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18/10/2019. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everyone and welcome again as one of the lucky people who reads the MNO blog – the oldest HYIP-related investment resource (online since 2007) with a strong emphasis on truly top-notch high-budget programs run by experienced admins providing you with excellent opportunities to make the most of your USD-based and cryptocurrencies. HYIP investing has always been a risky business and there are always some bumps in the road to success, but unlike others MNO has been created to tell you all the truth about the whole process in order for you to make your own responsible and well-informed decisions based on realistic expectations from a particular program. In fact, as I see from the preliminary results of the currently running MNO TalkBack poll (click here to vote in it if you haven’t done so yet) over 60% of voters say they are involved in some way in the HYIP industry for five years and more. That is what I call loyal readership, guys! However, even if you’re a newbie in the business but are determined to learn from your own experience and try to outsmart the HYIP admins to win some profits on your investments then you’re still in the good hands. Educating yourself has always been a must for me and many of my long-time readers who definitely agree to apply that approach to their online investments. After all, the MNO blog news feed ha overs 3,200 subscribers now, so the best way to follow all the latest updates from the HYIP world is to join them and submit your email address on this page to get regular delivery of the blog articles, including the latest reviews of the hottest programs straight to your mailbox. If you prefer to use social networks and would like to be notified on the go and as it happens then follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter, where all the latest announcements are available to view immediately. And of course, I will go far and beyond to assist all my referrals in any issues they might encounter with the HYIPs they join under me, so if you ever have some problem or just any question to me personally I will be happy to answer you live on Telegram @mnoblog, and you can also write using this online form or directly at I’m always open for any meaningful collaboration and try to do my best to answer your queries honestly and in the timely manner.

In today’s news I’ll be discussing all the latest news from some perfectly paying programs such as Hodium and Yesss, and finding out about the most recent collapse of one of the brightest programs of the year in the 2019 HYIP calendar and excellent performers many other admins should take example from – Hooplex. First things first though, I want to start by introducing a brand-new program that joined the Premium List on the MNO monitor just yesterday – meet TheCoins!


TheCoins started its online activity just two days ago and has already gathered some interest from savvy investors. The program might look simple in regards to the investment offers but comes with a twist on some older style tried and tested plans. Unlike many other programs your account in TheCoins will be credited not every 24 hours, but every 12 hours (twice daily) which means you will get two interest payments on the same day and will be able to request them to be paid to your PerfectMoney account (instantly) or your BitCoin account (manually within 3 hours). Only those two payment processors are currently accepted by TheCoins and your member’s area which is powered by a totally original and custom-made script will show you separate tabs for both USD and BTC deposits and withdrawals. It is a totally user-friendly and pretty straightforward panel which gives you the option to join any of the four available investment plans which will be further discussed in more details in the upcoming review of TheCoins to be posted on the MNO blog in a few days time.

All the investment plans pay you on every calendar day twice per day (every 12th hour) and the principal is included in the regular accruals and is not returned on expiry. The plans for your consideration include 5.0% every 12 hours for 12 days (120% ROI), 3.0% every 12 hours for 25 days (150% ROI), 2.5% every 12 hours for 40 days (200% ROI), 2.0% every 12 hours for 100 days (400% ROI). You may see that they are designed to rewarding longer term investment goals by producing better overall returns over longer time periods though with smaller payouts credited at every 12 hours period. The minimum to invest in each plan is a very affordable 10 USD and 0.001 BTC with the minimum withdrawal request of only 0.50 USD or 0.0001 BTC allowed from your member’s area. The uncluttered design of TheCoins website contains all the necessary basic information about the program and the investment plans. As from a technical point of view, TheCoins is SSL-secured by Sectigo and is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection against DDoS-attacks provided by DDoSGuard. So far all the withdrawal requests from TheCoins were promptly processed for me (either instantly or within 3 hours) and that means that the program is now featured on Paying status on the MNO monitor ready to be fully reviewed on the blog next week. Meanwhile you may check out TheCoins for yourself and see whether you like it or not. Good luck to anyone willing to take a chance on it!


