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29/11/2017. BISTInvest Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! BISTInvest has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! Well as the business week continues and winter, looking out the window at my garden, seems well and truly in the air here today. I guess many of you are now considering how things are going to go in the HYIP industry for the rest of the year. Let’s hope the falling temperatures and the longer nights will bring an improvement in the fortunes of investors as things begin to slow down. Of course good programs are still out there, they sometimes just get harder to find. Hopefully not today however when I want to start this evening’s update with a look at a medium to long term program that was recently added to the MNO monitor on the Basic List and has since upgraded to Standard Listing called BISTInvest. A recent addition perhaps but can in no way be considered new program once you compare the length of its main plans against how long BISTInvest have already been running which is around five months now. Whether there’s still time to safely make a profit from the venture is something that’s entirely up to yourself to decide, I can only describe BISTInvest‘s main features to you and their investment plans. Whatever way you choose to use the information is up to you, but let’s at least take a look anyway. If this one isn’t for you then keep reading through to the news section, as on a day what the price of BitCoin first passed the monumental $11,000 mark (it later dropped back but only slightly) I also have a brand new program to introduce on my monitor as well.

BISTInvest has three plans to choose from, and is normally the case with programs like this some are reasonably priced and can easily make a modest profit for experienced players who know how to play such games properly. Indeed after nearly five months online as I already mentioned I’m sure some readers will have come across the program earlier and may well have deposited and withdrawn from it several times over by now. The first option is called The BIST Plan, which will cost you $10 to join and runs for 30 calendar days. Interest however is only credited on business days. During that time BISTInvest offer 1% interest per business day, and then return your principal on expiry. The exact number of payments can vary according to what day of the week you join and make your deposit, but typically you might expect 22 payments days within the 30 day term. So that’s 22% net profit, plus your own money back.

To put that into simple monetary terms then, let’s say you join BISTInvest with a $100 deposit. They should then return $1 per day, Monday to Friday, until you have $22 back 30 days later. Your own initial hundred is then added to this. Maximum deposit is capped at $1,000 for this option.

Bigger investors prepared to make an opening deposit of $200 can join The AMEX Plan. It runs for 50 calendar days, but again with interest credited on business days only. During that time BISTInvest offer members a 2% daily payment on their deposits, Monday through Friday only. On expiry you are then given back your original deposit. Typically you might expect 36 business days within the 50 calendar day term, leaving you with 72% in payments, give or take a slight variation either way. The maximum limit for deposits this time goes up to $20,000.

The only other option in BISTInvest is for seriously big spenders looking to play with at least a $3,000 minimum. This gets you into The NYSE Plan which has a running time of 100 calendar days, payments credited on business days. Investors here can expect a daily interest payment of 3% on their deposits, made from Monday to Friday. With approximately 72 business days in the term, most investors would be hoping for 216% in net profit, on top of which BISTInvest then return your principal. You can invest as much as $300,000 per single deposit.

Payment options are more or less what you might expect from a program like this one. BISTInvest accept PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash if you prefer the more conventional style third party payment options, or BitCoin if you want the more direct route of using your own digital e-currency. Payments are not instant and will have to be requested from inside your members area. The program’s own terms and conditions require you to allow up to 24 hours for all transactions to be completed, though I must say that in the time I’ve been monitoring them my own payments were usually handled pretty quickly.

The BISTInvest plans may well be reminiscent of so many other programs in recent times, and so too is the design. The program still runs off a licensed GoldCoders script though which most regular industry players will spot instantly. The BISTInvest website is also SSL secured by Comodo to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Hosting is provided by Koddos, a name we don’t hear very often in the HYIP industry these days, who are keeping BISTInvest on a dedicated server with their support and protection from malicious attacks.

If you have any further questions or just want to make some suggestions to the admin then the main point of contact with him is either by filling out the e-mail ticketing form on the contacts page, or else writing directly to the listed e-mail addresses. BISTInvest also have a postal address listed for in Turkey, although from experience I can tell you that even when the addresses themselves are genuine they do tend to be virtual serviced offices and not where you would find anyone connected with the program physically located. To accompany the address is a telephone number so you can try your luck with that if you really think someone is going to answer, which is also linked to a WhatsApp profile which you can call for free online or use for Live Chat to get your questions answered in real time when there’s an operator online. There is a regional representative scheme in place as well, so have a look at the BISTInvest website to see if there is someone in your locality acting as a support operator. Or if you feel like getting involved yourself and are OK with having your contact details listed on HYIP website in return for a better ref commission rate, ask the BISTInvest admin for details.

