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Hello guys and welcome to the MNO blog – your trusted source of information for the latest news from the most lucrative investment opportunities from the admins with the biggest budgets and the most experience in running successful programs. 2020 has so far been distinguished by a remarkable reversal in fortunes with new promising programs now delivering huge profits to the first investors. As to what extent my readers have benefited from those programs, I’ll be asking that in the upcoming poll on the MNO TalkBack page over the next week or so, while the results of the previous poll on the advertising strategy of the Titan7 admin who recently spent a stunning $10K on advertising on MNO will also be subject to further analysis. And of course, some positive news from the top performers on the MNO monitor – CoinWallet and Bynamic – will be the centre of attention in today’s news article, so keep reading for more.

I’m actually quite pleased with how things have been going so far in the HYIP industry as it’s certainly surpassed my expectations with some quality projects delivering great results for investors. That means that my strategy of locking out the deliberate fast scams with high listing prices has proved to be working really well and thus I intend to stick with it for the foreseeable future. Unlike many other blogs and monitors that are aimed at only delivering profits for their owners without applying any quality control MNO has been totally different and over the first twelve years online has developed in the opposite direction from others. My ultimate goal has always been to ensure that my readers can take advantage of the best investment opportunities offered by the programs whose admins are driven by ambition and passion for leadership and achievement instead of greed and selfishness. After all, I have invested a lot of time and effort to bring something new to the table and I would not like to waste time on scammers and amateurs who don’t know what they are doing. Don’t get me wrong – some admins will go through a painful learning curve and will eventually become experts, but in the meantime their only alternative is the StartUp listing on MNO and the cheaper monitors.

Regular readers know that MNO is very different from others and therefore it’s essential to follow me on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter if you wish to be the first to know about the emerging new leaders and trends in the HYIP industry. The subscription to the MNO blog newsfeed you can get on this page will enable you to get the full-length articles delivered directly to your email address, so it’s highly recommended to do this and join over 3,000 subscribers I’ve attracted already. And of course I am always pleased to hear your feedback or answer the questions you can submit on the MNO ShoutBox, email me directly at abramsonp@gmail.com, via this contact form or simply chat with me online on Telegram @mnoblog. Don’t be shy as I’m always here to help or offer personal assistance to anyone in my downline.


The admin of Bynamic is a bit just like myself – a perfectionist who tries to improve his website and make it more convenient and useful for its visitors. A new video is now available for viewing where a presenter will guide you through some of the lesser known points you might not have gotten when browsing the website or reading the detailed review of Bynamic on MNO posted here. In a nutshell though it’s not all that difficult as it might seem at first glance. You may invest in Bynamic using eight payment methods – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash or DogeCoin – and get paid instantly to the same place most of the time (note that some withdrawals would require manual approval and may not be processed until up to 24 hours when they remain on pending status in your account). The hourly interest that your Bynamic account gets credited with is 0.15% which gets you 3.6% daily and remember that you’re in total control of your finances. Unlike many other programs out there Bynamic does offer investors an option to move the initial investment out of the program (fully or partially) just 24 hours after the deposit is added and earning profits. Although it’s not really advisable to do so until the second day in the term if you intend to make profits on your $10+ or 0.001 BTC investment. Note that a 0.0005 BTC and $1 minimum applies to all withdrawals and those taking the principal will pay a 5% flat fee while regular profit withdrawals are free of charge.

In the latest newsletter last week, not only the link to the new video was shared but also there were more details disclosed about the Bynamic representative program which apparently gets more popular by the day. There are some perks to joining it, but not all investors are allowed to do so. Those who qualify though not only will be rewarded tremendously but will get the inner satisfaction of helping Bynamic to get larger and stronger. After all, constant growth has always been a pinnacle of success in the HYIP industry and Bynamic is no exception. Please read more information on that below:

Bynamic daily update: New video, Representatives program!
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How’s your Bynamic experience going? If you want to amplify the profitability of your Bynamic investment plan, here’s one fantastic way to do just that.
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As a Bynamic Representative, every deposit made from an account created using your unique referral code will earn you a substantial 10% commission! That’s right – if they deposit 1 BTC, you’ll earn 0.1 BTC simply for guiding them to Bynamic.
As a Representative, you’ll also tap into a whole range of exclusive Bynamaic offers as you join the exclusive VIP club of the world’s most innovative and rewarding cryptoasset trading platform.
How do I become a Representative
Unfortunately, we cannot let every member become a Representative. Those who aren’t influencers still enjoy significant returns under our standard Bynamic Affiliate program.
If you believe you have what it takes to represent our platform and help spread the word, you can apply to become a Bynamic Representative right here – https://bynamic.co/representatives. We look forward to hearing from you!
Our new video rocks
Don’t forget to check out our brand new video. It’s a great way to understand exactly what goes on with your investment plans! It also can be used as a valuable asset when encouraging friends and family to join Bynamic as your newest referral.
Until next time, happy trading!


I guess for many experienced investors it has always been a positive sign when an admin extends an originally purchased banner spot on MNO for another term. It’s the same in the case of CoinWallet I guess whose admin made an effort to add another month to the banner as his program entered a second month online. I must say CoinWallet has shown nothing short of a spectacular performance while showing rigidity during hard times when PM experienced some issues recently. The decision to extend the banner spot on MNO should definitely be taken as a sign of the admin’s determination to successfully continue to navigate the program towards further success and many more weeks and possibly months of stable work.

Over the first few weeks online CoinWallet has managed to gain a reputation of a trusted investment opportunity by paying a solid 0.15% hourly return to every single investor with an option to request the original investment back at any time after a lock-in period of 24 hours for a 5% fee. The regular profit withdrawal requests are not chargeable and are usually processed instantly with some exceptions explained in the detailed review of the program posted here. CoinWallet accepts all the popular payment methods including BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, BitcoinCash, DogeCoin, PerfectMoney and Payeer and have reasonably low deposit and withdrawal minimums as well. CoinWallet has a representative program to help members earn some extra commissions in exchange for attracting new investors that will in turn boost further growth in the longer term and help CoinWallet thrive in the near future while delivering existing members even bigger profits. More details on the representative program can be found in the latest newsletter from CoinWallet reposted below:

Become our Representative and earn up to 16% from your Referrals!
You can now become our Regional Representative for free, which means you are not obligated to have an active deposit with us. You will earn 10% from your direct referral investments, 4% from second level referrals and 2% – from third. More about our partnership program you can read here: https://coinwallet.biz/partnership
All you have to do is send your application explaining how do you plan to promote CoinWallet. Reach us at representatives@coinwallet.biz or simply by replying to this email, we will check your application within 24 hours and get back to you ASAP.
You just have to provide your referral link to others for joining, which is: https://coinwallet.biz/?ref=mnoblog
Happy promotion and earnings!
Best Regards, The CoinWallet Team


And finally to wrap things up for this first business day of the new week, let’s have a look at the final results of the most recent MNO TalkBack opinion poll. I’ll be replacing it with another new question of course, but more about that in a moment. First the results. Just to give you some background, in what was an entirely unexpected move (though not one that I’m complaining about!) the admin of Titan7 decided to undertake a massive commitment to his advertising on MNO.

After getting off to what I think was probably a deliberately inauspicious start, Titan7 kept things low-key but at the same time have now established an undeniable reputation as being a good performer and a profitable program for those who already took the plunge. Considering the position the HYIP industry as a whole was in when the program was just getting started, i.e. in an almost complete shutdown mode after December and the Christmas holidays, it really wasn’t any surprise that there was more than a fair share of naysayers surrounding this one. A lot of people engaged in the ultimately pointless pursuit of speculating who the admin was, and noting the obvious similarities in style with other programs that used the same business model in the past. Indeed, some folks even got almost laughably hysterical in their outrage which again at the end of the day is another pointless exercise.

In the meantime Titan7 has used the time wisely in building a solid foundation for those who prefer not to waste their time paying attention to the hysteria, often generated by rivals and promoters feeling a bit snubbed not to have been paid to shill for the program on various public forums, and instead concentrate on the more important matter at hand which is making money. Because that’s essentially the choice you have to make when it comes to online HYIPs – do you take the gamble and make money for yourself, or do you prefer to sit idly by and watch others make it instead? Those taking the latter option won’t find any sympathy from those taking the former, that much I can assure you of!

