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02/11/2018. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog for the best online income opportunities where the goal is always decent profit from applying wise investment strategies and diversifying your investment portfolio. MNO has been well-known for a deliberate rejection of cheap scams. Don’t get me wrong – you’ll still find dozens of such second rate amateurs on other monitors who deal with dozens of look-alike projects without even the slightest chance to succeed. MNO isn’t one of them though and many of my readers from over 11 (!) years of posting my blog articles and sharing my insight can honestly confirm it. So, if you wish to find out why MNO is different and take advantage of the highest budget investment programs you can do yourself a favour and follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, or subscribe for regular updates to be delivered straight to your mailbox (just enter and confirm your email address on this page to get started). I’m sure you won’t regret your decision in the long-term when you acquire the necessary knowledge to make money online and possibly even make a living out of it.

Although I’m still enjoying my beach holiday in Israel I still have my finger on the pulse of current events in the HYIP industry. And I must say that the level of activity seems to have finallygotten off the ground with more people participating in the new programs listed on the MNO monitor. The process is still far from ideal and many people are still very selective about what they choose to invest in, but the upward trend is obvious and it inspires optimism for the future. Just take TokenLogic as a good example. As the program joined the MNO Premium List about a week ago interest from my readers has been brisk the program enjoying stable growth as discussed by the admin in the latest newsletter re-posted below. All the programs from the Premium List on the MNO monitor has been paying well, with the exception of CryptoVilla that broke an almost three month record of no scams, becoming the first program to failed in its attempts to deliver something different. I’ll talk more about that and the controversial farewell newsletter from the admin in today’s news update as well, so stay tuned for more on that. But I want to start with the latest addition to the Premium List – a new open ended term BitCoin-only program called BitAeon that was added to MNO last night will be reviewed in a few days.


BitAeon is a program launched about ten days ago and intended for investors who like to take matters in their hands and decide their own terms to leave the program with enough profit earned on the investment. Flexibility is one thing you will definitely get if you join BitAeon, as despite the unlimited investment term your deposit is only locked in for the first 24 hours after which you’re free to take the money and leave. Just be aware of a 10% fee for releasing the deposit, so in order to break-even you need to wait for a few days at least. However as I said, the level of profit is up to you, and smart investors will surely take advantage of that. So, with BitAeon you are promised a return of 3% every day from Monday to Friday, while on Saturday and Sunday your profits drop to 1.5% per day. Theoretically you will therefore earn 18% per calendar week and will start making profits in about six weeks time, but with the early deposit release offered by BitAeon you don’t need to wait for that long.

Now that we’ve established that, you need also t consider that the payment options are very limited. You may only invest in BitAeon using BitCoin. The minimum investment starts at 0.005 BTC (about $30 at current exchange rates) and the minimum to withdraw is $0.0005 BTC (around $3 at the time of writing). As all investments are working in BitCoin there is no conversion involved and you will be paid the same amount of BitCoin daily (twice lower on weekends) after the activation of your investment which happens after your payment is confirmed in the Blockchain network at least once. Compounding is also allowed if you wish, you can set your own rate from 0% to 100%, and it won’t affect your ability to withdraw your principal. The good thing is all the withdrawals are supposed to be processed instantly which I can already confirm as I received my own first payment so moved BitAeon to Paying status on the MNO monitor with a more detailed review scheduled for Monday.

At first glance though the BitAeon website looks like it was made extremely well and I tend to believe the news section where it’s stated the site was thoroughly tested for weeks in preparation for the official launch that happened on October 23 when this welcome message like this was posted:

The Grand Opening!
The day is finally here! All the prep work is done and our long awaited journey can finally begin its course.
Welcome to BitAeon!
BitAeon is a next generation investment platform that combines all of the most popular earning options together in one place. In addition to the classic Forex trading and currency exchange we are utilizing the powers offered by Blockchain and Crowdfunding. We have worked hard to develop a platform that is easy and intuitive to use but retain the vital information for you to operate with. You can learn more about us and our work on the About Us page.
We promise to always do everything humanly possible to ensure our provided services match the best possible quality standards. Our team has been preparing very hard to make sure BitAeon becomes the one and only financial investment service for you.
Join us now and Earn forever!
The BitAeon Team