One good thing I have to say about the admin of Hodium is how he engages with his members, putting suggestions out there and asking for feedback on how best to improve the program, and implementing them is genuinely workable. In fact to quote directly from the newsletter below, “one of our key focuses is to listen to what you say”. So with that in mind a recent opinion poll that was put to the Hodium members asking their thoughts on payment options, it was decided to add PerfectMoney and Payeer to the mix. Previously of course Hodium worked exclusively with cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, Dash, and BitcoinCash. This adds maximum level of independence and flexibility to investors because the plans with Hodium, paying 0.1%-1.5% variable daily interest, already offer members their principal back anytime they wish to leave so it’s pretty much entirely up to yourselves how you want to treat the program. In other words it can be a short, medium, long term, or target based investment depending on how you see it yourself at any given moment. In an industry where to be honest there aren’t a lot of shining lights at the moment it’s easy to see why Hodium is definitely one of the few. If you like what you see in Hodium and would like some further information, please refer to the original review on MNO published here.

In other news from the program, the Hodium admin wants members to get more involved in the promotion of it online. As such he’s prepared to put his money where his mouth is as they say and offer a financial reward based on results. If you are adept at such things and have any prior experience (many of you may well have participated in other so-called regional representative schemes in other HYIPs) then this is your chance to earn a little extra cash from Hodium outside any actual investment you have there. Details are included in the updates from Hodium which I’m reposting for you in full below, however there have been some changes made to the affiliate scheme in line with the wishes of the members. You might remember that in Hodium if you had another investor join the program using your referral link you eventually became entitled to a commission payment based on the profit earned by them. A somewhat rare and unusual way of doing things but by no means unheard of in the HYIP industry either. So the latest initiative from the Hodium admin which he pitched to members was to switch this around to the more common referral scheme used by the majority of other programs. So in other words if you now get any other investors on board you can expect an up-front ref comm payment based on the size of that person’s deposit rather than their profit. The idea was put forward to existing members in another opinion poll who voted overwhelmingly in favour of the idea. I guess it’s another example of how Hodium give a lot more control over the program back to investors and allow some real member based improvements at a grass roots level. All the latest news from Hodium is included below:

One month online, PerfectMoney, Payeer added and new Affiliate Program!
We write to you today with the proud announcement that we have now completed our first full month of operation and that things are going great.
– Profit from the Get Go!
Due to your commitment and our ever-growing userbase, we are delighted to confirm that all our early users are already in profit. In our first month of trading, Hodium’s fund has grown an exponential 40.93%.
– PerfectMoney and Payeer added!
At Hodium, one of our key focuses is to listen to what you say. After all, this platform is for you. So, after listening to your hundreds of requests, we are pleased to officially add PerfectMoney and Payeer as official payment options for Hodium.
– New Affiliate Program!
On top of all updates above, we have also updated our Affiliate program. Now you can earn directly from referrals deposits and in 3 levels. 4-2-1% is a regular affiliate program and 7-3-1% is for our regional representatives.
Our in-house team of crypto investment professionals know exactly how best to maximise your returns and that is exactly what we do. And as our profits grow, so will the features that we add to the platform to ensure it remains at the forefront of future crypto investment.
So until then, we wish you the best in your investments. And once again, we thank you for supporting this project from the start.
Yours, The Hodium Team

Earn by sharing! Free entry!
Representatives Program – Digital income for everyone!
Hodium affiliate program aims to offer a win-win model for those who invite their colleagues to the platform in pursuit of earning direct commission of referrals’ investment.
A regular affiliate commission 4-2-1% applies to all users registered, however if you have a creative mind and a skill set to promote our project locally or even on a global scale, then you should consider joining Representative Program. As a Hodium Representative you would receive a multi-level earnings of 7-3-1% directly from your refferals deposit.
– How can I become a Representative?
In order to become a representative, users are expected to have the ability to support and promote Hodium project locally and globally without any use of SPAM or other illegal promoton tools. Email applications should include username, country, past experience in field of cryptocurrency and ,if any, creative ideas and collabration opportunities. Application to
– Do I need to have an active investment in order to join Reprenstative program?
No! A user may prefer to earn only with Reprenstative program without making an investment.
Read more about out Multi-Tier Affiliate System!