Anyway, as the industry began its recovery in January and it became more and more obvious that Titan7 was not the fast scam less successful admins hoped it would be after growing numbers of investors started crossing the line to make profits, the time came to make a more serious statement of intent. That’s when the admin decided to invest in a long term advertising campaign on its primary choice of monitor, MNO, and buy a block of banners that will run for an initial four months. If that doesn’t mean he’s serious about becoming the biggest program of 2020 and is not afraid to put his substantial reserve budget to work for the benefit of his members, well, I don’t know what does. I don’t usually like to mention personal figures here but since the prices are all openly displayed to the public for whoever wants to add them up, I may as well just tell you he spent $10,000 on advertising on MNO alone. I have no knowledge or interest in what he pays to other monitors or advertisers by the way, just in case anyone was wondering.

So basically with that sort of cash laid out in advance – a week is a long time in the HYIP industry after all, never mind four months – I was wondering how do investors see such a move. The question for readers was a pretty straight forward one and went as follows: What do you think of Titan7 paying $10K for four months advertising on MNO?

Reactions while mixed were largely positive, ranging from hugely enthusiastic to being optimistic but more cautious. The majority of readers have no fears whatsoever about the move, with a strong 52% of you saying “It’s a good sign as the admin shows ambition, resources, and experience”. That’s a view shred but to a let’s say somewhat less excited degree by 26% of readers who voted “It’s a positive sign, but Titan7 still has to prove itself with flawless work”. Well, that’s quite a reasonable standpoint, optimistic but always cautious and not losing sight of the bigger picture which is that the Titan7 admin is out for success but there are other factors at play and he needs to work at it continuously without ever letting up. The remaining 22% of voters, the minority and smallest group but still a very significant number are yet to be convinced. They took the option of “It’s a negative sign as it creates a false sense of security for investors.

All valid opinions in their own right I suppose, but no matter which way you see things I would at least hope we all share one common wish – for Titan7 to succeed and to put as many investors as is reasonably possible into profit for as long a time as the admin is able.

With that particular sentiment in mind, since Titan7 has so ably proven itself to be a good profitable program despite the worst wishes of some jealous spectators, I don’t want to overlook the other programs on the MNO monitor. The fact is that despite the overall numbers being low, that’s merely the trade-off for the quality of those listed being exceptional. You see, the fact of the matter is that it’s far more rewarding to have a bare handful of solid paying programs that readers can actually profit from instead of having a hundred cheap scams universally out to rob you. So as we are now in the second week of February and springtime almost on our doorstep, it has to be said that ALL programs listed on the MNO monitor‘s Standard and Premium Lists so far in 2020 have been profitable, without exception. Less than six full weeks into the year and I seriously doubt any major monitor can challenge that record.

Like I said earlier, there are two groups of people you can put yourself into here, those who took the opportunity and are making money, and those who stand back and watch others doing so. The first group don’t much care about the bad wishes of the second group, and why should they? I guess then I’m aiming this next question at the more active investors brave enough to take the risks, and consequently now reaping the rewards. Since all the MNO listed programs can officially be deemed profitable, I’m just wondering how well my readers are doing from them. I’m not asking about specific earnings in dollar amounts here, just general percentages based on your best possible estimate.

The exact question is as follows:

How much have you earned from investing in MNO listed programs in 2020?

You don’t have to be exact, just a rough estimate will do if you just select the answer that comes closest to matching your own experience. Please select from the following answers:

– More that 200% net profit
– 100% to 200% net profit
– 50% to 100% net profit
– I’m in profit up to 50%

Thanks as always in advance to everyone who participates in this and any other of the regular polls which run on the MNO TalkBack page, you can find the voting buttons here. The poll will stay open for around another week or so, allowing everyone who would like to vote an ample opportunity to do so. As always all votes remain 100% confidential and untraceable, unless you would like to discuss your own thoughts on the matter with other readers on the MNO ShoutBox.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 168 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Bynamic, CoinWallet.
From MNO Standard list: Titan7.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s about all the news for today, guys. Thanks for reading, have a wonderful week ahead, and I’ll talk to you very soon. Stay informed with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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