At this stage there’s probably very few of you actually expecting to find some kind of business plan in operation behind BISTInvest. For the record they claim to be an investment group working primarily on the Turkish but also on the US stock exchanges, though as usual in the HYIP industry there’s absolutely nothing else to back it up or provide any evidence. Above all else just remember to use BISTInvest only as a smaller part of a wider investment portfolio, assuming you think it’s a good idea to join them at all that is, and always always stay within sensible and affordable spending limits that you can comfortably afford to lose.

Just before we move on to the news section I want to finish up with BISTInvest for now by asking what the rest of you guys think of it. You can consider the pros and cons of joining, and decide whether it’s a risk you think worth taking. I hope then that you won’t mind answering the following opinion poll question, which is as always 100% anonymous and only takes a second to complete. Thanks to everyone who votes, as it will make interesting reading maybe not today but when we look back on BISTInvest and see how it has developed by then:

Will you make an active deposit in BISTInvest?

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Yesterday another brand new program called MyBTCDreams was added to the MNO Premium List. If you’d like to join then I can tell you that both your investment choice and payment methods are quite limited. MyBTCDreams works exclusively with BitCoin which is accepted from a 0.002 BTC minimum, paying back 12% daily for 12 calendar days. By the end of the term you will hopefully get a sizeable 44% profit as the principal is already included in the daily payouts, so you will start earning a profit on your investment from day nine. As MyBTCDreams is still new it should help readers tremendously to earn more, provided of course the admin has good intentions. That’s helped a lot by the addition of the most expensive monitoring option on MNO, as along with the $2,000 Premium listing, he decided to go with the additional Sticky option for a month for an extra $1,800 which puts his program on top of the pile and makes it more noticeable. It’s a good thing to know that all the withdrawals from MyBTCDreams are processed instantly, so you don’t need to wait before you see profits transferred to your BitCoin wallet. As the program is running off a licensed GoldCoders script you will still need to log into your account and request a withdrawal every 24 hours. The MyBTCDreams website looks decent, it is SSL-secured by Comodo, and is hosted on a dedicated and protected server by GeniusSecurity. I’m going to bring you a more detiled review of MyBTCDreams on the MNO blog on Friday, while the welcome message from the admin is below:

MyBTCDreams is on the floors
MyBTCDreams has just now come across the board.
We’re up at last!
Actions speak louder than words, so get in and see your money growing yourself.


The results of the first ever webinar in German and the first ever conference of Octoin partners in Pakistan were the major topics of the latest updates from this already truly international program. They joined the Premium List on MNO on day one and is still in its first month online and doing well. It’s already extremely popular among readers with now over 1,000 referrals registered in Octoin. Hopefully very soon we will see the first investors in profit as the terms vary from 30 to 150 calendar days with optional insurance and early principal withdrawal. The daily interest rate in Octoin is variable, but on average it usually floats around a healthy 1.2% which can possibly bring you up to 36% monthly or even more if you invest for a longer-term, at the end of which your principal is returned. There is actually much more to Octoin than just earning daily interest, as there is an option to mine and trade crypto-currencies, and P2P exchange for the site’s own currency OctoinCoin is also provided for more incentives. To make things clear in your head I would really suggest to read the full review of Octoin posted here, and you can then try the program with the reasonable amount that will be gladly accepted via PerfectMoney, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Zcash, or Dash currencies. Plus, Octoin is really growing very rapidly now and I believe that for such a well crafted looking program it makes total sense, as people can clearly see that the program is not here to scam fast. Hope I will be able to report the first profits from Octoin over the next few days. Meanwhile please read the latest on the results of the German speaking webinar with a list of free deposit winners in Octoin, followed by a report on the first real conference of Octoin leaders from Pakistan:

Expected success in Octoin Germany
So our first webinar in German came to an end! For several hours, professionals from our team told all participants about the crypto-currencies and our project – Octoin. Unexpectedly for us, the webinar came not only the Germans, but also just people who know German well. It was very interesting to talk with various investors.
Also, as always, we raffled prize deposits for amounts of $50. This is already becoming a good tradition.
And according to this tradition, here you can see the names of the winners:
$200 –, $100 – (not registered in Octoin), $50 –, $50 –, $50 –
And if you suddenly miss this webinar, then be sure to watch the video report ( and come to the next one! There will also be a lot of interesting and really useful.
We look forward to seeing you!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!