Recently Yesss just celebrated four years online, and the admin celebrated by making a strong and perfectly valid point that his program deserves to be more trusted more than, well, pretty much any other program you can think of online right now. However what was the real trick Yesss pulled in the first place to achieve such an impressive result in a HYIP industry known for extreme volatility where even the very best programs fail to last for more than a few months? The answer to that is simple – OK, the Yesss website was genuinely launched back in October 2015, but it was done first with the sole purpose of redesigning it completely a few months ago and literally relaunching it with brand-new investment offers that just gave the impression of longer term success. Since October 2015 the Yesss website was deliberately kept under the radar to allow to “build up” a reputation of a longer than usual lasting program before undertaking a proper wider launch in June 2019. The strategy has always been common in the HYIP world where such programs are referred to as “sleepers” meaning the admin only starts looking for public attention after the relaunch phase and a much more aggressive advertising campaign starts. Taking all of this into the account it’s no wonder that Yesss now can proudly “celebrate” four years online, as theoretically it’s quite true they’ve been there all the time, but the extremely low-ROI plans and a deliberately badly planned website to put off any serious investors for much of it. Here is the latest newsletter from Yesss that has currently replaced the recently scammed Hooplex as the #1 program on the MNO monitor:

Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that today we are celebrating 4 years since the birth of YESSS!
Exactly 4 years ago, on October 15, 2015, our favorite online investment service YESSS was launched and all these years it pleased us with its amazingly effective and profitable work! And we are fully confident that in future, we will have a long and exciting journey into the world of stability and high profit for many years to come!
Happy Birthday, YESSS!
Yesss Capital LTD

With all these celebrations though we should still remember that Yesss as in its current incarnation certainly deserves some praise from online investors. As far as I know the admin is paying on all the investment plans, and not only on the those few with the daily payouts on business days and principal return on expiry – 0.8% for 555 business days and 1% for 120 business days, but also on the wide range of the other type of offers paying once on expiry. If you have read my original review of Yesss posted here you might know that those plans which I was initially very sceptical about include the following – 289%-302% after 17 business days, 280%-777% after 20 business days, 150%-360% after 30 business days, 400%-1111% after 40 business days, 240%-1777% after 60 business days, 297.5%-3777% after 85 business days, 360%-7777% after 120 business days (all also adding the original invested sum to that amount). I’m not really sure how it’s humanly possible, but it looks like the admin of Yesss has some big budget in place to finance all the investment plans on offer (at least, for the time being). And one more thing if you’re considering investing in Yesss – the investment minimum starts at $25 for selected plans with a significantly higher amount required for the more profitable plans. There are seven accepted payment processors – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash and Dash. Payments are supposed be requested from your Yesss member area and are usually processed within 48-72 hours depending on the day of the week you request it. Fingers crossed Yesss will last for long enough to bring profits to its investors even on the lower-ROI paying plans and I will certainly keep you updated on the current status of the program you can always check on the MNO monitor first before investing for safety reasons.


Sadly I need to finish news article with a regrettable scam report. Hooplex has apparently collapsed as payments stopped yesterday with no sign of recovery on the horizon. In view of this I was prompted to change the status of the program on my monitor to Problem earlier today. Fairly speaking though, after eight and a half months online it was easily possible for people to double or even triple their initial investments if they applied a smart strategy, as Hooplex was one of the longest-running programs of 2019. As with every HYIP though (even the best ones) it couldn’t last forever and so it is not a huge surprise they came to the same end as all the others eventually. It is actually more surprising how Hooplex managed to keep paying on its 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days, 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days, 1.1% for 180 days plans for that long. This achievement cannot be taken lightly as it requires a great deal of talent and skill from the admin and the promotional team behind it. And I believe the Hooplex administration fully seized the opportunity to take the program to a different level constantly promoting it both online and offline. Actually for more attentive readers the end might be seen already after the admin neglected to extend the top banner on the MNO monitor for another month like he usually did, so the signs of the inevitable demise were there to spot already a week ago. In conclusion, I would like to congratulate any investors who made some good money from Hooplex since being listed on MNO last February and hopefully we will see more quality programs developed by the same team in the future. MNO will be pleased to list them when the opportunity arrives. Meanwhile, please stop investing in Hooplex as the program is most likely a scam now, though one with a more than impressive history record of 255 days online.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: YesssHodium, TheCoins (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s about it for today, guys. Thanks all for reading and I hope to talk to you again next week with a detailed look at TheCoins and outline the latest news from the biggest investment programs running in the HYIP industry at the moment. Enjoy the weekend and remember to vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page if you haven’t done so yet, whether you’re a HYIP veteran or a newbie looking to earn and learn from experience. After all, that’s the main goal of my site – to educate and to inform. Talk to you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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