principal withdrawals are not possible this summer, without giving any reason why or making any effort to inform current or future investors. After I confronted the admin and pointed out that he was breaching his own rules, I was told that this new rule would be included in the terms and conditions “in a few days”. At the time of writing, this still hasn’t been done. My personal understanding of this is that AtrexTrade are now holding the principal amounts and are not ready to return them due to cash flow issues. It’s very possible now that it’s going to close by the end of summer, hence the admin’s response about not allowing it for the summer and complete failure to tell anyone about it in advance. Simple as that – we hold your money and we’re not going to give it back, so tough luck. I myself am quite outraged by that attitude, but I can’t do anything about it. I can only warn you against any further investments in AtrexTrade.


Yes, it happened yet again, guys, and I had to move RollNRich to Problem status on the MNO monitor after finding out today that my and my referrals’ withdrawals had been delayed for well over the promised 48-hour timeframe once more. I have no idea if the admin is not in town, like he gave as an excuse for the last delay just earlier this week, but I simply cannot accept such an attitude and keep RollNRich on Paying status on my monitor. The only conclusion is that the admin is simply not really interested in running it properly. In my opinion, such an unprofessional approach and a constant changing of status on the MNO monitor due to payout delays could well finish the investors’ trust in an otherwise paying program that used to be ranked at #1 on my Premium List. I cannot exclude the possibility though that, as happened every other time, the admin will come forward at some point and pay all the pendings once again. I’ll be glad to move RollNRich back to Paying status on MNO if that happens, but for now further investments there are not recommended until further notice.


BITCTradeLimited (reviewed here) still remains one of the hottest investment opportunities of this summer and is the clear leader now among short-term program where you can profit in as little as 24 hours, and even try to invest into its hourly paying plans. Payments are usually processed quite fast (mine never exceeded 12 hours) and you can invest starting from a $10 minimum and get paid to any of the accepted payment processors which at the moment include – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, and NixMoney. There are numerous investment plans by BITCTradeLimited including 102.5%-120% after 1 day, 116%-250% after 6 days, 150%-850% after 18 days, 1500% after 25 days, 370%-1900% after 38 days, 5000% after 50 days, 700%-3000% after 60 days, 6.5% for 16 hours, 5.15% for 20 hours, 2.5% for 60 days (principal back). Which one to choose is totally up to you as an investor, but you should always remember that the risk grows higher the larger your deposit and the longer your time for expiry.

As BITCTradeLimited worked for the first few weeks as a “sleeper” with close to no advertising, a horrible design, and significantly different investment plans, you can be sure that after 20 days on MNO there is still a chance to earn some money. The best thing about the admin which I truly like and am not afraid to say is his understanding of the HYIP market and the ability of gradually increase the level of recognition among the investors by gradually purchasing more advertising and trying to cater to multi-lingual audiences which is always good for gradual growth. From the most recent development on that front it was announced about the addition of Russian language phone support, which follows the the English version made available some weeks ago. You can read more on that in the following newsletter from BITCTradeLimited:

Russian language phone support has been added
Dear investors!
We report about changes of phone number for Russian-speaking clients of our company.
For customer support phone number +442035193246 has been added
From the 9:00 am to the 17:00 pm, daily, weekends are included.
Thank you that you with us!
Best Regards, Hendrik Menes
BITCTradeLimited – All the Best for You!

And just as I was about to post this news from BITCTradeLimited I received another newsletter warning people about some fraudulent emails offering them some ridiculously high returns if they send money directly to the scammers’ PerfectMoney account. I myself didn’t receive it, but I guess it was sent by someone with access to some other short-term program’s databases and assumes the recipients will include a certain number of BITCTradeLimited members. I don’t think experienced investors need to be reminded that it’s always dangerous to trust such emails, let alone send the money to an unknown PM wallet directly. In fact it makes absolutely no sense as to why the admin of BITCTradeLimited would want to issue such an email if he could adjust any investment plan directly from his website, which he already did several times in the past. Anyway, please take this warning seriously and do not send money. I will re-post the full newsletter for your information below:

Be careful of swindlers!
Dear investors!
A few hours ago we knew of the facts of fraudulent actions of unknown malefactors. They chose as the upline of VIP-investors and, using features of a registration form of our program, they learned contacts of own uplines. And then they sent to these contacts the letters of the following contents :
BITC Trade
More options
Dear investor,
We are very proud to announce our VIP Plan that will be available for a limited time only – 444% After 4 Days!
For example, if you deposit $10,000 into this very special plan, you will receive $44,400 after 4 days only!
In order to participate in our VIP plan, you need to make deposit manually to our VIP PerfectMoney account number U8547936 (BITCTradeVIP).
Minimum deposit amount for our VIP plan is $500, and maximum is $70,000. Send $500 or more manually to U8547936 (BITCTradeVIP) and you will be added to the VIP plan immediately.
Please note that the payment should be sent manually to our VIP account, and not through the site.
If you have less than $500 and want to participate in our VIP plan, please let me know and I might accept your request.
After payment is completed, please reply to this email with the batch number of the payment, and I will credit your account ASAP.
Best Regards, BITC-Trade Admin

Attention! ONLY the purse of U7866317 is a legitimate purse of a our program! Only the deposit made by you from the PERSONAL account of our program will be added and its will bring income for you! Under no circumstances don’t send money to other e-wallets if someone asks you about it in the letters which has been sent to your e-mail address! In case if you make that transaction anyway, we don’t bear any responsibility for consequences of your careless actions.
View of the above we inform you that information concerning contacts at registration have been made the inaccessible at present.
Take care yourself and your funds. Thank you for attention.
Sincerely, administration of BITCTradeLimited.
Best Regards, Hendrik Menes
BITCTradeLimited – All the Best for You!


Many experienced investors are well-aware of the fact that the addition of new investment plans weeks after a program’s launch sometimes doesn’t promise anything good, so they are very skeptical. Sometimes rightfully so. I can’t say that’s the case with RoyalTrust whose admin just yesterday announced a new plan, possibly to be more competitive against the hottest program of this summer Carbon7 (reviewed here) which is grabbing most of the headlines this summer. I wouldn’t be too judgmental, but would rather you draw your own conclusions about RoyalTrust‘s future after discussing the new plan which I admit looked somewhat confusing at once, but actually made a lot more sense when explained by the admin properly. Let’s just read the email and try to understand what RoyalTrust are aiming for:

Receive your initial deposit back at any time!
Hello everyone,
After weeks of analysing the competitive online investment market and listening to our customers’ needs, we came up with an idea that might just be exactly what you were looking for. We are proud to announce that from now on you will be available to receive your principal (initial deposit) back at any time you want. Yes, that’s right – we believe that the members of RoyalTrust deserve complete freedom when it comes to their own funds. In other words, if you do not want to stay in for a full cycle, you can quit when you want to and take your initial deposit out at any point in time.
For example: You invest $1,000 into our project and receive interest of 30% over the course of several weeks. You then decide that 30% is good enough for you and you want to take your earnings before you have received 180% in total returns. You then just visit your active deposit section and from there you will be able to request your principal back; after you have requested it, it will be paid within 24 business hours. There are no fees applied, and you can do it at any time you desire.
Please visit the deposit section to start your first “no strings attached” investment journey and choose the deposit option: “Freedom”. The minimum deposit amount is $50, and the maximum total return remains at 180%.
* Please note that this option will only be available for new deposits, and does not apply to deposits that you’ve made in the past.
* Our core business model will not change. It does not affect any depositors in the past; you will keep receiving interest until you reach 180%.
Kevin Lee | Main Redactor

So, my first major reaction was this new plan discriminates against former investors of RoyalTrust that joined the program during the first three weeks online, possibly after reading my original review of the program posted here. The original plan offered a 180% return on investments, but disappointed some members with last week’s very low returns that averaged 1.3%. This falls well short of the potential 3.5% maximum which never materialized. So, after a very slow week and low returns the admin comes out with the new plan, promising new investors will be able to request their initial investment at any time but denying older investors the same privilege (unless they make a new investment starting from $50 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza, BitCoin, or Neteller in the new plan).