As many of the high quality programs that do not want to compromise on security BitAeon is running off a custom made script which nevertheless is user friendly and easy to use. The domain name has been pre-paid for four years in advance, the site is fully SSL secured by Comodo, and it’s hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection by DDoSGuard, so no corners were cut when it comes to the initial setup. The company under the name BitAeon Limited has been registered in the UK and you can independently verify this by clicking the link provided on the website. There is a Payouts page where you can verify the flow of funds in the admin’s BitCoin account and the active social accounts on Facebook and Telegram where you can read the latest news on BitAeon‘s latest development. And among the latest works that have been recently completed on the website is a professional translation to the Russian language which you can easily switch to on the flag icon on top of every page. Here’s what the admin of BitAeon wrote about that a few days back also mentioning that more language versions are on the way:

Russian translation added
To make sure everyone can use and benefit from our platform we have been working hard to integrate a multi-lingual translation system. Today we are happy to announce that the Russian language for our investment platform has been successfully added.
If you manage to find any mistakes or incorrect spellings, please do inform us as we have to rely on 3rd party services to translate our platform and can not be 100% responsible for the provided results.
Translations for other languages are currently being tested and will be added in the upcoming days.
The BitAeon Team

In conclusion, first impressions of BitAeon have been extremely positive and as far as I can see it’s definitely not the first project for this admin. We know quite a few examples of programs with similar investment plans to BitAeon ran for weeks and even months without a hitch. And if everything goes well and as the admin planned in the Development Roadmap we may well be witnessing a new giant being born. Do not miss more information on BitAeon in the upcoming review on MNO in a few days time and best of luck with your investment there, guys!


As I mentioned earlier, over the first few days on MNO TokenLogic has become a hit among readers who seem to be very excited at the chance to earn 150% interest on one of three available investment offers – 3% for 50 days, 3.75% for 40 days, or 5% for 30 days. With the main currency of TokenLogic being BTC you may invest not only via BitCoin, but also via LiteCoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and Dash (with withdrawals being processed instantly for the first three options, and manually within 24 hours for the last three). With an opportunity to verify all the payouts on the special page of the TokenLogic website you can see the program getting more members with each passing day. Only online for about a week, the last newsletter from the admin of TokenLogic sounds very optimistic and forward looking. It was reported about thousands of excited visitors investing. As it’s only the beginning of a hopefully long journey, TokenLogic started spreading the word on its own Telegram group which has been joined by over 200 members already. If you haven’t read the review of the program I posted here you might also be interested in checking out the specially dedicated for newbies page telling you in simple words how to get started with an investment in TokenLogic. A link to the page has been shared in the newsletter along with the invitation to join the Telegram group below:

Week #1 a Huge Success!
Wherever around the world you might be, we would like to reach out and personally thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to become a vital part of TokenLogic‘s new global family.
Last week was the monumental public launch of TokenLogic‘s cloud ICO investment platform. It was a truly exciting moment – as much for our team as for you following months of meticulous development and preparations.
In just one week of running we have received over 5,000 visitors and the number is rising rapidly thanks to our investment team stacked with world class experts, leading daily interest rates, and booming community features. What more could you want?
Join Us On Telegram!
You may know of Telegram as the new messenger app that brings together global communities so effectively with its powerful group chat functions. TokenLogic‘s official Telegram group can be found
Start Your Investment Engines!
If you have have already launched your first investment plans then we wish you the very best of luck – our pro investor team will be uncovering massive results for you as your plans mature.
And if you have not yet capitalised upon your TokenLogic membership by opening your first investment plan – the time is now. Find guidance on how to do just that
It’s the perfect place to network with friends and meet new members, hear first about exclusive opportunities, and learn from our pro investment team through webinars, Q&As, competitions, showcases and so much more – so keep your eye trained on the TokenLogic Telegram community!
Best regards, The TokenLogic Team


It’s a pity that CryptoVilla only managed to last for just forty days which was just about enough time for the first investors to finish the shortest 30 day cycle and possibly earn about a 20% profit on their deposits. In any case, very few people invested in the program considered by many as unnecessarily complicated and almost impossible to understand. While I tried my best to decipher the whole process of an almost endless cycle of purchasing and conversions of tokens in my review, it obviously didn’t help much and the majority of potential investors in CryptoVilla still had no clue as to how exactly things worked. That was proven by the results of the recent poll I conducted for the MNO TalkBack a couple weeks ago with the majority of voters firmly rejecting even the idea of participating in such a perplexing venture as CryptoVilla. I’m sure the admin himself had a perfect idea in his own mind how to present something very different and unseen in the industry and was obviously developing his project for a long time, but when it clashed with the harsh reality it seemed to fall quite fast. CryptoVilla was also suffering from script imperfections with a lot of glitches, which I tried to overcome with the help of their responsive support. I mean, that was until a couple of days ago when after a brief period of disabling the Ethereum withdrawals the site has been totally redesigned with Ethereum removed as a withdrawal option. Sounds weird? Then read the following newsletter from the admin of CryptoVilla (no response from him yet as of two days due to which CryptoVilla has been moved to Problem Status on the MNO monitor), so you could get an idea on what is going to be discussed after that:

Important update
We are growing, expanding our coverage, the number of project participants has increased and we have connected a new server. Our servers are located in different time zones, and therefore, these days, some of project participants received their profit accruals with a time zone difference.
And the main news of the project.
As you all know the mechanics of two tokens — the main feature of our program. Temporarily, for the start of the program, we’ve added the conversion option from CVL to the ETH. In order not to go in loss, we stop CVL conversions in ETH and from now on, you’ll get only BTN.
We understand, that there are participants in our program, that are interested only in the ETH conversions and don’t care about the main essence of the program, the two token mechanics, villa bookings. Well, we don’t force anyone to stay, but we are completely sure, that those participants, who want to continue to profit with us — will understand how important this step is to preserve the integrity and essence of the program itself. And will continue to make profit with this new strategy. Now the purchase of CVL tokens is possible only for BTN tokens on the internal exchange. BTN tokens is also possible to buy only on the internal exchange from other users. BTN can be purchased for ETH.
All your current profit accruals in ETH are already converted back to BTN. You can create request on the internal exchange and sell the BTN tokens for ETH to users, who want to buy CVL and send them to conversion.
Thank you all for waiting the news today, we continue to develop the program and we are ready to answer all of your questions.
Here is to your success, CryptoVilla‘s Team

Ok, if you didn’t make any sense out of yesterday’s newsletter let me translate it for you into simpler terms. CryptoVilla seems to be going the same way as a few programs last year, the most famous being Octoin. The essence is – although members may still spend funds from BitCoin and Ethereum they are not allowed to withdraw directly to Ethereum any longer. They may only trade their CVL to BTN tokens in order to find some fool who might actually pay them Ethereum funds with a real cash value for some newly created tokens which are not even in circulation on the cryptocurrency market yet, and only exist in the admin’s imagination.

Doing such a malicious thing to investors without any prior warning means only one thing – a sophisticated scam by CryptoVilla which has basically refused to pay out and honour its original investment agreement. Instead people are forced to look for somebody willing to buy their BTN tokens which have no real value at all and may only be used to book “villas”. Why on earth would somebody be booking villas with tokens instead of credit cards on etc is just beyond me! Surely, it’s a very sophisticated scam in progress with the admin refusing to meet his obligations to investors concocting a story about CVL-BTN conversions. Investors are smarter now, so I doubt very much there will be anyone prepared to buy CVL-BTN tokens, so all this hard work the admin has done on renovating the website and updating its script will be in vain for sure and of no real use to him in robbing more money from potential suckers. All in all, it’s the most illogical scam I’ve seen for a while with CryptoVilla going down as one of the most awkward and convoluted failures of the year. Nothing seems to have helped – increased interest rates, hiked commissions, promises of big things to come. All because of the lack of a true vision and false pretences. No more needed to say, except that CryptoVilla is a scam now. Stay away and do not buy any promises from the admin on spending more money in hope of getting anything out! You’ve been warned!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: CoinFinance, InstantBitexLuxEarnInstantMiningLimited, BitBoots, TokenLogic.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: InvestmentSlots.

That’s all for tonight, guys. I hope you’re having a good Friday and looking forward to a relaxing weekend ahead. Don’t be absent for too long though and keep an eye on the MNO monitor for the possible addition of new promising programs and to make sure that the program you’re about to join is still on Paying status. I’ll be back on Monday with a detailed look at BitAeon and all the latest updates from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. I’ll also have the final results of the latest opinion poll still running on the MNO TalkBack page about your expectations from the autumn season in the HYIP industry thus far. If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to list your program on MNO please stay in touch by submitting the form on this page, contacting me directly at or by chatting with me in real-time on Telegram @mnoblog. Stay tuned and I’ll talk to you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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