New partners in Octoin Pakistan!
Recently, the big Octoin conference in Pakistan was completed. Professional speakers, members of our team told future investors about the basics of blockchain and various crypto-currencies.
The conference was attended by a large number of people from various spheres. At the conference, a trader could meet with a businessman, and a miner with a start-up owner. Crypto-currencies are now interesting to everyone without exception.
Of course, the speakers also did not ignore our project – Octoin. Shayan Habib, our lecturer told in detail about the features and advantages of our platform, not forgetting to mention the convenient tools for trading, opportunities for mining and a fast p2p-exchange.
Despite the small experience in holding live conferences, the team from Pakistan did an excellent job and made the event interesting not only for professionals from the cryptosphere, but also for ordinary people. Many thanks to them for this!
Let’s hope that our conferences and seminars will continue to have the same success and cause the same interest among the most diverse people.
And if you suddenly did not get to our meeting, we advise you to watch the video report on the link:
We look forward to all the next time!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!


If want an established long term paying program in the HYIP industry at the moment then many of us would definitely think of ChainGroupService almost immediately. If you read my original review of ChainGroupService posted here, you’ll know the program is designed in its own unique way that distinguishes it from almost everything else. ChainGroupService actually claims to only offer one investment plan, 0.2% for 500 calendar days with the principal back on expiry. We all know though that there would be few if any takers were that to be the only offer. They claim to be handling money for so-called “trade groups” that run their own investment funds with ChainGroupService not entirely responsible for their performance, just providing an escrow service on their behalf. These “trade groups” in turn will offer you a much more enticing return, some with your principal returned and different compounding options. With variable returns these include 0.1%-5% for 90 days, 0.1%-10% for 120 days, 0.1%-6% for 180 days, 0.1%-3% for 250 days, 0.1%-1.7% for 300 days. That unique investment plan structure never seen in the industry before has attracted lots of experienced investors to ChainGroupService who have managed to obtain good profits over its 4-month long run. No wonder the program currently sits at the top of the Sticky/Premium listing on the MNO monitor. It appears that it’s not going anywhere soon, as the admin recently took some necessary precautions to reduce the daily interest for some investment plans to the 0.1% minimum over the upcoming festive period. Just what exact “trade groups” are affected and on what dates please read the short update below followed by the strict warning about a fake app allegedly coming from ChainGroupService but in reality is nothing other than a convenient tool to steal your account details on the real website (so be very careful and do not download that app!):

At the holiday season (December 25 – January 5) T.G.Thomas, CNC, Bitstrong will not trade (you’ll get 0.1% daily for these days). Other groups will pay as usual.

Please be careful, fake app on Google Play (can steal your password)
Official App will be published in 2018.


Bitcy is currently one of the most popular investment sites in the HYIP industry and it’s easy to see why. Although the program states 72 hours as the maximum time for processing withdrawal requests, in reality they are done much faster. The recent addition of PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash to the originally accepted BitCoin has greatly added to the program’s popularity. As Bitcy has been listed on MNO for 45 days now there are lots readers already in good profit with them. If you’ve not read my original review of the program posted here, I should remind you that Bitcy has three investment plans with daily (or hourly) payments and principal back on expiry – 2.3% for 15 days, 2.6% for 25 days, 0.13% for 1440 hours – and five more profitable but riskier offers with only one payment on expiry – 155% after 15 business days, 550% after 20 business days, 1700% after 40 business days, 1200% after 60 business days, 7000% after 100 business days. The minimum to invest in Bitcy is a reasonable $20 or 0.005 BTC and now with the addition of a Russian language version I believe they will expand their share of the market. Here is the announcement of the Russian language tab posted on Bitcy‘s official Facebook page earlier today:

Russian language bar has been added
Bitcy’s team quickly responds to the needs of all our partners. Due to the rapid growth of the popularity of our platform in Russia and the CIS countries the Russian language bar has been added to the company’s website. Work on our platform is now even more comfortable and enjoyable!
All sections of the site, except personal account, are now available in your own language. The user page interface will be translated a bit later after the implementation of all planned improvements. This is just one of the few updates: a lot of upgrades will be carried out and the information about them will be available on our pages in social networks. Follow us on Vkontakte
Bitcy Limited is changing your life for the better!