Secondly, the new investment plan made little sense as it seemingly just overwrites the original one. Really, why would you invest in a plan paying 1%-3.5% variable interest on business days and 1% fixed interest on weekends until you reach 180% on your deposit, if you can invest in an alternative offering the same returns but allowing you to get your principal back anytime you wish (the only difference is the old plan has a $25 minimum, whereas the new one requires at least $50). But the major point that was not clear was whether the new investors will be able to reach let’s say 170% profit on their investment and then reclaim the principal back which will lead to a total of 270% returned compared to the 180% available for the first investors. I mean, it looks totally unfair and as if the admin was desperate for some extra cash before scamming. I addressed these concerns to the admin of RoyalTrust and asked him to comment on those discrepancies and confusions.

I won’t re-post everything the admin of RoyalTrust replied due to the limited space, but will underline the main points taken. Actually, he doesn’t think that the new investment plan discriminates against older investors at all, but rather he believes it will spark further interest among new investors and give existing investors a perfect opportunity to diversify their funds by with a much better degree of flexibility. He also told me that he adjusted the FAQ on the website to include the entire process of withdrawing your principal early. He also promises an explanatory video with time. In any case, here’s the main points, so please read before joining the Freedom Plan:

How can I request back my principal?
In order to request back your principal, please visit “My Deposits” section, from there you will be able to see all your deposits, choose deposits that you would like to withdraw and press ‘release’. Deposit amount will be added to your account balance.
How can I request back my principal?
If you have opt for deposit option ‘Freedom’, you can request back your initial deposit at any time you want to. If you have opt for deposit option ‘Stability’, then you won’t be able to request back your initial deposit.
After I request back my principal, how fast it will be available into my payment account?
Using PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza and BitCoin your initial deposit will be returned within 24 business hours, however due to strict Neteller policy, initial deposits from Neteller are returned within 10 business days.

The admin of RoyalTrust added that members in the new plan will not be paid more than those in the old plan, as the total maximum return is still capped at the same 180%. In other words if you have already withdrawn 90% in interest payments and then request your principal, the most you can hope for is another 90% to prevent anyone taking out more than the full 180% in total. So the only reason for adding the new investment plan, if you believe the RoyalTrust admin, is to make it more competitive and allow more flexibility.

I give you both points and I believe everything is self-explanatory regarding the new investment plan offered by RoyalTrust. If you have any questions regarding any investment plan please do not hesitate to contact the admin of RoyalTrust, or ask me if you are in my downline. All I can add is that withdrawals from RoyalTrust are processed instantly as usual (every payment processor, except for Neteller, of course), so I do not see anything that could affect the program’s future badly, provided the admin intends to stay for a long time. So what do you think? Please share in the Disqus comments on this article or on the MNO ShoutBox.


Unlike the previously released updates regarding the change of investment plans in CompassBusiness – currently offering 1.9% for 100 business days (principal included) and 0.8% for 45 business days (principal returned) via PerfectMoney and NixMoney accepted – this time the admin decided to keep it silent and only posted about possible withdrawal delays on the website. I imagine that the delays that can reach up to six days (as far as I can understand from the auto-translated text from Russian) when thay used to pay everyone within 24 hours, so take this information into consideration if requesting a payout from CompassBusiness (first reviewed here). My own minuscule withdrawals from the program are processed within terms as usual, and I imagine that the new rule might only apply to the larger requests for reasons specified in the following update:

Dear participants and partners!
Due to the incident with the head of the Company and the long delays in the receipt of funds through bank accounts in Panama, we introduce a temporary regulation on the conclusion of 48 business days (1 business day is 8 working hours of the bank). We bring our apologies for any inconvenience, changes are temporary.
Always with you, CompassBusiness.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: PokerAutomaticsCryptoconomistBITCTradeLimitedAtrexTrade, RoyalTrust, USDBusinessLimited.
From MNO Standard list: Carbon7, CompassBusiness.
From MNO Basic list: GoldenLion.

That’s it for today, guys. If you like reading the MNO blog and want to stay updated on current events, please bookmark this page in your browser or subscribe to my daily news delivered straight to your mailbox not to miss any new investment opportunities coming your way this summer. Remember that with MNO you’re always on the money and the first to know anything worth knowing!

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