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31/12/2021. Happy New Year from MNO and Best Program of 2021 Poll Open


Happy New Year everyone! 2021 is nearly over now and we’re all looking forward with hope to what 2022 will bring us. To all the MNO readers I think there are far better things ahead than anything we leave behind. May the new year bless you with health, wealth, and happiness!

I’m pretty much sure that during the next few weeks we will have plenty of promising investment programs coming our way and listed on the MNO monitor. In order not to miss anything important make sure you follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter. And if you have any questions or suggestions for me you can always forward them directly at, use this online form or contact me for direct conversation on Telegram messenger @mnoblog.

Looking back though I have to honestly say that 2021 was another challenging year for all of us. We were all expecting the world to be back to normal after months of the devastating Covid pandemic that crippled the economy at the beginning of 2020. Yet the hopes have been fruitless as of the end of 2021 we are still not convinced when things are finally back to some sort of normality. Despite the high rates of vaccinations in many countries the governments still impose new restrictions on their populations in order to protect the most vulnerable and their public health systems from collapsing. We’ve all experienced this so many times before that this blow seems now to be something of a pattern: Covid wave – relaxation – another wave – another relaxation. Will this pattern be broken anytime in 2022? I guess no one can answer that but we can all hope that sometime in the new year we will hear the last news about any restrictions that will eventually become a thing from the past – something we can all finally put behind us and forget about like a bad dream.

The HYIP industry in 2021 remained in very bad shape to say the least. Everyone can clearly see that and no one in their right mind can deny it. Most of the attention from investors seems to be aimed at the cryptocurrency world instead. The cryptoworld has seen significant growth with BTC, for instance, gaining $20K extra to its value over the last twelve months and at its height has peaked at over the $68K mark. Having been traded now at below the $50K level there is still a pretty good chance it will reach new heights in 2022.

Currencies that used to be popular among investors like PerfectMoney and Payeer seem to have stopped working with HYIP based customers among admins (most likely due to some legal issues). That means that any investors still not involved in buying and selling cryptocurrencies might have been left behind. Although at the same time more cryptoholders might have been involved in HYIPs and only taking their first steps there.

However, any newcomers from the cryptoworld still need to catch up with the major rules the HYIP industry works according to and learn the many tricks an admin might use against them. For that reason I have a special series of articles aimed at newbies as well as those not very experienced in the rules of making money instead of losing it in the long term. It’s called HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets where you can get acquainted with many hidden aspects you might not think about when getting involved with high-yield investment programs. As they are all nothing more than ponzi-games masquerading as legal online ventures you will definitely learn a thing or two to help you navigate through the possible pitfalls on your way to reaches. That’s why it’s so important to look for honest and truthful information about HYIPs before committing yourself to the unknown. And among the best genuine sources you can find would be the articles from the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series you can check out here. Make sure that you’re subscribed to the MNO blog newsletter when all the articles are sent directly to the email address you can enter and confirm on this page. Be the part of over 2,500 subscribers who have already made the right decision to help them determine the best investment opportunities.


There were very few programs on MNO monitor this year but among them there were some gems that delivered pretty good results to online investors. I will briefly remind you what they were all about and let you vote for your favorite then.

CryptoCapital was perhaps the most profitable program for many of my readers. That is provided of course they joined and left again at the right time. The program started back in March and managed to last for over three months having closed at the end of June. 93 days online was more than enough time for many investors of CryptoCapital to triple their capital, and make even more money. It all depended of course on their level of trust in the admin who has shown true class and set an example how to run a program with no fixed term and relatively high profits. Initially offering a 0.1% return on an hourly basis with no investment limits and a 5% fee for returning the initial investment at any time after the first 24 hours, after a few weeks the admin decided to increase the daily interest to 0.15% thus enabling people to start earning 3.6% on a daily basis. That further increased CryptoCapital‘s popularity among investors and even occasional glitches with instant payouts that would be hard to avoid judging by the instant nature of payouts couldn’t really shake people’s confidence. I believe CryptoCapital was ultimately hurt by the wider industry slowdown in the summer months, but the overall result was truly stunning and something to behold. So, CryptoCapital should surely be included in the list of contenders for the title of the best program of the year 2021.

By October CoinConnect had been launched utilizing a similar concept as the previous CC program earlier in the year. Unlike it though CoinConnect immediately started offering a 0.15% hourly return (3.6% daily) and also allowed members to withdraw profits instantly at any point with the initial investment being locked only for the first 24 hours later available for release at any point for a 5% fee. CoinConnect has shown some excellent results as well and the program worked for a full seven weeks, with the admin suddenly pulling the plug with nothing indicating cashflow issues. With CoinConnect smart investors might have earned almost 80% on their investments, and possibly even more depending on when they decided to release their principal. Therefore, CoinConnect which stopped working at the end of November easily became a viable contender for the best program of the year, provided those who joined it achieved a better profit result overall.

And finally, last but not least – RoboticsOnline. I simply cannot avoid mentioning the program that has been a slow burner and paying for over two years now while being listed on MNO for 652 days and counting. Although offering a much lower level of profits (0.3%-0.4% variable over a 12-business day term) and paying only once on expiry the sheer lifetime RoboticsOnline can boast of makes it an outstanding low ROI program. The dedication of the admin who managed to survive and keep going over the most turbulent times in the history of the HYIP industry certainly deserves a well-earned nomination for the best program of 2021. The only drawback RoboticsOnline has faced just weeks ago was the discontinuation of their working relationship with PerfectMoney. The admin of RoboticsOnline only started accepted PM earlier this year but then the account got blocked and the members’ investments had to be converted to either of the three cryptocurrencies they were already working with right from launch – BTC, LTC and ETH. And while only time will tell whether RoboticsOnline can survive this clear obstacle and become a winner in 2022 the sheer lifetime so far is something that deserves to be mentioned.

So, the nominees have been announced and it’s time now to name your favorite in the poll below. Let your voice heard and show the admins which program you most appreciated, so they could come back again in 2022 to bring you something even better to profit from.

What was the best program of 2021 in your opinion?

  • CryptoCapital (43%)
  • CoinConnect (43%)
  • RoboticsOnline (14%)

Poll Most Votes for: CryptoCapital

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I guess on that note I would like to finish the final post of 2021. Thanks a lot to everyone for staying with MNO – you’re the best readers I could wish for. Let all the bad things stay in 2021 and we’ll welcome 2022 with raised glasses and hearts full of hope for the best to come. Happy New Year from MNO – For Money Lovers! See you again in 2022!

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