Ellir is another popular program in the HYIP industry that has been doing extremely well and over its first twenty days on MNO having managed to bring profits to many investors. The investment offers from Ellir (reviewed here) include two plans with principal included in the daily earnings – 16% for 7 days and 9.3% for 14 days – and two others with daily payments and principal return on expiry – 2.67% for 15 days and 3.34% for 30 days. With its instant payments to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin, there is now a genuine opportunity to request withdrawals to various bank cards and not only including Visa and MasterCard, but also Maestro and Mir that have recently joined the list. I believe that the latest news from Ellir reposted below is a very positive sign of the widespread penetration as the possibility of both deposits and withdrawals to four popular types of bank cards will definitely highlight new horizons for further development:

Dear participants!
Testing of withdrawal to Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and MIR cards has been completed successfully. Currently withdrawal (by manual mode) performs during 24 hours. Today cards withdrawals were performed almost instantly, the system works perfectly with no errors. We have risen to a new level of work and we are doing our best to get higher every day. Thank you for being with us!
Best regards, administration.

Dear participants!
Alongside of Visa and MasterCard cards withdrawal capability we have also added feature of Maestro and MIR cards withdrawal. It is already available with 0% service fee.
We are developing our service every day and achieve better and better results! Invest and earn with us!
Best regards, administration.


One of the most successful programs of this autumn TradexTop has stopped paying today but compared to many other fast scams its performance has been nothing short of spectacular. Up until today all withdrawals have been processed instantly and if you joined TradexTop from the first day it was listed on MNO you could have done really well from it. As just a few days ago the admin hinted he was ready to finish soon (remember the new plan with a $30K minimum to invest) we should be grateful for a chance to earn. That is especially true considering TradexTop has been featured on MNO for 39 days and many people had a good opportunity to earn with them. As with everything in the HYIP industry, it all comes to an end and today is the turn of TradexTop. So keep this in mind and do not invest there anymore, guys!


Unfortunately, it appears that no one will be able to reach the profit zone in PrimarICO, as the admin stopped paying instantly earlier today, so I would imagine payouts will be processed on a selective basis as of now. As PrimarICO only launched a few days ago and has not even been reviewed on MNO there is no one who made a profit from it, and will most likely none ever will. Not only did the admin seem not to care about the monitoring status for his program on MNO (as I haven’t heard from him in regards to selective payouts), but he has also launched a new limited in time plan offering you 144% to 216% after just one day for deposits upwards of a whopping $500 minimum. The old plan that used to offer 12% for 12 days is not valid anymore. Needless to say that such a sudden change in strategy for any HYIP can mean just one thing – the admin is ready to run away with the money. So please stay away from PrimarICO which has been moved to Problem status and most definitely will be on Scam by the end of the day. Just for your entertainment below you will read the announcement of the new investment offer I received from already scammed PrimarICO a few hours ago:

PrimarICO News: Earn as much as 216% after 1 Day!
Do you want to make even more money than you currently do with PrimarICO? Please read further!
We are constantly watching the ICO market (you can check on and making the correct moves! For example NXT’s total movement since ICO is a huge +1208079% !!!
We are trading several ICO’s and are making huge profits! We have earned more than 80-90% Daily returns from the start and are making even more at the moment!
Since one cycle of investments are already completed, we offer a limited term possibility of additional earning by a single day plan! This offer is limited!
We have added a plan, which can earn you 144% to 216% After 1 Day, depending on Your Investment Amount.
This plan is limited term, and it’s only available until Nov. 30, 23:59, before the beginning of December.
Do not hesitate and jump on the ICO wagon to make enormous profits! You don’t need to know a single thing about trading! Just invest in PrimarICO and we will do the rest!
Constant, instant payouts to all of our members!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listChainGroupService, Octoin, MyBTCDreams (the first instant payment received).
From MNO Premium list: EllirCoinPlace, GideConsultingAlpexTradeBitcoinTraders, ResonanceCapitalCurrencyGlobal.
From MNO Standard list: RenaissanceInvest, BISTInvest.
From MNO Basic list: InvestellectInfiniteAlliance.

It appears that there is quite a huge wave of scams in the HYIP industry at the moment and which can affect the investment strategy for a lot of investors, especially that now the coming “Black December” season is just around the corner. A question asking readers about their upcoming plans for December is on the MNO TalkBack page which you can vote in here, if you haven’t done so yet. The final results will be most probably drawn on the MNO blog on Friday when I’ll have all the latest news plus a detailed review of MyBTCDreams. Do not miss anything important by following MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, where all the major announcements are always shown in real-time, or subscribe to the daily news and reviews to be delivered directly to your mailbox by submitting it here. I’m always pleased to answer all your questions regarding the monitored programs here, or contact me for the live chat on Telegram @mnoblog. Stay safe and profitable with carefully picked programs from the MNO monitor and see you next time on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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